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Max Lee, founder of GalaxyS3Root.com

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  1. Christopher Perez says:

    Hi Max, Big Fan here, keep up the good work playa. Could you please post an UN-root Section with an unroot Odin image for the GT-I9300. Just in case, you know. Thanks again man. I went from a Galaxy S2 At&T SGH, and you were always a big help, and a valuable teacher, here and on Youtube. A Big thanks from myself and the community! Thanks again man, and don’t party too hard πŸ˜‰ -Chris Perez

    • Max says:

      Yes will do, I am trying to get that up next!

      • Stephen says:

        I have been following your site for a few months now and I really enjoy your updates because it gives me something new to do with an older but still very effective phone. I’m just curious why there haven’t been any weekly updates or any automated emails in a while. i hope everything is OK and I look forward to some new news about the s3.

        Thanks Max.

      • Rip says:

        Hello Max, I have a galaxy s3 and i replaced my screen on my phone and i put every thing back together and now the display is working, i have plugged my phone into my pc via usb to get the media off but i cant because my phone is locked. I also treid using kies to back it up but it still states that i need to unlock phone first. what can i do to get the media off of my phone? the buttons still light up, my notification light at the top still blinks, but i have no display!

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi mate,

    Coming from 3 HTC phones, it was a breeze to follow your root guide. But afterwords I got a problem, it probably has nothing to do with the root part, but it did not happen until i rooted so you stuck with my questions πŸ™‚

    When i use the browser, both stock and chrome. text to speech is enable and speaks out what i select. I have looked all over, but don’t seem to find the right settings.

  3. Iron says:

    Hi love your website would hear if you know how I can move the install app to my extSdCard so I save space inside sd

  4. Alric says:

    Hi Max, Thanks for your sharing on rooting the S3, it’s much easy and safe. Grateful if you can share the un-root process so it can restore to factory preset just in case if maintenance required. Many thanks!

  5. TYMO says:

    Hi Max,

    I must say your site & YouTube vids are STELLAR!!! It was a Godsend to find your site with the easy root methods & roms for the Galaxy S3. I reside here in the US and am a VZW (Big Red) customer so even though I have pre-ordered my S3 I have yet to receive it, as VZW has stated 7/10 before delivery. Anyway, my question is in regards to the Root/ROM’s of the S3. This will be my very first Samsung device being I have always had HTC, just recently the Thunderbolt which I have rooted now. My question is which ROM do you find to be the absolute best, minimalists, stablest, and fastest thus far for the S3 that you have tested? Does Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper work well on the S3 as for when Samsung pushes out OTA’s if would be nice to save root to revert back. I do know for the T-Bolt I have used it successfully with many OTA’s. Lastly, I want to remove ALL of the bloat Samsung puts on their devices including TouchWiz but I want to keep all the features of the S3 itself like the eye recognition “stay awake” feature, NFC, etc that comes native to the S3. Can you tell me if these features are removed with rooting and flashing specific ROM’s or are they still maintained? I look forward to hearing back from you soon!


    • Max says:

      Good question, if you are coming from big red and Verizon probably moto device then you will find S3 much easier to root and install ROMs. It’s so easy to root S3 that you don’t need rootkeeper or any of that moto crap, u can always re-root within couple minutes no porblem. Yes, there’s a bunch of custom roms with galaxy s3 features and more without them so you will have many choices when it comes to roms. Not sure which rom is best on verizon GS3 but will def. have the best roms on my site.

  6. Ivo says:

    Dear max, I have rooted my phone according tot your steps, I was set in about a couple of minuten soms thx for that… But in stille have one question about going to a custom rom, I have titanium backup
    (with license) but can in backup all apps including
    All settings and all the Phone settings (wifi etc.)?
    Then go to a custom rom and restore all? Ik hear some
    Different stories…..

    Thx for all, and the good website!!

    • Max says:

      You can but I usually recommend sticking just to apps, it will backup all app data. You can try other features but that’s not guaranteed as sometimes apps interfere with new custom ROMs.

  7. Lenny says:

    your next review should be about his evolving masterpiece:

    Checkrom EvoHD 1.5




  8. Dixon says:

    Hi, Max.
    i have the Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, and im gonna be using tmo. The question is do i have to root my s3 to work on tmo?

  9. jay says:

    Max, with this rooting method how can I move the apps to my sd card? thanks

  10. John Teabo says:

    Hey man do any of the roms enable wifi tethering yet? I want to do it off my regular data and I installed the shostock rom on my s2 and it worked perfectly!! Thanks to one of your videos!!! Now i want wifi tethering on my s3!! Any help would be awesome!!!

  11. Reed says:

    Hi Max, Thanks for sharing the S3 rooting , KEEP GOING you’r D’man Max .

  12. Andy says:

    Hi zedomax i m a owner of mobile shop in and they send me samsung gs3 live demo i rooted tryed to put custom rom but still no network with any sim card who i tried i dont want to sell it but used for my self checked the network if is lock but with the specific code or the voodoo say lock off .can y help in this challenge? Thnx in advance

  13. Brian says:

    After I run ClockworkMod in ODIN, ran perfectly just like video, and transfer CWM-SuperSU over to the phone, the Vol-up*Home*Power combination takes me to the stock Android system recovery which doesn’t have the options necessary to install SuperSU.

    Reading comments on youtube, I’ve seen several people stuck in this same spot, but never a remedy listed. I done the first several steps up to this point many times with the same result. Any idea what the issue is?

    Thank you so much for your help. I love the videos and the site. I rooted my EVO 4g with your guidance 1 year ago flawlessly.

    • jerrystry says:

      When running ODIN make sure you have reboot unchecked then when everything is completed in ODIN exit ODIN and do not reboot the phone unplug the USB cable take the battery out put it back in and then try to boot into clockwork mod.

  14. Ezzy says:

    Hi Max!
    I’ve been watching your videos since hook my HTC Evo up! I also appreciate your tips and advices. So I got a Sprint Galaxy S3 32 GB. Sweet phone but I wondered if I can use the option you posted to root it in my mac. Because mine is the SPH-L710 not the GT-I9300. Please Advice!

  15. Amir says:

    Hi Max
    Great site will give a try to the root procedure.
    Quick question I’m going to root the device due to some problems with the bluetooth paring to handfree car audio. The app is bluetooth fix that need to root the device to install. any experince with this app? is it going to fix the pairing problems?
    Thanks Amir

  16. Reinier de Groot says:

    Thanks for all the great work you do!

    Where is the option to subscrive to your email news? Can’t find it.

    Reinier de Groot

  17. Justin says:

    Great Work Max,

    HELP!!….. I’ve rooted my S3 with the Mac method (THANK YOU), I now have root access but cannot complete a ‘Stock Rom’ Backup via CWM. It gets to the end but then say ERROR WHILE MAKING BACKUP IMAGE OF /DATE!’

    After some research i’m lead to thinking it could be bug in the version?!? Can i downgrade? Don’t want to flash without a backup first.

    Thanks for any help


  18. dave says:

    Hi Max. Very informative web site have spent most of the last month on here keep up the good work, one quick question. I watched your video on changing the LCD screen, i have cracked my glass lens touch and LCD work fine, i have ordered a new lens any tips on replacing it without breaking my screen.
    Any help would be very much appreciated cheers.

  19. sam says:

    Hi Max
    i try to connect my S3 to macbook pro.
    i downloaded android transfer fill.i put camera on PTP mode.
    i tick USB dubugging.
    but still dosnt recognise.what i have to do?

