Android 4.3 Stock ROM with Root for AT&T/T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-i747/SGH-T999!

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For those of you with AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-i747 and T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 (NEW), you can now try the leaked Android 4.3 stock firmware that will bring your device up to latest Samsung Android 4.3 firmware.

Now, with the latest Android 4.3 firmwares, Samsung includes new “Knox” security, which may cause pain for rooted users as it records whether you have a rooted device or not.  I highly DO NOT recommend the regular route as it’s only going to install Knox security, which you probably don’t want.

Luckily for rooted users, you can go ahead and grab the rooted, Knox-free version that you can easily install using CWM or TWRP recovery.  This will also let you keep your custom recovery without having to unroot and also get root easily (as there’s probably no way to root the new build yet).

Latest Android 4.3 comes with many upgrades, main one being that performance/better battery life that Android 4.3 brings along with OpenGL 3.0 support for graphics.   Also, you will find that the leaked Android 4.3 supports Galaxy Gear watch out of the box, allowing you to easily install Gear Manager app just with a tap using NFC.

Many other upgrades are in place including S-Voice (like on Galaxy S4/Note 3), Screen Mirroring, new Light Effect in Lockscreen, Multi-Window themed like Galaxy S4/Note 3, and much more.

Overall, you can pretty much get a peek at the Android 4.3 release on the Galaxy S3 so definitely try it out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Android 4.3 with root for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-i747mirror

Download MJ2 Android 4.3 Modem for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-i747

Download MJ4 Android 4.3 Modem for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999

Download Insecure Kernel for Android 4.3

To install, reboot into CWM or TWRP recovery, backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install MJ2 4.3 Modem, install Insecure Kernel, then reboot.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit the Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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112 Responses

  1. tacito says:

    E compativel com a versao s3 Verizon ?

  2. Scott says:

    Just tried to install this on SGH-i747M and it bricked my device. Doesn’t appear to be compatible with Canadian (Bell) models currently.

    • Terry says:

      Soft or hard bricked as I also have a SGH-i747M .
      Do not want to hard brick it by installing this rom. lol

    • Max says:

      It should still boot, you mean you got stuck on bootloop?

      • Kevin Polite says:

        Actually it did not boot on my tmobile. I tried installing three times before giving up.

      • AlexGardunio says:

        As far as I know, modem should not be flashed on M variants. I’ve hardbricked my phone, fortunately it was on warranty and just received a new one back. Sad that you haven’t checked all variants 🙁

      • kapak13 says:

        Is there any way to downgrade? I got everything working on the 4.3 update but I want to downgrade and get a bootloader error when flashing any other ROM. What do I do? Thanks

        • Max says:

          did u use this rom or updated through ota? if u used ota that might be why as it installs new bootloader.

          • kapak13 says:

            I installed the ROM from here. I used the 3 files you provided, including the kernel, ROM, and the modem. Was the boot loader part of the modem zip?

            Everytime I try to flash a new ROM, it give me an error of not having the right boot loader. I’ve even tried flashing other 4.3 ROMs such as vanir, but get the boot loader error.
            Thanks for reading

          • kapak13 says:

            So I was able to find an older boot loader and flashed it, but I was only able to flash Dandroid ROM. All other ROM’s give me the boot loader error (error 7). I even tried to flash Jellybam and a few other 4.3 ROM’s but the boot loader error pops up. I’m not sure what to do or what I am doing wrong.


    • dan says:

      Won’t work m variant

    • Fred says:

      installed Att ota update then followed instruction and bricked ATT SamsungGalaxySIII SGH-i747, Samsung loves you dude! Att too

  3. Jean Souza says:

    What gapps package I use for this rom?

  4. AlexGardunio says:

    Hi Max. Is it OK to flash this on a i747 from Mexico? I’m on Jedi ROM atm. Thanks in advance!

  5. Michael says:

    loved it but lost root. any suggestions?

