Android 4.2.2 + Root for Galaxy S3! [All Variants][LiquidSmooth ROM]

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Google released Android 4.2.2 couple days ago and if you want to get Android 4.2.2 on your Galaxy S3, you can now by installing the latest LiquidSmooth ROM v2.1 RC1, which comes with full Android 4.2.2, UI customizations, and a ton more.

Android 4.2.2 adds a ton of stability and speed over previous versions so you can expect faster performance while getting better battery life.

I’ve tested a bunch of other Android 4.2.2 ROMs over the last couple days but I would have to say LiquidSmooth Team has got the best Android 4.2.2 ROM at the moment, at the time of writing this post. (It may change of course but LiquidSmooth has always been one of my top AOSP ROMs regardless.) Best of all, LiquidSmooth ROM is available for ALL variants of Galaxy S3 including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, GT-i9300, GT-i9305, MetroPCS, and even US Cellular. For Canadian users, just use AT&T or T-Mobile version that matches the first 6 letters of the model number. E.g. You can use T-Mobile if you have SGH-T999V since it matches T-Mobile’s model number SGH-T999. Okay, maybe not ALL variants, but for most major carrier out there… (no support for Korean GS3 sorry!)

Android 4.2.2 is simply amazing and if you haven’t tried it yet on your Galaxy S3, load up your ClockworkMod Recovery today and try it out this weekend. Do let me know what you think, I don’t believe it’s just me, Android 4.2.2 has gotten way better.

Also, you can now get Google Wallet working on any Galaxy S3, see full tutorial on that here.


Download Android 4.2.2 LiquidSmooth ROM w/ Root for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-i747

Download Android 4.2.2 LiquidSmooth ROM w/ Root for Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710

Download Android 4.2.2 LiquidSmooth ROM w/ Root for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999

Download Android 4.2.2 LiquidSmooth ROM w/ Root for Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-i535

Download Android 4.2.2 LiquidSmooth ROM w/ Root for international Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Download Android 4.2.2 LiquidSmooth ROM w/ Root for international Galaxy S3 GT-i9305

Download Android 4.2.2 LiquidSmooth ROM w/ Root for MetroPCS Galaxy S3

Download Android 4.2.2 LiquidSmooth ROM w/ Root for USCellular Galaxy S3

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, do data wipe/factory reset (if you are not coming from an AOSP Jelly Bean ROM), install ROM, wipe cache, and reboot.

If you are missing Play Store, reboot into recovery and install Gapps.

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks! Bugs: Korean font is broken, so if you need to read Korean, don't install this ROM! Q&A Q: Google Now is not working! A: Just update Google Search app on Play Store for fix.

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347 Responses

  1. joel says:

    Will download and test now will come back for my opinion

  2. Spenny says:

    Same… I will be installing this within the hour then test all day.. can’t wait!!! Will respond tonight

  3. Lowie says:

    I am missing the google play app, and cant connect to the internet. Help please n_n

  4. Hasseng says:

    Can anybody refer me to a tutorial for rooting my Verizon gs3 using a Mac? Thanks in advance.

  5. ian says:

    Hey i have a galaxy s3 att and wanted to qsk if there is a way to get the software of us cellular on it so I can switch to us cellular

  6. Daniel says:

    Using siyah kernel to dual boot

    Mine won’t go past the boots logo

    Liquid smooth on second rom

    • Max says:

      Not sure if Siyah kernel supports 4.2.2 yet, that could be why.

    • Lee says:

      I wasn’t using dual boot, but I didn’t do the factory reset part of the instructions and had the same problem. I had the same thing happen no matter what 4.2.2 ROM I tried to install, it would just freeze on the logo on bootup and never get past it. This is probably what’s causing your problem as well, but not how it would mix with the dual boot, but it does seem that you absolutely have to do the factory reset ๐Ÿ™ or you will just startup and sit there at the logo every time and never move past it.

  7. wbc says:

    Hi, I have a Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 Android ver. 4.1.1, Baseband L710VPBLJ7. The phone is root already but the wi-fi Tether is not working. I try to download the app from the play store and from the website also. Form the play store the download success but from the website all the versions fail to download using the same phone. I already research about what could be the problem but nothing comes up.
    Any help will be highly appreciate.
    Thank’s in advance!!

    • Max says:

      The latest method for Verizon Note 2 should fix your wifi tether problems:

      I’ve tested on Sprint/Verizon GS3, works fine.

      • Lee says:

        Any info on getting wifi tether to work on Galaxy S3 with T-Mobile? Ever since Upgrading to Jellybean I have tried everything to get around their change to it and none of the apps that claim to work. Everyone results in same thing I get the Tmobile website. I honestly wouldn’t mind paying the extra if it came with the unlimited, but they only want to give the tether with the 10gig limit which is frustrating to say the least.

        • Lee says:

          Any info on getting wifi tether to work on Galaxy S3 with T-Mobile? Ever since Upgrading to Jellybean I have tried everything to get around their change to it and none of the apps that claim to work. Everyone results in same thing I get the Tmobile website. I honestly wouldnโ€™t mind paying the extra if it came with the unlimited, but they only want to give the tether with the 10gig limit which is frustrating to say the least.

          (sorry about double post, didn’t see the notify via e-mail till I had already clicked post)

          • JSR says:

            If you install any custom rom, you should be able to tether…
            just activate hotspot from notification then you can go to tether settings and customize

            • JSR says:

              You can only wifi tether…not through usb…I’m running Black Jelly ROM and have T-Mobile GS3 on Simple Mobile and tether everyday…but I don’t use the tether for videos…just for email on my tablet for work.

              • JSR says:

                for the audio on Black Jelly ROM…
                by default on this ROM there are no sounds selected…
                Just select a sound…
                Here is a link to the stock rom sounds…

                You will need Root Explorer: (this is the full version)

                Navigate to :
                “system/media” and delete the audio folder and copy the audio folder from the download link and reboot.

  8. jose says:

    When i try to instal it, CWM fail

  9. yngwie says:

    Rom that does not support 64Gb card is not a Rom. It’s nothing, like a car without a motor

  10. Rohan says:

    Is the illusion ROM for the SGH-T999 an AOSP ROM, because I am running that ROM currently and would not like to loose any of my data. Thanks to anybody that can answer my question.

  11. Laurent says:

    Google Now crashes, every other GAPPS thing works though. Running 12/12/12 gapps.

  12. Chris Cinelli says:

    How come they took the overclock out of this rom?? They had it in the earlier versions.

  13. kevin says:

    it says i 605 for verizon?? can i still use this// is it a typo???

  14. Tofu says:

    Can’t get download to work. Plz help.

  15. Sam says:

    Oh yeah man always bringing us the best. I was trying to figure out which 4.2.2 to try but I will take your word on this one. Cheers mate ill let ya know how it goes! (hopefully the data connection issues of the last liquid smooth are fixed)

  16. bigie168 says:

    Okay i just installed the rom.. How do i go back?

