Galaxy S3 Batteries!

Just got your Galaxy S3? Whether you have a Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 or any of the U.S. variants, you will certainly want to consider having some extra Galaxy S3 batteries in handy so you can go longer than a day. Actually, there’s a really good deal on Galaxy S3 batteries. These are Hyperion Galaxy S3 batteries, comes in 2200mAh capacity at 3.7VDC (while the stock Samsung battery is rated for 2100mAh capacity at 3.8VDC).

The whole kit is about $20 and comes with TWO batteries and a charger. The universal charger it comes with also is capable of charging other Android devices.

Based on testing, these batteries last just as long as stock Samsung batteries so at $20, you won’t see a better deal. Of course, one drawback is that these batteries don’t support NFC but heck, that shouldn’t be deal breaker for most of us as we can always use the stock Samsung battery if NFC is needed. For most day-to-day applications, having extra juice in your pocket will definitely help, especially for those of you who travel often.

Get them here on Amazon

*Note – These are compatible with ALL Galaxy S3 including GT-i9300, Sprint SPH-L710, AT&T SGH-i747, T-Mobile SGH-T999, and Verizon SCH-I535.

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  1. Phat Nguyen says:

    My Galaxy S3 is coming within the hour !!!! Cant wait!! Hopefully I’ll win some extra battery too!!

  2. Ken Bessler says:

    I found THREE 2,300maH batteries and charger at amazon for $12.99!

  3. Kayron says:

    My wife and I got ourselves 2850 mAh batteries from eBay in the UK. The ~35% extra capacity really makes a noticeable difference after a couple of charges. Well worth it!

  4. harmon says:

    i am 53 yrs old and i can’t believe i got so excited when i bought my GSII today..i hope to learn a lot from you .. the batteries sound great

  5. TiM says:

    I haven’t found the need to buy a larger battery yet, as with normal use, I have no problem getting a full days use without having to charge. Its the only smartphone ive had that i could get two days use out of. Even the iPhone 4S I had i was struggling to get two days. For example, Im home from work now, 5:30pm and my battery is at 63%.. I love it 🙂

  6. Wilfredo Ramos Jr. says:

    hey max when will you announce winners? Or did you already announce them??

  7. Leon says:

    I just got my GS3 and I already started to play tons of games on it and going to start root my phone soon. Having extra battery will help a lot. I away play too much games on my phone and it always dies on me with I am in middle of a phone call. T-T

  8. ponyxpress2002 says:

    Max, Flossy Carter said not to buy variant batteries because not all of them have the nfc chip in included? Is this correct?

  9. Lloyd says:

    Just bought the package from Amazon, but thanks for your support in our smartphone adventures!! 🙂

  10. John says:

    Found the 2850 on Ebay as well. Looks like it does the job.. need te calibrate however I think cause 1st 15% are gone in notime.

  11. submachine0 says:

    just bought these this morning, then I see your post lol. there are some iffy reviews, but go read the review by “Toyoda” … there are some things to know that apparently that are not in the instructions or something (like the arrangement of pins). also he’ll put your mind at ease about how well these work.

  12. Daniel honzik says:

    I purchased the qcell 2300mAh battery at Amazon for $21.95 comes with 2 qcell batteries and charger. Much better deal than the Hyperion

    but it looks like I got the last one…

    • submachine0 says:

      wow yeah that set has NFC for the same price. good find!

      btw looks like they’re in stock again. $25 w/ free shipping (Hyperions went up to that price too).

      now im jealous.

  13. Abhi says:

    Hey, who won the batteries? remember from your giveaway on youtube?

  14. Keith says:

    Purchased an exteded life battery pack I9300 for my Galaxy SIII and it charges up however the battery indicator on the phone will only tell me that it has a 54% charge on it. However the battery last almost twice as long as the original. Is there a problem with the program or is this battery doing strange things? my phone is a SHG-I747 Galaxy S3

    • Max says:

      Could just be software error, did you charge fully on your phone?

      • Keith says:

        yes I have fully charged the phone many time in the last month and i also just did a software upgrade that had additional battery fixes in it from Samsung. (I was having another issue with loosing the ablity to text) we Reset the phone to factory defaults and down loaded the update from Verizon it fixed the Texting issues but not the battery one. This issue really dosent bother me I was just looking for an answer to the issue if you had one. Thanks for taking time to answer the question and also for the great web site.

  15. James says:

    Probably the same situation as the last comment, but I can’t seem to get the first one of these batteries I’ve tried (haven’t tried the second yet) to fully charge. It’s been up to 91% but has been dropping the last hour or two to 82%. The charging icon is still there and has been constantly on charge for about 7hrs (it’s not hot, in case you’re worried). Odd.
    I’m going to have to unplug it soon, time to go home.

  16. Neil says:

    We purchased two Hyperion 4,200 mAh batteries for our two Galaxy S3s from SoCal Trading at Amazon for about $16 each. They have been working great. It is very nice not having to constantly charge our phones while at home or in the car and also not constantly turning on airplane mode to conserve power. The price also includes a larger back cover. I actually prefer the extra thickness when holding the phone. It seems to fit my hands better than the original thin phone. Also, the edges of the back cover are curved nicely and so the phone feels very comfortable in my hand. Another positive feature of the thicker back cover is that the LED and camera lens are recessed and can’t be damaged or scratched when the phone is laying on the back.

    The battery is the same height and width as the original battery but about twice as thick. There is room under the back cover for the battery to extend 1 1/4″ further towards the bottom of the phone with half of its thickness which would add even more capacity. It’s too bad this space is not being used for a still higher capacity battery.

    For me this space is not going to waste. I glued two Stanley 2″ x 1/2″ steel mending braces to the bottom section of the inside of the back cover. Two 7/8″ x 1 7/8″ x 3/8″ Ceramic Block block magnets #542003 were put on an old Garmin iQue dash mount. The mending braces and magnets were adhered using double-sided tape. All three were purchased at Lowe’s. The phone is held in place in the car magnetically. The phone has only fallen off once when I turned a corner quite fast. Otherwise, with normal driving, it is working great for a total cost of about $11.

    My old Garmin stylus would slip in nicely right next to the battery as well if I could find another tip that the phone’s screen would sense. Not that I would use it often but sometimes websites have very small fields to input a username and password that are difficult to hit correctly with my finger even though I have small hands.

    So all in all, this is a great battery.

  17. Tal says:

    i cant really find those batteries in 20$.. i dont really need it, i just dont mind to buy it ^^

  18. Tal says:

    Max Hi

    i bought 3250 mah batteries for my SGS3 GT-I9300 is it safe for use or it can damage my device?

    thanks in advance..

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