HighOnAndroid ROM v0.3 for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747!

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Here’s a quick update on HighOnAndroid ROM v0.3 for your AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 (also compatible with Canadian models starting with I747 model number).

This new version brings App2SD and init.d support for your AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-i747 and also battery issue with v0.2 has been completely fixed.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!


Download HighOnAndroid ROM v0.3 for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747
Credits – XDA, Official ROM Page

Previous versions:

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126 Responses

  1. Ken says:

    2 days and 14+ hours? Wow, I gotta give it a try.

    • Max says:

      sorry we are updating servers, it should be much faster after update.

    • nelson says:

      Hi, I installed Rom v.03. Everything work well. But the battery life is not like what it shown on the video. mine last for 3.5 hours.
      did i do anything wrong? or I am on the right track?

      • Max says:

        Hmmm, that’s weird, try charging fully then see if it happens, could just be that one time, sometimes happens when installing new roms but should go away.

        • nelson says:

          I would like to let you know that you are right. It happened the first time before charging full. And now, it is all working as it is.
          Thank you

  2. Stephen says:

    So can I install this over 0.1? I didn’t run 0.2

    • galaxy says:

      I would also like to know. I haven’t gotten either versions though. v0.3 would be the first.

      Should I just install 0.3 or 0.1 and 0.2 first

      • costas says:

        1st do a Nandroid backup. This is the most important part !!!!
        2nd Wipe data and install the 0.3 Rom only.
        3rd Then select Advance restore from the internal memory you just made.
        4th Select restore “data only” and PRESTO! Enjoy this Great Rom.
        There is no need to install .0.1 & 0.2.
        Hope this helps!

        • Gage says:

          when i go to install this do i copy and paste the meta,system,bootimage and the install busy box to my gs3?

        • gb says:

          i did what you said and was getting these error messages
          ‘android.process.acore has stopped’
          ‘gallery has stopped’
          they would pop up so much i couldnt even use the phone

  3. galaxy says:

    Is there an install guide? Will this wipe my phone? Will I have to reinstall all my apps, wallpaper, and change all my settings?

  4. Erock6726 says:

    Hi Max, great ROM, but is there any way to turn off Google voice dialer. It pops up every time I leave an app

  5. martin says:

    Hi Max is thi the same rom v3 I download 27 August

  6. Ez says:

    Hi, Thanks for the great work! I had battery issues with v2 so i’m hoping this one as you said is resolved. There is something wrong with the download though I am unable to get the file. I’ll try again later but thought you should know

  7. Michael says:

    You know what would be nice on v.04 is scrolling wallpaper on TW.

    Max, thanks for all your work! I really appreciate it!

  8. EvrenE says:

    Is it possible to add more locale and languages to this ROM or is it just strip of AT&T rom?

  9. Tae says:

    Does this rom keep the same features originally offered by the device such as smart stay, all the motion features, and the pop up video feature?

  10. Yuriy says:

    Hey Max, thanks for all the hard work. Just installed v0.3, video camera doesn’t work. Was wondering if anyone has the same problem ? Tried factory reset option, still video doesn’t work, camera does.

    • ralph says:

      hi i have same problem with video not working .. i see u fixed. can u explain how to fix ..does formating sd fix ? how do i do that? thank you

    • rallysquirrel says:

      I don’t have that problem. But I went into the ROM with a freshly formated SD card, cause cyanogenmod doesn’t recognize the SD cards. (says bad SD card)

  11. Yuriy says:

    Never mind, formatted the SD card and no more problems ! Thank you !

    • ralph says:

      never mind. sorry for bothering ya but formating sd fixed issue.. thank u

    • Carlos says:

      how do you guys fix your camera, I have a 64 gb class 10 card but when I open the camera it asks if I wanna change to sd, tried letting change storage and not letting it but I get the same result. A black screen. I tried formatting the external sd on the phone and after it fginished it show both internel and external as same size 59 gb. Rebooted and went back to normal. Then I tried formatting on pc by plugging phone in and formatting “Phone” and “card .” but has not fixed camera.I have also tried formatting sd card in my usb adapter as exfat.