  17. jose says:

    i think i bricked my phone. It dont pass the liquidsmooth logo.HELP PLEASE

    • Max says:

      Try a fresh reinstall from very beginning, then make sure wipe BEFORE rebooting. AOSP ROMs sometimes have that weird thing where you have to wipe before rebooting. Just wiping cache after booting will not work, you will have to start all over.

      • jose says:

        I did it and worked, but i have other problems like, missing apps, not internet, in your video seems like it work fine, help me to put it like yours.Thanks for everything. I am also the same Jose that just posted, sorry for that, i didn’t know you have answered me, but i will wait for your help.Excellent website

    • heisnetpoc says:

      It happens to me as well sometimes but I just take out the battery, go into recovery mode and wipe all the data and cache and reboot and it always ends up working.

  18. JRokujuushi says:

    Whenever I try setting the unlock mode to Pattern, I get an error saying Settings has stopped. Is there any way around this?

  19. Lowie says:

    I found this problem was that I have downloaded a old GAPPS Zip you need one dated 121212. My only issue is I noticed that my network is kinda wonky and doesn’t connect often or strong.

    P. S. To the guy posting under me I was on a computer when I hopped on here earlier.

  20. brendan says:

    download wont work for the rom and gapps

  21. deven28 says:

    Links aren’t working :/

  22. Jon says:

    Almost perfect. It crashes in the settings occasionally (try swiftkey install and pattern unlock). If they fix that problem then it will be flawless.

    I’m using it in the tmobile sgs3.

  23. SY says:

    Installed the app. Everything seems to work fine except for the fact that Korean characters show up as blanks. Is there anyway to install a Korean language pack onto the rom?

  24. Don says:

    Wow, this rom is only 1/4 the size of most, do I install this over my existing Peoples rom, or wipe…factory…the whole deal like normal?

  25. Co0n says:

    the android keyboard keeps crashing every 2 seconds :-/
    Any solution for that?

  26. jose says:

    I tried to install it in metro pcs sgs 3 and now my stay in the Liquid Smooth logo. What do i do now

  27. jose says:

    Metro pcs sch-r530m

  28. Sajeel says:

    this tom doesnt support call recording…also samsung stock apps are missing …like music hub, samsung apps, drop box, chat on etc

    • almofari says:

      Dropbox and chat on are in play store. Look for them. Also yo can get other apps from a TWHIZ backup and install it on this ROM.

      • Sajeel says:

        thanks for the reply…i will do tht,,,what abt call recd?

        • almofari says:

          Are you coming from a Touch Whiz ROM? I think that’s option is not available on stock phone app. Maybe there could be a mod for stock phone to record calls. I should look for that later.Actually I’m not running liquid smooth on my phone but I can install it later an see what can I find

  29. Stephen South says:

    Is there anyway to get my Allshare Cast reinstalled, so I can transmit to my TV

  30. Jesse says:

    hey max the Links in the description arent working and i cant find them any where else so i can download , any suggestions on it or another site i can go to , oh yeah i have tmobile ?

  31. stephen says:

    Does the camera lock up on this rom like it does on a few of the others?

  32. Brian says:

    Hey Max! I’m currently running CM 10 stable and was wondering if I should upgrade to this. Is it stable enough to use as a daily driver? Thanks and advance and I’ll always be high on android!

  33. excessive81 says:

    i can not get the wifi tether working…sprint version

  34. rootedS3 says:

    I was really looking forward to this as my new daily driver but it constantly crashes during the installation of Swiftkey’s Free, Purchased and Flow versions and Bluetooth streaming (calls or music) does not work at all in my car. These are two of the features that I use all day every day but unfortunately that was a deal breaker for me.

    • Chris Cinelli says:

      Try installing the older version first. It will let you install swiftkey. I had the same problem. When you upgrade to 4.2.2 dont do a factory wipe just wipe cashe after. As for bluetooth, its buggy but works in my car 90% of the time. One problem I have is after i leave the car it says its still connected even though its not. I usually just leave it and next time i get in the car it will work again.

      Battery life seemed to be better on the old version also

      • rootedS3 says:

        Thank you for the reply Chris. Btw, I’m on ATT SGH-I747 to be exact. Which version of JB LiquidSmooth are you referring to? Thanks.

        • Chris Cinelli says:

          This version of LS will let you load swift key. Once you have everything install install the latest version right over it. Be careful to take the external card out of the phone before doing it. I had a 64 gig card that it wrecked and it took me a while to repair it. Just play it safe and take any card out so you dont loose files.

        • Chris cinelli says:

          I ran into a problem since the updated swift key.

    • Chris Cinelli says:

      Anyone else having battery issues with the new update?

    • jaspsip says:

      Rooteds3, to get your swiftkey to install, go to language input settings and manually select swiftkey. I was killing myself over not being able to use swiftkey and was about to find another ROM. This ROM is simply stunning…besides my bluetooth not working ๐Ÿ™

      • Chris Cinelli says:

        I still can not get swiftkey to install, the older version expired and i go to update and it gives me an error when i get to step 2. Ive looked everywhere and people just say to select it manually but its not working. any suggestions?

  35. Manny says:

    Do I need to do any wiping if i have 4.1.2 that I just upgraded to? I have a rooted Sprint GS3. I’m hoping just to flash. Scared of wiping ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. fred says:

    google now wouldn’t work, freezes often, love some of the features but going back to jellywiz seems most stable of all. would you also mention when to flashe gapps with a rom and what kernal you like. I went and did the search you mentioned and got a verizon kt kernal. what exactly would i see from a better kernal?

  37. Dave Guy says:

    I have a galaxy S3 , with bell (SGH-i747 ) (Canadian), I wish to install Android 4.2.2 LiquidSmooth ROM. Is it possible, will it work?
    and wich rom do I take because I can’t find any Canadian (bell) rom available

  38. Jorge says:

    Ive noticed ever since i flashed this rom, i get lower wifi/data connection. Any suggestions on how to improve connectivity?

  39. jose says:

    Hey max, I installed it, but a lot of things doesn’t work,like home bottom, internet, lock screen , if i get it to work like in your video, it would be a great rom.

  40. Franco says:

    I installed 4.2.2 without success. Internet did not work and found no way to make anything work. Reinstalled several times and nothing. Before install, I cleared the cache. Also tried by wipe out everything and also clear Valdik. Reinstall several times and nothing. Nothing I did. Reverted back to Stock.

  41. ozzie says:

    this ROM is pure garbage nothing works install uninstall several times factory reset wape catch several times as well installing the G apps as a matter of fact it’s even worse when you install the G apps this is what you call an epic fail

    • T says:

      You must have done something wrong because it is working perfectly for me. Try redownloading and then reflashing… maybe the file was corrupt or something…

  42. Omar says:

    The T-mobile download links are down!

