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Announcement: How to Root U.S. and Canada Galaxy S3 AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint/US Ceullar! [Fail-Proof][Noob-Proof]


So, you want to root your U.S. or Canadian Galaxy S3 with the Qualcomm dual-core 1.5Ghz CPU?

UPDATE: Please see updated root method here instead!

If your Galaxy S3 model started with SGH-T999, SGH-I747, or SPH-L710, you can follow this step-by-step guide and root your phone within about 5 minutes.  No, this will not erase any apps or settings on your phone and does not affect your phone in any way other than install ClockworkMod Recovery and give you root.  (So if you have pr

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Dirty Unicorns ROM for AT&T/T-Mobile Galaxy S3! [Android 5.1.1]


Looking for a fast and stable custom ROM based on Android 5.1.1 for your AT&T or T-Mobile Galaxy S3?

If so, check out the latest Dirty Unicorns ROM, which is an excellent custom ROM based on the latest Android 5.1.1 and brings you a high level of great customizations.  Camera works great out of the box (I recommend the Google Camera on Play Store so you get Panorama, Lens Blur, and PhotoSphere modes) along with excellent navigation customization where you can customize all of your buttons (including Home, Back, and Menu buttons with short, long, and double-press) or even

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Android 4.3 ROM MJC + Root for T-Mobile Galaxy S3!


For this week’s T-Mobile Galaxy S3 ROM of the week, check out the Android 4.3 ROM with root.

Based on the leaked MJC Android 4.3 for T-Mobile Galaxy S3, you can experience first-hand on what’s coming with Android 4.3 for T-Mobile S3.

You may have tried the AT&T version from couple weeks ago but of course the T-Mobile version if much better for those of you who also need wifi-calling.

This ROM is pretty much stock except for some goodies like root, Flash Player, wifi band switcher added and best of all, it’s Knox free!

Samsung has bee

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DanDroid ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/Verizon]


If you are looking for the best AOSP experience without losing all of your Samsung features like multi-window and carrier-specific stuff like WiFi-calling, check out DanDroid ROM.

Based on latest firmware for the carrier you need (e.g. T-Mobile version is based on T-Mobile firmware), DanDroid ROM is an Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz ROM that gives you the least amount of bloatware while giving you as much AOSP as possible.

Inside you will find a TouchWiz launcher that has been modified to look more AOSP along with AOSP apps like the calendar, dialer, and more. (You also have o

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Universe S4 ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999!


For this week’s T-Mobile S3 ROM of the week, check out Universe S4 ROM.

Based on latest MD5 T-Mobile firmware Android 4.1.2 with Premium Suite, the Universe S4 ROM brings you a clean 5×6 TouchWiz launcher with S4 theme.

Of course, S4 theme is just tip of the iceburg and once installed you will find many goodies like AC!D Audio, PureXaudio, Viper XHiFi, 100% Volume Mod, hacked Wifi/Bluetooth tether, ad blocking, flash player, and much more.

Also you will find a bunch of S4 apps like S-Voice, S Translator, Trip Advisor, S4 Group Play, and more.


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Infamous S3 Lite ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999!


For this week’s T-Mobile Galaxy S3 ROM of the week, check out Infamous S3 Lite ROM.

A perfect combo between de-bloated TouchWiz and Nova launcher, Infamous S3 brings you the best of T-Mobile S3 firmware (along with WiFi Calling of course) with killer features.

The Infamous S3 Lite ROM has multi-window enabled for all apps, long-press menu button to kill apps, Volume Track skip, and two cameras (Android Photo Sphere camera + S3 camera).

Other notable features include DSP Manager for tweaking audio, hacked native wifi tether, faster SD card read/write MOD, c

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Android 4.2.2 + Root for Galaxy S3! [All Variants][LiquidSmooth ROM]


Google released Android 4.2.2 couple days ago and if you want to get Android 4.2.2 on your Galaxy S3, you can now by installing the latest LiquidSmooth ROM v2.1 RC1, which comes with full Android 4.2.2, UI customizations, and a ton more.

Android 4.2.2 adds a ton of stability and speed over previous versions so you can expect faster performance while getting better battery life.

I’ve tested a bunch of other Android 4.2.2 ROMs over the last couple days but I would have to say LiquidSmooth Team has got the best Android 4.2.2 ROM at the moment, at the time of writing

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Illusion ROM for AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon Galaxy S3! [Android 4.2.1/AOKP]


For those of you looking for something similar to the Resurrection Remix AOKP ROM on the international S3 GT-i9300, there’s a pretty good AOKP port called Illusion ROM.

Illusion ROM is an AOKP ROM with Android 4.2.1 and latest ROM Control, available for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Galaxy S3. (SGH-I747, SGH-T999, SCH-i535)

Also, I was able to get Photo Sphere working on this ROM with a Gapps from Galaxy Nexus.

So if you are looking for a good solid Android 4.2.1 AOKP ROM, give the Illusion ROM a try this week and do let me know what you think of this

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LiquidSmooth ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon/Cricket/MetroPCS/USCellular]


Looking for a good Android 4.2.1 ROM for your U.S./Canadian Galaxy S3?

Well, LiquidSmooth Team has released their Android 4.2.1 version of LiquidSmooth ROM, available for all U.S. Galaxy S3 variants including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Cricket, MetroPCS, and US Cellular. Also you can install for Canadian Galaxy S3s. (If your model number begins with SGH-I747, install the AT&T version, if it starts with SGH-T999, install the T-Mobile version.)

The LiquidSmooth ROM feature full Android 4.2.1, Nova launcher, and lots of UI/system customization settings i

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DarthStalker ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999! [Version 7!]


For this week, check out DarthStalker Jelly Bean ROM for your T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999.

Some notable features on this bad-boy include fully customized icons, 15 toggles, 5×5 TouchWiz launcher, Sony Bravia Engine for faster UI, Pop-up Browser from Note 2, Android 4.2 GMail, Android 4.2 Photo Sphere Camera, Android 4.2 gallery, buttery-smooth UI, and some more.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


12/25/2012 – Latest updated version 7 comes with more cool stuff like inverted swipe keyboard, long-press menu button to kill current

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