      • Carlos says:

        After doing some research I have found out this is a common problem on s3 when using custom roms, it seems to be a problem with the camera firmware. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2006128
        this site on xda shows you how to update, so I did an it seemed to work, but only for the first run of the camera on the second run it reverts back to the same problem(black screen.) This is so frustrating ,never had these problems on s1, s2.

        • Carlos says:

          OK guys this is the last update:

          I finally got it figured out. What I did was instal a 4.0.4 stock rooted root66 rom,
          I checked camera firmware by dialling *#34971539# and chose Phone/CAM FW Ver Check
          it output
          cam fw ver:ZDFI02
          PHONE FW VER:ZDFE02

          I went to the xda site above and downloaded the zdfe02 fw extracted and place slimisp.bin in root of sdcard.

          then choose Phone to CAM FW Write (Rear)
          it will start flashing. restart.
          install custom recovery , do a wipe and install high on android rom, check camera , working fine. Awesome Rom love it now, took some time to get camera working but it was worth it.

  12. jay says:

    whats up max so far v3 is great battery life is ok not like the stock rom yet but closer for the next ver can u make is so when you have a contact open u can swipe to the next instead of backing out of it and also is there a way to make it so the light sensor puts the phone in sleep mode if covered i get the oem samsung cover flip thing and its really annoying that i have to push the power button before i close it thanks and keep up the good work

  13. LoïcB says:

    Hi, could you give a torrent link please ?
    It’s impossible to download your ROM from downloadandroidrom.com, timeout problem (The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.)

  14. rallysquirrel says:

    I noticed that with the v. 0.3
    I have a (1) next to Messaging. I read the SMS and go back to home screen.
    I still have a number next to Messaging even though I have no unread messages.

    • rallysquirrel says:

      I just locked the phone and unlocked again. No change.
      Unlocked 2nd time. Under task manager I “Remove all” and go to Task Manager and under RAM do a “Clear Memory” and lock again. When i unlock now the messages show up correctly.

  15. Michael says:


    Not sure if this is related, but now my AllShare does not work. When I try to launch, I get:

    “Unable to fetch the Samsung Account authentication information. Try again after a moment”

    I only ask because other users have similar problems when flashing custom ROMS. (Based on Google Searches)

  16. 3tru says:

    Still having a signature problem, any ideas?


  17. ralph says:

    im still haveing trouble with camera / video when i switch storage to phone veideo dosent work when switch to memory card vedio wont play .yes i reformated sd card. any suggestions anybody…i no i can pull sd on boot and it will go back to regular and i dont really want to delete app2sd. some help please thanks

  18. Ryan says:

    Hey when I double press home s voice does not open Google dialer does how do I fix that ?

  19. OJ says:

    Same for me and the 4G sign does’t appears anymore just H+.
    Any fix for it?

    • Brandon says:

      If you are having issues with no LTE (3G/H+ symbol only) – chances are you are currently on the wrong data plan. I was experiencing the same problem so I called my service provider, Rogers, and they still had me on a 3G data plan. Once they corrected the issue I constantly have 4G LTE. I read about this on the xda forum but I cannot find the post again.

  20. Brandon says:

    Love this rom. High quality – runs super smooth.

    My suggestion: Add driving mode widget to the quick panel.

    Thanks for providing such a great rom and all the support that comes with it.

  21. salvador perez says:

    Hi, Max, im having a litlle of a trouble, when I try to use the hotspot, is asking for
    a password or key, what is up with that, at first that was no happing, thank you

  22. salvador perez says:

    sorry Max, I already find what was the problem, in fact was not a really problem, I just need to change the password, anyway thank you great job, I hope I could see very soon v.04, peace…

  23. Zack says:

    Thanks love this Rom. I was wondering for future updates will I still have to wipe anything when I update.