  43. TempestX says:

    Works perfectly except for the error i get when selecting Lockscreen in the settings menu. I can’t setup a pattern for my lock screen since I get the error 100%. I have the att version of the S3.

    Otherwise its great.

  44. Dave says:

    Max or anyboy,

    Will this rom work with the micro sd expanded memory hack? I curntly have a 64mb micro card in my Galaxy S3 and using it to expand my memory in my current rom.


    • heisnetpoc says:

      That’s what I’m trying to figure out too. I installed busybox , and manager to do the hack and everything in manager said it was working but I go to my storage settings and it looks the same.

  45. fred says:

    wiped:to all 3, mount//format/system, flashed rom and lots of problems. did you get it working with everything???????

  46. Sudheer says:

    I did wipe data/ factory reset and installed the zip file. But missed the wipe cache step. Now OS seems to be working. But there is no gapps. When I try to login to recovery, my phone is not giving me any option. Can you please direct me how to proceed?

  47. anny badola says:

    Everything is going gud in this rom but i have not found the file explorer to open internal/external sd card. Plz help where i found the file explorer in this rom. Please help on this.

  48. anny badola says:

    Everything is gud in this rom and runs just at its name. But i have not found the file explorer in this ROM to access my internal/external storage of my device. Please help me on this bec i dont want to come out of this fabulous ROM.

  49. JAY WELDON says:

    Audio out of the headset jack does not work any suggestions?

  50. heisnetpoc says:

    Does this ROM support init.d files so I can use the memory swap hack ?

  51. fred says:

    2 things i am back to jellywiz, what is the best kernal and how do you install kernals …manily when in what order??

  52. Damion says:

    d2spr mirror not working max… I couldn’t download from your mirror.

  53. JuneBugg says:

    Still can’t download the T-Mobile link from your link above Help please

  54. cmurda says:

    Had same problem with Verizon great ROM tho downloaded from another site first time I’ve had to great site

  55. Beto says:

    does it have FM Radio?

  56. Ebin says:

    Home button not working!! how to fix?

  57. fred says:

    Having troubles after I set the face unlock, first I couldnt set a pattern as backup or as normal anymore, then after reboot, I couldnt go in lockscreen options at all.

    • Sudheer says:

      I am also facing the same issue. I set the lock to PIN and that disabled the lock screen options. Settings keep crashing on selecting the lock screen options. When I press the power button when the phone is locked, it is directly showing me keypad to enter PIN.

      Thinking reinstalling the OS and not touch security options after that. Any other solutions than this?

      • Sudheer says:

        After some reasearch, I found out that Lock screen settings are only enabled when security is set to Swipe.

        • xti says:

          which is a bit rough – just to get my work email, admin requires PIN style pw…so no lock screen options at all for me?

          • Sudheer Gupta says:

            Ya same here. I like to have PIN as my security option. So no lock screen option for me either. But I can live with that. If I want to change something in lock screen options, I will go to security and set it to swipe .. Change lock screen options and change the security back to PIN. Changes will still take into effect.

  58. Sudheer says:

    Where is the calendar app? am I missing something?

    • T says:

      pull down the notification bar and then tap on the date. That will open the calendar.

      • Sudheer says:

        Thanks, I installed google calendar from play store already and yes on tapping the is opening the calendar that I installed. I wonder what would have happened if I had not installed that already.

  59. kay says:

    my att s3 will not get pass the boot loader liquid smooth??

    • Al says:

      Try removing the battery first then reboot.if you get the same issue then reflash
      had the same problem removing the battery fixed it.

  60. bhvy says:

    gapps link

  61. mwilly says:

    The built in email app always vibrates on email notification although the setting is set to no notification and vibrate is set to Never. I had this issue with the last Liquidsmooth ROM as well. Any ideas how that is resolved? Thanks.

  62. Sparky says:

    Working fine, liking it so far, though a thing that bugs me is the pattern unlock. It just says “settings has crashed” whenever I try to set one, any way around this?

  63. unjque says:

    Hey there MAX, can you respond? Do i have to deal with that contact book, cuz i really hate it. Or can i change it as in 4.1.2 ? Got gt-i9300 international version. Thank you.

  64. Kody says:

    I have a rooted Galaxy S3 on ATT (SGH-I747). Any way that I can upgrade without wiping the phone?

  65. Al says:

    What rom are you on?

  66. chris nuthak says:

    Piss poor reception with this rom

  67. jose says:

    Hey max,I flased stock room and now i cant make calls or send texts HELP ME PLEASE

    • fred says:

      reboot to recovery, or hold vol up, home, and power together, wipe all 4 wipes and install from odin the stock file? Wipe back to factory, wipe cache, wipe davlik, mount-format/system. Then turn off, restart with vol down, home, power, get menu and push vol up, give you the yellow screen. Plug in to computer and go to odin be sure you have yellow com then select pda and select the home…………..file and start. reboot and you should be good to go.
      Just thought i’d give the whole breakdown in case you missed something.

  68. wally18324 says:

    Max, when I try to install nandroid, it disapears. I do a full reset and wipe, wipe cache and cache partition. This has happened to me several times. Am I doing something wrong.

  69. simon says:

    i installed this and nothing google would load, gmail play store, phone, messaging etc, what could i possibly be doing wrong? im running stock 4.1.1 rooted (of course) but it dont work, also its on 3 in UK and is i9300.


  70. J says:

    It just says fail when I attempt to install rom………Suggestions. Coming from a regular rooted tmobile s3. Stock rom with root

  71. Prafiseey says:

    The download link takes me to the 4.2.1 version I have the T-Mobile SGH-T999 can anyone get me the correct link or tell me whats going on.

  72. seb says:

    hey does anyone know how to turn off the heptic feedback while you text for this rom? i cant stand it and i dont see how to turn it off. any help will be appreciated thanx. other than that i have no problems with the rom yet. I reinstalled another just for the heptic feedback. i really dont like it while i text .

  73. Karl says:

    stupid question, but does anyone have the link for the appropriate gapps for this ROM

  74. DJ JUSTICE says:


  75. jsr33 says:

    Any idea how to fix the lock screen setting FC problem? After i put my pin I can’t access the lock screen settings. After this happened to me I read that the settings only work when you have swipe.but now how can I access the settings?

    • Sudheer Gupta says:

      You can still open settings. Only option you can not select inside settings is lock screen settings. If you go to security and set screen lock to swipe, you should be able to select lock screen settings again.

  76. Neon says:

    Hey, Max or Anyone.

    One problem I am having.
    I load the .zip to my phone, open it with CLM then click the reboot into recovery. After the phone restarts it bricks.
    I just reflash my rooted stock rom, try it again. Still happens 3rd time so far.

