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Xperian Ze ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Xperia Z]

Want a fresh restart for your international Galaxy S3 GT-i9300? Well, check out Xperian Ze ROM which practically turns your Galaxy S3 into an Xperia Z phone.

Armed with a German TouchWiz base, the Xperian Ze brings you the best of Samsung features like multi-window, smart-stay/rotation while giving you the full Xperia Z launcher along with Xperia Z widgets, apps, and more.


JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S3! [CM10.1/PA/AOKP]

For this week’s ROM of the week, check out JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S3. Based on latest Android 4.2.2, JellyBAM ROM brings the best of Jelly Bean ROMs, specifically a mix of 3 ROMs, CM10.1, ParanoidAndroid, and AOKP.

With the latest JellyBAM ROM, you will get full CyanogenMod Settings, ParanoidAndroid Phone/Phablet/Tablet hybrid settings, and even AOKP ROM Control.


Android 4.2.2 + Root for Galaxy S3! [All Variants][LiquidSmooth ROM]

Google released Android 4.2.2 couple days ago and if you want to get Android 4.2.2 on your Galaxy S3, you can now by installing the latest LiquidSmooth ROM v2.1 RC1, which comes with full Android 4.2.2, UI customizations, and a ton more.

Android 4.2.2 adds a ton of stability and speed over previous versions so you can expect faster performance while getting better battery life.


Codec ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300!

For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Codec ROM for your rooted Galaxy S3 GT-i9300!

According to the developer of this ROM, Codec ROM is an “AOSP/Samsung hybrid” ROM. Well, I have to agree and also it’s one of the best ROMs I’ve run on my Galaxy S3 GT-i9300.


RootBox ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon/GT-i9300]

For those of you looking for an AOKP Android 4.2.1 ROM with Per-app DPI settings (ParanoidAndroid Phone/Tablet Mode for apps), try the latest RootBox ROM which is available for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and international GT-i9300 variants.

Inside RootBox ROM you will find a full-blown AOKP Android 4.2.1 ROM with ROM Control settings and DPI/Tablet settings for all of your apps.


FoxHound ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Version 2.0]

Ever since the days of FoxHound on the original Galaxy S2, I’ve been hooked on FoxHound ROM, mainly because the level of customization offered by this ROM.

Of course, the latest version 2.0 does not disappoint, comes with the latest and best features and also more stable/faster than ever.


NightStorm ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Themed]

For this week’s ROM of the week on the Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, check out the NightStorm ROM. This ROM comes with an option to install theme (see video to see what the theme looks like) by simply installing the theme zip file after installing base ROM.

Notable features on this ROM include in-call recording, 23 toggles, transparent notification pull-down menus, DSP Manager, hold menu key to kill current app, home key torch in lockscreen, multi-window control app, and some more.


LiquidSmooth ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon/Cricket/MetroPCS/USCellular]

Looking for a good Android 4.2.1 ROM for your U.S./Canadian Galaxy S3?

Well, LiquidSmooth Team has released their Android 4.2.1 version of LiquidSmooth ROM, available for all U.S. Galaxy S3 variants including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Cricket, MetroPCS, and US Cellular. Also you can install for Canadian Galaxy S3s. (If your model number begins with SGH-I747, install the AT&T version, if it starts with SGH-T999, install the T-Mobile version.)


Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Android 4.2.1][Multi-User][Version 3.1.4]

For those of you who want to experience “pure” Google OS with a “ton” of UI customization, overclocking, and more, check out the Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM for your international Galaxy S3 GT-i9300.

A fine mix of CM10, AOKP, and cool features like flawless Android 4.2 Photo Sphere camera and Android 4.2 GMail app, Resurrection Remix is a great Jelly Bean ROM that gives you the best of many worlds.