    Thanks for your hard work. I I really respect you

  24. ralph says:

    ok i have a super noob question .. bare with me my friends im am brand new to all this rooting and flashing of roms.just want to make sure i understand with the hack app2sd it is now meaning that extsd card is now my phone memory and sd card is now my card memory right? also with back ups do i need to have back ups stored on phone or can they all be moved to my sdcard witch is now my extsdcard and then can i delete them off my phone memory? .. i get confussed as hell with this specially because even tho it is switched it dosent switch the title of sdcard and extcard or does it pluss having a 16G phone and a 16G card and haveing both used almost the same amount of space.haveing A.D.D. dosent help either.. lmfao please let me now if im making scence of this… sorry for the stupid questions trying to learn… thanks

  25. zack says:

    Can you please add wallpaper scrolling and something like awsome beats in future updates. Thanks, Great Rom!!!

  26. pinky says:

    Hey this from gets my phone really hot why is that???

  27. Dmitry says:

    Is there any chance to get russian languge in your ROMs like we have in the kyanROM? Thank you.

  28. ralph says:

    keep getting a error message witch says unfortunately,the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped just with stock browser.i then click ok and everthing works but will keep getting that error message while browseing ..can anyone help with this please.. thanks

  29. Eric says:

    Is App2SD run on startup or can that be made as an option? But anyways 2 days of battery life is amazing! Nice work!

  30. Derek H says:

    Max. Loving this ROM! One issue I am having is my phone keeps switching back to auto dimming even when I turn it off. When I actually go into the settings, the checkmark is gone, but through the notification, I have to keep turning auto off. Any ideas?

  31. Dan J says:

    Sorry for asking a noob question but do you get free wifi tethering using this rom? I’m currently using AT&T as service provider. Thanks for your help in advance!

  32. Jay says:

    how can i enable 4g on tmobile with this phone just like the galaxy note?? please Help

  33. Frank says:

    First off great ROM!!

    Can you tell me where I can change the mapping of the double home button action from Google Voice Dialer to Google Now?

    I can not locate Google Voice Dialer.


  34. Ralph says:

    What kernal works well with this rom beside stock?

  35. Gabe says:

    Hey max thank you for everything.

    A couple questions . I can’t seem to get Google wallet to work do you have a side load for that? Also when I try to install v 3 of ur ROM I keep getting an error. Do I need to load another version first?

    Thank you


  36. Eric says:

    Again. Thanks for the great rom! Saved me this weekend! pic related. http://i.imgur.com/cKzyK.png

  37. PiNkY says:

    Hey Max when are u going to put up JB RoM For This phone ?? and also the new video u put up has a black case for ur phone what case is it i want it ??

    • Steve H says:

      Hey max I would love a reply to this question I have been dying to flash something different to my phone there’s like a total of 2 roms for the I747 model.

  38. salvador perez says:

    Hi, Max. you are doing a wonderful job, thank you.
    I wonder, when you going to have ready v.04,

    thank you

  39. The'Architect says:

    I have done the update just two things I have noticed. The Application Manager doesn’t work anymore and ‘Copy/Paste’ feature doesn’t work on any of the apps. I have removed and remounted the ROM many times but it wasn’t a loading issue, I think it might be within the software. Last issue I’ve noticed going from 0.2 –> 0.3 is my picasa photos don’t load anymore but this might be a syncing issue, I’m still working to see if its simply ROM or syncing issue.

    How do I accelerate the hardware using this ROM? Haven’t found it yet but haven’t really searched around for it.
    Thanks for the ROM!

  40. Mike says:

    I had horrible battery life with this rom. Maybe I did something wrong? Battery couldn’t even last 8 hours and I was down to 10%. Flashed back to stock today and im still at 69% and I had a 3 hour long phone call. Any ideas?