    I am on Verizon.


    • Neon says:

      It seems that when i boot into clockwork mod I soft brick.


      • brian says:

        Did you wipe cache, dalvik, factory reset? Can you no longer access cwm?

        • Neon says:

          Yes I wiped my cashe, (dalvik?), and I did a factory reset. However when ever I try to go to my recovery mode, It says “Invalid software, please take your phone back to verizon” From there I pull my battery, wait about a min and it will boot up to the OS fine. But it WILL NOT load into recovery with CWM installed.
          (yes i belive im using the right profile in cwm)

          • Neon says:

            So it seems my boot loader is still locked even though I am rooted. I used the root method from max, followed the instructions, never had issues before this.

            • Neon says:

              To anyone using SCH-i535 Verizon SG3 and you have followed Max’s root guide. Please be aware that you need a separate recovery unlock. I used EZ-Unlock and it worked fine. Here is the link.



            • Adam says:

              For what it’s worth I did the same thing. I rooted my device, but didn’t load a custom ROM in the beginning. The problem when you do this is that when stock rom is loading it writes the stock bootloader over Clockwork. I had to do the whole process over again as though I was rooting, and then do a custom ROM.

  77. Kody says:

    Is it possible to upgrade from 4.0.4 without losing everything on the phone?

  78. Tony Maussi says:

    Any idea if this will work on the i747m the Telus Canadian phones?

  79. Rumein says:

    Working great so far but where is the Calender

  80. Tarik says:

    Hey Max, desperately need your help!

    Installed LiquidSmooth for internation Galaxy S3, it reboots and now I have no signal on my phone whatsoever, plus the language is in polish for some weird reason. Please help!

  81. chris says:

    I installed and all is working good only problem is that the visual voicemail app. for sprint GS3 is no longer there. also instead i get a txt. Is there any way to fix this?

    • Adam says:

      For what it’s worth, this is an on going problem. You can download the app from random places online, the easiest being the android developers site. You still get the awful txt, and for that I am using an app called. SPC (stands for super private conversation). Use it to blacklist 9016 and that ends those. Otherwise you just need to deal with it.

  82. Sebastian Ramirez says:

    T-Mobile gs3. I’m only getting 3g and H+

  83. SIMON says:


  84. Terry says:

    Where is the USB debugging checkbox?

  85. Anthony says:

    exFAT support for this ROM

  86. james says:

    how do I disable the built in “call answer screen” it only occupies half the screen leaving the the rest of the black, I rather use Exdialer as my default

  87. Chris Cinelli says:

    Max I have had problems where apps are gone. It says they are installed but not they are just not on the phone. For instance Goo Manager is missing. I keep having to look online in hopes a new version comes out. Any suggestions?

  88. Ryan Harrell says:

    i’m using a verizon gs3 and keep getting a “signiture verification failed” message when trying to install this rom?

  89. Cyrill says:

    After being installed, About device: version is still 4.1.2. I lost also my network connection. It appeared no sim card. ๐Ÿ™ please help!

  90. JuanMartinez says:

    I installed this rom and it is great but i recently tried to receive a file through bluetooth and my bluetooth went crazy. it kept turning on and off and i couldnt receive the file. Is there any way to fix it? Thanks

  91. Bhvin says:

    Hi Max

    You should also mention that AT&T Roms work work with Canada Koodo . I just flashed liquidsmooth on my koodo s3 works great !

  92. J Box says:

    This is the second time I have tried to install liquid smooth and it boots up to installer has stopped and never lets me in to the launcher.

    Any ideas??

  93. Joshua Mitchell says:

    My phone doesn’t make a ring sound when I receive a call. All volumes are turned up. NEED HELP.other than that this ROM is great

  94. Tom says:

    Hey i tried flashing this room into to my att s3 but i got a message saying e signature failed. Can anyone help me with this?

  95. Jacob Logan says:

    Download link is broken. doesn’t work. Pos

  96. Tofu says:

    Anyone having an issue with receiving mms?

  97. Ron says:

    Apparently with 4.x we can’t move apps 2 sd anymore.. (I know it’s not this rom) but what’s the point in having SD cards if you are forced to store everything internal?

    Anyone know if there is a workaround for this?

  98. scooter says:

    Max The sound is way to low with this rom anyway to fix it and its only showing 3g not 4g.

  99. Kai says:

    I have a sprint Gs3 and i’ve installed the rom but the lock screen and the quick panel settings will not work. help please.

  100. Anand says:

    I keep getting “Unfortunately,๏ปฟ Settings has stopped.” for when I try to get into “Lockscreen” and try to create a pattern lockscreen password.

  101. David says:

    Is this rom worth the trial and error? I keep hearing bad/good stuff. For tmobile is it worth it I’ve bricked my phone a few times…. ND I’m kinda scared I’m using the older liquid smooth. Or should I wait for a newer rom?

  102. Spenny says:

    said I would get back but haven’t had time.. I found this rom to be very customizable.. battery life is also pretty good if you need something that you can run for a day and a half without a charge.

    Only issue I’ve encountered is with the home button. For some strange reason (and I’ve had this with CM as well), after a couple days of use, a single click of the home button brings up the task manager. It no longer just returns to the home screen. Has anyone else came across this issue?

    Other than that, pretty solid rom thus far…

    • T says:

      YES! I have had the same issue, and it’s not just the home button. Anything I would tap would be registered as a long press. To temporarily fix it just restart the phone, I don’t know anything about development so I can’t help with a permanent fix.

    • Erick says:

      Same issue. Also, in-line controls on my headset don’t seem to work either.

  103. Punk Monk says:

    Love it so far. Probably my favorite Rom to date.

    White Galaxy S3 AT&T

  104. kris says:

    is there a multi window on this rom?

  105. mike says:


    cant do lockscreen patterns.

    how do you take a screenshot on this rom? tried home+volume down and home+power button still to no avail.

    also, is there a way to turn off the auto spell check? coz i disabled it on settings and its still there.

  106. Hoang Pham says:

    Is there any Roms or apps out for rooted phone to do group texting like iPhones?

  107. Joseph says:

    I’m having two issues. First is my bluetooth not registering that I’m speaking. Whenever I have my bluetooth headset in and bring up the voice command app (My Motospeak or the stock Google Voice App) it will ask for a command and will not recognize that I’m speaking. Anyone have any suggestions on this?
    Secondly, I keep getting the error message that Settings Has Stopped everytime I try to go in to the settings of Smartkeyboard Pro. Anyone have any suggestions on that?

  108. Eddie says:

    The download links are not working for me ๐Ÿ™

  109. MartinJ says:

    I’ve been on LiquidSmooth for a while now, this is the latest update. I have to say that out of the dozen or so ROMs I’ve tested for this phone, this is hands down the best one. There is one area where it was outperformed by another ROM. That area is battery life. The battery life that this ROM gets with the suggested kernel isn’t bad. I’d call it average. Obviously, this is not a problem… just the only area where this ROM doesn’t excel.

