BlackJelly Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747! [LJ7][V0.9.1]

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Want a taste of the future Jelly Bean on your AT&T Galaxy S3?  Well, after trying a bunch of ported Jelly Bean ROMs on my AT&T GS3, I finally found one I can recommend, the BlackJelly ROM.

The Black Jelly ROM comes with Android 4.1.1 and with 4G LTE working also.

Also, the Black Jelly ROM comes with Nova launcher (instead of TouchWiz), 15 custom toggles, and some more AOSP apps.

This ROM does come de-bloated, almost all of the Samsung apps are gone (you can add them back in though if you want).  You can also re-install Touchwiz launcher if you want. (see the XDA thread for that)

If you want a fast, Jelly Bean ROM that’s debloated, this is the ROM for you.  So if this sounds like something you want, try it and let me know what you think!


Download BlackJelly ROM

Credits – XDA

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102 Responses

  1. jay says:

    hey max

    i actually tried this rom when i first saw it on xda. i am with bell and i actually had service interuptions. i was not able to get my text messages through with this rom and i thought may be it was just one day but it happened again the next day .. called bell and they did everything on their end and it still happened. so i ended up switching the roms and never had problems after that.

    • Smoofy says:

      Haven’t had any problems. Installed last night and making calls and texts just fine so far. 😉

      Although during install in CWM it said bricking device then just kidding. My heart skipped a beat. Lol

      • jay says:

        It happened after 3 days of my install

        • Smoofy says:

          My caller ID numbers show up with a + in front of them such as +222-222-2222 and when I call numbers from call log that +sends me to a busy signal or “no international calls error

          Don’t know how to fix it.

          • jay says:

            that didnt happen with me. caller id worked perfectly fine it was just the text messages lol and try wiping the phone through cwm

    • josh says:

      I rooted my phone yesterday and last night my phone died before I could get to charger now it won’t turn on at all… Won’t even charge.. I tried plugging it in to usb, wall outlet even pulling battery and sim holding power button for 10 seconds and even all the other reset combinations by holding home button, power, and volume….. help please…….

      • Rocky Dubb says:

        Hi, I saw your message now. What did you try pulling the battery and putting it back in?

        • josh says:

          yes i pulled the battery and tried a reset by pressing the keys to go back to download mode and nothing happens… while phone plugged in to different plugs and power supplies the phone doesnt even acknowledge it at all… by having the LED light up to show charging…I am scared its bricked!

  2. alvi5 says:

    i love it so far but what is the best way to get the swype feature back on the keyboard that is the only thing i miss.

    • alvi5 says:

      nvm got it from best way to get it, i would also like to know how to fix the battery drain issue that appears as cell standby. is this fix included in the ROM?

  3. ElKompaAndres says:

    so far so good! I’m new to android, is there a way to get the stock JB unlock screen instead of the touchwiz one?

  4. rod says:

    nice job max work fine galaxy s3

  5. Terry Shekalo says:

    Fastest rom I have tried. Very smooth and quick. Installed all my free and purchased apps from the Play Store.
    Just as I was installing my last app, my phone (fully charged), went dead . Bricked!
    Removed battery and let it sit for 15 min and was able to get into recovery. Wiping caches failed and was unable to factory reset.
    Used my usb jig to get into download mode and reininstalled stock rom.
    No idea to the cause of system corruption. Maybe installing all the apps without rebooting, caused the system to run out of memory and to crash.

  6. Smoofy says:

    It’s not true JB but I like that its almost like a stock ROM minus the bloatware and Google now added.
    I tried downloading high on android 0.3 but after two days it was only at 78mb so I quit.
    I’m liking this one so far though. I miss a few things from CM10 like led custom and lock screen.

  7. Hockeytown says:

    Just switched from KyanROM to this one with no issue’s…. It is a pretty slick ROM, really fast. Not sure how it is on the battery yet but if I have any issue’s I will post back.

  8. Hockeytown says:

    Oh ya… Thanks for this and all the work.

  9. Donald Taylor says:

    Last week flashed your cm10 m2 for att, that was excellent, Just tried the rom for this week (blackjelly), the only problem i see or that doesn’t seem to work on my att is the hotspot connect. That feature (which i love) worked fine on your cm10 m2 rom…Any ideas??