  20. Eric Glaser says:

    Hi Max,

    Love the site!

    Can you please recommend a customer ROM for SGH-I747 model SIII? Most of the ROMs on your site are specifically for the i9300 model.


  21. Eric Glaser says:

    Sorry, custom ROM – not customer ROM.

  22. Paul Days says:

    Hi Max,

    I need your URGENT help.

    My company has assigned a Demo Unit of the S3, and I unrooted, even flashed a new factory ROM, to one which included S-Voice, cause the one which it came with didn’t. Well to make a long story short. I flashed a .pit file (was trying to fix a Host USB issue so it would appear on my Mac, but I also have a PC) and my phone is soft bricked now…it won’t boot and I get stuck in NAND WRITE START.

    At XDA they are suggesting to take a step back and re-do my partition table, but neither the people who support or me, know where to get one. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    XDA Thread:


    Thanks Mate,


    • Max says:

      It seems like if you can run ODIN again, it should be recoverable. Try using ODIN again and make sure you don’t use a USB hub or try another USB port. If all else fails try using another computer. It will work eventually, soft bricks like that are always recoverable so long as you phone turns on.

  23. jerrystry says:

    Rooted my sprint S3 everything is working fine but when I try to boot back in to recovery clockwork mod it only gives me android recovery.Clockwork mod did install the first time and I installed root where did my clockwork mod go? I know I can reinstall it because I have but it does not seem to stay. Help please!!!!

  24. dale says:

    hey Max great work,

    any chance you could provide some instructions on how to unroot the Samsung Galaxy S3 international version using a MAC?

    i want to revert back to Stock Rom and Heimdall is a headache to use.


  25. FIRAT says:

    Hi Max,

    How are you?

    I need overlocking for my s3 gt i9300, how to overlocking?

  26. jim says:

    Hi Max.. screwed up my phone royally.. loaded wrong rom for wrong phone and haard bricked it.. luckly sprint exchanged it .. but now just want to make sure Ido things right.. I have the Sprint SPH-L710 had had issues loading Clockworkmod and when I did it wouldnt stick.. after a re-boot it would just go back to the stock recovery.. you said I could delete a couple files to fix this.???. also what to make sure I use the correct Rom for this phone.. any suggestions.. I saw the sydicate rom.. I think this is the Rom I need for the SPH-L710.. just making sure..dont want to brick my phone again. Thanks


    • Efrain says:

      Dude, before you do anything make a backup ! So in case anything goes wrong you can go back to Safe.
      I have the sph-l710 as well and rooted it with Odin. After making sure everything works backed up. Then I downloaded the Syndicate ROM, wiped dalvik cache and Flashed it. And the first time the boot loop was taking too long so I just held the power button and then re boot (while the boot loop was on) . After rebooting everything was perfect. Make another backup. You should have at least 2 backups just in case. If you have trouble with clockworkmod try uninstalling it and install it again

    • Max says:

      After rooting, erase /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/install-recovery.sh using ES File Explorer with Root and Write enabled. That will make CWM stick.

  27. Kasra says:

    Whatsup Max!

    Great site! I was wondering if you can help me out with two issues?…
    I bought my galaxy s3 (sim free) from Sao Paulo Brazil and am back home now in London. Its running 4.0.4 with no further updates available whenever i do a software update search however… 1. i do not have the brightness toggle in the notifications pull down menu. 2. I can not find and install S Voice from any stores in the phone (samsung & google) Am i missing something here? Thanks Pal


    • Max says:

      Not sure, that could be carrier related maybe they took it out? You can try custom ROMs to get it.

      • Kasra says:

        I see, Ok which custom ROM do you recommend?
        Model number : gt-19300
        android version: 4.0.4

        P.S Thank you for the rapid reply!

        Good day

  28. Anthony Spadafora says:

    Hey Max. I really love all the work you do on Android and how much effort you put into your site and your Youtube channel. I was wondering if you know anything about rooting the Korean S3 SHV-E210L. If not could you take a look at it. Thanks for making hacking Android so easy and fun.

    • Max says:

      Sorry my hands are full with the i9300 and the U.S. versions. I would do Korean versions but there’s a ton of headaches/problems with it so I am not doing it plus not many ROM development goes on with the Korean versions. Ironic because I am Korean but I don’t recommend Korean versions at all, get a GT-i9300 if you can.

  29. don flowers says:

    Hi Max, could u make a tutorial video on the best program that will allow you to backup all of your apps+data to the memory card and restore them to a different device?
    Long time supporter

  30. Ken says:

    hey max! i can’t seem to find a way to do a FULL WIPE on the galaxy s3 i747m. and does this unroot my phone?

  31. Dexter Uy says:

    is that true? that Galaxy s3’s screen glass breaks too easily if dropped?

  32. JBAD says:

    Galaxy S3 SCH-I535MBV and I can not get this Rooted ROM off my device. I installed it and it gave me root access. But I forgot to perform the backup of my original ROM before I wiped it. I am on a verizon device. It doesnt show a reset on the counter for the install. But I would like to install the ROM you have showed BeanstockR3.1 as it looks like a better install for me to use. I will look forward to your response on how to get the new ROM on my device. I did install the OEM ROM and then I had no SU access so I couldnt install BeanStock.

    If you can throw me a help line. It would be greatly appreciated. I tried to install the Beanstock with GalaxyS3Root and it failed with the install. I wiped the cach before starting and it still failed.

    I look forward to your assistance.

    Thank you,

  33. Vteck says:

    Hey Max,
    Rooted my S3 SPH-L710 without a problem, but I forgot to clear out my google wallet before hand.
    Is there a way I can fix it now, because when I go to use it it gives me an error message stating that the payment didn’t go through.
    Any advice/help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

  34. Dexter says:

    Hi, I bought a brandnew galaxy s3 yesterday. i already drain the battery. How many hours should i charge for the first time of my galaxy s3?

  35. Sahal says:

    hi all
    I am really struggling to connect my s3 to my mac.
    it will say “no android device found”,even when i switch to PTP mode!
    pls help
    thanx in advance

  36. Ron says:

    Hi, I rooted my sprint a
    galaxy s3 a few weeks ago and everything was working beautifully using the stock rom, but my phone went black without warning. Even with a fully charged battery it acts like there isn’t one. If I plug in the phone it shows a black battery screen and fails to fully boot. Have you ever seen this before? I used your root and used titanium backup to freeze some of the bloatware which improved battery life. Everything worked great for over a week before it crashed. Please help if you have any ideas. I flashed a stock rom which even made it through the upgrade process but it still fails to fully boot with the same symptoms of battery failure “Ihave two batteries now.”

    • Max says:

      Not sure but I would try getting a new phone, could be defective if it’s happening on stock ROM.

      • Ron says:

        Thanks Max, that’s what I was afraid of “hardware failure.” I’m sure this has nothing to do with root. I have a history a bizarre electronic failures “maybe it’s the UFOs ;-)”

  37. Amir says:

    Hi Max! could you please do a review of samsung galaxy s III t999 vs I9300. With details, differences, whats better, & other important stuffs. I am planning to buy one but can’t decide which one to get. Also the WiFi calling on t999 is important to me, thats why I am preferring that. Please upload a video of these two phones concluding the best out of these two. Thanks!