  110. Scott says:


    The camera keeps locking my whole device whenever I use the flash. The camera is essential for me. Is there a 4.2 Rom that doesn’t lock when using the camera that you would recommend for my Verizon Galaxy S3? I don’t consider a ROM stable unless the camera is stable. Can you demonstrate more of the camera functions (i.e. using flash, gallery, etc) in your videos? I love your work. Keep it up!

  111. mike says:

    second day of testing

    finally figured out the screenshot. press vol down+power button

    ringtones wont recognize .mp3 files to be set as ringtones. if you set them, it only appears as unknown ringtone, and you wont get an alert if someone calls you.

    bluetooth doesnt work for me. tried it on the car handfree kit didnt work. doesnt work also for my earpiece and audio adapter.

  112. sbs8331 says:

    I can’t get the usb working when connected to the laptop. The charging works, of course, but the laptop is not recognizing my device. I updated drivers (via Kies, when it couldn’t detect the device). I have “Android debugging” and “USB debugging notify” turned on in developer options (I didn’t see the old USB debugger setting), and under Storage (by pressing the menu key) I have “Media Device (MTP)” turned on and “Camera (PTP)” turned off. Am I doing something wrong?

    Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!

  113. poli says:

    Hello I’m loving this rom but I lost functionality of headset volume control. And my play pause button I won’t let me pick up phone calls or end them anyone know of a fix for this?

  114. Jay says:

    Yo this Rom was complete crap im sorry, normally most Roms work beautiful on my SGS3 but as soon as this loaded up i noticed there was nothing there but just a phone and text feature, which was cool just meant i had to put the work in and locate the Gapps myself, but instead i said screw it and ill wait till a Rom comes out that captures my attention more, i go back to restore my phone using the Nandroid backup that i ALWAYS DO prior to flashing a Rom, and guess what, to my fucking surprise no FILES FOUND…. I AM STUCK WITH THIS FUCKING ROM at the moment, funny i never had an issue prior to this……..

    • Mike Rubino says:

      You’re not stuck. 4.2.2 roms are stored in a seperate location. Go to rom manager and manage roms and you will see you’re previous backups. ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. Sam says:

    This rom is super fluid. But the only problem I faced so far is screen lock. Though this problem is mentioned by many people I don’t see any concrete reply so raising the question again.
    I’m trying to use pattern buy get error “Unfortunately stopped working”.

    and How can we take screenshot?
    Max please answer! Once again thanks for this ROM.

    • Sam says:

      Checked again some replies and found Mike had replied how to take screen shot.

      volume down+power key.

      Please let us know how can we use screen lock “pattern”?

  116. mohamed says:

    I’m getting an error saying:
    clockworkmod can’t mount sdcard
    what should I do
    and Thanx ๐Ÿ˜‰

  117. mohamed says:

    I’m getting an error saying:
    clockworkmod can’t mount sdcard
    what should I do ?

  118. mohamed says:

    I’m getting an error saying:
    clockworkmod can’t mount sdcard
    what shoul I do
    Thanx ๐Ÿ˜‰

  119. Adam says:

    So I do like this ROM, but it is a little buggy at times. Not enough to warrant not using it, but… The big thing for me is my battery usage is horrid! I’m getting rid of this as we speak for that reason.

    • Joseph says:

      I agree. Go with the new Wicked JB V5. Bluetooth and everything workds great on it. Underclock it using NS Tools and you’ll have great battery life.

  120. Kristy says:

    I just rooted my at&t gs3 i747, successfully. Now, I tried to flash this ROM, but no luck. I then tried to flash the Jellybam, and I keep getting an error that says “installation aborted”. What could I be doing wrong?? I have wiped the cache, delvik, even factory reset. Someone please help!! Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Joseph says:

      Factory reset, wipe partitions, and wipe delvik. Install ROM amd than install GAPP. Make sure GAPP is 121212. If it’s not, you won’t make past setuo without an error.

      • Kristy says:

        Thanks for your reply! However, that does not work. I cannot get it to install at all. Is the file supposed to be unzipped, or zipped before copying to the sd? I even installed rom manager from play store, and still the same thing.

  121. Tom says:

    Is there a kernel to overclock this rom?

  122. Wally says:

    Pls help.I installed several 4,2 roms . Right now I am running stock rooted rom on sph-l710. I have installed several 4.2 roms successfully. But when I decide to go back to my nandroid backup of the stock rooted rom. Its not there. I do a full wipe, factory reset, wipe cache, also wipe dalvik cache in the advanced menu. I have the sprint variant Galaxy s3 (sph-l710) I also am flash happy and want to continue. But not having a nandroid backup, sure deters me. Is it the wiping Idk. Pls let me know what I am doing wrong.

  123. Velo Ryder says:

    Flashed the ATT version. This is my first custom ROM. Really like the smoothness, stability and many of the features but there are a few important issues: no calendar function, SwiftKey does not work, Tasker does not work. These aren’t deal-breakers but close. The other issue is the inability (mentioned in a previous reply) to go back to my stock ROM. And as also mentioned above, this ROM erased my Nandroid backup somehow. Lastly, it seems the LS team is splitting up, according to a Google+ thread. Hopefully LS will continue to support and upgrade their ROMs. In the meantime, I hope that flashing to another ROM like CM10.1 may allow me to also go back to stock if I so choose. Any thoughts appreciated.

  124. Kevin says:

    like this rom alot however can not get wifi tether working any ideas Sprint S3 L710

  125. Kevin says:

    Fix on WiFi tether Sprint L710: just flashed the latest BMS kernel and now native tethering works flawlessly. Hopes this helps somebody.

  126. Rumein says:

    Hey I got a question…does anyone knows how to make the “quick settings” icons smaller? Thanks in advance.

  127. AJ says:

    Love this ROM! Everything is fast and clean. I have one small issue…photos do not save. There isnt a place (that o can find) to change the storage location, but either way photos do not so in the gallery. I’ve attempted almost everything I can think of: pulling SD card, rebooting several times, reef lashing the ROM, other camera apps, etc…

    Please advise!

    • AJ says:

      Also, I’m running the Verizon version.


      • Jimmy Jamm says:

        What I did was download the latest aokp rom and using file expert, extracted the gallery2.apk file…then installed it and then used titanium backup to integrate it into the system so that it doesn’t revert back to this roms version…

  128. Bhagavan says:

    I installed this rom yesterday. Definitely fast. However wifi and phone signal is weaker.
    Is there a custom rom for the SGH-I747 that keeps some of the samsung apps like s-memo, music player and calendar?

