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How to Reset Binary Counter with Triangle Away App on Rooted Galaxy S3!

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For those of you “paranoid” about resetting your binary count after rooting using ODIN, did you know it’s very easy to reset the counter using Triangle Away app?

If you have a rooted Galaxy S3, simply download and install Triangle Away app on Play Store or you can also download from XDA Forums if for some reason you cannot access Play Store.

Resetting binary counter doesn’t really do anything other than reset the binary count and I don’t actually recommend doing this unless you are returning your phone for warranty. Most carrier do not check for binary count rather they check for physical or water damages. But if you feel “paranoid” go ahead and use this app. :)

This app also works for most Samsung smartphones and tablets.

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Download Triangle Away app on XDA Forums

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4 Responses to How to Reset Binary Counter with Triangle Away App on Rooted Galaxy S3!

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  2. Michael Bauer says:

    Hi can i please have a tutorial how to unroot the S3 with the cyanogenmod 10?

  3. juju says:

    can i flash tmobile s3 rom to rooted verizon s3 phone

  4. juju says:

    is there a rom for verizon s3 that will let you create APN

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