  38. Imran says:

    Hi Max,

    How can i mount my S3 in Mac running mountain lion…

    Your help is highly appreciated…

  39. Jay says:

    Hey bro love your instructions! could you please tell me how to enable tmobile 4g on att galaxy s3. I just traded my att note with the s3!! πŸ˜€

  40. Mark says:

    Hey Max,

    Thanks for your awesome site. Have tried several S3 ROMS already and the Tutorials have been very helpful. Great to have all this info on one site rather than trying to trawl through XDA. Not knocking XDA, my first foray into Rooting a mobile and running Android was the Okta Touch (which was NZ Telecom’s rebranding of the HTC Touch CDMA) and XDA was like the bible to go to.

    I do have a question though, have you tried any MIUI ROMS on the S3? I have heard of MIUI Media Player, then did some searching around and found that there is a whole Android variant called MIUI created by the Chinese for the Chinese market. Just want to know your thoughts on this.

    Cheers! πŸ™‚

    • Mr. Velous says:

      Max. Great site. I’m not quite a newbie but this site really reinforced what I thought I knew. Keep up the great work. On another note … do you have a forum/contact place to chat about ROM Beanstown106? It keeps turning on wifi without my permission πŸ™

    • Max says:

      I’ve tried a MIUI everything was great except Wifi was broke but will keep trying until I found a stable one.

  41. Kyu Cho says:

    I’ve been subscribed on your video for a while.
    and I just wondering that if you are interested in
    black limited edition galaxy s3.
    it is international unlocked version with jellybean 4.1.1 + quad-core 1.4ghz + 2 gb ram + LTE modem + 32gb storage. It’s limited edition. i have 11 pieces of them by next week Tuesday. if you are interested to buy one or more. chok20734@gmail.com email here ^^
    i’ll give you very special price.

  42. Eric says:

    Please help me!! I’m desperately seeking a fix for the universal search that was taken from my me and I’ve tried installing a synergy rom and it has been a nightmare and doesn’t have the search in it anyway. The search is THE thing that I need but the jelly bean voice thing is awesome also. Please let me know what rom could work for the universal search. Thanks Eric!

  43. Eric says:

    Is there a fix for the universal search function? I desperately need it back for work or I’ll have to consider getting g the I phone 5 when it’s out…. Yes I’m that desperate.

  44. Kyle says:

    Hi Max,

    My friend from China wants a chinese system for his 747 galaxy s3. I want to help him root his phone and wonder if there is a international rom for the NA galaxy s3 that includes a chinese languange in it. Thanks!!!


  45. sam says:

    i had installed rom on s3 without stock firmware backup. can i restore my phone to original stock rom without flashing rom in it……

  46. Mr. Velous says:

    Hi Max. I loaded my Verizon GS3 with Beanstown ROM a few weeks ago and was pretty happy. This weekend I got greedy and tried to go to the new CM10 M1 ROM. I had some trouble initially with my keyboard app (Swiftkey) but eventually got by it (run the install tasks manually) but I could not get a 4G LTE signal. I ended up backing out with a restore using ROM Manager (great software!), but I still can’t get my 4G LTE signal back. Have you heard anthing about problems like this? Thanks!

  47. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Max

    I tried to unroot using Mobile Odin per your Vid but kept getting into a bootloop. Would be great if you can do a step by step Vid using Heimdall. Thanks Max.

  48. Sam says:

    Hi MAx
    Really liked your website. I have a rooted SGS3 GT-I9300 but have a macbook at home. I was trying to instal Omega ROM v13.1 on my SGS3, so downloaded the file on my macbook and put the file on the ext sd card of my SGS3. I followed your instructions i.e CWRM and then selected the Omega folder from ext sd card but then it prompts me to choose the package I want to instal i.e there are 4 options – data, indie, Meta-INF and system under the i9300_omega_v13 folder. Which one should I choose?

  49. Dom says:

    Hey Max,
    I have a few questions about rooting. My first question would be that I am about to buy an at&t s3, I know a little about computers and I really want to learn more and root my s3 to the Cm10 M1 rom. So, if I were to do this and I messed my phone up during the process what would happen? Would insurance get me a free phone, and how would I explain the way I broke it? And also I heard that Samsung will be bringing jellybean to the s3 in October, if I updated to jellybean before rooting, and then decided to root would the process be any different because of jelly bean already being on there? Sorry for the long questions and thank you for your time. Much appreciated,

    • Max says:

      You cannot mess up unless you do something stupid like install i9300 rom on AT&T GS3. Just do it slowly and you should be fine.

      Once Samsung comes out with JB, you can easily install it using ROM Manager, no biggie.

      If this is your first time, just make sure you buy insurance so if something goes wrong, you can get a new phone easily without questions asked.

  50. nuyawker2000 says:

    Hi Max,
    Newbie with questions: Should I root my Sprint Galaxy S3 if I am going to have it flashed to Boost Mobile?
    I have my sprint Epic 4g Touch rooted and on boost mobile for over a year but now I have that ota message, I probably am going to run into the same thing on the S3 in the future.
    I would like to hear what you think? Awesome site I am glad I ran across it.
    much appreciated,

  51. Jonathan Eng says:

    Hi Max,

    I’m wondering about the JB OTA update when it comes out from Samsung officially. If I root it now with the MIUI, will it be compatible with JB or will it be overwritten and I’d have to do it again if I root now on ICS. If I do not root it now on ICS but wait for the JB OTA to come out, would this MIUI root be compatible or do I have to wait for a new rom to be written for it? Please let me know. Thanks.

  52. Robert says:

    New to android(SamsungGS3 on ICS). I’m rooted still on stock rom. When jellybean is released and I want to update I s there any thing special I have to do to keep my phone from bricking? Or do i just update it? And will I have to re-root it? Thanks, the videos are great!

  53. DHRUVALSONI says:


  54. Dude says:

    I was having issues with my phone freezing, so I went into recovery and formatted everything , cache, partition, system , etc. so there was nothing on my phone.

    However, when I plug the phone into the computer, it won’t pull up the explorer window so that I can put on a ROM and reinstall. How do I do this ? I can load recovery and I can load ODIN , but nothing else I do works as far as being able to get an explorer window. Windows 7 makes a noise when i plug it in so it recognizes it and in device manager , it shows it listed under hardware. HELP ????!!!

  55. Julio says:

    Hi Max, is it safe for me to use T-Mobile ROMs on a Wind phone?

  56. robert sisson says:

    Hey max I’m on the Verizon s3 and I was wondering if I can somehow unlock the WiFi calling like on the T-Mobile s3 if you know how to do that it would be great because I live way out of town with like 1bar of signal but loads of wifi


  57. Louie Lopez says:

    Hey I’m Big Fan and subscriber, Love what your doing! I have this issue I’m sure you can help a noob Like me out. haha I’m having problems making a backup. it reads.

    Unable to find mounted Volume: /sdcard
    Error Finding an appropriate backup handler.

    How can I solve this boss? I go to try and mount the SD Card, how ever it just refreshes itself, it never really mounts.
    This is only if you have time, If not I totally understand πŸ˜‰

  58. Ben S says:

    Max, first off, thanks for all you do. I am brand new to the DROID world as I switched from iPhone4 to Galaxy S3 after I was not impressed with the i5. You have made rooting/roms all that good stuff super easy for a noob like me. Couple of things though, I just flashed highonandroid 0.3 and everything is going great, except I no longer get the 4g symbol and only get 3g/H/H+. Now I dont think that my town even gets 4G on AT&T, but on the stock rom it still showed the 4g symbol. After googling H+ it looks like that might actually be 4G?? So can you please explain the H+ and if I need to be worried about it not showing up with the 4G symbol. Also when I double click the home button it pulls up google something instead of S Voice. Is this something built into the ROM or is there a way to change it? I know that both these issues were brought up in the comments of the ROM, but it didnt look like either had been resolved/answered.