  41. Stewart says:

    I’m having trouble flashing v0.3. I tried skipping straight to 0.3 without going through 0.1 and 0.2 first, but the installation was aborted. So then, I flashed 0.1…success, then 0.2…success, then 0.3 (fingers crossed)…nope.I’ve tried going through ROM Manager and just using CWM, but I keep hitting the same wall. Once it gets to the CWM Recovery screen, this is what I get:

    Installing: /sdcard/Download/HighOnAndroidROM_SGH-i747_v0.3.zip
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    E: Can’t open /sdcard/Download/HighOnAndroidROM_SGH-i747_v0.3.zip
    Installation aborted.
    /tmp/recovery.log was copied to /sdcard/clockworkmod/recovery.log. Please open ROM Manager to report the issue.

    PLEASE HELP! I’m anxious to check out this new version. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for all that you do!!

  42. Mark says:

    Anyone having an issue with the lock toggle, it works intermittently …

  43. Michael says:

    My area just got 4G LTE, but with this ROM, how will I know when I am on it? The icons are different than stock. Is there a legend available I can look at?

    • Freddy says:

      On mine it says 4G LTE and just 4G on a 4G only area, didn’t really have to do anything from going between a LTE area to a regular 4G area.

  44. Jay says:

    What’s up max when I use this Rom I can’t watch Netflix on 4g only WiFi I looked in the toggle and WiFi only for Netflix is not checked any ideas and also the Rom shows 3g or h never 4g

  45. Melgar says:

    Hey Max, Awesome ROM I have flashed just about all of them onto my SGH i747 Canadian version,and your v0-3 is the best to date, the SD hack is wicked! I’m having one issue with the ROM if you can be look at it would be outstanding.The issue is: i can’t do a back up/nandroid of this Rom not sure why? Tried a bunch of things but cant find a fix. If you have or find the time perhaps you could check it out.
    Thanks for all your great work we appreciate it.

  46. David says:

    What is the password for connecting to the hotspot/tether. Its asking for a password when I try to connect via my laptop and Im not sure what is/where I could go to reset it to something i know. Thanks

  47. Michael says:

    Just noticed Copy/Paste not working. I noticed only one other comment, but no resolution. Is there a fix? Thanks!

  48. Michael S. says:

    Really enjoy the rom. Only having 1 issue. Everytime I try to enter download mode from the extended menu it freezes up and resets. Any idea on a fix?

  49. Poc says:

    Just installed the ROM and used it for a day. Nice work, i like the interface and notification options. I side loaded google wallet but it does work. Any ideas? S3 i747. Thanx in advance

  50. Ralph says:

    Hey max. What do we do Bout the new att ota that’s being pushed im running your version 3. Are u gunna have a update for us. galaxy s3 1747. Thanks

  51. Freddy says:

    First off, Great Rom. This is my first Android phone(ditch the iPhone) and I just downloaded this ROM and I personally prefer ICS over the current Jelly Roms out there at the moment for the S3. However, I am having one issue with the ROM. For some reason when I go into Settings > Battery, is telling me that I only have 5m 9S remaining @ 98%. The screen is taking 78%, Android OS 12%, Android System, 8%. And this is with the brightness set on low(all the way). I’m not really seeing the battery percentage go down, so I was wondering if this was some kind of Bug. I’m on a kernel that I obtained from the paranoid android tutorial(since i was originally going for this one, but after the install I didn’t like it the look of it). Should I change back into a stock kernel or a similar kernel for ICS builds?

  52. salvador perez says:

    hey Max , Im veery impacient waitting for the nest upgrade, how long is going to take, this ROM is the best, thank you and good work

  53. Eric says:

    Surprisingly, I don’t think this should be a “ROM for noobs,” but more so a ROM with extremely long battery life. I am suggesting to continue the HighOnAndroid ROM, but save the ROM without anything added and call it the LB version, Longest Battery ROM. I could easily prefer a stripped down jelly bean over any CM or prettier ones out there. Keep up the great work! And thanks!

  54. Noah says:

    First off, thanks for the great ROM! So, as of last night I have a notification for an at&t update in my notification bar that I have to keep postponing because I’m unsure whether it is safe to update or not. Should I update or will this mess with the ROM I’m running? I’m on v3. If I should avoid updating, is there a way to get the notification to quit pestering me? Thanks Again!

