Alliance ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Android 4.1.2][Multi-Window]

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For those of you waiting for multi-window on your international Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, your long, arduous wait is finally over as the Samsung Official Android 4.1.2 leaks have been flying all over the place.

Now, you can flash the leak or there’s a dozen custom ROMs to choose from. ¬†One I recommend that comes with Note 2 Gallery, root, and pretty much stock is Alliance ROM.

If you still haven’t tried multi-window on your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, give this ROM a try and let me know how much more stuff you can get done with the new multi-tasking feature.


Download Alliance ROM

Credits – XDA

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39 Responses

  1. MadMaks says:

    Does it include the sphere camera and all new features in 4.1.2?

  2. aeron says:

    can you make a vid on how to do this im kinda new with rooting and flashing custom roms did you use odin or CWM?

  3. Min Zaw says:

    It is great! Thanks Max.

  4. slim.trevino says:

    Thanks max,

    Say, I’m dual booting …. and i’m going to replace one of my roms with this one, the question is, can i install a Siyah kernel on it so I could dual boot?


  5. murtaza says:

    Do we have to do a wipe data factory reset or wipe cache for this rom

  6. luiz says:

    does anyone have issues with the camcorder on this rom?

  7. Charles says:

    to install this rom
    is it using Odin or CWM ?

  8. CARLOS says:

    say max, I’m in a world of trouble ….. so i had resurrection remix as 1st rom … and darky rom as second ….
    I ran some scripts to shrink 2nd rom so i could tripple boot ….. then i installed this rom and is stuck at the samsung screen …. i cannot get into CWM recovery because it has been replaced by this roms recovery manager ….. i tried flashing the siyah kernel through odin …. it gives me the option to dual boot … but is not booting on to anything… please help im desperate

  9. GS3Man says:

    Just updated my I9300 foxhound 1.4 to 1.5 and it has 4.1.2 and multiview and all I gotta say is WOW!!!!! It works flawlessly iphone has nothing on this I am typing this while watching cnn on YouTube. … AMAZING… works so smooth

  10. Cid says:

    Help, I install this room, it’s great but, can’t record a video, don’t work, how solve?

  11. sam says:

    any idea if this will come to s3 canadian version?

  12. johnathon says:

    Does this work for sprints version?

  13. ares_sun says:

    plz help

    when im trying to install this ROM on dual boot the installation stops at extracting sytem
    then i just can reboot
    i have installed the ULTIMA ROM as my secondary ROM and everything workes fine

    sory my bad english

    • slim.trevino says:

      make sure you format the rom where you are going to install this on to and before loading the system you must you must have the siyah kernel installed on this so you can dual boot

      • Luis says:

        How did you install this ROM (Alliance) and keep another luncher exp (NOVA luncher). I install the Alliance perfect but I delete the last ROM with NOVA luncher I had before. thanks

  14. alex says:

    the multi window is sick.very nice idea.tryed it my self.what dissapointed me about alliance is that on the dual window u cant add other apps that can be used in dual window except for the stock ones.i cant seem to be able to use my mobile data internet.and it overuses my now reaches 10 just by closing a aplication.roms are cool but sure wish they were perfect wich they are not.

    • john rooks says:

      You can add every app n your phone if you goto the rom updater and download the mods you will be pleasently surprised did and every app I was able to drag into the side bar to do a dua lwndow and I was actually able to launch a game and internet at same time I had to over clock my processor for this but it was only 5 mins to try it ut

  15. alex says:

    pardon little mestake it reaches 100 percent just by closing a aplication

  16. CCMing says:

    is this rom stable and smooth? i am using omega v33.2 and it is quite lag…same base xxelk4

  17. john rooks says:

    All I Will say is running this rom on a different launcher from another rom is awesome I love the two windows so kool and amazing to be able to look at pics of hot women while doing ebay on the bus is kool I am defo supporting the dev of this nice one mate I dont need another rom now all I need is this am hoping to get maybe a different kernal maybe for dual boot but at the moment all backed up rooted tooted and loving it thanks muchly

    • Luis says:

      How did you install this ROM (Alliance) and keep another luncher exp (NOVA luncher). I install the Alliance perfect but when I did this, delete me the NOVA luncher thanks

      • john rooks says:

        hi mate I installed via cwm as per norm did a cache and dalvick wipe factory reset used a back up of my apps titatium before even connecting to network did a few updates and voila works perfect i use nova prime as it is sweet as a nut.

  18. lokesh says:

    unable to install installation aborts on his own…
    its saying status 0
    and i am dual booting it.. help fast

  19. Skully Haam says:

    Will this rom be available for the AT&T galaxy s3? I would KILL for the multi screen feature.

  20. David Cave says:

    This rom works great…..I also flashed the Camera-gallery_keyboard Android 4.2 zip and have the fully functioning camcorder!!!

  21. Azraelh says:

    Ive installed this ROM on my argentinean S3. I cant make it to register on the network. I restored to the original ROM I had but the Baseband has changes, how can I make it change to the right one again?

    • Azraelh says:

      Ok I figured how to change the modem meself… now is still not working. I had to root again to regain CWM as it was replaced by something else. I then restored the backup I had and never came back up. I have only 2 possible scenarios now, depending on the modem I flash: Either I can see mobile network but the phone wont register to them or the phone wont even see them and ill get the “forbidden” symbol where the antenna should show.
      I tried several modems… no luck. Help is appreciated.

      • Shiv@android says:

        I think you should root it again…. read instruction carefully and prefer right link from XDA . It will work. Try it again Thanks!

  22. Alvaro says:

    I tried to install it and when I reboot it ,it said that touchwiz has closed

  23. Miclo says:

    this is the only fix for video recording…

  24. shrey khanna says:

    im stuck on installing extra apps for more than five mins what should i do? please help

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