  10. Terry Shekalo says:

    Where would I get the PIT file for my SGH-I747?

  11. Smoofy says:

    Anybody getting weird problems on the phone. All my caller IDs some in with a + in front of the number and
    When I dial out from call log I get “not able time make international call”
    I played with settings and couldn’t find a way to get rid of the +
    I love this Rom but that’s annoying
    Anyone have a fix ????
    Pretty please

    • ali says:

      i am using task650 & ktoonsez AOKP rom … it is by far the best rom. its pretty fast and with about a day’s battery life. the only disadvantage is you loose all the motions. if u r ok with that try out that one!

      • Smoofy says:

        I was really into the black jelly, but the weird phone number issues turned me off.

        I’m back on CM10 M2 now, but I miss the motion, and the UI features of the black jelly. If anybody can tell me how to fix the phone number thing, I’d be very grateful because the black jelly was awesome save for that one deal breaker.

        • Rich says:

          Smoofy, I had the same issue with not receiving calls and calls showing up with a + in the front of my number. I was able to fix this issue by editing the “Me” contact and adding my phone number in the proper format. After that I was able to recieive calls without an issue.

          • Smoofy says:

            Thanks for the suggestion Rich. I tried this last night and put my phone number in the ME contact in all different ways. Still get the + I never have trouble receiving calls just the darn + I wonder if maybe there is a glitch in the phone and a new phone can be flashed ???


            I appreciate you trying to help!

      • J says:

        I Second that. AOKP is the best high on android.

  12. eric says:

    This is a great ROM had no problems tell today for some reason it randomly freezes and shuts the screen of.
    Is there any way to fix this ?

    • Hockeytown says:

      I’m having this same issue. Its the only complaint I have. Yesterday the screen went black on me 3 or 4 times and today its done it once already requiring the phone be restarted to get the display working again. Other than that so far its my favourite ROM I have tried. Would clearing the caches help to fix this?

      • Hockeytown says:

        FYI, clearing the caches does not fix it as I just had the Black Screen of Annoyance happen again

        • Hockeytown says:

          Any word on a fix for this particular issue? Any where I can submit logs or help out somehow? I love this ROM but the Black Screen of Annoyance is getting to me

  13. didi says:

    Hi, love all your videos but please next time show the ROM it’s features and difference with other roms and what makes it’s unique..

    —– not just showing the settings that it’s on 4.1.1 and showing SF weather and Giants score..

    again love your videos!!!

  14. Mikey says:

    Hey im having trouble getting LTE to work and my wifi hot spot is not connecting and theres a Sprint wifi mobile hotspot app that i cant get rid of…I thought this was for AT&T.

  15. Joe says:

    Great video as always (I do second that it would be nice to see ROM specific features, not just Jelly Bean features).

    I just wanted to say that I have no issues with my LTE with CM10 (nightly builds). Do other people? So far CM10 seems to be the most stable and definitely the most supported ROM for the S3.

  16. Michael says:

    When i set my phone to vibrate, the only thing that doesnt vibrate is when I receive a text message. Is there a way to fix this

  17. david says:

    Will this ROM work with Rogers

  18. Michael says:

    Why is it every time I send a mms, it sends it as a slideshow instead of just as a picture.

  19. Bankanidhi Sahoo says:

    The 4G LTE does not work. I uninstalled. Does not look like a great ROM. However the G Note ported rom is working fine with 4G LTE

  20. alvi5 says:

    kept having issues when trying to unlock the phone it would freeze so moving on to another ROM

  21. TechGeek417 says:

    Hi I love this Rom I think is one of the best ones out there, But I am having one issue, When I ever received a call for some reason the number coming get added to a + even if I have the number saved in my phone book without the + , so if i have a missed call and try to return the call from my recent list it won’t work I have to go to my phone book look up the name and dial from there. is there anyone having the same problem or have a solution for thi problem? thanks

    • Smoofy says:

      I had the same issue. On XDA forums someone mentioned they flashed the LH1 modem and it stopped the + issue.

      I never tried it though because I had already flashed AOKP. Try flashing the LH1 modem and see if it solves the problem. Let me know ignition does please.