    • Max says:

      You can try updating (although it wont) to get rid of the message. Won’t affect the ROM since it will not be able to update, but will get rid of message.

      • Noah says:

        Thanks Max! I ended up forcing the AT&T update app to stop, which worked. I’m guessing it will restart again though at reboot, at which point I’ll let it try and update.

  55. Adam says:

    This is a great Rom, and this might be an odd question but i was wandering if it is possible to slow down the boot time so i can watch the entire boot animation you put on their. my phone always finishes booting up right before the apple gets destroyed and that part of the animation just makes me happy.

  56. Derek H. says:

    I just received an OTA notification on my At&t gs3 today. Can I run this update without a problem on this ROM? If not, is there anything I can do to get rid of it?

  57. russ says:

    When I try and back up the ROM using cwm it goes through the steps even asks to rename the ROM. After that is complete I go to manage backups and nothing shows up. I tried checking the use external storage in settings, buy it is greyed out where I can’t select it.

  58. Bankanidhi Sahoo says:

    The server is so slow. Fails repeatably. Frustrated downloading the rom. Need to move to a better mirror.

  59. Ralph says:

    Max how will we install the update to jb ota.? Will we be able to run the update? Sammy has confirmed jb t att s3 1747 in October along with others

  60. The'Architect says:

    I like everything about the ROM but there are simple things that could make it better. Make the toggles at the top screen customizable… Cause if they were smaller I could fit them all in without having to swipe to the right and I could put driving mode back in. I used to use Driving Mode with my original manufacture ROM cause in Canada we can’t be on our phones while driving. Going through
    1) settings
    2) Language and Input
    3) Text-to-Speech output
    4) Driving mode
    takes far to long… especially when quickly jumping into the car on the way to work etc.

    Hope to see a ROM v0.4 soon.

  61. moshe says:

    i can’t sinc google acount why is that?
    contacts specialy

  62. Ralph says:

    I’ve been running this Rom since day one but it seems that there is no more updates now for along time. I thought that there would of been a updates soon after AT&T pushed there last ota witch It won’t work.I’ve asked awhile ago if we would get a update to the new build and the answer was yes but never happened so I’m still a update behind with AT&T.can anybody tell me how to get updated ? Do I have to return to stock before I can get it.

  63. Tesfahun says:

    Hi Max,
    The v.03 had some bugs:
    1, I can edit the APN (for IL brand).
    2. Call settings are missing.
    3. Can’t watch video when i use data usage (IL brand).

  64. Salim says:

    Hi Max thx for all the great support you’r bringing to the android community!
    i had an issue with this rom my phone just get stuck on the boot animation and go through it ! i have the Canadian S3 with Bell my phone is rooted and jelly beaned too. wiped the cache and the dalvik but nothing changed.
    What can i do to pass the animation and start using the phone?
    Thank you.

  65. Karan says:

    Hi Max,

    I have the v0.3 Rom on my rooted ATT Galaxy S3. Now I want to install Stock Jelly bean Rom but without removing my Data and doing a Full wipe, like the OTA does. Is there any way to do that?

    Also, I have the Software Update pop up and it want me to install JB OTA over my rooted phone. Would I be able to do that.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in Advanced.

  66. michael says:

    can i use the mhl adapter with this rom

  67. Hassan says:

    Would you please give me a solution for my app2sd problem for my galaxy S3 i9300 (international version). Anything please (ROM, Script …etc.).

  68. ronald says:

    ayudaaaaaaaaaaaaa need to put my phone in Spanish’m from Ecuador my phone is rogers uni747m …….

  69. Cristian says:

    My 4g isnt working with v0.1

  70. ramses j says:


  71. angelo says:

    I install ur rom on my i747 runing 4.1.1 it taking longer than before id install brfore on the icecream sandwish rom is ur rom not compatible with jellybean yes it root please help

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