    • dan says:

      Same here lost root too

      • dan says:

        Evem when installing with root. I still have enforce instead of passive

        • drew says:

          Did you guys install the insecure kernel along with the Rom and firmware?
          I had lost my root too but then I went back to the page and saw that you had to install the insecure kernel I downloaded it went into recovery cleared my cache partition and Dalvic Cache and flashed the Insecure Kernel and Root works perfectly now I love this Rom so much

          • dan says:

            I did messed round for another day. Went n looked up rom on google and went to xda loser put this togther. And on page 7 another dude got the insecure kernal working right and ya it works flawless very happy with the work loser and the other guys did. Two thumbs up. I love android

  6. Christian Osorio says:

    So for put it on my T-Mobile I have to install the rom and then the MJ4? What is the MJ4?


  7. Giovani says:

    How can i install it ? i dont want to brick or hard brick my phone again!! i747 ATT which one should i get? if i want to install it via CWM

  8. John says:

    Rom works fine. I didn’t load the Kernel, would that make any difference? The rom runs great but surprisingly I just don’t see any changes from 4.1. I mean I was really expecting a “WOW!” but all I got was a “ok” the only difference I see is the lockscreen, the settings, thats it. I mean I’m not a tech so I don’t know the specs or whats under the hood sort of say. but I was looking for some visual difference and I don’t see any at all. I know this is just a leak but I hope the actual release would be different.

  9. 4ENSICS says:

    If I only want to upgrade the modem do I only flash the MJ2 and ignore the Insecure Kernel?

  10. Robin says:

    I also ended up with a hard bricked device using the i747

  11. Kevin Polite says:

    What rom am I supposed to install? All I see is MJ4 modem for Tmobile.

  12. frank m. says:

    Didnt boot at first on tmo t999, but pulled the battery and booted right up, but I did lose root, even though this is supposed to be with “root”, runs well. Should I just root again with odin?

  13. Randy C says:

    Ok, I have a S3 I747M on the Telus network and would like to know if it is safe to install the AT&T rom on my phone with the modem & insecure kernel.


  14. Jean Souza says:

    Hello, you need to change the kernel? Run some risk in installing this rom without changing the kernel? My player is the T-Mobile SGH-T999. Thank you for your attention.

  15. Andy says:

    Where is the room for t-mobile? Can i just download and install the one for att

  16. dan says:

    Installed easy peasy . Lol got boot loop at first. Pulled battery and restart optimized apps. All booted great. Fast. But lost root. So reinstalled. My back up. Just goin to wait to update till way to root comes around

  17. Guille says:

    I install this rom on my AT&T I747 everything looks great still rooted. My question is how do I enable the Hide app option? I see the Show Hidden Apps option but not the Hide App..

    To install: Wipe/Data reste, Wipe Cache pertion. Install Rom, Install Modem and Finally install Kernel Insecure….

  18. Carlos says:

    Fantastic rom. I had been using a lot of different roms including Carbon or plain CM, even many of the “Rom of the Week” ones but this might be my favorite. Although I assume the battery won’t be as good as the other non bloatware ones, this thing is fast. My phone was starting to feel very slow and laggy with the other Roms and just though it was the phone being old. But once I flashed this one, it runs as if it was brand new. I will admit the first time I flashed it, I got a bootloop and had to flash it again, and it created like 50 /0/0 folders inside each other. But after I got that cleared out it works fantastic.

  19. Enad Hamady says:

    Any Chance To Get This On the International One Gt-I9300

  20. adam says:

    its take time ??

  21. adam says:

    its just keeping galaxy s3

  22. bagek says:

    GS3 I474 AT&T. I installed with ROM, MODEM, KERNAL. Phone booted up fine with root intact but not cell data or calling. I have seen on other sites that state the modem should be installed before the ROM. Any advice?

  23. James says:

    Tried installing this on my i747 and it hard bricked my phone.

  24. Terry says:

    Anybody flash this successfully with Bell I747M phone?

  25. drewnin says:

    Is there going to be an official version ON HERE when it does come out?

    I have an AOSP rom, that I’m not too hapy with and would love to go back to a stock rom, but worried about this rom with people saying they got their phone bricked, hard or soft.

    I like feature the custom roms have, but never had one be 100% stable as a stock rom.

    • drewnin says:

      Forgot to mention i have an AT&T I747 in the US

      • dan says:

        I have att i747. Had no problem. Put it on and of three times didn’t brick. Somebodys doin somthing wrong if they r bricking there phones. This is for i747.