    Appreciate any help, and keep up the great work!

  59. Dane says:

    Unrooted att gs3 and now get a android.process.acore has stopped…!!!! Help…!!! What do I do??!!!

    • Max says:

      if you are not coming from a custom ROM, you will have to do a factory reset, but that will erase everything in your internal storage. You should still be able to connect to computer so backup everything then do factory reset in stock recovery.

  60. Caleb says:

    Hey Max, I seen one of your videos about connecting to an FTP program on your computer… I am using ES File explore on a Sprint Galaxy S3 and I cant figure out how to transfer files over to my phone… on the file explorer, It showed me the IP and port adress and I am using ALFTP V5.2 Trial version and hit “add site”, typed in the ip and port, hit anonumous and ok… the files on my phone arnt showing up… I am wondering how to get my files to show up… please help… thanx much!

  61. Spen G. Will says:

    Hi Max, I have truly enjoyed all the roms for the Galaxy s3. Great Job!! I have a Asus tf300t tablet that is stuck in CWM recovery and will not boot up..I cant power it off or anything..can you help me out on this problem…Thanks

  62. prateek banga says:

    hey max i’m a big fan of yours !
    your work is great and i want you to help me please can you tell that if i want to install custom rom than i have to root my galaxy s3 and if yes than will my warranty will be removed (sorry for bad english )

  63. Andrew says:

    Hey Max, just successfully rooted my Canadian Galaxy S3 thanks to your helpful video. Now I’m not really sure which jelly bean with touchwiz rom I should use. It would be much appreciated if you could help me out. Thanks.

  64. Andrew says:

    Hey Max, just successfully rooted my Canadian Galaxy S3 thanks to your helpful video. Now I’m not really sure which jelly bean with touchwiz rom I should use. It would be much appreciated if you could help me out. Thanks. I re-posted because i forgot to check the follow up comments via e-mail box. Thanks again.

  65. Christopher says:

    Hi Max. I bring up the Odin mode then plug my usb charger to my I747, but when i open Odin i dont see the yellow bar under “ID:COM”. And the title on Odin reads “Android + SLP”, any suggestions?

  66. Nebojsha Ilievski says:

    Hi Max. I’m from Macedonia, so no Black Friday for me. I have a LG KP500. It’s the only phone I could afford. It’s a nice phone. I would love to buy a Samsung Galaxy SIII, but they are very expensive on contract where I live (http://www.t-mobile.mk/public/phone-details.nspx?phoneid=11439&tabid=1&tn=Relax%20S&ti=426&eg=002;102&et=168;199;221;173;171;177;175&ust=1). From 350-700 $ on contract. And the salary is arround 250$. I know I might sound like a jerk for asking this, but would you consider donating a phone to me. Any Android phone. I have never experienced Android and would love to try it out. Sorry if I offended someone.

  67. Damion says:

    Hey Max! 1st I wanna say THANK YOU for all the great Roms and knowledge. I
    stumbled onto the wonders of rooting and custom roms on your sites about a year ago and have never looked
    Back. I’ve been using your methods on my Evo 4G, my Epic 4G touch, and now my GS3. So can you suggest a good AOSP rom with no LOS. I love CM 10 but I depend on my phone
    For my job and the LOS happens a lot. I have to use the airplane mode work around 3 or 4 times a
    Day in addition to rebooting a couple times. I’ve tried clean reflashing the rom and all the other suggestions but it just continues to happen. Also the quiet apps happen alot. Any suggestions? Thanks again! Your sites are awesome, informative, and easy.

    • Max says:

      AOSP ROMs like CM10, AOKP, or LiquidSmooth are pretty solid, no LOS like Epic 4G Touch, that phone just had some problems. But if you feel paranoid, try sticking with ICS TouchWiz ROMs.

  68. Jonathan Carter says:

    hi max, i don’t know if there is a more direct way to contact you, so im trying this.
    I’m having some trouble with my sd card. i just flashed the Resurrection Remix v3.1.2. rom onto my i9300, and all was working fine, until i inserted my sd card. at first my phone gave me an error message saying “damaged sd card, try reformating?” and so i did. it unmounted and then nothing. i went into setting than storage options, then clicked mount usb storage(or something) under SD Card, then i got the same error message “damaged sd card, try reformating?” and so i did it again. and every time the same thing happened. when it wouldnt work on my phone, i plugged it in to my pc, and it said it needed to be reformated, so i did, and it worked fine, i could access it, store files on it etc., but when i inserted it back into my i9300, it gave me the error message again. this is a really big problem, since i store a lot of data on my sd card (its 64gb if that helps). i don’t know if my phone’s screwed up or my sd card, or my sd card just doesnt work with jelly bean(which i hope is its not) and im pretty woried

    Ps: i was originally running criskello rom v5.4.1. ICS for a long time, then switched to AOKP JB Milestone 1 yesterday, and thats when the problems with the sd card started, the same as with RRv3.1.2., then i switched to RR v3.1.2 hoping that the problem would go away, but it didnt

    im really desperate and kinda freaking out, so any help would be much appreciated.
    and thanks in advance,

  69. Jason says:


    Dropped my galaxy S3 and got a new one through insurance. Now every time i install a new ROM it bricks my phone and i need to re install the rooted stock rom. what gives? I’m not doing anything different then before.

  70. Moiz Syed says:

    Hey max, I’m new to all this rooting. I tried installing fox hound rom on my T-999v and now its hard bricked :/
    I can’t turn it on!
    How can I fix my phone? or is it a good idea to send it back to samsung??

  71. Rick says:

    Max….with your website, videos and great instructions I’ve taken the plunge into the ROM flashing world. I really appreciate the way you take your time explaining how to do all of this. I’ve flashed my Verizon SG3 with High on Android v0.03 and now I’m using LiquidSmooth v2.0 rc7.

    Should you find yourself wondering what your next video could be I would like to see a How to Install Google Wallet on a Verizon SG3. I’ve been trying to wade through all the Google Wallet info on XDA, YouTube, phandroid, rootwiki…well you get the idea.

    Again, Thanks for all your newbie help

  72. Lisa says:

    How do I go back to ICS? I hate the new jellybean update my phone freezes and crashes 10 or more times a day now. It never did that once with ICS.

  73. Jev says:


    Can you please do a review about Paranoid Rom for Samsung Galaxy S3 (Bell) I-747m. I am sure many people here would benefit from it. Please if you can do that, it would be really great!!

  74. Shehan says:

    Hey man,

    Im new android and love to get a custom rom. So i should first root my i9300 and then install the custom rom right? is it possible go back to Samsung touch wiz stock ROM after I root it and have custom rom? Really appreciate it if you could help me out.

  75. Erik N says:

    Hi. I bought a Verizon SG3. I have read everything (FAQ).
    I just want to know, is there a nice stable rom that has S memo? I use the heck out of smemo.

  76. smartminion says:

    Hi Max – Thank you so much for the site and videos. As a new Galaxy S3 owner it’s been invaluable for getting up-to-speed on customizing the device. Great work – keep it up!