  22. Smoofy says:

    ***if it does***

  23. Graffixnyc says:

    Thanks for doing a video on my rom max. I think I figured out the calling issue people have been having. I’m going to change the ril(it currently uses the sprint ril) to the LH1 ril. Hopefully that will fix it

    • graffixnyc says:

      Good news the calling issues were fixed 🙂 I used the ril libs from the last tmobile leak and it fixed the intermittent calling problems

      • Techgeek417 says:

        Wow that is great news, this has to be the best rom I tested exect that issue, would you be posting a link for the update witht he fix? thanks for your help.

      • Hockeytown says:

        Thanks for the work on a great ROM. Any idea what the cause of the random blackouts may be? Its the only complain I have, its amazing otherwise.

      • Smoofy says:

        Graffix, I’ve flashed the new 9.1 and the calling issues are fixed. No more + and international BS! Awesomeness!

        The text messaging still comes in as +1-999-999-9999 though. Any ideas?

        Great ROM! Love your work!

  24. Smoofy says:

    Awesomeness! I’m gonna try flashing it soon as I can download. I’ll head over to XDA and check the thread for new download links.

  25. Smoofy says:

    Flashed and tested. So far so good. Thanks!!!!!!!
    Awesome ROM and great work.

  26. Techgeek417 says:

    Smoofy can you give me the link where to download please thanks

    • Smoofy says:

      I posted the link. It’s waiting moderator, but if you can’t wait, its at XDA just Google XDA Black Jelly and check the forums.
      Either way once the post gets moderated, the link will show up here. B-)

  27. Jeremy says:

    I have black Jelly for AT&T wors fine .. Is it suppose to read LTE? i get 4g and 3g service it works ok . Just wondering if it suppose to have the LTE there . Thanks Max

  28. Marsel says:

    Liked this ROM a lot but I found a couple of issues with it, like others I was having black screen issues and annoying things like text sizes would keep changing and not staying set to what I picked. Overall I just felt like the ROM was a little too un-stable for me, the battery life wasn’t as good as other AOSP based roms like AOKP or CM10.

  29. Art says:

    How do we install the missing samsung apps, if we wanted to?

  30. Just says:

    Well I am very impressed with this rom, just dont have LTE, put it on my telus 747m. any ideas how to get LTE to work?

  31. Michael says:

    What themes can i install for this

  32. cesar says:

    good morning please tell me could I install the black jelly? they are grateful because I’m from Colombia …..

  33. Cesar says:

    OK entiendo amigo y muchas gracias por responder en español… Pero mi pregunta es. Se como instaló la rom blackjelly.? Me podrías ayudar amigo smoofy?. Y si mi celular es el s3 i747

  34. Hockeytown says:

    Any fix in sight for the Black screen issue? Happens several times per day. Its too cool of a ROM to switch from but this is getting to be too much of a hassle

    • Michael says:

      go over to and navigate to the at&t version of S3 and in that section go to android development and there you will see blackjelly it is the updated to version 0.9.1. I have been running all week and no random black screens and the lib files have been fixed for the at&t s3.

      • Smoofy says:

        I second that. I’ve been running 9.1 since he graffix posted it and have not had any issues.

        Great work Graffix!

      • Hockeytown says:

        I am new to this… when installing an updated version do i need to follow the whole process of backing everything up and restoring? Or will it strictly update the ROM?

        • Hockeytown says:

          I backed everything up just in case and switched to version0.9.1 as recommended and so far no more black out! Thanks a million. My application icons have doubled up though, trying to figure how to get rid of the dupes now. Any pointers?

          Thanks everyone. This site kicks ass!

  35. Cesar says:

    Si amigo ya lo tengo rodeado y con cwm

  36. Cesar says:

    Si amigo ya lo tengo roteado
    y con cwm

    • Smoofy says:

      Entonces, solamente pones el Zip en su SD. Ases un reboot dentro de CWM.
      Ases un backup!
      Ases factory data reset, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache, format system. Todo estas opciones estan en CWM. Después do todo eso, escoger install zip from SD y el instala automáticamente.

  37. Jeremy says:

    wifi does not work anymore

  38. Cesar says:

    Amigo lo que no me queda claro es lobde hacer un reboot dentro del cwm….. Me explicas el resto si lo puedo hacer

    • Smoofy says:

      Apaga el teléfono. Aguanta el botón de subir volumen y el botónde home y el boton de poder asta que el reboot. Y el entra en cmw.