        • drewnin says:

          got stuck in boot loop wouldn’t go past the Galaxy SIII screen.

          I had Beanstalk Rom 4.3.0
          I did factory restore, then cache wipe
          Then installed rom, followed by modem, then kernel

          I was able to restore back to beanstalk

          any suggestions??
          I kinda feel the rom did not install right, the progress bar never changed color and after a min it said it was successful, but all the text lines showed up for different steps, just no status bar filled in.

  26. deadfront says:

    Does anyone know if the t999 version and the new T999l version are the same? Would love to use this on my original t999

  27. dimka says:

    On my AT&T I747, had a Status 7 error (Installation aborted) while installing modem.

  28. dan says:

    Nvr give up. There is alw ays a way

  29. dan says:

    Try this insecure kernal. If won’t root. Credit to loser and stratak7 of xda.also tg is don’t work for m variant i747 only

  30. N-to Karrizoz says:


  31. bob says:

    Have AT&T 747. Installed all three listed files from CWM recovery and had no issues. Didn’t bother root and all is a go. Phone & GPS are great. Have run a number of the ROMS listed on this site over the past year, Cyanogen, Carbon, Paranoid, Jellybam, and after a day of working with this stock rom it seems very smooth and as much as I hate to admit it, I’m liking Touchwiz. Did have to reorganize file structure a bit post install.

  32. drewnin says:

    I give up… Can’t get this rom to work! It sits in boot loop displaying the galaxy s3 logo for ever. let it sit over 30 mins to see if it would go on, but never did.

    I went to XDA forum and download from there, and did the same, even got the no root with knox version and the same.

    Really wanted to go back to a stock rom that would be stable, being that all other varients of roms have never been stable. they work, but not stable.

    my next upgrade to the S5 i will never get moded, not even rooted. staying stock the life of the phone! errr..

  33. Carlos says:

    Sgh-i747 installations done without any issue at all I also still rooted very good Rom working great so far idk why some people are issues installing to follow directions on page…just one thing I wonder about this room is can’t find the development area to check box “usb debugging” for some things.I guess is not included.I also wanted to install the sphere camera on this if is possible maybe?

    • Guille says:

      Go to “settings” > “about device” (more tab) and tap repeatedly on the Build number. This will enable the developer options on the menu.

  34. Jean Souza says:

    Hello, I did the installation on my s3 with this rom and changed the KERNEL suggested and my s3 and gave no Serto the device was connecting and deslingando è thank aletrar the kernel? Or can I install the rom without aletrar the kernel?

  35. ralph smole says:

    Installed on my ATT SG3. Flawless installation. LOVING it! thanks!

  36. Guille says:

    Installed it in my ATT S3 SGH-I747 . Just follow directions and had no trouble at all. Lost root at the first boot and got scared, but it came back after rebooting. So far working flawlessly. Thanks!

  37. Joseph H says:

    I installed the new rom, went to install the modem and it keeps giving me an error.


    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”)

    my device is a SGH-i747

    I was able to install the kernel and the phone works, I can boot up, as soon as I boot up it tells me the super user failed and cancels out. Also I can not get any data at all, but I can make and receive phone calls.

  38. Dale Moore says:

    I have the same problem as Joseph. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

  39. nicolas montenegro says:

    hi guys i got a problem triying to install the moden i got state 7 error so if some boddy could help me please ill be really apriciate

  40. everol says:

    i installed on my i747 everything works great except i lost root is there any way to re.root

  41. Rasik says:

    I have T-Mobile S3 (non Lte), and i installed the T-Mobile 4.3 rom provided on this xda forum:

    The rom has the insecure kernel built into the zip.
    What i did to get it working:
    1) Download the rom(You have three choices) and download the modem.
    2)Go to the recovery and wipe data/factory reset.
    3)clean cache, delvik cache
    4) flash the rom
    5) flash the modem
    6) Since the insecure kernel is built in to the rom, you don’t have to flash the kernel.
    6) Restart and wait for around 5 minutes to boot up.