  77. Ralph says:

    hi max- im new to kernels and baseband version. ive been trying the roms that you posted for samsung galaxy s3 t999. and i would like to ask if whats the best kernel and baseband for frosty JB 4.1.1-v9.1? im running t999UVLEM for my baseband and 3.0.31 -370274 se.infra@SEP-91 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri oct 19 22:16:17 KST 2012 (hehe this is what it says to my phone kernel version). but hope to see your reply soon… thanks MAX!!!!

  78. tyler says:

    hey max just wondering when the the next rom will be out for the galaxy s3 t999 just wondering if you heard anything and thanks for all your videos for the t999 and thanks for all your help max

  79. Doug Filer says:


    I suppose this had to happen to someone….. I read through all the pages regarding rooting and applying the CM 10 mod to my Galaxy S3 AT&T. The rooting process was successful. The installation of the CM 10 Mod appeared successful, but after rebooting, I just get the spinning CyanogenMod screen. Sigh. Endless spinning.

    Any help you can give would be appreciated…. as I’ve tried for a few days to get past the spinning screen upon boot-up, but no success. At this point, it appears my only option is to bite the bullet and get a new phone.

    • Damion Miller says:


      You’re stuck in a boot loop because you possibly didn’t wipe the dalvick cache. In clockwork mod recovery You need to re-wipe the cache partition and factory data reset, then go to the advanced menu in clockworkmod and wipe the dalvick cache. Then reinstall cm10 zip file and gapps(Google apps) zip file, in that order. That should take care of it. I have had the boot loop a few times and forgetting to wipe the dalvick cache has always been the problem in the past. You should always perform a nandroid backup before flashing any ROMs. To do that you need to have your ext SD card inserted and choose backup and restore, backup in clockworkmod. It takes a out 5 minutes and 1-3 GB of space depending the amount of data you have. Hope that helps.

  80. Doug says:

    Thank you, Damion. But how do I get it out of the boot loop? I think I’ve tried everything, but I must be missing something.

    • Damion Miller says:

      No problem Doug, you should still be able to boot into recovery by the normal way. Just press the power button until the phone vibrates and then immediately press home key and volume up simultaneously. You should see the Samsung logo displayed. You can release them once you see the purple words in the upper left corner of the screen. Now I’m not an expert. These are only things I’ve learned through my own trial and error.

  81. Doug Filer says:

    Thank you, Damion!! MUCH appreciated πŸ™‚ You made my weekend. One simple little step missed caused serious panic, but you nailed it.

  82. Andrew says:

    Hey Max, i have a rooted galaxy s3 from Wind Mobile (t999v) and i tried flashing 2 pure android 4.1.1 t-mobile roms but neither if them worked. I was surprised because the frosty jelly bean rom for t-mobile worked on the same device. It would appreciate ur feed back. Thanks


  83. Damion Miller says:

    Max, thank you for all your tips and knowledge. Couldn’t have my ROM flashing fun without you. I have a question. I recently flashed the cm10 stable and when I flashed the gapps file I could not get the camera to work right. This was the gapps 4.2 release and I downloaded it from your mirror site. I flashed it and kept getting “cannot connect to camera”. this is on my samsung galaxy s3 sprint. do you have any suggestions to get this to work right or maybe I am missing a step. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  84. Ahmed Abdel-Fattah says:

    Hey Guys,

    Thank you guys for this fabulous site. I was able to root my phone (AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 – SGH-I747) and change one of the file which was giving me many problems (SystemUi.apk) but I still have that issue of freezing and sometimes the phone restart by itself.

    If anything can be done to fix the phone, please let me know.

    Regards to everyone managing this website.


  85. Neelanshu Jain says:

    Hi ,

    I recently bought Galaxy S3 i9300. I just want to know if there is any way to check if my camera is perfect..i.e. sometimes i think my camera isn’t taking very good quality pictures as compared to the others I see in videos.


  86. Marcus Moises says:

    I followed your instructions about 2 weeks ago to root my AT&T S3, it worked easily. I just got the text to upgrade to Jelly Bean and wondering what is the process to upgrade with my rooted S3? Do I need to unroot before ugrading?


  87. Toby says:

    hello Max,

    I rooted my t mobile sgs 3 sgh t999 using the noob proof method a few days ago. It was all working fine until yesterday morning. My 4g connection stopped working . It comes and goes in patches. I ve been on the phone with t-mobile and they cant figure out whts the problem. could you please help me with my problem. I am at my wits end. I only got this phone two weeks ago and am so annoyed that i cant use my unlimited 4g just cos I rooted the phone. Have u heard from anyone regarding this problem. what do u suggest I do. Please reply asap as I am desperate.


  88. Charles Petrocelli says:

    Max do you know anyone you trust to root my S3 in the Houston area

  89. Robert says:

    Hello everyone

    Hopefully someone can help me out! This may be a stupid question but can I return to my “rooted stock rom” from the back up I made with ROM Manager? Do I follow the same procedures I did to install the custom rom with ROM Manager. The only other videos I found were how to return to COMPLETE STOCK ROM. Or is this not possible? Will I have to return to the COMPLETE STOCK ROM the root again?

  90. Jim Pringle says:

    Short note. If you root your phone, the Rogers Canadian version, you will lose Rogers 4g LTE.

  91. jason says:

    please need help camera keeps giving me errors ive restarted even install new rom work for a bit then started acting up again please help

  92. grant says:

    PLEASE HELP! I have a Galaxy S3 AT&T i747, and I followed all the instructions on how to download the AOKP rom. I copied the file, and coppied Gapps, and then when I tried to run Odin mode, it went black, and did not reboot. Now it is just a black screen. PLEASE HELP is this phone bricked? Is there any way I can turn it on???!?!!

  93. pete says:

    Merry Christmas, root rules!!!
    Thanks max for all the hard work.

  94. Mike says:

    hey Max, i love your site. i had just ran into the problem with my S3 where the phone gets stuck in roaming mode after flashing 4.2.1. i only had it for a month so i just exchanged it. i flashed to my 4.0.4 backup and took the 4.1.1 OTA and lost root. when i took the phone back, the rep showed me a screen with an unlocked pad lock on it and said that it showed that the phone had been rooted and had a custom ROM on it, but still exchanged it. i saw an app on your site called Triangle Away. is this what i would need so that they wouldn’t be able to see that i had a ROM on it? what was the screen with the pad lock on it? thanks again.

  95. Bob White says:

    Hi Max!

    I have seen an ad for a iPhone Like metal case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 but nowhere can I find where to purchase it! Do you have any link to where it can be gotten?

    It has a metal surround, with individual vol up-down buttons and others which I like.
    Hope you know where!

    Thanks for all the work you do with your FABULOUS Website!
    Without you, my phone would still be stock, unrooted, and drab! LOL

  96. FIRAT says:

    Hi, Max

    How are you? I have a question for you

    At&t S 3 has a rom like SuperChargedWiz ROM and 2.1ghz somethings… This is SuperChargedWiz ROM nice

    Thank You

  97. Gigi says:

    Hi Max,

    I hope that you are well. I have a question that I am hoping you can answer. I have an unlocked S3 i9300. I can see that 3G, H+ and Edge are all available to my phone/in my area. However whenever I try to connect to the internet using an app, it says that I do not have a data connection. The weird thing is, that the internet browser app DOES work and most of the time I can surf via that. It is frustrating though, because apps work for specific things that I want to do like for example Skype.