  129. Hipolito Ruiz says:

    I am currently using this rom (Sprint GS3). Very stable. Only problem for me is after every reboot the settings automaticly uninstalls. FIX: using titanium backup go to restore missing apps with data funtion (1st option), uncheck exclude system apps, search for settings 4.2.2 and restore it individually. That’s it!

  130. Erick says:

    The play/pause and volume up/down on my earbuds that came with my GS3 don’t work anyone. Also, as others have pointed out, pushing the home button after a few days of use, it brings up the task manager and the phone has to be restarted to fix it.

  131. john says:

    I downloaded this why is it so much smaller then others. .and
    itried to install it. .it froze on boot screen. . Please help.

    • FSE says:

      Make sure to do wipe data and cache before install. This ROM is small because the LiquidSmooth team is awesome at keeping the ROM files to a minimum, which is why this ROM is so fast. It operates with minimal architecture. Are you still stuck? And where at the LiquidSmooth or Samsung logo?

      • john says:

        It sticks arty the Samsung logo..

        • john says:

          And I did the wipes all of them

          • FSE says:

            what carrier are you running? you might have to install the stock ROM using odin (this will UN-root your phone)

            • john says:

              That’s what I had to do twice..I’m on att. It won’t go past the Samsung logo..

              • FSE says:

                OK download this
                This is a rooted stock ROM for att.

                Boot your phone in CWM, wipe everything data and cache.
                Reboot into downloading mode (Vol. down, home, power)
                Install Samsung drivers if you haven’t already and connect phone to PC.
                for ODIN pda, select the file you downloaded earlier, and CHECK auto reboot and F. Reset time
                let it install, when it passes and reboots, unplug phone

  132. Steven Frymyer says:

    I flashed this last night – it works great, but when i tried to edit lock screen settings, Settings crashed and keeps crashing when I try to go back in an edit lock screen settings. Any advice?

  133. TempestX says:

    RC2 works great. Fixes the pattern unlock screen issue for me.

  134. Spencer West says:

    Anybody ever have an issue when you bring up your recent apps and it shows you have negative free ram? The weird thing also is that when I to to settings/running/cached apps it shows like 800mb free. Tried searching on xda and these posts didn’t find anything. Any help would be appreciated.

  135. XFonz07 says:

    So i rooted my phone last night, did the backup, installed this rom. when the rom loads up theres no way for me to sign into my google account and the home button doesnt work. when i go into recovery and try to restore it says “couldnt open directory. no files found.” what do i do now?

  136. FSE says:

    This ROM is awesome I have tried almost all the recent ones and this is the smoothest with the best battery life. Does anyone know how to fix the screen “double-clicking” upon touch? Seems the home button does this as well, and keeps bringing up recent apps. I tried a BMS kernel might not have been the correct one because it soft bricked my phone.

    • XFonz07 says:

      yes, im still stuck. the rom itself is working fine, its just that i dont have a way to sign into google or anything, plus the home button isnt working. what should i do?

      • FSE says:

        You need to install the gapps after installing the ROM. This ROM does not include the apps portion, you need to flash the zip file from the link below. After you reboot, your phone should ask you for your Google credentials. I am having issues with the home button as well, but the best temp fix is to go into settings and look for custom hardware button actions, and make sure long press is set to the same action as a normal press for the menu, back, and home button.

        Hope this helps, let me know if it does.

      • XFonz07 says:

        am i supposed to wipe cache partition?

    • john says:

      Does this Rom have the note 2 keyboard..with the numbers across the top

      • XFonz07 says:

        i don’t know, i already unrooted my device. im a little upset though, cause that was a pretty sweet rom. i want to try it again, but first i want to know why my home button didn’t work and i didn’t have any google apps.

        • FSE says:

          Any post with a link needs to go through moderation. I did reply with details but you might have to wait for it to show. the gapps you can google and find them. not sure how else to get you the links.

      • FSE says:

        This was my last post, which included the link for the ROM you need to flash with ODIN. because of the link the post needs to go through screening:

        you can google search att stock rom galaxy s3 and get the ROM there, not sure how else to get you the link.

        Also, this comes with the android 4.2 jelly bean keyboard, not sure if that’s the same as the Note 2 one

        previous post:

        This is a rooted stock ROM for att.

        Boot your phone in CWM, wipe everything data and cache.
        Reboot into downloading mode (Vol. down, home, power)
        Install Samsung drivers if you havenโ€™t already and connect phone to PC.
        for ODIN pda, select the file you downloaded earlier, and CHECK auto reboot and F. Reset time
        let it install, when it passes and reboots, unplug phone

  137. LankyDaKid says:

    Goo Im Updates keeps sending notification to my phone to update LQsmooth 4.2.2 updaate and gapps update. This is my first rooted phone. I have not updated yet and assume I should. But want to know if i am 100% supposed to update?

  138. samir attalah says:

    @Max hi buddy. Thx for all u do brother. Wifitether app seems to not work with this rom. Log shows “Configuring & Starting AP failed”. Any fix around this? Thx

  139. David says:

    Hey max, Are the UsCellular and MetroPCS varriants the same phone and is there a way to use roms for UsCellular on my Metro

  140. benbw2002 says:

    I unlocked my att s3 and wanted to make it tmobile. Its on the tmobile network, but I wanted to know if I can change the rom, I guess, to tmobile. So its like a tmobile phone, and when it boots up, it says tmobile Instead of att. Is this possible?

  141. deeman2k4 says:

    Can someone please help me? I flashed this Rom to my Tmobile Galaxy S3 and I can’t do anything I can’t get on the internet can’t pull up my google account to get my contacts or apps back. I can’t even get it to go into CWM recovery mode so I can restore my back up please help!!

    • LankyDaKid says:

      i had the same problem…you need to download and install gapps. I am not a techy, so i wont give step by step instruction on how to..but its somewhere in the tutorial. After you install gapps(google apps), everything will work.

  142. jon says:

    Hey, does anyone know how to display the battery status percentage on the top bar? Also, what does the blue line represent across the top of the status bar? Thanks.

  143. Luis says:

    I flashed this ROM yesterday and my camera wont work. I flash Jedi rom back on and the camera still wont work. I factory reset and cleared cache and delvic cache. Anything you can recommend to fix it? Could I just flash another rom or kernel to get my camera to work. Thanks

    T-mobile T-999

  144. tofu says:

    i would really love this rom if it wasnt for the camera. it may be just me but the shutter lag seems seriously long. does anyone know how to flash the note 2 camera on this? i really dont care about photosphere or multiwindow.

  145. deeman2k4 says:

    Ok I finally got this ROM to work after downloading the Gapps and flashing it. The ROM is pretty cool except for a few things. my biggest problem with the ROM is that I can’t get any voice apps to work I can’t voice text or voice search as soon as I press the button to voice command it immediately closes and freezes up can someone help with this??

