AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon/International]

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For those of you with an AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular, or International Galaxy S3, you can now get a stable version of AOKP Jelly Bean ROM on your phone.   (Sorry Sprint users, no AOKP for you yet.)

This ROM isn’t for everyone as you will lose many Samsung TouchWiz features like S-Beam but for those of you who want to experience pure Google operating system.

This ROM is like CM10 but with lots of UI/system customizations added.

With the latest Milestone 1 released this morning, you will get all of the famous AOKP ROM features on your phone includes many things like 8-target lockscreen, LED customizations per app, weather/calendar widgets, and a whole lot more.

If this is something interests you, definitely try it out this week and let me know how it goes for you (and please state which Galaxy S3 you have!).


Download AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for International Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Download AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S3

Download AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3

Download AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for Verizon or USCelluar Galaxy S3 (vzw for Verizon and usc for USCelluar!)

Download Gapps

To install, download ROM for your GS3 AND Gapps.  Then reboot into CWM Recovery, do data wipe/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, wipe cache, and reboot.

Make sure you make a backup ROM beforehand and also use Titanium Backup app for apps, SMS Backup app for SMS, and GMail for your contacts/calendar.

Credits – AOKP

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100 Responses

  1. Cole Longo says:

    Will the Metropcs S3 be getting this rom?

  2. john says:

    Does this rom support wifi call? I am using t-mobile

  3. Austen says:

    you mentioned the smart stay, when youre looking at the screen and it stays on. here is the app that works pretty well in its place

    i think it may drain the battery a bit. i was losing a lot of charge but did some other stuff so i did not do rigorous testing.

    i am now looking for an app that emulates the feature where you can put the phone to your ear and it will call.

    thanks for the great site and vid. i will def check this out.

  4. Romain says:

    What’s the major difference(s) between this rom and cm10. I’m about to try out cm10

  5. Eric says:

    Does this rom have the old local/universal search function that searches everything on the phone including email and applications? I need this function desperately!

  6. SanAnFan1 says:

    for some odd reason there is no sound when you reboot the phone. no notification or ringtone sound

  7. Asrar Ahmed says:

    Does this ROM support a 64 GB exfast SD card? Cyanogenmod doesn’t, and everytime I forget that, I have to format my SD card. Thanks Max.

    • Asif Mansoori says:

      I am using cm10 with 64gb card. In order to use 64gb card with cm10 or aopk rom you must format it to fat32 file system. that’s what I did.

  8. Romain says:

    Am I able to get 4G on the T-Mobile version

  9. Romain says:

    Need screen capture feature

  10. john says:

    i dont have google sotre
    so i cant install CWM
    how can i fix it ?

  11. Jay says:

    If you use a vzw S3 and enjoy using walkie talkie applications, forget it. I tried every leaked custom JB rom out there. There is an audio issue which doesn’t allow enough audio output for anyone to hear your transmission. I found the Touchwiz JB roms to work fine but they aren’t ready for daily use just yet. Some apps aren’t compatible or updated, etc and still some bugs from the leaks.

    Anyway, I wish Max would demonstrate a video where he uses Zello or TIKL applications as a test. I am sure he will find they do not work properly.

    Thanks for the info you provide Max…..

    • Barrett Grubb says:

      They don’t with non touchwiz ROMs just like voice recorder apps play back really low this is a bug that hasn’t been fixed yet in these types of non touchwiz ROMs

  12. Ladislao says:

    Hey why does the screen flicker so much with the Aokp ROMs? I’ve tried several and they all do it. Why is that or am I doing something wrong?

  13. Alex says:

    Hey zedomax, ever since I’ve used CM10 preview my camera has been freezing within 5 seconds when I open it then I have to hold power button to reboot phone. Any advice it just sucks because I cannot use this beautiful camera and is happening on AOKP (I have currently)?

