AOSP Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy S3 i9300! [Best Jelly Bean ROM]

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Looking for the best Jelly Bean ROM for your rooted Galaxy S3 i9300?

Well, recognized XDA developer Faryaab brings your AOSP Jelly Bean ROM! Built from straight from the ground, this AOSP Jelly Bean ROM will give you a pure Google Galaxy Nexus experience without all the additives.

The only thing not working currently on the ROM is Netflix/Hulu but for many of you, this may not be a big deal if you don’t use the apps.

Other than that, this ROM is flawless, runs very fast and is my daily driver on one of my i9300s.

Take it for a test drive and let me know what you think!



Download AOSP Jelly Bean ROM
Download Gapps

Note: You MUST FLASH GAPPS to get Google Play Store!

Credits – XDA

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120 Responses

  1. Mike Afurong says:

    Hey Max!

    Do you have a link for us to download this great rom?


  2. Mike Afurong says:

    Hey Max!
    The Rom is less than 300 MB. Should we flash those 2 files at a time?

  3. shr says:

    Hey max! if i put this rom ,i can back to an ICS rom in case later on right? now am in criskelo which is 4.0.4 , since this is 4.1.1 , i have a doubt

  4. Roberto87 says:

    Hey ther Max!, same question as user above, AND the other one is: this rom supports the quadcore functionalities?

  5. keith says:

    Is this rom stable for sgs3 i9300 international version?
    Does it work like the ics sgs3 19300?

  6. David says:

    Hey Max I was just wondering does this rom have the same memory leakage issues that all the cm10 previews have?

  7. Simon says:

    hey max, so everything went fine on the install, however whenever i try to install swiftkey, i get an error saying couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card. I looked @ google for fixes and came across this.

    The solution provided by Artem Russakovskii at Android Police is to manually delete the “smdl2temp1” file. The file is likely to reside in 2 locations:

    1. /sdcard/.android_secure: this is an invisible folder on your SD card, which you can access with any file manager, like ASTRO
    2. /mnt/secure/asec/: access to this folder requires root and a program like Root Explorer

    the issue is i cannot find the file :/

    My backup for the stock rom on my 9300 was wiped and now i am stuck on this custom rom w.o the ability to install some market apps.

    • David says:

      if you read the thread on xda by faryaab it is evident there is an issue installing paid apps. it is known to the developer and he is working on it. You CAN’T install any paid apps untill he updates the build. Hopefully soon.

      • Simon says:

        the only workaround i found so far was to find the apks online and do it manually. not the best way, but it works

  8. karl says:

    lost 3g functionality after flashing this rom and can’t seem to install apps from the google play store… help?

  9. Abbas Asghar says:

    Hey Max.. the rom is great, but i faced an issue with the EMAIL when i add my company’s mail after that when i open it says waiting for sync, any idea on how to resolve it!

    • Haider says:

      find the appropate setting for yuur network and go into setting > wireless and networks ( MORE) > mobile networks > access point names > menu button n then reset to default..
      if that does work then NEW APN n manually input the details..and RESTART yuur fone.. hope this helps……..

  10. zam7777 says:

    Where is the difference between job and ICS.

  11. yngwie says:

    This rom is awfull, can’t read ext. card.

  12. karl says:

    if there will be an update to fix the 3g issue, how can I update it on my phone?

  13. David Cave says:

    Hi Max any resolution to the problem “unfortunately, Google search has stopped working” with this rom yet?

  14. Acemaniac says:

    people what is your problem, what do you guys do wrong when installing, everything works for me even usb to go works no notification when you put in the usb to go cable in but when usb stick is attached it notifies and works, and even mouse and keyboard works on usb to go, and my ext sd is recognized too, you just need the right apps…take the mi file explorer, it recognizes everything on your phone and ext sd….even flash videos in the dolphin browser work with the adobe flash player from xda but not on all sites, but if you need to watch videos from the browser just put the link in the mx player(the best video player ever on android) and it plays depending on your internet connection….and one of the best galleries is quick pick even if phone doesn´t recognize ext sd…people grow up and experiment before you complain about everything….we are not in kindergarden, WE ARE HIGH ON ANDROID….so behave that way…..Oh yeah,and the best youtube player and downloader is tubemate from devain studio(and is free)
    but do not install from playstore those are fake….


