Jedi Invasion ROM for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747!

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Based on latest UVDLJA T-Mobile Jelly Bean, the Jedi Invasion ROM brings you the best of bloatware-free TouchWiz Jelly Bean experience.

This ROM is really for those of you looking for a simple ROM with minimal stock apps, resulting in faster overall performance and better battery life.

Notable features include network speed/performance/battery tweaks, Awesome Beats app for audiophiles, Bravia Engine for faster UI, 15 toggles, and 5×5 TouchWiz launcher.

Give it a try this week and let me know what you think of Jedi Invasion ROM!

And also you can follow developer of Jedi Invasion ROM @ptmr3 on Twitter.


Download Jedi Invasion ROM

Credits – XDA

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38 Responses

  1. james Freeman says:

    Does this ROM have all of the Samsung share apps

  2. vash543 says:

    The rom is OK so far but in the top left corner it say my simcard is invalid it makes calls fine the contacts will not load & crashes so I think I will put my old ROM back on

  3. joe g says:

    Rom is working well.
    No problems.
    Can I flash gapps 2 on this rom

  4. Hammy says:

    Like this rom so far but had the same issue pkim was having with contacts crashing. installed dw contacts and having no issues with that.

  5. Salman Khan says:

    Is anyone else experiencing a battery drain and phone heating up issue?

  6. Charles Petrocelli says:

    I need some help please. I have a AT&T S3 and want to root it but I am nervous on doing myself. I have little computer skills and I am using a Macbook pro. Can someone help me as to rooting my S3 and which is the best ROM for it. Thanks

  7. Tyler says:

    This rom is awesome. Very fast and smooth and the battery life doubled. Any problems make sure to do a full wipe and to format system and dalivik

  8. dan says:

    works great! thanks !!

  9. Chris says:

    NFC and S-Beam does not work, can someone help me with that? Please.

  10. wilfredo pagan says:

    i know this is not the place… but
    i unrooted my phone and is not working
    it says
    adroid.process.acore has stoped.
    i tried a few more times i odin but it still the same
    what can i do?
    please let me know!!!!

    • Barrett Grubb says:

      You need to go download the stock img. File for your phone and use Odin to go back to stock, this will fix your phone, that’s not that big of problem, at least its not bricked, but first I would try rebooting into recovery mode and doing a full wipe
      1.wipe data factory reset
      2.wipe cache
      3.advanced/wipe dalvik cache
      4.mounts and storage/ format data
      If this don’t work you need to Odin back to stock as I mentioned above

  11. Barrett Grubb says:

    This is the best touchwiz ROM I’ve ever seen, I just hate touch wiz its way to big and bloated down which makes it so much slower but for those of you who are used to it and want a ROM that’s opened up but still familiar then I think this is the best you will find

  12. Barrett Grubb says:

    For me though I’m sticking with my devs ROM especially since he just put out an already stable 4.2 ROM and as soon as the camera issue gets worked out we’ll have a fully stable 4.2 ROM and the first I’ve seen for the Galaxy S3 plus the best 4.1.2 ROM already, heres the link y’all really need to check it out!

  13. cesar says:

    alguien escribe al español??

  14. Matthew says:

    When start it it says T mobile. Is this something i should be worried about ?

  15. Abdel says:

    soo theres no mms or data since its t-mobile right?

  16. JDUB22 says:

    My SMS keep getting delete every day or so… Any idea whats happening?

  17. Kyle says:

    Is the 5×5 homescreen optional? I like the way the rom looks but i dont want the 5×5 homescreen

  18. Atiq says:

    Hey … I just installed this rom..i like it very much but contacts isint working.. every time i open it the scree goes dark n its crashing… what do i do..?

  19. Atiq says:

    Well…. i solved the problem.. just go to the dialer and save a new contact n then go to contacts directly from dialer… after this u can access the dialer from anywhere…

  20. Alex says:

    I’m on rogers… not sure if that matters but anyway it says 4G but when i go into the status part it says LTE… am I actually on LTE?

  21. andy says:

    How do I remove the mobile hotpost apk? When I use with ATT I get a warning text from ATT, whereas, using FoxFi I get no such warning.

    Also is it possible to put the samsung file explorer on? If so, how?

    Thanks in advanced for your help!

  22. Jim says:

    installed and I can not see or use my sd card. It will not mount

  23. Steven Lazaro says:

    Do we lose LTE?

  24. nate says:

    I like this Rom a lot! So far seems to meet ask my needs for s touch wiz rom, not too lagy, great sound, and stable.

  25. Luis says:

    This rom is installed using odin?

  26. johnny nguyen says:

    Having trouble with the gps can not lock on locate

    And contacts keep on force closing

    Sd card will not mount

  27. huy says:

    Which zip do I download rebuild, 5port or, i747

  28. Full_Metal_Jacket says:

    I wish this came with a wifi tether hack 🙁

  29. Planetary P says:

    I can only speak for ATT i747 – In my opinion this is by far the best rom out . I’ve tried them all and this is the most reliable and fastest rom I’ve used.

    Having GPS issues then do this… Upgrade your CMW to the latest version (, then in this order: clear cache(3x) and delvik (3x), factory reset (3x), reinstall rom and download faster gps app (run app) from the play store — that should work.

    Contacts: this issue resolves itself after a few battery pulls , weird.

  30. Abdallah says:

    pls i flash the rom,but my phone is not booting it gets stuck at the samsung logo. so pls wat do i do??

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