Kyan ROM for Rooted AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747!

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I’ve tried every custom ROM on XDA Forums this week and have to tell you a lot of them heat up your phone, even when your phone is off. Well, I’ve found one ROM I am sticking with for now, the Kyan ROM for your AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747.

The Kyan ROM is very simply, minimalist ROM with bloatware removed and seems to be working fairly well on my AT&T Galaxy S3. This could be a great ROM for those of you who want a lightweight ROM without all the bloatware. Plus, battery life seems to have improved a bit so try this ROM and let me know what you think!


Download Kyan ROM

Credits – XDA

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106 Responses

  1. Steve H says:

    Gunna back up and install now I’ll let you know asap.

  2. Steve H says:

    Hey installed and seems to be working flawless. Quick question Max do I lose my LTE with this rom?

  3. Hockeytown says:

    I’m brand new at this and I am looking at making my first attempt at changing the ROM on my new phone. My phone is an SGH-I747M on the Canadian Rogers network. Is this ROM compatible? Am I safe to give it a try?

    • Kris says:

      I have the exact phone model as you, and I’m glad to say that it works perfectly with the Rogers sgh-1747M model. Great, smooth rom. I recommend it,especially as a new user. All that annoying Rogers bloatware will be GONE 🙂

      • Hockeytown says:

        I found a nice step by step page on this site showing how to root your phone. Can someone link me to a similar page instruction how to change the ROM? I can’t seem to find one if it exists

        • Steve H says:

 this will have everything you need to know about rooting, backing up, and installing custom roms… thanks again Max for all your hard work.

    • PiNkY says:

      yes u are i have done it already and works way better then rogers rom and also i put the over clock on it to and way faster

  4. Steve H says:

    At&t I747 roms should be compatible with all I747M models. I’m on the telus model.

    • Steve H says:

      This Rom Works amazing. Battery life is good so far. Very smooth. Battery doesn’t run to hot. Lte and H+ are working perfect I will continue checking features and letting everyone know.

    • Terry says:

      Bell I747M. Soft bricked the phone twice using this rom.
      USB jig saved me again.
      Am downloading the file again in case original was corrupted.

  5. Kris says:

    Hey Max, got a question.
    What’s the best setcpu setup to run with Kyan rom, in terms of battery life?

  6. kyan says:

    Hello guys! kyan here ^_^

    First of all, thank you Max for the nice review on kyanROM! I hope you all enjoy it- I definitely try to update it whenever I can to get the best possible experience on your Galaxy S 3!

    Things to note:
    For Canadian carrier users, LTE/H+ toggle DOES work. For AT&T users, toggle does not work, it is automatically set to auto, most likely due to our modem.

    I’ll try to stop by here whenever I can, again thank you guys for your support!

    • rfb813 says:

      Since your Base is a Canadian Stock ROM would there be any items/apps which would not work on the ATT version of the S3?

      • kyan says:

        not to my knowledge. all apps i have used so far worked flawlessly. next release will include google wallet 🙂

        • submachine0 says:

          from my understanding, it’s at&t’s wish to keep LTE ON or Auto. something about bandwidth management and user experience – and there’s an article i read somewhere about why that doesn’t even work as a tactic. it’s very difficult or sometimes altogether impossible to allow LTE toggle on at&t. although, some manufacturers leave the “switch” coded somewhere in the phone, just disabled for at&t at their request. i think the S2 has some star-codes you can input to get you to a modem-selection and disabling menu, but that’s well hidden and cumbersome. anyway, yeah, wouldn’t kill myself over not getting that toggle working.

          oh and sweet ROM. thank you much. i held out all this time until i found something that didn’t have bugs in necessary things like camera/etc, and this is definitely it.

    • Max says:

      Nice to see u bud keep up the good work! Typing this on ur rom. My 4g lte works fine.

    • Terry says:

      Kyan or anybody

      Any reason why the rom doesn’t run on my Bell I747M after 3 successful installations?
      Caches cleared and factory resets each time.

    • Terry says:

      Why does my phone come up as a Samsung Nexus with this rom?

    • John says:

      Love the ROM. There’s one problem and I cannot seem to find others with the same issues, but the only problem I have with this is the GPS. My carrier is Sprint and I’ve got the L710VPLG2 model. I figured it could have been the NTP server which your Rom is set to use and I’ve changed that to because my old EVO works great off of that, but unfortunately, that didn’t change. I’ve used (google) navigation and TeleNav GPS and both will still say ‘weak gps’ or ‘searching for gps’. So it cannot be an app problem nor a server problem. I’m thinking a driver problem instead. Any thoughts?

