Android 4.3 + Root for Galaxy S3! [CM10.2]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out CM10.2 Android 4.3 ROM with root for your Galaxy S3. Available for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and GT-i9300 models, the latest CyanogenMod 10.2 has been ported to bring you the bleeding edge of Android.

Of course, there are bugs. For Sprint and GT-i9300, camera seems very buggy and not working too well. As for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, the stock camera works just fine while focal camera was buggy.

Other than those issues, CM10.2 ROM works pretty solid out of the box. Performance is fast and battery life is pretty good too (as that’s one of the major improvements with Android 4.3).

This is definitely not a stable ROM yet but a “beta” ROM. If you don’t mind the camera being buggy (for Sprint and GT-i9300), definitely you can still use it as daily driver.

And of course, you can always just make a backup ROM and try Android 4.3, then restore easily back to whatever ROM you were on.

If you have not tried Android 4.3 yet, definitely give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Android 4.3 CM10.2 ROM for Galaxy S3 AT&T SGH-i747/T-Mobile SGH-T999

Download Android 4.3 CM10.2 ROM for Galaxy S3 Sprint SPH-L710

Download Android 4.3 CM10.2 ROM for Galaxy S3 Verizon SCH-i535

Download Android 4.3 CM10.2 ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

You can get the latest Android 4.3 Photosphere camera here.

Credits – T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, GT-i9300 <--- Please donate to the developers or hit Thanks button on XDA, thx!

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104 Responses

  1. kolbii says:

    How well does the apollo music app work on this rom?

  2. Will says:

    Hey Max got it uploaded and everything seems fine. Except for one big thing…theres no superuser binary…I can’t get superuser to update or apps to access it. I’m pretty stumped on this one…is there a zip file I need or something. Have you even heard of this?
    Thanks bro…keep it up!

  3. young eno says:

    hey max, I was wondering since this ROM is 4.3, does this automatically come with the 4.3 camera apk? I still can’t get that camera to install on the illusion ROM.

    • E says:

      Got this on my phone last night, everything was working fine but now this morning it has been running very very warm and within the last hour after taking it off the charger it is down to 68% battery. No heavy usage on it either. Any fixes for this?

      • Rac3rsx says:

        I found the same issue. I went to performance and dropped the frequency a bit. Running at 800mhz and staying cool with good batter life. It will incrementally use the frequency needed between 300-800 MHz

        • Terry Tumulty says:

          to get photosphere installed you need to uninstall the stock gallery with titanium backup, then install photosphere. I tried this rom but could not get a su binary and therefore couldn’t run titanium so I moved on.

  4. E says:

    Didn’t mean to reply this…

    Got this on my phone last night, everything was working fine but now this morning it has been running very very warm and within the last hour after taking it off the charger it is down to 68% battery. No heavy usage on it either. Any fixes for this?

    • Bob says:

      I think “sync on” is the culprit because my battery was getting flat even when it was connected to my charger. It started charging as soon as I switched the sync option off.

  5. nigel says:

    any issues with voice + it’s force closing and i’m not sure what it is…I can’t send sms and i’m using tmobile

  6. Jason Krapf says:

    ATT Download is for T-Mobile. Will not install????
    Is there a new link? ?????

  7. young eno says:

    so I’ve downloaded this ROM twice now, boot into twrp and try to install it but it keeps failing…any ideas why? it always completes at 188.87mb. could that not be the WHOLE file? any help is appreciated. thanks

  8. Max says:

    Flashed this and seen to have lost my root on my at&t S3.. How can this be fixed?

  9. Digiweb says:

    Flashed the new ROM. Now my Superuser does not work properly so i don’t really have root access. Everything else works just fine in 4.3. Any suggestions on how to fix superuser.. I have superuser pro and still does not make a difference. I even tried un-installing and re-installing, wiped cache and did factory reset.. even tried rooting my phone over again. nothing worked..

    • khader says:

      i had the same problem and i found this on the XDA site and it did work.

      You guys having root problems, do this:

      enable developer options (tap build number 7 times)
      go in and check “Enable USB Debugging” and set Root access to “Apps+ADB”

    • rfb813 says:

      Don’t you watch Max’s video? He clearly states you have to activate the Developer options and then activate Root plus ADB.

      • Digiweb says:

        I activated Developer options and then activated Root plus ADB. However, I still get installation failed when trying to update my binary on superuser. Do i need to reroot my phone? Another thing that I noticed that none of my backups will install in Clockwork Mod Recovery. Anything that I am missing?

  10. rfb813 says:

    Worked fine. Set up and went to dev options to set root the I used Super SU (I prefer) instead of the Superuser in the ROM. All apps working except Focal which you idenitifed.

  11. Kolbii R says:

    Why don’t my notifications make any noise?

  12. COREY VICARY says:

    Hi is this going to come out for the I9305 ???????