    I have used this rom for a couple of days now and the performance is solid. Understandably, it will crash sometimes being a leaked rom. Other than that, it’s a great touchwiz based rom to try out 4.3

  42. Makhdum Zaveri says:

    Can i install it to shg-i747m??

  43. eric says:

    hey, so i just recently rooted and installed the 4.3 stock ROM, (my SIII is an unlocked phone from at&t and i use it for t-mobile). i thought it worked fine but it doesnt recognize my SIM card, but i can still make calls but cant access my data unless on wifi ! and i cant recover my backup ROM because it got deleted. what do i do ?! help please.

  44. Mir says:

    NO CELLULAR DATA AT ALL!!!!! CANT EVEN ACCESS MOBILE NETWORK SETTINGS (shows an error message saying: insert sim card to access) – so cant even change or even see APN settings. PLEASE GIVE US A SOLUTION MAX. THANK YOU.

  45. norlan buno says:

    I put this on my original sght999 and it works flawlessly

  46. kamel says:

    Hi Max thank you for this rom, and thanks for the developer I installed this rom om my att galaxy s3 and everything working excellent.
    For people that can’t install this rom in their Att Galaxy Slll just make sure you are using the latest CWM recovery , you can update it and flash it through Rom manager which you can find it in Play store.

  47. Joshua says:

    I don’t see the link for the T-Mobile rom. I only see the links for Att and the one for the T-Mobile modem, and kernel. help?

  48. Mve says:

    Thanks for the detailed guide. I managed to flash ROM on my ATT SGH-I747.
    But when I am trying to flash MJ2 4.3 modem, its failing giving some product code error..I copied the zip file to internal SD card and external SD card. Tried to flash it with CWM. but same errir.

    Now I am downloading MJ2 4.3 file again to see if it helps

    • Mve says:

      Well I managed to update modem firmware. I had to update my CWm to latest version via ROM Manager. After that it was able to update modem from the same file.

      Now noticed another issue. After a while google play store says Wifi connection times out or retry connection. I can browse wifi via browser but play store does not work.

  49. calcalocalo says:

    After flashing all these things I’ve been stuck on this ROM. I try to flash any other ROM and it fails to flash. I don’t know if it’s because I flashed the modem or what. I guess I’m stuck using touchwiz for the time being.

  50. James says:

    The official at&t 4.3 released on 11/20 will you have the official one to install as custom rom?

  51. Green Usher says:

    Is this an official stock ROM from Samsung but tweaked to remove KNOX and to be rooted? I don’t like flashing ROMs on my phone except the stock ROM.

  52. Rodney says:

    Hey max so everything is working great thank you but I did lose my wifi hotspot being that I came from the custom deadly venom rom any suggestion on which wifi tether app I should be using because ive searched and cant find one compatible with my att s3

    • paulcebo effect says:

      I also lost wifi tether.I didn’t lose root though and I have AT&T s3. maybe this is normal cuz its a stock rom. I otherwise really like this rom so would like a solution cuz this might make me go back to custom ROM

  53. Emanuel Rivas says:

    Hi, guys. I installed it (samsung galxy s3 i747) and works pretty good, but now that i want to get back to cyanogenmod during the install through CWM says “installation aborted – assert failed: getprop (“ro.bootloader) == I747 UCDLK3”. I did a wipe/factory reset, wiped cache and dalvik… i read in here that some lost the root, well everytime press on “reboot system now” it says “it seems that root is lost, do you want to fix it? THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE” I always press on fix it.. but the problem still. ODIN doesnt recognize it so i cant manually downgrade it to the stock version (4.0.1).

    What can I do? Thank you

  54. Alex says:

    Obviously you should not fix it!

  55. Chazz says:

    i tried to install the modem but it said installation aborted,any suggestion on what i must do?

  56. M. Sohail says:

    I have downloaded and installed first rom , then modem but it is giving some error assert : failed … (status 7)
    please help me how to fix it.

  57. M. Sohail says:

    I have successfully installed 4.3 on my galaxy sgh-i747 though the installation of modem was giving error as i mention above. I restarted my mobile after installing rom , modem and kernel (modem didn’t install and gave error) first it stuck at at&t logo then i re start again now it’s working fine, wife, calling, sim card , camera everything is working fine.
    Thankx for the nice rooted 4.3 rom

    “But still wondering why the modem installation was aborted and gave error and what is the purpose of installing modem zip file.

