Android 4.2.2 with Root for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Leaked Firmware]

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For those of you who want to take a quick peek at what Samsung has been working on, you can flash the leaked Android 4.2.2 for your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300. (Please do not flash on any other models, you will brick your phone and we will not be responsible!)

Inside the leaked Android 4.2.2, you will find some new features we’ve seen on the Galaxy S4 such as Adapt Display Mode (for automatically adjusting AMOLED screen to the environment), Light effect for lockscreen, Daydream (allows you to turn your phone into digital frame while docked/charging), Driving mode (reads out your text messages while driving), S4 S-Voice, and some more.

Now, you can flash the “official” leaked version using ODIN OR flash the “rooted” version of the leak using CWM recovery. (My advice is to use the latter option).

If you can’t wait for developers to port this to custom ROMs, flash it today and enjoy the future! The next big thing is here already.

Download Android 4.2.2 with Root (flash with CWM) – mirror


Download Android 4.2.2 leaked firmware (flash with ODIN) – mirror

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit "Thanks" button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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56 Responses

  1. Chintan says:

    Hi Max, thanks for the rom and instructions. I would like to ask a few things before i try out this rom. i’m running official 4.1.2 and cm10.1 dual boot with siyah 1.9.1 on my i9300
    now, can i directly flash this rom via odin by connecting my phone in its current dual boot setup? i would like to replace only the stock firmware and not cm10.1. also, preserving the data on my stock touchwiz rom is important. will i lose data by flashing?
    will i lose dual boot after this update?
    hope to get things cleared up before jumping the gun. hope you can help me out with this. thanks and cheers, keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Luc says:

    Hello ,

    Seems to be a nice ROM but can I flash my S3-9300 intl version I9300XXELLA with this rom?

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Luc says:

    This went completely wrong 🙁

    I have a rooted S3 international version and flash it with this ROM using CWM but now my phone gets stuck in the booting screen. The only thing I see on the display is glowing Samsung logo ????

    Please help !!!!!!!!

    • Fonsis says:

      Just go to recovery modeand wipe cache partition 🙂

    • shaiksayeed says:

      download this file ………


      download ODIN 3.04

      extract the firmware .Connect the usb with ur mobile [volume -,power button and home button for long press ] (it apperas downloading press volume +) got to odin

      select PDA select the extracted file [firmware] see auto reboot and F.reset time is selected


      press …………………………………………


      ur phone is active

  4. jones says:

    hi max,
    i flashed the 4.2.2 leak via cwm. problem is my mobile data isnt working. anything i can do?

  5. Stuart says:

    This is the first ROM I have attempted to install that won’t install from external SD card and I have installed A LOT.

    Anyone else found this?

  6. Ferdz says:

    Hi Max,

    I flashed the 4.2.2 with root and works fine. I just want to ask how to enable the USB debugging in this firmware. I can’t seems to find the ‘developer’s option’ setting.

    Thanks in advance.


  7. Nick says:

    help me please I have a problem with my phone (I9300) when I try to call (not registered on the network)

  8. Renzo Castillo says:

    Cool ROM! I don´t like official firware and hated touchwiz…but touchwiz seems to be working really nice and smooth here.
    I will try this for a while and hope samsung will update the camera software

  9. Charles says:

    wanna see if the camera like s3 or s4
    if like s4 i will flash it

  10. Renzo says:

    Nop….Camera still like s3…

  11. scott says:

    is this rom safe im using pardus rom

  12. scott says:

    will you be able to update to the official version of 4.2.2 through this rom wen its realesed

  13. astralbee says:

    Can I flash this with TWRP? Or does it have to be CWM?

  14. Eyal says:

    Hi why do you have a “HOT mobile” wallpaper?
    it’s an Israely cellular company
    It’s funny to see this at anothe country.
    and also I can see you have an hebrew app there.
    Is that a leaked rom from Israel?

    love your work

  15. Nicolas says:

    I need help please!!!
    I saw this update somewhere else(before coming here) and decide to download the firmware and using odin, but i ended up not liking it because it didnt have root and now i wanted to use cmw to get the rooted version but i dont know if it will work switching roms on this firmware or even enabling cmw

  16. lyLe says:

    Just a thought can your upload the download links in torrent :))

    Thanks and More POWER!

  17. Mario says:

    Hey Max i need your help. I flashed the non root file of the firmware with odin and than i wanted to go back to 4.1.2 stock firmware, and the proces failed. Then i tryed to flash it again and the proces stoped at NAND write. I tryed flashing a new pit file and it stil gets stuck. If you could please help me i would be so gratefull.

  18. Pruthvi Bellary says:

    I have just upgraded to this rom and some of the apps on this update is In Jewish and I can tell what they are except the calendar……….please help how do I change this?

  19. Carlyle Fortune says:

    Hi, would like to thank you for the great site and work.

    Im been running the rom from when u uploaded it on your site. Loving it! One problem, battery runs down fast and phone is constantly hot even when screen is off an no backgroup apps running, only reason why im going back to stock 🙁
    Pls help!

    • Gary says:

      just curious, as to why so many people having issues with this installation. . I have never had any issues in relation to updating, no heat problems, no network problems. if you don’t feel confident then don’t do it. ask as many questions first. but think before you ask questions as this often supports your initial thoughts and other people answers. updating is not rocket science, think before you act, and my favourite, measure twice, cut once

      • Terry says:

        Totally agree Gary, i flashed this with my usual wipe Davilk cache, wipe cache partion, factory reset and install rom. Perfect first time, have been running this since first posted and haven’t had a single force closure. Great ROM.