  13. James says:

    I noticed that there is no mention of a Canadian compatability for rogers it is the model sgh1747m? Any help please? Still on 4.1.1

  14. John G says:

    Evrythings looks good on my GT I9300, but android keyboard, stop working all the time.
    So I went back to the cyanogenmod 10.1, waiting for a fix for the keyboard.

  15. Je'Reme H. says:

    I tried flashing and there is an error. Sprint S3 .

    • young eno says:

      keep gettin failed when flashing it right? I’m having same issue. smh

      • Je'Reme Herbert says:

        I went to xda for the source file idk what version of the s3 you have but here is a link

        you can probably find another one on xda

  16. Raphael says:

    Hey, just to let you guys know, I’ve installed the photosphere with the android 4.3 and my front camera is not taking shots anymore. I can see the image from it, but, when I try a shot, it restart the cellphone. The rear camera is working fine!


  17. Jarel Yantes says:

    I still am unable to get my root access!!! what else can i do. I enabled the developer options/usb dubugging/and set root access to apps and ADB.

  18. andrew says:

    If I’m running an older version of CM and it prompts me to update to the newest version, is it going to erase all my stuff if I just update from one CM to the next?

  19. rumein says:

    Works fine with my tmobile Galaxy s3 t999…only issue is as what max said, focal freezes(buggy) and it reboots when taking pics with instagram front facing camera. Oh! Facebook notifications don’t work unless you have the app open…

    Super fast rom!

  20. Jarel says:

    I am still unable to get my root access after all of the above recommendations. I have tried re-flashing the ROM, I have tried enabling the developer options and enabling apps + ADB. I have tried installing SuperSU, but it wont update the binary. It seems i am stuck with no root access. Any other suggestions????

  21. Jarel says:

    For those of you that are having root access problems. Here is the link that i used that solved my root access problem.

    • Digiweb says:

      This works on the samsung galaxy s3 when you install in CM. I downloaded the update here:

      woo hoo.. thanks a lot guys

  22. Chris says:

    I enabled the developer options (settings -> about -> tap build number 7 times), put check mark in “enable usb debugging”, and enabled “apps + ADB”. I then installed SuperSU from the play store. Ran it, but still couldn’t get Titanium to have su rights. Rebooted, ran Super SU again, and then things worked fine.

  23. JESSE says:

    Tried to install twice… Got the same error twice keyboard would not come up to key in wifi code…or to log in to my Google account…

    • curbcrete says:

      i got this too, twice, decided to go back to liquid smooth. Was wondering if there is a new gappa also for the 4.3?

  24. Nate says:

    rom is smooth but #su is jacked! sounds like cm has been having issues with this in 4.3 .

  25. JESSE says:

    Liquid Smooth is dope…. So is Slimrom….

  26. JESSE says:

    LIQUID SMOOTH 2.8 is the best so far….Haven’t tried 2.9….

  27. JESSE says:

    The only issue I had was while texting the recipient’s name area disappeared….

  28. randy says:

    works fine….wifi doesnt connect???

  29. randy says:

    never mind…reboot did it

  30. JESSE says:

    Once again…. No default Google stock keyboard available… Did the wipe and all… Any ideas? For all you on an S3 on AT&T… Liquid Smooth 2.8 and Slimrom ver 8 are ROCK. SOLID. STABLE… I’m been on Liquid Smooth since I got my S3. Customization is not OVERKILL….

  31. Sajeel says:

    Hi all mates! 03 quick questions…please respond!

    1. My titanium backup hangs up while restoring (using pro version of TB)…how to fix????

    2. Smart Rotation doesnt resizes screen properly in landscape position????

    3. Where is enter button in keyboard???

    thanks for youur time….

  32. randy says:

    every time i flash this rom i lose root….doesnt happen with any other rom i flash…any ideas

  33. AlienNGP says:

    This Is Not Official Cyanogenmod rom it could be the reason for this being so buggy with root cause i just searched for the rom on there website and for the sprint variant the last update was on 2013-07-11 18:18:00 this must be a unofficial build sorry but i cannot use unofficial CM Roms

    • Jrod says:

      It is there official Rom they just haven’t officially released it yet. If you read their news feeds they said the official will be released in the next few days but they released it for builders to play with already.

  34. MiSota94 says:


  35. JESSE says:

    No… No trabaja muy bien… No lo recomiendo…. Yo recomiendo LIQUID SMOOTH 2.8 para el S3 con AT&T…..

  36. INFO GUY says:

    To the people saying they have lost root… you havent.

    Go into settings>about phone>build version/number and click it lots of times. This enables dev settings.

    Then go back to settings>developer settings>and change root from APPS to APPS AND ADB

    Root restored!

  37. Juan says:

    My titanium backup hangs up while restoring will not restore. I have tried to uninstall, TB restart my phone and nothing.Does anyone have any ideas?