    • Paul says:

      I have a question on this one. I’m on KyanROM 1.26, and my phone won’t connect to the At&t LTE network. When I scan for available networks it shows Maritime and AT&T, but when I try to connect to AT&T, it says “Registering on AT&T” for a while, and then I get a “Unable to connect. Try later” error message. With mobile data on I have an “H” with a “+” directly underneath it next to the signal strength bar. If I manually connect to Maritime network it jumps right on it with data though.

      Is this normal behavior?

  7. PiNkY says:

    Hey did u not say that battery life is better on this rom because i find it kills the battery more then the rogers rom !!!

  8. NTFE says:

    Hey Max, i flashed this Rom, and i can’t connect my phone with the Kias, it said unsupport device / unknow device, but by the way, this Rom works good, i love it, i just can’t get back my addressbook, because i got my addressbook backup from the Kias.

    • Justin says:

      Hey, any non stock ROM will no longer connect to Kies via usb but you should be able to do most things with Kies air, hopefully you can still sync your calendar via wifi, good luck man.

      • NTFE says:

        Can’t sync with the Kies air, I mean Kies air doesn’t support the calendar sync function.

        • Justin says:

          You may be out of luck, I have started using gmail for calendar functions and have checked some other apps out to avoid being stuck with Kies again.

    • PiNkY says:

      yup i would just use gmail man its the best all my stuff is on there works better i found 😀

  9. Exovedate says:

    Hey Max, I’m curious; does the rom you’re recommending still come with all the Galaxy S3’s cool features? You know, motion stuff, S voice, smart stay etc.

    Thanks for your hard work, I really appreciate the root guide you made (very clear/simple) I’m a blogger myself, and it’s great to see how good you are with responding to everybody, whereas a lot of people just ignore questions, and comments. Keep up the good work!

  10. TK says:

    Is this better or AOKP?

  11. Kipp says:

    Your ROOT instructions are excellent and I am fully rooted, original ROM backed up and have backed up apps and SMS. Thanks!

    I have downloaded the Kyan ROM a few times now and I cannot copy it to my sd card or the internal memory? I am copying and pasting the actual zip file. It always errors out. Any ideas?

    • Kipp says:

      PS: I am in AT&T and have an S3 i747.

      • Kipp says:

        UPDATE: Thinking outside the box a bit, I got it to work. After multiple attempts to copy the ROM to my phone via a PC, I decided to cope the ROM onto my MAC and viola……first time no problem? Installed and working great so far but it has only been a couple of hours.

        One thing I do notice is that the data symbol is H+ and not L or LTE. I got LTE at home and work and now it is H+. Can you elaborate on that a bit for me?

        Thanks a million for all your hard work. I will definitely support your work!

  12. Maurice says:

    How do I add back the stock browser?

  13. Terry says:

    Where can I find the s-planner apk?

  14. Jayson says:

    Ive been watching this thread for days now. From the comments I read, I think it’s time for me to install Kyan ROM. Ill keep you posted especially when I arise with inquiries. Thanks Kyan and Max for this. My phone is I747m from Virgin Mobile Canada but got it unlocked through unlock code.

  15. Darky says:

    For some reason when I install the my S Voice is removed from my phone almost like it never existed.. weird

  16. Jayson says:

    Hey guys, I just finished installing this ROM on my i747 Virgin Mobile S3 and the first error that I encounter is that there are some applications from Play Store that I can’t download (DF-BPA-09). I fixed it going to Settings>Application Manager>All>force stop and clear data on Google Play Store and Google Services Framework and reboot my S3 twice.

  17. Jayson says:

    One more thing, S voice is MIA. And how do I access Google wallet?

    • Justin says:

      Kyan tossed the files to re-download on his xda thread, Google wallet should be there already when you are done setting it up make sure to flash the new build.prop to get your lte back.

  18. Steve H says:

    I see all these other models of.the s3 getting jellybean roms when are we on the I747M gunna get a jellybean rom ??

