Galaxy S3 Batteries!

Just got your Galaxy S3? Whether you have a Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 or any of the U.S. variants, you will certainly want to consider having some extra Galaxy S3 batteries in handy so you can go longer than a day. Actually, there’s a really good deal on Galaxy S3 batteries. These are Hyperion Galaxy S3 batteries, comes in 2200mAh capacity at 3.7VDC (while the stock Samsung battery is rated for 2100mAh capacity at 3.8VDC).

The whole kit is about $20 and comes with TWO batteries and a charger. The universal charger it comes with also is capable of charging other Android devices.

Based on testing, these batteries last just as long as stock Samsung batteries so at $20, you won’t see a better deal. Of course, one drawback is that these batteries don’t support NFC but heck, that shouldn’t be deal breaker for most of us as we can always use the stock Samsung battery if NFC is needed. For most day-to-day applications, having extra juice in your pocket will definitely help, especially for those of you who travel often.

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*Note – These are compatible with ALL Galaxy S3 including GT-i9300, Sprint SPH-L710, AT&T SGH-i747, T-Mobile SGH-T999, and Verizon SCH-I535.

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