  38. Kevin Santos says:

    Hey guys so i rooted my phone and tried to install the 4.3 mod on to my gs3 but now its in boot loop, ive cleared both caches in advanced and in patetion, thanks in advance Kevin,

  39. Kevin s says:

    but know i have no apps whats so ever{dont have google play nor any other stock apps to run phone like gmail and so forth,} so, do i need to reinstall stock s3 tmobile rom in order to get those apps back and then try to convert it back to 4.3??

  40. Rac3rsx says:

    What does the lte button do in the status menu? When I click it on my data turns off. Does this mean I’m not getting lte? Also anyone experiencing tether issues? My devices connect but no Internet

  41. Doug says:

    I’m now hearing a popping noise when I play music via Apollo or Play Music…any thoughts?

  42. young eno says:

    so does the sprint version work yet? every time I download it and try to install it via twrp, it fails. I know how to install ROMs so I don’t know why this keeps failing.

  43. Boeyt says:

    Installed. How to get screenshot? Swipe of palm doesn’t worked.

    • Scott says:

      This is AOKP so no Samsung features…smart stay, palm swipe, etc. For a screenshot hold down power and volume down button.

  44. Jake says:

    How is this still ROM of the week when it’s two weeks old?

  45. young eno says:

    MAX!!! I’m ready to throw my hands up onto why won’t NONE of the 4.3 ROMs floating around won’t install on my sprint s3. ever since I’ve installed the illusion ROM, I can’t install anything else unless it’s 4.2.2 and under. I installed the carbon ROM with no problem. I’ve downloaded this ROM & also the pacman 4.3 version but they ALL JUST FAIL. I’ve cleared all cache, dalvik cache, factory reset, even formatted everything. PLEASE help me out and point me into the right direction.

  46. paul chan says:

    everything works great. but trying to update to nightly and i’m getting failed? any ideas..


  47. young eno says:

    yikes…what did I do?! I can’t even install the Beanstalk ROM on my phone. what the hell!!!

    • young eno says:

      Ok I figured out my problem! The thing I needed to do was UPDATE MY FIRMWARE to MD4 (for those on sprint s3 and ROM installs keep failing) then bam! I was able to install any ROM again. now I’m redownloading this to give this a shot although BeanStalk is moving quite smoothly and quickly for me but its 4.2.2, I wanna taste 4.3.

  48. Nabeel says:

    is this rom reliable ? and it’s nighty updates through recovery mode or over the air ? and if it’s through recovery mode it will remove my apps and settings or like Samsung updates ?

  49. Daniel says:

    After installing my 3g network is not working.

    Any help??

  50. ramona says:

    I am not that fond of CM. Telephone is getting really hot, and battery drains rapidly.

  51. turnbasenerd says:

    I got some pretty good numbers from Antutu on this rom. Any good kernel options?

  52. Kobylinski says:

    Tom s3. In Miami.
    Great rom. Smooth and fast.

    Unfortunately, 4g does not work! The fastest i have seen it go is 3g, but most of the time it keeps switching switching speeds. In the settings about, it will not go to 4g.


  53. JESSE ONE says:

    Do NOT use this ROM…. It’s horribly unstable…. Stick with either Liquid Smooth or SLIMROM, best roms ever especially on S3 on AT&T…. ROCK-SOLID… SOLID & STABLE.

  54. dscroggs says:

    i have only 1 issue rest seems flawless and as far as #SU followed steps works fine…. but i can not get sound for SMS notifications i use handscent but tried others and even stock…. no sound just vibrations anyone know a fix?

  55. Derrish says:


    Could you pls tell me how to dual boot the latest CyanogenMod 10.2 (4.3) Official Nightly and stock JB(4.1.2)..
    I have tried Siyah recovery ,and its not proving fruitful..
    the message ‘unfortunately the process has stopped’ keeps popping out on my lock screen,so much so that i cant possibly do anything else ,when i boot into 10.2..
    Is there any other way around this ..??
    I have heard about Googy-Max kernel(also capable of dual boot,and a derivative of Siyah) ,but i dont know if that works for sure..Could u pls suggest a solution to this predicament i am in ..


  56. Ruch says:

    Hey Max
    I flashed the rom but there is no play store or any of my apps, just files. Also, when I try to sync my contacts, it doesn’t sync any. Pleaase help!

  57. Mark says:

    Hey Max,
    I flashed this ROM 2 days ago and now lost my GPS. I restored to Universe S4 and still no GPS. I did a full Stock restore and GPS is still not working. Can’t get a lock on any Satellites with any GPS app. Any ideas?

  58. Jon says:

    Is there a US Cellular 4.3 yet ?

  59. JESSE ONE says:

    Is there an OFFICIAL…. STABLE…. Cyanogenmod 4.3 release for d2att..?

  60. Frank Davila says:

    esta rom es compatible con mi samsung captivate SGH-I897?

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