  19. sam says:

    does it support korean.. i had ultimatum s3 and it was amazing.. only thing wrong.. it didnt support korean font

  20. Justin says:

    Hey Kyan its j.kelly been checking out your threads on XDA, haven’t posted enough to comment on your thread yet but have been thinking of the best resolution to this build.prop problem would be upon first boot up having a few options such as which build.prop you would like, ( also crossed my mind to some up the full black/ semi although it you make it a rather large download and I know you are trying to shave it down) just a though I had as I noticed a lot of people not reading your append file, I didn’t see the problem with the old way but either way let me know what you think! =)

    • Justin says:

      I was mainly thinking this would be beneficial as the build.prop could just be a text based change and can be done with the phone running, Hope this Idea works for you and it would also clear up the problems people are having with the append. Hopefully this n00b can be of some assistance to you lol.

      • kyan says:

        i appreciate your comments and suggestions, but it is incredibly difficult for me to understand your post! lol (your first reply is one sentence! ^^;;

        • Justin says:

          Sorry, On the initial boot after flashing the new Rom have the user select the option they would like ( Canadian or ATT build.prop), then have it write or re-write the build.prop before the initial boot

  21. Niegel says:

    I love this ROM. However, I’m wondering if there’s anyone that’s using this ROM with the app ONAVO. Prior to this, I’m using a stock AT&T ROM and Onavo works fine. After chnging my ROM to Kyan, I did install onavo but I am getting a VPN unvailable error. I tried searching on XDA but didn’t find any answer. Hope there’s a way to get Onavo to work.

  22. Mohamed says:

    Does it support Arabic. I need support for an Arabic keyboard.

  23. Gotnoypi says:

    Great ROM! Thanks for sharing! I was getting worried that SG3 is getting hot batteries but after installing the ROM, iit barely gets hot! Definitely loving this ROM… I’m curious though, since I got used to the swipe function of the stock samsung keyboard, is there a way to get that keyboard back as an option? Also I’m having the same issue with the Onavo stuff. VPN unavailable. Thanks! Wonderful Job!

  24. Sangouk Kang says:

    Hi Max. I could root my s3 and learn many things from U. thx. btw, when I flashed kyan, it seemed good, but I don know after I hit a button which is right one next to home button 3times. I cant unlock the screen. wow! I was messed up,but fortunately, I went back to previous version(rooted and stock rom) by rom manager. Hopefully I am doing good…

    I just wanted to tell you kyan has error at this point.

  25. paul says:

    Perfect man. Most of the devices in my house are android. With the exception of the Xbox and my computers. I have to say that this is hands down the cleanest and most polished android from I’ve ever seen.

    At 1.21 it was great, then I flashed 1.26 over that (no wipe or cache clearing) and am thrilled with the responsiveness, battery life, ota update, and Google wallet.

    And thanks for saving me from the asinine Samsung keyboard too!

  26. Tom says:

    Got this rom on the ATT version and using it with Singtel in Singapore. Greatest ROM that is so lite it’s amazing. No issues to report and battery life is better then stock. No bloatware to the point that i thought some core apps are missing ( like calendar ) but got what i needed on the google app store.
    Great job on a ROM to make this phone what’s ment to be.

  27. Dee says:

    Does this ROM has google now? Does it work ?

  28. Felix says:

    My phone is put my ATT i747 1.26 and the kies does not work, let me know if is normal or if there is no way to fix it.

    Thanks for your help Kyan

  29. Stephen says:

    Is Gapps required with this ROM?

  30. Sam says:

    Hi Max i have been using this rom and i absolutely love it especially with Apex launcher pro. I get great battery life and like everything you said. I did have one question.. Don’t mean to not give kyan credit but i wanted to remove the Kyran Rom from the status drop down menu is that possible? Please let me know how i can do it it throws me off everytime and makes my rom look so boot leg 😉 thank you max love your videos you taught me everything about rooting 🙂

    • Sam says:

      Sorry if i didn’t specify i was talking about the blue text that I wanted to remove on the status toggle menu at the bottom of the drop down menu “kyanRom”

  31. paul says:

    I definitely think people reading this should check out kyans development thread.

    I couldn’t get lte working on kyanrom on my phone, but I did use kyanappend to get Google wallet on my stock Rom. Then I used root uninstaller to strip Samsung bloat and installed the kt747 kernel.

    Doesn’t have the polish of kyan, but it makes a nice daily driver while I try to get his Rom going on my phone.