    Another problem that I am having is that it will not connect to wife. It tells me that I have an authentication error even when I put in the correct code. I have tried a couple of combinations like turning off mobile data/sync leaving on sync/wifi, turning on wifi/sync etc. I will admit that the whole process is driving me crazy. I have not even been able to update my phone, even though I receive via the phone the update is ready because I can’t connect to the net.

    I am assuming that you will recommend that I root the phone. I also want to know will an update fix things?

    Thank you,


  98. Jason says:

    i have a rooted GS3 from AT&T I installed the Illusion ROM for AT&T and followed your step by step instructions. My problem is now I don’t have any service it will not let me do nothing as far as my apps or the play store. it is just stock Illusion ROM with no service

  99. Alex says:

    I used your S2 site to help root and find a good rom for my S2 and I want to thank you for all of the resources you provide! However, I got an AT&T S3 and I followed the instructions you provided and installed the AOKP rom but after that my computer (both Windows and Mac) did not recognize my phone. I have USB debug on and set to MTP and I couldn’t find a solution online. I tried installing Kies but that did not work as well. I thought it was a problem with the rom so I ended up installing Illusion rom but the same thing occurred. I did try deleting the cache and all the regular fixes but nothing worked. Any advice?

  100. Adrien says:

    I am Running LiquidSmooth ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon/Cricket/MetroPCS/USCellular]
    and non of my apps will move to my SD card( tried running App2SD and get ” This Device does not have a real primary external storage, or the primary external storage is emulated.
    Obviously I need to ROM to detect the the SD.
    Need alittle help.

  101. wawie says:

    Great work Max, keep it up πŸ™‚

  102. Charles says:

    i really want the Ubuntu one
    can u make the ROM ?
    it was really nice n simple

  103. Brian Dea says:


    This is Brian Dea and I work closely with Burke Stuart who recently reached out to you about a potential partnership.
    In case you missed the email, we are buying your inventory through various exchanges and would like to explore a direct relationship as they can typical yield better results and an increase in daily revenue.
    We are in the process of lining up some campaigns, and based on the amount of traffic you have available, we would love to add you to our ever-growing roster.

    I look forward to connecting with you on this and getting you set up!!


  104. Fawad Mubashir says:

    Hey Max,

    I have a Galaxy S3 ATT version and I would like to know, how can i get the stock Jelly bean for my phone when it is rooted. I dont want to lose the root and I also want to have a Stock Samsung Jelly Bean for my phone so i can remove apps later.


  105. Andrew says:


    Before hand, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Been visiting your website for sometime now.

    Need a bit of help .. some months ago I rooted my Tmo S3 with no issues and ever since then ive been using most of the roms you have postsed on this website. Just yesterday i flashed the Liquid Smooth rom (4.2.2) and after doing so my data signal started going away randomly. After a few hours the phone went back to have full signal but is now stuck in GPRS and it stays there no matter what. I have asked around, done some research and someone said to me “you have lost your IMEI”. I checked and the IMEI read 0. I, again, searched around and was able to get the IMEI back on the phone but THAT did not solve my problem.

    Im seriously desperate to get my data back on, to get the phone “unstuck” from G to 4G .. please help !!!!

    Huge thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  106. Bryan says:

    Hey Max love everything you do man. I have a sprint galaxy s3 L710 (d2spr) and have been useing a rom from slimroms and love it was thinking you should check it out and do a review slimroms.net keep the good work

  107. Dave says:

    Whats the best v4.2.2 rom for sprint gs3 that still has the samsung apps and touchwiz them ?

  108. Aali Raza says:

    I bought a Galaxy S3 GT- I9300 in Dubai, and unlocked phone, and I use the phone here in USA.

    Does this phone offer calling & txting via Wi-Fi. I am on the T-mobile network. I have looked around in the phone and cant determine how this can be accomplished. Any help will be appreciated.

  109. Jack says:

    Max, I think you should check this out. I was curious about this root method for Mac, but don’t want to brick my s3. Thanks! Your vids are awesome!

    XDA link:


  110. Rob Driver says:

    Hi Max,
    I have a GS3 on US cell in your opinion what is the best trouble free rom that runs JB 4.2.2 that I can use
    P.S. I am already rooted

  111. Tim Fairfield says:

    I am pretty new to android and until now have stuck with touchwiz ROMs. I tried liquid smooth and love it. The only thing I have not been able to figure out is how to run apps2sd. I saw your touchwiz hack but have not been able to find an AOSP equivalent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  112. Mark says:

    Hey max,

    I’ve been following you blog for 2 years now, im from holland and i like your work…
    I’ve got my own blog in dutch language and i’m wondering if we can swap links, i will provite you one on my front page so people can se where i learned my first steps in rooting androids….

    I hope you’ll give me an answer, best if its positif hehe

    From Holland

  113. jorge says:

    Hello Max,
    I just rooted my Sprint Galaxy s3. The question I have is will the fact that I flashed it over to Cricket affect anything I do with any roms? I read that sometimes you have to wipe your device to factory settings to change roms. Won’t that make me have to re flash to Cricket costing me more money? BTW I am completely new to all of this.

  114. Dave says:

    Hi please help,am trying to change roms on my s3 via cwm but any of the zip roms ive tryed it keeps aborting and i dont know what to do!Thanks Dave

  115. New Yorker says:

    Hi max.

    i just have one quick question. – i have the galaxy s3 from ATT now that t mobile is giving unlimited LTE i want to put a T mobile sim in it and use it. – but it wont get the LTE service.
    any solutions?

    Not to mention i am still using High On android 0.3 att phone and love the space that is used by the actual card instead of internal memory.

    Can you please let me know… as i want to head over to T mobile and buy a phone BUT REALLY RATHER NOT

  116. John M says:

    Hi Max,
    Are you familiar with the Allshare Cast Dongle? Do you know of any roms that will work with it for Galaxy S3 for TMobile (t999)? I have a n8013, and I am running omega rom which works perfectly with the Allshare cast dongle, and I was wondering if the Omega rom is compatible with t999 as well?

    Please let me know! πŸ™‚


  117. TT says:

    Hi, I have rooted my Galaxy S3 few months ago. I would like to unroot it but I want to keep all the apps downloaded. Can I use the Clockworkmod to baclup all the apps and then restore it to the unrooted device.
    Many thanks!

  118. David Offutt says:

    Max: I have a sprint gs3 that i used to have the blazer 1.9 (ICS I think) . I really like that ROM because it:
    *had the ability to record calls,
    *had a WIFI hotspot.

    is there anything for the Spring GSIII that does these plus has Google Now?

    Many thanks in advance. David Offutt

  119. Hey Max, I follow your site religiously and it really is a lifesaver. I am anxiously awaiting the rom of the week for this week as I don’t believe it was posted yet. I really want to start having S4 functionality on my Sprint Galaxy SIII.
    Do you know when the roms with touch sensitivity, S4 camera and gestures and air will be out on rooted roms for the Galaxy SIII?

  120. Will Perez says:


    First of all, you are the man!!! I have learned a lot by watching your video’s about a hundred times!! haha
    The only thing is that I like to keep trying out these ROMS that you are trying out but the only issue is finding out which ROMS have WIFI callings which is necessary for me. It’s just a pain to flash my S3 each time to find out which ROM has it or not. Can you advise which ROMS are stable that has wifi calling? Sorry to pester !!!!!