    • paulo says:

      U are absolutly right. As i said in my post below i have never seen a rom as fast as this one and every thing u said works for me too!!only thing not working is videocall but i dont use it any way!!!
      People just dont know how to apreciate all the work and time devs put in this roms and come to max forum complaining when to them is all free…

  15. Jacob Gonzalez says:

    Only thing that doesnt work for me is 3g which kind of sucks

    • Tequila says:

      yeah, I ran into this problem as well, was so frustrated because I flashed this rom just before going out. Not having 3G all day long was kinda frustrating heh.

      To fix this just add the APN info manually.
      settings > more > mobile networks > Access Point Names > (new apn)

  16. CCMing says:

    Hi Max, can i ask how it the battery life in this rom? possible same with stock rom?

  17. paulo says:

    Man this rom is fast and by fast i mean like a lightning…great,great rom…the fastest i ever seen.
    Every thing works great, 3g, wifi, not a single lag and the camera app is amazing.the only thing missing is videocall.
    Even games run smoother then Ics…what are u guys waiting to give it a try?you will by amazed with this roms power….with a little update this will be perfect….jelly beans power

  18. robert says:

    Hey ther Max!, this rom supports the quadcore functionalities or capabilities?

  19. robert guda says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say that this JB rom works like a charm on my S3.
    it is possible to get it not working by not following the standard procedures.
    like wipe data/ factory reset/wipe cache/wipe dalvik cache/ reboot recovery/ install new rom.
    best of luck installing.

  20. Keven says:

    Hey Max, I wanted to ask does the International Galaxy S 3 work with TMOBILE HSPA 4G data?

  21. dan nicol says:

    Hey max,

    I installed this rom and tbh i’m not all that keen on it.

    how can i restore my backup of dark star?


  22. dan nicol says:

    Ok i worked out how to restore back to dark star rom.

    I much prefer dark star

    this rom was decent but kept giving me a google search error.

    Hopefully dark star will be updated for jellybean!

  23. blackskyflakes says:

    hey max. i just wanna ask. after flashing this rom. i cant get my carrier data working. i can just use it my internet via wifi connection. Data enabled is ticked but still cant use my data. still shows connection error.

    • Saj says:

      Hi, I had the same problem. You have to input all your APN settings manually. Go to settings > more > mobile networks > access point names and then press the menu button and choose New APN. In here you have to put in your carrier details, then save it and restart your phone.

  24. Saj says:

    Has anybody figured out how to fix the “unfortunately, Google search has stopped working” error?

  25. Ricardo Molina says:

    I am having trouble installing things on my rooted S3 with AOSP jelly bean, when I want to install certain files I’m getting this error message “Error Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card” or I get this when trying to install the Samsung app “xApp not installed”
    Someone please help me ASAP !!!

    • Max says:

      Looking into this, try taking external SD card out for now, it seems large microSD cards are causing trouble. You can try formatting to fat32 also.

  26. dave sandler says:

    hi Max

    flashed the latest 4.1.1 version of this and it is great, but i need to re flash the stock rom, and I’m having some trouble doing it.

    I downloaded the S3 tool kit -link below- downloaded the rom below but when i try to flash it via the toolkit Odin doesn’t get further than NAND Write Start…

    Any idea how to get my stock rom back?….php?t=1703488


  27. karl says:

    can I install s note and s planner with this rom? if yes, how? thank you

  28. Clive says:

    Hi love the rom would use it as my daily driver
    But i cant seem to use my tethering in a secure state
    maybe im just a bit inexperienced lol
    Keep up the good work

  29. Lib says:

    Max, Have you any information on how to root ASUS TF300T and what to use as a good back up tool or app?