    • sam says:

      Hi Paul, I really appreciate your help and your feed back. I have checked out Ryan’s thread and looked how to unpolish and it looked like people got offended from that question in that thread. As if I am stealing..the from, “taking off the mercedes logo of the car” thanks for your time.

  32. paul says:

    Oh, sorry didn’t mean it to be interpreted that way. I don’t have a problem with his logo, he put a lot into this and we’re not paying for it. I was actually just posting for the main thread, that you can still benefit from his good work even if you can’t get the Rom to work on your specific hardware.

  33. Felix says:

    My phone is put my ATT i747 1.26 and the kies does not work, let me know if is normal or if there is no way to fix it.??
    Thanks for your help Kyan

  34. sam says:

    Oh ok sounds good Paul, kyans rom is the only rom I’ve fell in love with since day one of my rooting experiences. I wouldn’t change a thing about it , its working perfectly on my s3. Just thought there was a way I can go into the settings and simply remove that kyanRom on the status bar. If not I still love it no matter what! thanks paul 🙂

  35. russell smith says:

    Hey guys I want to try this from but need to know if service mode works since my s3 is one of the few that the wifi is unstable even on stock from to check just enter into the dialer *#0011# and it should automaticle take u to service mode where u can turn wifi power save mode off by pressing the setting button on the bottom left of ur phone and picking wifi on the menu that pops up and turning off wifi power save mode.

  36. Terry says:

    Bell Canada…connection problemor invalid MMI code is what I get.

  37. Michael B says:

    Hey guys, I just got the kyan rom and it works perfectly, but when I go to download the hulu plus app it says it is unavailable for my device even though I had it downloaded with the original samsung rom and another rom. Any suggestions?

  38. Brock says:

    i cant download anything from the play store, after running this ROM and recovering back to the stock!!! what do i do? HELP!!! also i did clear both cache’s!

  39. Spencer says:

    I installed this ROM last night…everything seems to be working fine except that now my computer won’t recognize my phone when it is connected to it. I have tried on both a PC and a Mac. It worked before with the AT&T stock ROM. I don’t know if there is something I may need to change or if it is a known problem. Any help would be great.


  40. Pflip says:

    Yo Max/Kyan/Anybody with keen input– I have the KyanRom 1.28 mod with the KT747 kernel. I have SetCPU and I’m trying to get the settings right to get rightous performance, but at the same time, (more so) excellent battery life. Here are my settings now (I have Juice Defender on too):

    Screen off – cpu 594-192 – governer interactive
    Charging any – cpu 1458-1458 – governer performance
    Battery <= 20% – cpu 486-384 – governer interactive
    Battery = 50% – cpu 1512-486 – governer interactive
    Screen on – cpu 1512-486 – governer interactive

    Voltages from 1890-192 are:

    Governer for interactive (changes on reboot often):
    hispeed freq-1512000
    go hispeed load-90
    above hispeed delay (don’t know what this is)-20000
    min sample time-10000
    timer rate-40000
    input boost-0
    boostpulse- -1

    Your input is much appreciated and respected. I think I’m undervolting a little too much since apps will crash on me from time to time, but not low enough to get into a boot cycle. So again, I’m looking for input on ideal settings for Ferrari 458 Italia performance, but more so, excellent battery life. Let me know if you need more detail.

    Thanks in advance,

  41. Pflip says:

    Yo– Amendment to first post:

    battery =50%- cpu 1512-486 interactive

    Thanks again,

  42. bleu90 says:

    I have just moved from ios to andriod and i have s3 with rogers so was wondering will this rom work on my rogers s3?
    Looking forward for a reply.

  43. Gordie says:

    I kieep trying to install the zip file and everything it aborts.
    Says it cant open file on sdcard.
    What do I do?

  44. Ryan says:

    Hey Max,
    I reallllyyyy love this ROM. Completely flawless, the only problem I’m noticing is that when I’m messing around with my settings, it often force closes with the message, “Unfortunately settings has stopped”. Any suggestions on that? I appreciate all your work as well!

    • Marsel says:

      It shouldn’t be doing that I was running the ROM for weeks stable so whatever issues your having may be from a bad flash. Did you Wipe Data, Cache, and dalvik cache? If you missed one it can cause force closing issues so try wiping again or fixing permissions if you’ve already wiped everything properly.

  45. ismael says:

    does it your with koodo carriere

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