  121. Andrew says:

    Hi Max,

    So I have a Canadian Wind Mobile Galaxy S3 (t999v) and I know you can install a t-mobile rom, but can you install official t-mobile firmware through odin? The only reason I want to know is because Canadian Galaxy S3’s take awhile to get updates.


  122. Michael says:

    Hi Max, Michael here I have a problem with my Galaxy 3 SGH-I747M Canadian. I rooted my phone exactly the way your video says to. When i try to apply a custom rom my screen shows my android bot laying down with his door open and a red triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle. I have tried several times but still no luck. What am i doing wrong? I even put the phone back to its original and started over and still the same thing. Confused any suggestion.

  123. Travis says:

    im looking for a rom for the spirnt samsung s3 l710. to trun my s3 in to a s4 with all features if can. please and thank you

  124. Travis says:

    Hey i just deside to root my s3. i have a samsung s3 sprint l710.
    recovery- touch recovert cwm
    what is the best recovery for it and im really looking for the samsung s4 rom for samsung s3. to transform it into an samsung s4.
    can you please help me please and think you

  125. Victor says:

    Hi Max,

    Can you open an amazon associate account? I want to support you and your site. I think you are doing a wonderful thing and taking a lot of your own personal time to help others. Many of your users probably shop a lot on Amazon and if we used your link, you would get a percent of the that sale without your users doing any additional work or paying extra. This was just an idea that I had in order to support you.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  126. Would it be the same root process for model SGH-T999L as it is for model SGH-T999, I’m tempted to try but I don’t want to end up bricking my phone before I do a little more research. Thanks.

  127. Joe R says:

    Hi Max, I thought I read somewhere that you should “wipe data”, “wipe cache”, and “wipe dalvik” 3 times before a new rom, This is what I do, but I was wondering if just one time is good enough? What do you do?

  128. Eric says:

    Hello :Max,

    I am hoping that you have some expertise regarding adding Google Wallet to S3 (Verizon in particlar) devices.

    If you do, please share.

    If you think this app may be of interest to others, besides myself; Please, look into the matter for us.

    As always, Keep up the great work!

    I’m High_On_Android,


  129. Robert says:

    Hi, I love all the resources. I have never rooted or flashed a phone before, but i am tired of all the bloat and lack of control.
    I have a T-mobile S3. I love the phone, love the features, love the camera and really love the wifi calling and hot spot features. Any recommendations on a one time root and rom choice for a super stable everyday use with the features I highlighted and none of the bloat?
    Much appreciated!


  130. Rob says:

    If this does not work, and I dont brick my phone. I can r3turn it to the original OS right?

  131. Charles says:

    when the install in progress at 10 percent
    my galaxy GT-I9300 suddenly restart,and stuck at Samsung Galaxy GT-I9300 Logo

  132. Michael says:

    I just purchased a Boost Mobile Galaxy S3. Does it Root the same way as a Sprint Phone?



  133. Mickey says:

    I have a Verizon S3 and was replacing the cracked screen. But the layer right underneath the screen was also cracked. My replacement screen didn’t come with that layer. What is that part called and where can I purchase it?
    Thank you!

  134. Ronan says:

    Hi Max,

    I’ve tried to root my s3 just now on my mac. Followed the instructions step-by-step using Heimdall. Flashing was successful but i had a problem with AFT so i used Airdroid. I was able to copy CWM zip file on my s3 but when rebooting i couldn’t get through clockwork mod. Tried flashing again a couple of times and was successful but still i couldn’t get thru CWM on reboot.

    I really want to root my phone.

    Hope to hear from you.


    Best regards,


  135. Eric says:

    Hi Max!
    For starters I would like to thank you alot for your very helpful step-by-step instructions, theyve helped me alot in the past. But now i have little problem for the first time: I unrooted my S3 I9300 back to stock by your instructions. Found the right Fw in this case it was finnish FW everything went well until the end. Now when my phone is back on the stock FW it has no any connection and the phone complains that the phone isnt registered when i try to call. I would really appriaciate if you could help one more time again ! thx in advance πŸ˜€

  136. Taylor says:

    Hi Max, I recently tried to factory reset my rooted at&t phone to sell and used twarp to do it. I erased the dalvik cache, cache, internal memory and hit factory restore. I tried to turn back on the phone but now it is stuck on the Samsung Galaxy 3 screen. If you could help me out, i would appreciate it. Thanks, Taylor.

  137. anas says:

    Can someone Tell me …
    When I connect My S3 SGH T999L with PC its start charging
    How it will show internal mass storage

  138. Thuan says:

    Hey Max,
    I recently saw your post for the leaked 4.3 Samsung Stock ROM. I am debating whether or not to switch back to touchwiz because I really like some of Samsung’s features, but I also like the volume rocker music control (changing songs while screen is locked with long pressing of the volume buttons) from Cyanogenmod. Do you have any idea how I am able to get the volume rocker music control on the new samsung touchwiz 4.3 ROM leaked for Att?

  139. Moyeen says:

    Hi Max,

    I received a AT&T galaxy s3 from USA. Local mobile shop unlock this device & I’m using it in Bangladesh.
    Now I’m facing some problem, seeking your help.
    1. ‘Mobile Data’ icon not appearing on top menu
    2. Can’t turn on ‘Mobile hotspot’, showing error ‘mobile data is not available or invalid sim’.
    3. Can’t activate ‘USB tethering’, showing error ‘mobile data is not available or invalid sim’.
    4. Can’t activate ‘Wifi direct’, showing error ‘mobile data is not available or invalid sim’.
    5. Present android version is 4.1.1 & I can’t upgrade it to latest.
    Please help me out if possible.

  140. Alex says:

    I have problem when I root my phone(I9300)
    I have test from CWM and RomManager and I only get fail status: 7
    Any tips?

  141. Rafael Santana says:

    Hi Max I had problems with my Galaxy S3, I put the new CWM odin 6.42 does not recognize the file and I tried to do tar file but it tells me all wrong

  142. Jure says:

    can you make a video on how to backup efs folder for gs3 + what are the most important things to backup after rooting besides efs? great work btw πŸ˜€

  143. Jim says:

    Hi Max I have downloaded many ROMs. The only ROM so far that allows 4g LTE is Venom. All the Kit Kat android rom allows 3g only. My provider is Rogers. Why is this?


  144. brandon says:

    hey max, maybe you can help me. i accidentally flashed the wrong zip file and now my device says that my BASEBAND, IMEI and MOBILE NETWORK are “UNKNOWN”. i have a SGH-T999L from tmobile. i’ve used all the backups that ive made prior to this event. THANKS in advance

    • brandon says:

      its ok i got it. i just updated the firmware from 4.1.2 to 4.3 and it works perfectly fine. all the unknown info has been restored.

      thanks for keeping us high on android

  145. Joe says:

    Why does your article titled “CM11 ROM with Android 4.4.1 KitKat for Galaxy S3!” talk about I9000 versions of the S3, but in the photo it shows someone holding a SCH-I535 model? If I understand correctly, the latter has a locked bootloader, KNOX and a qfuse circuit from Verizon (sucks) that will brick their device if flashed with non-TouchWiz ROM. Unfortunately, I have that Verizon phone and updated via OTA 4.3.

