Android 4.4.2 + Root for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-i747! [Stock Rooted ROM]

For those of you who want to try the latest Android 4.4.2 + Root for your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 with model number SGH-i747, you do not have to unroot and go through a lengthy process.

Our recommended method to install the Android 4.4.2 + Root via CWM or TWRP recovery.  This is fully-stock, 100% same as stock firmware but with root.

For those of you with an older bootloader (You’ve rooted your phone on 4.2.2 or earlier), you will need to flash KToonsez kernel to make it boot.

If you already have Android 4.3 bootloader or later, you can just flash the ROM and should boot fine.  Also, if coming from stock rooted ROM, you may be able to install without doing a factory reset.  Just make a backup ROM and install ROM without factory reset if that’s the case.


Download Android 4.4.2 + Root Stock rooted ROM for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-i747 [NE4]

Download KToonsez Kernel for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-i747

NOTE: You need to update you CWM Recovery to v6.0.4.3 or higher OR also update your TWRP Recovery to v2.6.3.3 or higher.  You can update your recovery by downloading CWM/TWRP then using Flashify app CLICK HERE.

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot. (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, go to Advanced Wipe for TWRP or Mounts & Storage for CWM, format/wipe /system, then re-install ROM.)

First time installing a custom ROM?  See How to Install Custom ROM on Galaxy S3!

Credits – XDA, kernel <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


Want Flash Player?  See How to Install Flash Player on Android 4.4.2/4.4.3 KitKat!

Want latest Android L Preview Keyboard?  See How to Install Android L Preview Keyboard on rooted Android!

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

Need to run apps that check for root?  Check out How to Run Apps that’s don’t run on rooted Android!

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.


Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!!
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: I don’t have Play Store nor any of the Google apps!
A: You forgot to install Gapps, reboot into recovery and install it! (See above for download.)

Q: The ROM is not booting!
A: Try formatting/wipe /system and re-install ROM, sometimes the system partition gets corrupt and you may have to try 2 or 3 times before the ROM boots.

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53 Responses

  1. darkoman4 says:

    This totally bricked my phone. Can not boot into anything. Recovery too

    • Max says:

      What happens when you boot into recovery? Do you see “Recovery booting” at top left?

      • darkoman4 says:

        No I see only cwm recovery 3 lines at the bottom without option to do anything. I odined 5.5.0.x recovery, and luckily had backup in 5.5.0.x cwm. Now I am trying with 4.3 boot loader. We will see.

        • Max says:

          I think that’s probably stock recovery you are seeing? You can try flashing CWM recovery back then install a custom ROM.

      • darkoman4 says:

        And yes actually, I saw recovery booting at the top left. But as I said it wouldn’t boot into it.

  2. darkoman4 says:

    OK. Got it to work. You need to be on MJ2, MJB bootloader/ modem combo minimum. Will not work on older bootloaders. If it gets stuck on ATT boot logo, pull out battery and reboot. Open SU and disable knox.

    • Ernie Cervantes says:

      I have a SGH-I747 and I wanted to flash a touchwiz rom. I am running cm11 4.4.4 right now but having issues with Pandora running and after while my phone freezes and reboots. I have an mjb bootloader… How likely is this rom gonna be stable on my device?

      • darkoman4 says:

        I have been enjoying it for a couple of days now. This is stock so No issues so far. The only thing that doesn’t work is tethering, but ease fix is here:

    • Bhagavan says:

      How did you get it to work? I have the same issue, CWM start then reboots. Phone doesn’t turn on. Download mode works.

  3. Arthur says:

    Is tethering or hotspot working??? Thanks MAX!

  4. DWAYNE says:

    I tried it and it bricked my at&t galaxy s3 phone. I put my galaxy s3 into download mode. I used odin and flashed cwm recovery tar file brought it back to life since it was a soft brick. finally i flashed c rom then flashed gaps 4.4.2 everything works just fine. I hope this help anyone out there

    • DWAYNE says:

      I tried it and it bricked my at&t galaxy s3 phone. I put my galaxy s3 into download mode. I used odin and flashed cwm recovery tar file then i flashed tar file using odin brought it back to life since it was a soft brick. finally boot into recovery i flashed c rom then flashed gaps 4.4.2 everything works just fine. I hope this help anyone out there

  5. Dan says:

    So do the directions work or no?…
    seeing multiple bricks

  6. Pat says:

    Flashed this on my AT&T i-747. Wifi will not turn on, no volume on device, and not recognizing SIM. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Tim says:

      I also had an issue where the WiFi would not turn on at all. I am using SuperSU AND twrp 2.7.1. I touch the icon to turn on WiFi. I moves to the on position, but then immediately moves back to off. I did a factory wipe before applying the image. I tried another factory wipe after I had the issue adn re-applied, but there was the same issue. Then I restored the old image and applied the new one without the factory wipe and I still had the same issue.

      Any ideas?

  7. A. Williams says:

    Followed instructions, phone will not boot or go into recovery. Tried to used odin to re flash, doesn’t find the tar file. done for now time isn’t on my side.

  8. Mark says:

    Just tried this on a AT&T Galaxy S3 and it’s now bricked. Wont go passed the modem in Odin without a big red FAIL. Now the phone wont even boot after the Samsung Galaxy SIII screen.

  9. lami says:

    please help i used this rom and my samsung isn’tinto download mode what do i do?