  30. Kai says:

    Is there a need to do a full wipe before installing? The installation was done and completed but upon start up, it’s stuck at the boot screen.

  31. Acemaniac says:

    If you come from a stock rom or cm 9 rom yes…

  32. Maikel says:

    Hey Max, does this new version has the motions features that come in the stock version?

    • Acemaniac says:

      No, thats one of the reasons i only kept it on phone for 3 days, must say jelly bean is fast but boring…Try the newest Omega rom v11.1, it has jelly bean animations and all stock features….

      But you need to install Omega files apk for the Jelly Bean animations and all other kinds of stuff to customize your rom the way you want or need it… And i must say since i have this omega stock rom, battery life is amazing…overnight just 3% less with all radios off and overclocked to 1600….For me the best rom yet….

      • karl says:

        how did you overclock?

        • paulo says:

          U can overclock by flashing latest siyah kernel and them u will have STweaks automaticly instaled on your phone.
          U can use STweaks to Overclock cpu and to amplify your headphones.
          Dont forget STweaks only comes with siyah kernel.

          • Maikel says:

            Thanks so much for your responses guys!!!

            • Adriano says:

              Agreed and highly recommended. I’m running omega V13 on my I9300, with the siyah kernal and blue theme, with plenty of mods from Omega files (comes with rom and allows theme and app mods) I’ve also got the whole thing running with “Crysis” font, so lookds amazing!

              • Acemaniac says:

                @Adriano, do I flash the in cwm? And then choose the Font apks, since its a zip file im not sure or should i unzip the zipfile and the apk Font Files are in there? Thanks for the help….

  33. Ammar says:

    I am continually getting this error “unfortunately Google search has stopped. ”
    And Google Now doesn’t work as well. Any ideas or help will do

  34. G says:

    Hi Max thanks for info on this ROM AOSP it works well there are some things that not working -WiFi coaling ,speed dialing ,visual voice mail sometimes not voice, upgrade apps not installing that is interesting, some apps not working
    but is OK and stable fast ROM.
    ?one thing you BaseBand is:i9300 XXLE8 and my is:i9300DXLF3 is this makes a deference

    Thank Max and community


  35. Kris says:

    Too minimalist for me. No file explorer and the first time I changed my wallpaper into a live wallpaper, as soon as I locked the screen, I unlocked it and it turned into a plain black screen. Then many of my applications stopped responding. I prefer Criskelo Rom better. Galaxy S3 International

  36. Jonathan says:

    SuperNexus Rom. HELP! Messaging has stopped working after restoring APN settings. Tried copying MMS.apk and restarted, but problem remains. What do I do next?

  37. itachihak says:

    does anyone know if this has video calls (native) love jb but seems not to have video calls

  38. ruk212 says:

    Hi Max I flashed this ROM and its great but everytime I turn my s³ off it forms it self back on by its self ,I tried a full wipe , full restore and it still dose of , it only happens after a full restore whe n I flash a ROM

  39. arsh says:

    hey max i just installed this rom and i dont have app store on it and how do i get my contacts back on it

  40. Neil says:

    Is it possible to get the toggles on the notification screen for this rom thats the only issue i have with it

  41. wunna says:

    Hey Max

    I want to know, when can i make a custom room something have trouble, one of my friend install custom room jelly bean on SIII, that phone not been booted, so if you can tech me how can i do it?

  42. Cheongy says:

    My GPS stopped working after I flashed this ROM – I also found there were issues in terms of Home Screen configuration (ie, you couldn’t do it) – has anyone else found this to be the case?

  43. Ronnie says:

    I will buy gs3 tomorrow. Rooted onex thanks to you but know I want to try sgs3.
    Wich phone do you recommend if I want Jellybean?

  44. Ronnie says:

    Will I get bootloop when flashing 2 files on samsung or only on onex?
    If Yes. wich tutorial has the solutuin? I know the fastboot mode if htc.