    What gives? Is it possible to flash custom ROMs to this device with a locked bootloader? (meaning, I can’t install any recovery (like CWM) needed to flash ROMs.


  146. Joe says:

    Where is the best place to go for rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7in? I found one on http://forum.xda-developers.com, but wasn’t sure about it. Thanks in advance.

  147. Frank says:

    Hi Max,
    Followed your videos and flashed dozens of custom rooms for my Verizon S3. Never had a problem.
    Now I have moved on to a AT&T S4. Can you point me in the right direction to root it? And possibly a link from your site with custom rom’s?
    Thanks brother,

  148. Ralf says:

    Hi Max,
    I am running on linux Kubuntu 13.10 with
    uname -a
    Linux 3.11.0-20-generic #35-Ubuntu SMP Fri May 2 21:32:49 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    I wanted to root my Galaxy S3 on the actual 4.3. Android Kernel 3.031-2429075
    dpi@HPP20#1 from 16. Jan. 2014

    All worked fine until I wanted to copy the CWM File to the phone. The phone didnt show up as mounted.
    but lsusb gives:
    Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
    Bus 008 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
    Bus 007 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
    Bus 006 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
    Bus 001 Device 004: ID 24ae:2000
    Bus 001 Device 011: ID 04e8:6866 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd GT-I9300 Phone [Galaxy S III] (debugging mode)
    Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0409:005a NEC Corp. HighSpeed Hub
    Bus 001 Device 002: ID 1e4e:0102 Cubeternet GL-UPC822 UVC WebCam
    Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
    Bus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
    Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
    Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub

    I opened a Dolphin-Window but coping to it gives no result.
    It seems me that there was some changing since the last android update…?

    What can I do? – Has anybody an idea?
    Thanks a lot in advance!


  149. Milton Espinoza says:

    Hi Max, I’ve rooted my son’s Samsung Galaxy S3 from Virgin Mobile with the MOAR Rom and everything started working fine until I’ve took the bad decision of installing the file SPH-L710SPR_MK3_Modem.zip then after that I’ve completely lost the network. NO signal at all… no network I have the message saying PREPARING YOUR NETWORK but never does…. Any suggestion on how to fix this…?

    I’ll appreciate any help.


  150. Matthew Hardaway says:


    I love your site! I enjoy trying new ROM’s out and you make it easy to find them.

    I frequently have trouble though with getting my voicemail notifications. If I remember correctly this is partially the nature of the beast of rooting, but could you recommend a ROM or a workaround so that I can have a rooted phone and still get my voicemail notifications?


  151. Laurence Read says:

    Hi Max,

    Came across your site a month or so ago and it’s great! I’ve since flashed 3 different rooms but have issues with each and wonder if you could direct me to a better one. Issues below;

    Resurrection Remix – crashed regularly.
    Slimkat – loved it but wasn’t very bright in Sun (on max. Brightness)
    Cyanogenmod snapshot m9- battery life seems poor (certainly compared to slimkat).

    Hope you can give me some suggestion(s) πŸ™‚



  152. Lib says:

    Dear Max, have you rooted the Verizon Note 4 yet, if yes can you direct me in the right direction?

  153. L says:

    Hey i was just wondering when you think a new Rom would be available for the sprint version? Or does that entirely depend on the developers and you just let us know after you’ve tested the roms? Thanks for everything you do Max!!!!!

  154. Ron says:

    Hey Max,
    Just wanted to get some info about recovering pictures and contacts from a accidentally factory reset phone. I have been researching online and tried several recovery softwares that pop up in google but with no results. Would you be able to suggest anything?

  155. Frank says:

    Hello consultation buy a s3 T999 ” t -mobile ” but the flash of the camera does not work, and I changed the rom and e tested several applications flashlight but nothing. that I can do. please i need your help

  156. Xyruz says:

    So I tried rooting my att s3 through your instructions step by step but when I do the up, menu, and the power button it tried to go to recovery and says no command and then I had a selection reboot, update with external sd card, etc…. so how do I install the zip then?

  157. Bobby says:

    I have a question and could not find any other place on this website to contact Max or other experts. So here it goes

    I have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 and thanks to your youtube video I was able to root it. I then went ahead and installed Cyanogenmod 11. I see that we can install the later versions of CM based on other posts on this website. However, I am just a newbie and find CM11 good enough. The phone is already out of contract period and I was wondering if I could now use it with a CDMA carrier in India. What would it entail to use the phone with another carrier. When I go to preferred network type in CM11 settings I see several other APNs already listed (boost , verizon, freedom pop, etc). Lets assume I find the APN for an Indian carrier and add it to the list what else would I need to do to use this phone in India?

    Thanks a lot for your response in advance

  158. Harvey says:

    Hi Max,
    I have an S3 which locks out on the Galaxy start up screen. I’ve logged in to Android, wiped the cache and did a data/factory reset, but still the same problem. I also have an error message in red below this which states E:failed to moun t /system (invalid argument). I don’t know how to determine which Android version I’m using, but believe that in 2013 it would have been jellybean. I’ve tried to install using ADB sideload, with both 4.3 and 4.1, but get the following series of messages:
    Finding Update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:Failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:Failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: Signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    I was about to Root the phone using your instructions but your comment about bricking the phone if using the wrong version stopped me. Any suggestions as to my next step, as I am a newbie to all this and trying to figure it out?

  159. Melani Y. says:

    I have a Galaxy s3 through Terracom on the Sprint, Adroid version 4.4.2. It is refurbished, nice looking though. I have a problem. It won’t send MMS. There is no place for APN settings. It does receive MMS. Everything else seems to work properly as far as I can tell. WiFi and data work and such. The last phone I had was Huawei Fusion 2. I rooted it to remove some of the bloatware. I am interested in rooting this s3. However, I do not know much about ROMs or if putting another ROM in it will fix my problem. I like the cook features on the Samsung. Will putting another ROM on is affect its activation AND will it allow me to send MMS?

    IF there is a better way to contact MAX someone please let me know.


  160. Roberto Zavala says:

    Hey Max,

    Do you have a link for unlock Samsung galaxy S5?

  161. Ali says:

    MI name is ali is 15

  162. Peter Allen says:

    dude!!!!! root my bootlocked s3 sphL710T,,,,Please? im dying here and i need it! I’ll pay.

  163. Jamie says:

    Bought a Sprint s3 on eBay, and it has TWRP but isn’t rooted. How do I find out what version of TWRP I have? When I go to backup, do I check the data and cache boxes to backup?

  164. Hi
    Max Dear.
    Please if
    Possible then make a Galaxy S3 Mini GT-i8200 Root+Custom Rom+website.
    I hope this is not impossible for you.
    I like your S3 Gt-i9300 custom rom i download many rom for it. And also S5 now plz S3 mini Gt-i8200 custom rom. Plz pl plz plz

  165. Turab Ali says:

    hi can you please help me out. i didn’t keep a back up my IMEI and stock rom. Suddenly, my IMEI has become null. Iam using cm 14 on SGH T999. Now limited gsm signals and limited edge available, How can I get my phone have its IMEI back and restore 3G data services. whats app @+923413154023

  166. Turab Ali says:

    hi can you please help me out. i didn’t keep a back up my IMEI and stock rom. Suddenly, my IMEI has become null. Iam using cm 14 on SGH T999. Now limited gsm signals and limited edge available, How can I get my phone have its IMEI back and restore 3G data services.

  167. tulga says:

    link me pls admin

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