  10. lami says:

    please help i used this rom and my samsung isn’t going into download mode what do i do?

    • Max says:

      Try reflashing cwm recovery using odin.

      • Infinite says:

        Help I have the same problem now… I can’t get into download mode to get connected to Odin. Samsung boot logo shows up then to black screen. When I try going into recovery I get the 3 lines at the bottom then the phone goes off. How to I get out of this soft bricked state? Steps are helpful.

      • Infinite says:

        Correction I just got into download mode and reflashed CWM on and installed a different stock zip file and it worked fine. Take down the bad linked file or the page altogether. Read comments first people before doing!

  11. Ernie Cervantes says:

    I have been looking for a nice 4.4.2 TOUCHWIZ ROM. I tried a few,some built of S5, but none that I cared for. The only thing I miss is the camera and mhl support, however I am on Pacman right now and it completely supports mhl as far as GS3s go. Wanted to know if this ROM will for sure work when flashed and not brick my phone. I am on mjb boots and mode.. Thx.

  12. yR says:

    if u r using AT&T s3, dont use this rom, its of no good, your phone wont even boot, and u ll have nothing except SAMSUNG logo!!!

  13. RP says:

    No answer on the wifi issue?

  14. Trey says:

    I cant get wifi to work either. it goes to the on position then goes right back off. tried to reflash and still the same thing. really need this to work

  15. monba says:

    HELP! I installed the UCUEMJB 4.3 rom. But my at@t Galaxy s3 DON’T TURN on,download mode and recovery mode.What happening,how to fix?

  16. Romz says:

    Hey this worked for me and i was coming from android 4.4.4. it took about 5 times to finally boot had to wipe data twice and install the kernel even though my bootloader was acceptable

  17. idkwhatimdoinglol says:

    The wifi doesn’t work on this rom anyone have any ideas or help much appreciated!

    • havek says:

      The problem with the wifi not working is the kernel. I had the same problem, flashed the one provided in this forum (Download KToonsez Kernel for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-i747) and the wifi/bluetooth/lte radios worked just fine.

  18. Javoye Richardson says:

    how do you install the kernel?

    • havek says:

      Reboot into recovery (CWM or TWRP) and “install from zip”. Hopefully you know you are supposed to save the zip to your phone’s external sdcard before you do anything.

  19. havek says:

    Wifi and other radio issues…. Just an update for all. I flashed a couple of rooted 4.4.2 roms to my Samsung S3 i747 for AT&T and had wifi issues. Now flashing a kernel did the trick but updating the bootloader from MJB to NE4 without flashing the kernel also did the trick. So either one will work. I’ll let the experts shed more light on this matter. Obviously some coding is involved and/or a relationship between the kernel and the bootloader must exist for my findings to be true. I don’t like to cross reference threads but I think this case is one of those special exceptions where I should so here is the link that supports my findings

    There are 5 steps for the upgrade but my findings lay in step #2.


  20. havek says:

    oooops, I created the link incorrectly. Anyways it takes you to the correct place. Once there just scroll to the top of that page.

  21. anel says:

    I’m running cm 12 unofficial on my i747 is it possble to go back to this rom 4.4.2 stock root

    • Ray says:

      I tried the download and every time I have it downloaded but the file was bad or something. You should be able to go back to this. If you are on NE4 you should be good to go.

  22. hector says:

    I tried installling this rom from att on my gs3 sghi747m telus without success.. wont load..

  23. emerald says:

    i have a problem and i need help. my kid brother just flashed his s3 without making a backup and now the phone just boot into the Samsung gt I9300 logo only and remains that way until the battery runs down. i tried reverting back to stock but i have since failed. even when i checked the bootloader, the phone appears to be for the at&t s3.
    what can i do to boot back the phone to stock Samsung rom. should i go for the I9300 rom or the at&t rom?

  24. rayray says:

    ok i have tried to get my phone to eork but no luck my son wiped the phone now all i get is a boot screen then a blue man how can i fix this help help

  25. rayray says:

    someone HELP i have odin bud it keeps failing
    here is the file i tried I747UCDLK3_I747ATTDLK3_I747UCDLK3_HOME.tar
    and I747UCALG1_I747ATTALG1_I747UCALG1_HOME.tar what else can i do?

  26. KC says:

    Help!! Im stuck tying to update my SGH-i747 “modified” phone running 4.1.2 to anything else other than current Android.

    1st issue I’ve noticed of the bat is that I can not get CWM to load only default built-in bootloader loads no matter what I have tried. I have reset the phone, hard reset the phone, backed up everything.

    I’ve followed Highonandoid’s instructions to the T, downloaded all the various programs or other recommended steps to first update this or that. I can not get past the first initial step which is CWM to load on the phone so I can then do the other step.

    Can someone please help? Im willing to install any stable Android 4.4 and up, whatever SG3 can handle, Im willing to try. Im not a newbie but still consider myself a novice to intermediate level user of Android OS on phones. I was able to load Gummy on my other SG3 (SGH-T999) with no issues, but I no longer have this phone and can not get futher with this model SG3.

    Thank you,

  27. Estelle Tjalkabota says:

    Мне интересно, какую систему вы используете?

    У меня возникают проблемы с безопасностью моего интернет-сайта!
    Я бы хотел сделать его более защищенным:) У вас есть какие-нибудь советы?

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