    • Barrett Grubb says:

      Reflash using these steps:
      1: Factory Data Reset
      2: Clear cache
      3: Advanced-wipe daylvik cache
      4: mounts and storage- Format data
      5: mounts and storage Format system
      6: flash ROM
      7: flash gapps
      8: Reboot
      9: Re install your apps
      10: go back into recovery and fix permissions
      11: reeboot

      If this doesn’t work then I don’t know what to tell ya, im running this ROM with no camera issues and most people with these kind of issues didn’t do a clean enough install.

  14. Josh says:

    Hey thanks for the video, I’m currently running this rom (aokp milestone 1) on my Verizon s3. I also have the kt747 kernel installed. For some reason when i install a custom boot animation, when I boot up my phone during the new animation, the animation starts, and then the screen flashes white 3 times during the animation. I’ve tried re flashing the animation, as well as installing it manually using rom manager, but it still has that issue. I know that this particular animation works because it’s worked fine on earlier builds of aokp.

  15. Rick says:

    We’re sorry, but we could not find any matches for “download”.

    Please check your spelling or try different keywords

    no file found…missing something important!

  16. Nitin says:

    Hey Max,

    I spent all day looking through your site and reading pretty much every article you wrote about rooting. I went to root my verizon GS3 with this root, and, somehow, i ended up with a bricked phone. Its stuck on the “Samsung Galaxy S III” screen, even if i pull out the battery and do it again.

    Is there a way to do something about this? I’m on a mac computer by the way. and everything i’ve been finding online points to Odin, which requires a PC.

    Any help?

    • Jay says:

      See if you can get into recovery mode. With the unit turned off, hold these three keys, Vol down, Home and power. As it powers up, release the keys when you see “Galaxy S3”. If it doesn’t go into recovery, you will then need to flash a rom with odin. Pretty much, just root the device again with odin and the proper rooted rom file.

    • Barrett Grubb says:

      If you have truly bricked your phone then ODIN want help you anyway bcuz you won’t be able to get into download mode, there’s not much you can do if its a hard brick except get a new phone!

  17. Luuk says:

    i dont have the play store on my phone after i put the rom on my phone! plz help

  18. Tommy says:

    Best battery life by far love this ROM .

  19. dkl says:

    will this work with my Telus (Canada) Galaxy S3? N00b – rooted my phone today – got all that working. Now want to try this ROM but don’t want to brick it!


  20. tbacba says:

    I like most everything about this rom for my Verizon S3 except, I can’t seem to acquire GPS lock. Any thoughts?

    • Barrett Grubb says:

      Go into manage apps and clear data for Google maps, also try going into your location access settings and select internal for GPS source. Its the only option you can choose but not checked on for some reason when you first flash, also toggle yourgps on and off a couple times after you’ve done the above two things and you should be good to go

  21. TheHerk says:

    Will not connect to my network
    AT&T GS3 I747 / AT&T Network
    Shows coverage bars but no connection to network. On start-up will connect for about 15secs enough for a few texts to come in. Coverage stays at full bars but network goes from (H) to (3G) to (G) then to nothing.
    Will not make calls, send text, ect.. once the data logos have gone.
    I have verified APN and Yes, I have cell coverage. This wasn’t an issue until I flashed this ROM.

    Any ideas? Much appreciated!

    • Bobby says:

      I too have the same problem. I have tired this ROM as well as the CM10 ROM and neither allows me to connect to my HSPA phone data. It does exactly as you described where it cycles through H, then 3g, then G and then Edge. So I was stuck with using wifi only.

      I had had to revert to the LIQUID SMOOTH JB ROM which works perfectly for my AT&T phone.

      I am interested in a solution also as I would like to check out some of these newer ROMS.

      Thanks in advance.

      • TheHerk says:

        Took it into AT&T device support center- They deemed it a hardware issue and gave me a new GS3.
        I find it odd a hardware issue would occur simultaneously with a ROM Flash but hey why complain. Brand New Phone!
        Flashed the new phone w/ this ROM. Works great!