  146. Mike R says:

    Stable version of this rom released yesterday. Much better. Check it out.

  147. ever says:

    Hello all. i need some help guys. i rooted my tMobile sgs3 like 3 months ago. i have tried to install roms in the past but never could. i always get theses errors
    error E: failed to verify whole file signature
    E: failed to verify whole file signature
    E:signature verification failed .
    i just tried to install this rom and i get the same errors. can some1 please help me. i also have CWR premium and still cant install. someone please help
    Thank u all

  148. ever says:

    found the solution on youtube. just had to get CWM and disable the signature. that was all

  149. niz says:

    I’m a noob to this so I have rooted my GS3 and did a CWM backup…can I use ROM Manager to install this?

    Also do I need to install a Kernel (whatever that is?)? thanks

  150. roni.p says:

    to install a rom 1st download the zip file for your carrier onto an sd card then to install boot into cwm and make a back up then go to factory reset and then go to mounts and storage and format system the go back and clear cache dalvik and I always clear battery stats. After that go to install zip from sd whichever u put it in click on and choose zip then proceed to install. After installation is complete go back and clear cache and delvik again and reboot from recover. Remember your 1st boot will take the longest so its ok if it seems its taking forever. To get into cwm turn your phone all the way off and hold down volume up home and power buttons until the samsung screan pops up and release as soon as u see it. To navigate use the volume rocker to go up or down and power button to select. As far as kernals they are apart of the rom. If u want to instal an alternative kernal then do some research to see wich is better suited to your device and your own needs. Hope this helped

  151. Adams says:

    You should post the Stable version of this ROM… it’s perfect. I have 0 problems!

    • niz says:

      Do you guys get the proper network with this Rom? As in mine shows 3G at work and I swear I used to have 4G there…I’ll be traveling back home Friday where I know I got 4G LTE so that will be the real test…

      • niz says:

        I’ve also seen my phone say H+ but I don’t see it saying 4G ever? is that the same thing?

        When I was on Stock Touchwiz it said usually 4G and if I had LTE it would say 4G LTE

  152. averyboots says:

    LOVE LiquidSmooth but I have a question… How do you move apps from the internal memory to the sdcard on galaxy s3? I’m rooted and on the sprint variant. Is there a mod for this or anything within the ROM that will allow this?

  153. Matt C says:

    Installed the RC1 release from the site, then the stable version. No issues here with the install of either ROM. Admittedly, I’m a noob at this, but Max, I got to give you props. Your videos make this easy, but I’m a techie anyhow. One thing I noticed with this ROM is that my data usage spiked! I’m connected via wifi but I’m not sure it’s using the wifi for data when connected. My heaviest month has been 1.5gb on my data plan but now I’m pushing over double that. Anyone else seeing this as well? I wouldn’t care but I unfortunately don’t have an unlimited data plan. Phone is the AT&T i747 version. Other than this issue, I love this ROM. For right now, I’m back to the root stock 4.1.2 JB while I can research this a bit more.

  154. rumein says:

    Hey Max! Install this ROM and been using it since but after updating it it’s been a lil faulty. I can’t seen to read anything from my Play Books and sometimes I get my SD card unexpectedly removed. Any idea on how to fix these issues please. Thanks!

  155. kip0013 says:

    love the ROM. The only issue that I have found is that I only have 3g no H+ or 4g. I have reset my apn to what you said and still no luck. Please help.

    Galaxy s3 Sgh-i747

  156. shubham says:

    this might be a silly question… i got rooted GTi9300…4.0.4… Can i Install this custom rom or have to install specific for ICS. As my phone is rooted, i dont get updates. Do i have to unroot the phone and get it updated and then i can install custom roms. Do custom roms depends on vision of android? or it universal..๏ปฟ we can install any custom rom regardless its ICS or Jellyben. Please help..Cheers

  157. youcef says:

    thanks for the rom buddy but unfortunately on fido (rogers) its stuck on 3g no way to get the hspa+ nor Lte working ,tried to add a new apn but still same does not apply changes upon changing the speed preference

  158. Shannon says:

    The newest Version of this rom is stuck attempting to connect to CDMA as preferred, when setting to LTE Preferred, it automatically returns to CDMA. HSPA seems to be intermittant, and over the last day, i have sat on 2g most of the time, Until this is fixed many folks will be unable to get above 2G speeds/connections

  159. AGR says:

    anyone got an issue with date and time getting reset when you shutdown and turn the phone back on?

    everytime I reboot I get a notification from whatsapp about incorrect time and date, then go to setting to fix and the date is always at 31/12/1970 :s

    kind of annoying, anyone experiencing this or have a fix?

  160. AveryBoots says:

    Anyone having a freeze issue? I can be on the phone talking and my phone will just freeze. People will hear me talking for a moment but I can’t hear them and I have to take the battery out and reboot. I started having this issue after installing the stable version of LiquidSmooth. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Also can any tell me how to save apps to my external sd card on my rooted sprint variant s3 flashed to Boost Mobile?? app2sd doesn’t seem to work.. ๐Ÿ™

  161. ratcityrain says:

    I have been running this rom for at least a month now and so far I have not found anything that doesn’t work.

    I however have a couple bugs that annoy me, but are not deal breakers and would like to figure out if there is a fix.
    1) For some reason, I will set a specific tone to be my phone ringtone and it will stick there for awhile, but then randomly the ringtone I have set will disappear and it will say “unknown ringtone”. So far I haven’t figured out if there is anything that triggers this to happen. Is there an easy fix?
    2) Another thing I haven’t been able to figure out what triggers it, but once in awhile the menu button will launch the Google Cards rather than give me the ability to access the sub menu of “wallpaper, manage apps, nova settings and system settings”. Any idea?

    Other than these 2 small items – everything is perfect and I love it.

  162. justin says:

    Max, I have an i9300 that I bought in Korea. Will this ROM work with it?



  163. Ekson says:

    Had this ROM for about 2 days. First day went well. Today I have not data connections. Anyone else having this issue? Probably started when i updated with the goo manager, but when I come back to this old Liquidsmooth ROM it still has the issue. Thanks for any help!

  164. lankythekid says:

    Anyone get WiFi tether to work on this ROM?

  165. Tim says:

    hey max, every time I install a cm10 based rom, and use the camera with flash it locks up and my screen goes blank……..also can’t get the native wifi tether hot spot to work as well.

  166. Maki says:

    I just place the 4.2.2 version of android on my GS3 GT19300 version.
    But I did encounter problem when im trying to access the Lock screen in the settings.
    the settings sort of crashes. Any workaround with this one?

  167. Cam says:

    I got the notification from GOOMananger to update to I thought it would use GOOManager to do the update but it flashes to recoverymode. I found the file and wasnt sure if i wanted to do the update like that. I was wondering if anyone has gone through it. Or if there are any steps i need to take to prep it.