  39. cesar says:

    amigo ya hize los wipes y todo cuando le doy instalar me dice installation aborted…. ayudaa

  40. cesar says:

    otra cosa no importa que haya quedado guardado en la memoria del telefono??

    • Smoofy says:

      No se porque no te instala. No importa que el Zip esta en la memoria del teléfono. Posiblemente tienes un Zip corrupto. Trata de borrar el Zip y busca lo de nuevo. Esta ves pon lo en external sd y instala lo usando el proceso que te dije.

  41. cesar says: instale muchas gracias portu ayuda eres lo maximo smoofy….

  42. TQ13 says:

    I installed a custom kernel in order to overclock my CPU so my Galaxy S3 i747.

    Do I need to put back the stock kernel so that I can install Black Jelly Bean ROM?

  43. andy says:

    Hi max if i install 4.1 jelly bean on my S3 would i be able to play flash player content ?

  44. andy says:

    i heard Flash player downloader stopped updating Flash player for upcoming new devices like Note2 for AT&T which will be running official jelly bean 4.1 software. So i am scrarred to flash 4.1 jelly bean update on my S3.

  45. mike says:

    4g not working any ideas? I updated to 0.9.1 but still no 4g thanks for any help.

  46. Michael says:

    How do I get WiFi hotspot working on 0.9? Tethering options shown are only USB and BlueTooth.

  47. Griff says:

    I loved this rom but could not get iheart and tapatalk to work on this rom for some reason. I might flash it again and start fresh

  48. Allister says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m on the i747m on rogers and I seem to be stuck in 3G. I went into my wireless settings and in networks. I get to access point names and it says Rogers LTE. When I go into that APN I noticed that under the Bearer tab it was set to Unspecified. I tried to set it to LTE and my network connection doesnt work… Not too sure because I live in a big city that definitly has LTE or at the very least HSPA+ (or whatever it is).

    Great ROM though. I moved on from Liquid Smooth which was pretty bad… so even if I am stuck on 3G its not sooo bad.


  49. Deven28 says:

    Is anyone else experiencing terrible battery life with this rom?

  50. Sean says:

    I’ve tried installing this rom three times now and its not working. Do I need to install version 8.0 first and then install 9.1?

  51. kris halstead says:

    When I go to wake my phone up and I press the home button sometimes it won’t come on but the soft keys light up and stay lit up only way to get the screen back is to reboot. It doesn’t do it all the time but quiet a bit any help please.

    • Henry Savage says:

      Have the same problem as well. Everywhere I’ve looked on the internet where this problem was mentioned, nobody has found a fixor even addressed the issue

  52. JR says:

    Had issues with NFC pop-up constantly re-flashed and it disappeared.
    On the 4th or 5th day it the SD card unmounted and could not reconnect.

    Going on to something else smooth rom, fast but not too stable from my experience.

  53. Michael says:

    i installed the new .9.2 and im having some issues with gps. when i turn on gps the icon on top of the navigation does not show up. i downloaded the gps status from the play store and its not showing much. I go to scout which i use for gps and it shows weak gps. when i go to google maps and i click on determine my location it doesnt. any help

    • Barrett Grubb says:

      Turn your gps off, go into manage apps, scroll until you find maps, select it and clear data for maps, also do the same for google earth if you have it, after you have cleared the data for those apps then reboot and toggle your gps back on, it should now lock….hope this helps

  54. Griff says:

    I just wish I could get a higher data connection than gprs. I know I will not get higher than edge because I am using a at&t phone on the t-mobile network but that has been my only issue with this rom. I guess I will have to put my at&t version on ebay and buy a t-mobile version

  55. orangelmo says:

    I just installed this ROM and the only thing I’m not liking is that there are no borders around the letters of the keyboard. It’s just black with white letters. Is it supposed to be this way?

  56. Mark Neidorff says:

    Just got a notice that the “official” jellybean upgrade is available for AT&T S3s. So, I think the way to go may be to install official JB, root phone then remove bloatware…..

  57. jack says:

    can anyone tell me if it works on canadian galaxy s3?

  58. tvt says:

    can I flash this rom on an at&t s3 running android 4.3

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