  22. Ozzie says:

    Rom looks good can I duel boot this Rom I’m using omega Rom v31 and paranoid android with siyah kernel 1.7 atm and I would like to give this ago…

    • Barrett Grubb says:

      I highly doubt it man without causing a bunch of problems, and you can’t really judge a new ROM without fully wiping to make sure if you have issues that you know its the ROM and not something you done. I wouldn’t recommend it. I even format system when I’m installing a new ROM!

  23. El Yuki PR says:

    Hey Max! I love TWRP Recovery. This ROM could be flashed with TWRP or only with CWM?

  24. i535 says:

    what about the camera?up..

  25. i535 says:

    How to deal with the camera question..

  26. Jatan says:

    Hi I am currently running on CM10 nightly builds. Can someone tell me the differences between this ROM and CM10? Also which ROM would you suggest?

    • Barrett Grubb says:

      Yeah this ROM is sorta like cm10 but not the cm10 your on, its android 4.1.2 which is the latest source code out right now, CM10 M2 is built off this same code. AOKP is a way more customizable AOSP ROM, so its similar but with way more you can mess with, way more and in my opinion a waaay cooler ROM! Just make a Nandroid! Fully wipe! I don’t care what people say about coming from cm10 and all that junk you still need to fully wipe just make a Nandroid so if you wanna go back you won’t loose anything. Try it out and see and also there’s an unofficial AOKP built off their source that’s way better by task650 if your an ATT variant but only for ATT.

  27. nash says:

    I love this ROM I never looked back.only one problem, I cannot connect to kies on my Mac. That was they only way I could connect before this ROM. Please help…

  28. Nate James says:

    Best ROM yet! Been waiting for so long for this one. Thanks for the review Max! Now to get AOKP on my wife’s razr maxx…….

  29. Barrett Grubb says:

    To everyone who doesn’t know this, for those who do sorry but: AOSP ROMs like this one show true internet signal and they don’t lie to you like the ROM that came on your phone does, H=3G, H+=4G, 4G=LTE and also the reason it seems like your data signal jumps around a lot is bcuz that’s the way its supposed to be its an efficiency thing, it will ramp up when your phone is actually using data and slow back down when your phone is not that’s one reason battery life is better with these ROMS the other is all the bloatware and touchwiz junk is gone! Thanks just wanted to clear that up…

  30. Nash says:

    Whats the deal with the wallpaper settings for lock screen. Im forced to crop my wallpaper. I dont get it !

  31. Pedro says:

    Hi Max, when I’m trying to flash, it says installation aborted, I have searched into XDA and I need to be in the latest CWM, the problem is, I am!! and still cannot flash it.. 🙁

  32. rfb813 says:

    I am very happy with this ROM. Google Now, Navigation and MHL(HDMI) all working. Best ROM from AOKP. I have also installed the Android 4.2 camera, keyboard and Gmail on my phone all are working. Looking forward to the next version which will be out when 4.2 is released Nov 13.

  33. sam says:

    Everything is working fine apart from nfc,it doesn’t turn on, any ideas?

  34. Mark W says:

    Anyone else happened to have a problem with WiFi? I reinstalled the ROM using all wipes, completely clean start. Wifi locks in upon completion of the installation, then the first time I reboot the phone it is not able to discover any WiFi networks at all. When I refresh it says WPS failed please try again later. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

  35. Brian P says:

    How do you enable the clock and weather widgets on the home screen? These are present on the lock screen, but I can’t find a widget to place on the desktop.

  36. James says:

    Max, I just rooted and used rom manager to install this rom and i am stuck at the samsung boot screen! Help!

  37. Vijer says:

    Galaxy S3 I9300 Rooted

    I tried this ROM and it is really nice, but for me at least, it is not stable. If 4.2 is anything like 4.1.2 it will be great. I hope they get the bugs out of 4.1.2 because it really has some nice features.

  38. Asrar says:

    Is it just me, or this ROM doesn’t have camera app? And the gallery and keyboard is ice cream sandwich’s, not Jelly Bean.