  20. darrell says:

    Don’t flash this on a vzw s3 bricked phone wont power on!!!!

    How about the OP put what phone this came from and what carrier its compatable with.

    • Gary says:

      Darrell, am I correct in saying that this is a Verizon wireless S3, is that an “international”. (I don’t think it is) GT-i9300 .that’s why it mentions only to flash on this model as brick will happen
      I am sorry if this is the case. I have heard that some places are able fix this but it cost as much as getting new phone.

      • red says:

        Android 4.2.2 with Root for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Leaked Firmware]
        It clearly says S3 GT-i9300
        The point is made quite often on this site to only use roms designed for your model of S3

  21. Altaf says:

    I wanted to flash this through a .zip Flash method. But my phone got stuck!!! Now it is not even coming to Logo. Only I can see Samsung Galaxy sIII. I have i9300. Will I need to put the zip into Internal Storage or somewhere else?

  22. Loz says:

    Hi max I flashed this rom a week ago. Coming from foxhound which was pretty damn stable. This rom works great no major issues. But I don’t have to multi screen even though the icon is there. Is this normal?.
    Also I install the S4 translator but it won’t translate like it did in foxhound. Any thoughts?
    And lastly screen rotation is pretty slow yet my mrs is running JB 4.1.1 and her rotation is as fast as her old iphone 4. Again any help would be great.


  23. John says:

    I installed this rom but when I try to install applications from the play store I got an 403 error. What can I do?

  24. alex says:

    hi.thank you nice rom but have 1 problem i not see usb debuging i need this plz help me

    • gary from downunder says:

      Alex follow instruction
      The “Developer Options” menu item on 4.2.* is hidden.

      1. Goto Settings -> About Phone.

      2. Goto “Build Number” at the end of the Scroll list.

      3. Tap on “Build Number” repeatedly (7 times).

      4. Hooray, you are now a ‘Developer’, go back to the Setting page.

      5. You should see Developer Option menu item in your setting list now.

      6. Open Developer Options and check USB debugging > Ok

  25. shr95 says:

    just flash light force rom v8 guys!! Best and slim 4.2.2 with great stability and battery life! 😀 an thanks max for the video 🙂

  26. John Gjendemsjo says:

    Hi, I have an S3 GT I9300. Installed the jb 4.2.2, “hot mobile”. Anybody knows how to root it ?

  27. bgod says:

    this update is too slow.too much lag.and the animations are also changed.

  28. Kelly says:

    This rom completely bricked my AT&T Galaxy S3, not soft bricked…HARD BRICKED.

    Other roms all worked fine, this one…BAM INSTANT DEAD PHONE, it won’t even turn on. I have no warrenty on this any more, so it’s not even like I could try to get a new phone.
    The usb Jig…didn’t work either.

    Wish I never found this link. Terribly upset.

    • gary says:

      I am still amazed how people don’t read things out completely. this ROM is for the international version of sg3. the phone prefix: GT-I9300 if this is not the case then don’t do it. the (I) is international
      the start of this page mentions GT-I9300 and then mention do not use on non international version as brick will occur. I’m sorry for this to happen. as this is not a good look for android Vs. apple ,but sometimes people need to be responsible for their own mistakes and accept the fact that no one but them selves made this mistake. I always read completely and make sure I understand what I’m doing before hand and then when I’m completely understanding the process, I read it again. until it’s second nature.

    • Andres says:

      Do u wish you never had found this link?
      I wish you had read the instructions CAREFULLY, not to mention the title of the post, and the innumerable warnings you get when you read the ENTIRE post.

  29. Yasir says:

    I am kinda new to rooting the phone and installimg custom roms and stuff…….. Can I please know the method used to flash rom on the video ‘how to install custom roms’ on the Right side of the page, is it the method referred to as using Cwm or using ODIN????

  30. gagarin says:

    how to change boot logo?

  31. gagarin says:

    or boot screen?

  32. Keith says:

    I have a galaxy s3 gti9300t, had firmware issues, i succesfully installed cwm and have installed this rom from my sd card, boot logo works, then blue sumsung logo and blue led flashes, i went back to recovery and cleared the cache.. Still happening.. Any URGENT ideas would be greatly appreciated

  33. Loz says:

    @keith. I never use my card to flash from or I end up with the problem you have. These phone’s seen to still have issues with the card connected to the phone and crupting data. I would flash with odin the orignal software then root the phone and put the 4.2.2 onto the root of the phone then try again.


    • Keith says:

      I just tried to flash with original firmware, still stuck in boot screen. If i flash the 4.2.2 using odin hopefully ill have some luck

  34. Loz says:

    @Keith did you go into Advance and clear dalvick cashe? Then restart?


  35. Keith says:

    Ive cleared all the caches, just flashed using the odin version off this site, exactly the same problem, except now i dont have root access, do i re flash the cfroot?

  36. Keith says:

    Nothing.. No matter what rom or firmware i add, even after wiping, loads onto the phone with no issue, but nothing boots up, i cant even gain access to the phone to delete the counter.. Kill me

  37. Loz says:

    Try removing battery and memory card and sim for a minute. Then only fit sim and battery. Go back to recovery mode. And clear dalvick again. Then see if it boots after it updates.

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