  45. yourhackednow says:

    i tried flashing but now my phone wont turn on

  46. Siecho says:

    Google Now is not working correctly…

    Keeps telling me that Google’s Location Service is turned off. It is definitely turned on!

    • Max says:

      You can try reflashing Gapps, usually that fixes those.

      • Siecho says:

        Nope, didn’t work…

        I’ve tried reflashing Gapps and totally wiping/reflashing AOSP and Gapps, still the same outcome – Google Now is not recognising that Location Services is turned on.

        Is it just me that’s having this issue? Does Now work for others?

        I love the simplicity/speed of this rom, hopefully there will be an update that “fixes” the Now issue.

      • Nick says:

        The Google Now issue is most likely the result of using Titanium Backup to “Integrate system update into ROM” function. The way Google has structured JellyBean and Google Search is not playing nice with this feature.
        Its probably not needed anymore anyway, as market updates are now supposed to only install the necessary data on top of the existing app–which would likely explain the issue.

  47. Rom says:

    Hi Max,

    Cool front casing! Where did you get it? Thanks!


    • Max says:

      I broke my screen when I first got it and replaced it with blue screen, full video here:

  48. Lib says:

    Max, My verizon galaxy S3 is booting in the yellow triangle will not load up, do you have any suggestions on what to do, please help? Tried flashing, did something wrong. I don’t have the i9300. Have the i535, thank you. From Lib

  49. Paulo says:

    after flashing The stock rom enter stock recovery And do factory reset for your phone boot normaly.

    • Lib says:

      I tried to instaling HighOnAndroid ROM v.0.2 for our Verizon and it won’t go any where it’s stuck on
      Odin mode
      Product name: SDH-1535
      costom binary download: no
      currnent binary: samsung officaial
      system starts: custom
      Qualcomm secureboot: enable
      Once again it stuck. Please let me know what I can do. Thanks Lib

  50. Khaleel Malki says:

    How could change the font especially in pure android rom????

    what the easiest way to do it ????

  51. John b says:

    Installed Rom but cannot connect to wi fi help please

  52. John b says:

    Excellent signal then when connecting it goes to poor

  53. ron says:

    Thats probably the ROM. I tried a couples of ROMs and some dont work with Wifi. While reading XDA forum it seemes that some can have wifi issues and some dont have. I had this problem with an AOKP rom.

    The roms that works best for me is cm10 and supernexus. If you want more settings to the camera as save to memory just google jellybean camera mod for gs3 and just flash the zip.

  54. John b says:

    Thanks will try that

  55. ron says:

    Herre is the mod. Flash it With cwm and your camera get more settings. Obs. Only With gs3 and jb.

  56. ron says:

    By the way. All creds to max who are maintaing this site and helping us with answers. I hope it was OK with you that I linked to xda?

  57. Fredrol says:


    My S3 is “Nordic Version (NEE)”, does that mean its not an international version and i can not use this rom?

    I would really like to try a clean stock jelly bean rom on my S3 🙂

    • Max says:

      Its probably an i9300. Check the back of the phone with battery out it should tell you the model number.

      • Fredrol says:

        Yes it is, and it worker, but it looked very bad and “cheap”, so installed the official again.

        I just have one more question! 🙂
        After wipe data/factory reset, clear flash counter with triangle away and flashed the
        Stock rom, everything went back to how my phone was BEFORE i rooted and loaded the
        Custom rom.. Just like i restored from a backup?
        But also when going into download mode it says flash count “no”,
        Samsung official and the bottom one says custom, where it said samsung official before i did anything..

        Only thing i didnt do was wipe cach partitions and the other ones.

        Can that be the problem and should i have done that? 🙂

        Thanks for your answer! Love this site! 🙂

  58. Labeeq says:

    I dont have any network? on the lockscreen at the bottom it comes up with my network name but at the top i dont have any network bars and I cant send texts or use my phone as a phone please help :/

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