  39. rfb813 says:

    I have installed the 4.2 camera, keyboard and Gmail apks. All are working. MHL(HDMI) also works but you need the Samsung adaptor.

    • Asrar Ahmed says:

      Care to provide us with the links for downloads? Thanks.

    • AL says:

      I have all those installed too and the Camera works awesome for the Sphere pictures (and I can view them fine on the Gallery too), HOWEVER, if I try to take a normal picture with the 4.2 camera the app FCs and when I try to go back to it it says “Can’t connect to camera”, at which point I can’t even use the stock camera because it gives me the same error. I have to reboot to get it working again so right now I only use the 4.2 camera for ‘Sphere’ pics.

      Is this happening to you too by any chance? Or do u know of anyone having this issue as well?

      • dkl says:

        Having the same issue. Apparently if you tap to focus before each shot the camera will work great. Just don’t forget to tap or you will lose the camera until you need to reboot!! I wanted to keep the 4.2 apps and got around the camera problem by simply using another camera app for regular pics etc. I chose Camera ZOOM FX but there is no shortage in the Play store….

  40. Mustafa says:

    The LED wont work like i set the color and then i test it but nothing. any help would be awesome

  41. Barrett Grubb says:

    Max you really need to do a review on this unofficail AOKP, its way way better and has a great support thread on XDA. Its built by task650 and ktoonsez and guys it really has everything, inc. of late some android 4.2 things! Plus the best support you will get with any of these ROMs. But listen carefully, it is only and I repeat only for AT&T, Bell, Rogers, and Telus users. This ROM is nearly flawless and ive been on it for a couple months now. Please Please check this out if yall want the best aosp ROM you can get on your phone right now! We get updates several times a week for the ROM and any problem you have will get resolved if you subscribe to the support thread. Just read the thread rules b4 you post. Always search b4 you ask! But enough typing about it, just check it out!

  42. shamin says:

    is the video calling in dialler is enabled?

  43. Wes says:

    I really like this ROM, but I’m having one issue. The GPS isn’t working, so no location or weather. Any ideas?

  44. i535 says:

    “Please insert an SD card before using the camera”…what is going on?please help me!I need to use camera!!

  45. Jonathan Carter says:

    hi max, i don’t know if there is a more direct way to contact you, so im trying this.
    I’m having some trouble with my sd card. i just flashed the Resurrection Remix v3.1.2. rom onto my i9300, and all was working fine, until i inserted my sd card. at first my phone gave me an error message saying “damaged sd card, try reformating?” and so i did. it unmounted and then nothing. i went into setting than storage options, then clicked mount usb storage(or something) under SD Card, then i got the same error message “damaged sd card, try reformating?” and so i did it again. and every time the same thing happened. when it wouldnt work on my phone, i plugged it in to my pc, and it said it needed to be reformated, so i did, and it worked fine, i could access it, store files on it etc., but when i inserted it back into my i9300, it gave me the error message again. this is a really big problem, since i store a lot of data on my sd card (its 64gb if that helps). i don’t know if my phone’s screwed up or my sd card, or my sd card just doesnt work with jelly bean(which i hope is its not) and im pretty woried

    Ps: i was originally running criskello rom v5.4.1. ICS for a long time, then switched to AOKP JB Milestone 1 yesterday, and thats when the problems with the sd card started, the same as with RRv3.1.2., then i switched to RR v3.1.2 hoping that the problem would go away, but it didnt

    im really desperate and kinda freaking out, so any help would be much appreciated.
    and thanks in advance,

    • Barrett Grubb says:

      You need to check with the dev of the ROM your on and see if it supports the 64gb SD because some don’t and you might have to go one size down in SD if you want to stay on that ROM, I’m not saying that’s for sure the problem but a good possibility Cuz I’ve seen people have this issue with other ROMs the 64 is a different format than the smaller cards and a lot of the software out right now don’t support it….