  58. thecameraguy says:

    ATT S3 SGH-I747 using CMW-Touch-6043
    I get …This package is for “d2att” devices; this is a “d2spr”.
    Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted
    any help?

  59. Jack T. says:

    When this first came out i was hesitant, but i now i finally tried to install it and it worked like a charm, i cannot wait to use my Samsung smart watch with it…

  60. Tony says:

    I updated my Galaxy S-3 to the stock 4.3 rom through AT&T about a month ago and for the most part I like the program, but these new apps are attempting to gain access to my personal data. I have suspended any updates until I can root my phone and block them from that info.
    I attempted to root my phone as usual but this time it will not allow SuperUser to access the phones OS. The security system is blocking SU.
    I have attempted to install the 4.3 version with root but all attempts have meet with resistance. I keep getting the message that the certification can not be verified and it stops the install.

    Any way around this? Options? Ideas?


  61. Terry says:

    If I root my galaxy S3 from at&t is it still limited on data

  62. samir attalah says:

    I installed this and it was good until I got text from AT&T notifying me that my unlimited data plan will change to 5gig plan if I don’t stop tethering. I thought this didn’t have knox security, soo I had to roll back to 4.1.2. I wasn’t even using wifitether when I got the text notification from AT&T. I was listening to Pandora One. Rom is ok; it keeps rebooting my phone every 3 or 4 hours. I think I’m going to stick with 4.1.2. I think it’s faster than 4.3 update. Plus, I never had problem with my provider finding out if I’m tethering.

  63. M. Sohail says:

    Those who are getting status 7 error on installing modem after intalling 4.3. they need to update first their at&t s3 i747 to 4.1.2 before attempting to update as i had 4.1.1 and i installed 4.3 root rom but it was giving status 7 error but after updating it manually to 4.1.2 i have installed 4.3 and it’s working fine.. data plan everything is working. Enjoy 🙂

    • Baynor says:

      I just installed this mod successfully. I ran into the status 7 error coming from 4.1.2. However, I followed this mod and was able to install the modem

      Does anyone know how to get the ripple lock screen back when using PIN security? I can only get it to work using swipe security.

  64. Jason says:

    Hi there, I haveSamsung SGH-I747 and i updated it to 4.3 jb.. my phone is not yet rooted, is there any way to root this? my problem is just i cant use hotspot/tethering made by at&t.. is there any way to fix this? i dont mind if my phone need to root or not, i just want to fix this hotspot thing.. can u pls help me.. 🙁

  65. AboShongy says:

    is there any FREE way to unlock at&t s3 sgh-i747 in 4.3
    i heard that downgrade BRICKS device radio after i already BRICKED my note 2 by downgrading from 4.3 to 4.1.2
    i need a SAFE FREE way
    plz HELP charms

  66. Glenn says:

    Can you flash the image with Odin? How do you install CWM?

  67. grunt0300 says:

    Do you have this rom with an MJB bootloader?

  68. Joseph Zur says:

    Help! I’ve got a I747 running CyanogenMod ver 11 Android 4.4.1
    I’m trying to install Android 4.3 Stock ROM with Root for AT&T/T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-i747/SGH-T999!
    Of the three parts to the mod; modem, rom & unsecured kernel every time I try to flash (using rom manager) the rom I get:
    format () expects 5 args, got 3
    E: error in d2att_I747….zip
    (Status 7)
    Install aborted
    I used same tools/process to install the unsecured kernel with no issues.
    (I’ve also attempted rom installs using odin and it also fails.)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  69. Jjkuest says:

    Is max still around? I went through the rooting procedure twice on my att i747 and my phone does not root. Superuser nor titanium backup can access the root. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Help!!!

    • Max says:

      Hmm try using the latest version of SuperSU:

  70. slavanikitenko says:

    Can you Downgrade the Modem on the Galaxy S3 T999L?

  71. slavanikitenko says:

    can I downgrade the firmware on the Galaxy S3 T999L?

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