    • chris dougherty says:

      yea ive had it,and ive downloaded it right then and there along with the gapps,i didn’t see any difference…but its not going to hurt anything if you update

  168. XFonz07 says:

    All I did was move the rom and the gapps to the external sd card and manually flash through recovery. The recovery part works like a charm too. I switch between cm and liquid smooth. Just make sure you backup through recovery first and use titanium if you want your apps.

  169. sun says:

    try to install but i have this error messages:
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed

    what did i do wrong?

  170. wander says:

    when it comes to battery life this rom its a piece of crap

  171. enidan says:

    hey, i just installed in my s3 gt-i9300 and its been more than hour but it didnt reboot yet ( stuck in liquidsmooth screen or i dont know how to call it)
    please help

  172. chris dougherty says:

    bing bang boom!!! worked perfectly!!! love it,very stable! fast! love it, 2 things I found wrong,the voice control doesn’t seem to work and there isn’t a calendar,but I can live without voice control and I just downloaded a better calendar off google play,just wanted to bring it up..mayb they can be added in an update or something,but not a big deal to me!! keep up the good work!!!

  173. Luis says:

    Hey first time flashing a ROM. Seems simple enough but I have a question about the gapps file. The instructional videos say I should flash it along with the ROM. First where can I get the gapp file SBD does it have to be specific to this rom?

  174. Gabrielasc9 says:


    Please help me! I flash the liquidsmooth rom but after rebooting I dont have my dowloaded apps and google play!!!!! so i can’t use my phone properly. If i unroot and install the stocks roms it will work normally again???

    Thank you so much for your help!

  175. Raman says:

    Home button doesn’t work. Pretty cool widgets and design. Not as stable as I’d like. Going with with a 4.2.1 stable version for the time being.

  176. Todd says:

    I understand wifi tether does not work, but does regular thetering work on this app for free(with a wire)?

    Also, is there a list of new features from the rom updates? Finally just updated my rom and i saw a couple of new features, but wanted to see what all of them are? I noticed DSP equalizer, dark liquid, and a couple of others

  177. XFonz07 says:

    I’ve been having a problem lately with this Rom and wanted to see if anyone could help or had any suggestions. Sometimes when I restart my phone I will get stuck at the liquid smooth boot animation and it will stay there for a long time until I’m forced to restore a previous backup. Anyone know what I could do to prevent this? I love this rom, it’s the best!

  178. XFonz07 says:

    This is version 2.2 by the way

  179. McKay says:

    I am running a t mobile rooted galaxy S3 with JB 4.1.1, that I got off ebay. I have titanium backup and superSU on it as well. Now I want to upgrade to the 4.2.2. Can anyone please guide me through this as i have never done this before.

  180. Max Laing says:

    Sorry to trouble you but I just installed the RC1 Liquid Smooth for Sprint. Then wiped cache as instructed. All went well during installation but when rebooting to boot up for the first time the phone is stuck at the animated LIQUIDSMOOTH logo and will not go past it. After about 20 minutes I rebooted the phone to see if that would help and it is stuck at the same screen again. Obviously very concerned now. Please help.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Max Laing

  181. steve says:

    i completed install and rebooted and its just stuck at the liquidsmooth logo with the logo still omving but wont go past it please help!

    • Max Laing says:

      Hey Steve – as you can see, my entry is just above yours back on the 26th. They have yet to answer me. As they have not offered a solution, I would say don’t hold your breath. I have no idea if this ass-clown actually offers any real help at all. I trusted him after watching one YouTube video. Shame on me. The way I saved myself is I found the recovery file on this site and – through Odin – restored it back to “factory”. At least that file worked perfectly. I have the S3 Sprint version. Hope this helps and sorry you fell for this guy like I did!

  182. Roni says:

    I used to be really active on these threads b4 I returned to stock root. I can say tho liquid smoith is a very good rom for customizations if u can get it to run properly. It sounds like u had a bad install what I would do is go back to your recovery if u have one and install it and take the bad ls file from your sd card and redownload it and try flashing again. And make sure u have the gapps package flashed with it or u won’t have any google based apps and won’t be able to setup your phone

    • Max Laing says:

      After the 3rd time of doing just that – and – actually need a working phone – this is no longer worth it on any level. Thanks but no thanks.

      Have a nice life…

      • Roni says:

        Well don’t be upset with me these aren’t my roms and this isn’t my site. I’m just tryong to help… but instead of flashing roms try to instalvsome exposed modules and other rooted apps… if your interested go to the xda developers site and look around. The people are great there and they’re always willing to help… currently I’m stock rooted and I have a messaging app that pops up so I can read and reply from my scroll down menu. I have a custom boot animation and running the stock kernal with a few tweeks through android tweeker and rom toolbox I have xposed app settings which allows u to change the framework and ui of apps on your phone and I have a module that puts a recorder while I’m in a call lets my volume rocker change music when listening and a few other things… there’s plenty of gelp and options out for root users u just have to know where to go and I can tell u this isn’t one of them… I’d start at xda like mentioned above or go to android forums.

  183. Andy says:

    Hi guys.
    I just download and try to install the rom but it always show a red message “signature verification failed” and the instalation stop. My phone still working but don’t get the new Rom. Can anyone help me or tell me what can i do to get the Rom full instaled?
    My phone is a T-Mobile s3 SGH-T999

  184. XFonz07 says:

    This is a very good Rom, been using for about 3 months. Although, whenever I have to turn my phone off or swap batteries it’s like pulling teeth trying to get the phone to fully boot back up. It’s like taking a huge risk, maybe resorting in flashing back to stock. What’s wrong? I hate not having the convenience of knowing my phone will start back up. It just sits at the liquid smooth screen for ages and requires me to pull the battery out.

  185. wander says:

    Bad battery life, costant freezes while making a call or talking, this rom sucks.

  186. Bryan says:

    This ROM is the best I’ve tried. LiquidSmooth Version 2.9 is out and it’s awesome!!! Use it with the KT747 kernel for the absolute perfect pairing. Everything works (including google play movies which doesn’t on other ROMs), and you also get incredible battery life thanks to the KT747 kernel.

  187. Cam says:

    Ive been using this rom for a long time now. I want to switch back to JellyBean. I bricked when putting on Liquid and i dont want to brick again when going back to Jelly. Is it as easy as just doing a factory restore? or do i have to put jelly bean back on? I have SGH-i747. Americas AT&T. Any help on doing this is appreciated.

  188. george says:

    i have a problem with the camera, it doesn;t work at all, aswell all other apps, what can i doo plz helpp ๐Ÿ™

  189. Anthony Pyrtle says:

    how do i fix the bootloop itl download but if i reset it once it wont come back on

  190. Anthony Pyrtle says:

    please help? i really like this rom and will there be a version 4.3 of this rom for galaxy s3 at&t

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