      • Jonathan Carter says:

        Thanks, its just I’ve been having trouble contacting RR Devs, I couldn’t find an email address or something to send my question to. And sry, but it turns out I’m running 3.1.1. After all, if it makes a difference

        • dkl says:

          I bought a 64 GB SanDisk and had the exact same issue as you. I formatted it FAT32 on my PC and it then worked flawlessly in the Galaxy S3. I was running Windows 7 and had to download a special program to allow me to format FAT32 on the 64GB external card as windows wouldn’t do it. Let me know if you need a link and I can dig it up

  46. Renky says:

    it cant read my external sd card?? HELP>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dkl says:

      I had this issue when I popped in my 64GB SanDisk card. Had to format it FAT32 on my computer then the phone recognized it without issue

  47. Al says:

    So I just installed this ROM and so far so good EXCEPT that I am trying now to reconfigure my work email (Exchange) and is asking me for a Certificate, which seems it needs to get from the SD Card but I have no idea how or where to get such Certificate.

    Help please

    (I am also having trouble with some picture folders not showing up, I mean the folders show up but with no pictures inside. This is happening from both the stock Gallery app and QuickPic)

    Thanks so much in advance!

    • Al says:

      Just a quick update:

      The Exchange issue was actually my fault as I was trying to set it up with the wrong server address. Now is finally working and doing so flawlessly (so far)

      The only issue I have left is the one where I am missing a LOT of pictures

      Also want to mention that I was able to use ‘Tether/Hotspot’ today without any problems whatsoever so that is actually working for me.

      So besides the pictures problem everything else on this ROM is working pretty good for me and I am loving it!


  48. Jatan says:

    Does anybody know if there is a similar AOKP ROM for Sprint???

  49. Myron says:

    How do I update to the latest version?

  50. mark says:


    I love this rom, and i’m an avid visitor to your site! it’s great! BUT, with this rom i can’t send or recieve mms messages…it’s very strange. i’m not sure what’s wrong with it. I deleted all but one apn, but that resulted in me getting the picture messages, but losing out on 3g/lte when i went out of a certain area…any ideas?

  51. Daniel G says:

    Can someone please tell me what version of AOKP would i download for the canadian version of the S3??

    Thanx and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!!

    • dkl says:

      Go by your model #. I’m with Telus and went with the AT&T version (i747m). I believe you’d also use AT&T for Rogers. LOVE this ROM BTW 🙂

  52. Aleksashka says:

    Hey all, pretty good rom, but found couple bugs:
    GPS doesn’t work properly, can’t point me on map..
    the backlight flashes, doesn’t go off smoothly..
    that all what i found

  53. dkl says:

    Anyone else having issues with Skype? Calls connect and I can hear fine, but other party hears nothing but constant static.

  54. Mark K says:

    Same problem as CM10. Verizon phone, no GSM, only CDMA

    I fixed this on CM10 by installing my original stock ROM, then performing a CM10 flash, but if I reflash the same ROM again, I lose GSM option

    Anybody have any idea?


  55. fabio balducci says:

    hey – love the site!!

    im new to android. tried to remove a splash screen of an australian carrier logo on mac os x. used heimdall guy to flash and recovery.img. all was working well. then in terminal in os x typed in heimdall flash –5 [image.bmp] (where image.bmp was a bitmap image i created in photoshop) and now the phone is stuck at the samsung logo displaying GT-I9300T. i have re-flashed, but do not know where to go from here.

    any help appreciated. thanks in advance. fb

  56. jrb0i says:

    AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon/International]…….can anyone make a aokp stock jelly bean rom with motions still working plz

  57. christian says:

    Hi max..
    I have sgs3 i9300 with jb stock rom and I tried to install aokp rom and everything was ok… i installed aokp normally but when i flashed gapps The cell phone trun normally and suddenly this message appears :sudenly wyzard has stopped. And unfortunately google apps stooed.
    I really like aokp room i i dont know what to do whith this… thanks for ur answer.

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