BlackStar ROM for Rooted Galaxy S3 i9300! [Fastest ROM][Jelly Bean Animations]

Looking for the “fastest” ROM for your rooted Galaxy S3 i9300? Well, the BlackStar ROM (we featured couple weeks back) now is back with version THREE and with Jelly Bean animations.

Jelly Bean animations really speed up your whole UI and gets rid of all lag and regardless of benchmarks, you will find this ROM really fast.

On top of that, BlackStar ROM comes with goodies like 15 quick toggles, HX Camera mod (that gives you 30Mbits/s video recording), and a whole lot of UI customizations.

I think this is the best ROM right now, in terms of performance and battery life. Give it a go today and let me know how it goes for you!

Download: (the file ending in V3)

Download BlackStar ROM

Credits – XDA (Donate to ROM developer at XDA if this ROM makes your life better/faster!)

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80 Responses

  1. Dan Jørgensen says:

    I have just installed it on my phone its not showing all the icon at top (signal and batteri) and E-mail client crashes :/ otherwise it runs smooth 😉

  2. robert mccall says:

    I installed the rom and did a benchmark and the CPU results are not quite good

  3. Paul says:

    installed this ROM and love it, i agree best ROM so far. benchmarks quite decent. battery life still the same with stock after using it i mean which is great. but would you know any tricks or apps to install to increase battery life? but so far my GS3 bat life stil lasts longer than my previous DROID CHARGE, GS2, SKYROCKET and GALAXY NOTE… and after installing BlackStar ROM my gallery doesnt sync with my facebook pictures anymore which i loved. would you happen to know a fix for that also? i noticed under accounts i lost the facebook sync acount option, i dont know if that would be the reason… other than that love this ROM! thanx Max for all the hard would and time you put in! and i hope you do get your channel back soon!

    • Max says:

      I am looking into it, custom kernels can fix the issue, if you don’t want to wait, try out some custom kernels over at XDA and let me know if any of them get u good battery life on this ROM. It’s usually the kernels that give you great battery life.

      • Paul says:

        haha, its not really a big issue, just wondering haha! like i said battery life is better than all my previous phones hehe! but thanx max! and il be keepin up with all ur vids bro!

  4. mangonoob says:

    When can we expect something like this for T-Mobile s3? Dying with anticipation.

  5. albert says:

    Hello Max
    Do u know if this phone can be unlock and be use in gsm network for example in mexico.
    by changing the sim card.

  6. albert says:

    Hello Max
    What app can I use to use my phone as hotspot once my phone is rooted?

  7. Stephen Conners says:

    I flashed the BlackStar over Omega 8.0 and then had multiple main apps FCing. So I restored a backup.

    I was about to do factory reset but thought I might do more harm.

    Anywho – I’ll look into it further to find the clean, recommended way to flash.

    • Max says:

      Factory reset will not harm so long as you have i9300, most people having bricked phones are from flashing i9300 ROM on non-i9300 Galaxy S3s. Just try a fresh install with wipe, it should boot. Make sure to backup apps using Titanium Backup, I recommend buying the Pro version if you plan on flashing a lot of ROMs, totally worth it and I am not in any way related with them.

      • Stephen Conners says:

        Ok Thanks. Mine is International version.
        I flashed again, formatted data this time plus wiped dalvik and cache.

        All was working really well until today, it just started randomly rebooting. I was on a phone call an hour ago and then phone app crashed???
        I’m half tempted to flash another rom.
        Do you think I should do factory reset or go back to Omega or???
        I just want a stable phone – don’t care about 4000+ speeds blah blah – Just work you damn SGS3!!!


  8. Guilherme Cobo says:

    Max , with this rom I can use the TouchWiz?

  9. jonathan says:

    Hi Max I have just flashed black star v3 from everything works well except Google plus hangout thing. whenever I try to open hangout it becomes unresponsive. please help bro. 🙁 plz plz

    • Max says:

      Hmmm I haven’t tried that. You can try wiping cache in CWM to see if it fixes the problem, also try uninstall/install GooglePlus, that could fix.

  10. Neil says:

    Can I flash straight from Omega ROM without a wipe?

  11. Acemaniac says:

    Will this rom work with the 3.0.35-siyah-s3v1.2.6 kernel

    • Acemaniac says:

      If yes, i need to install with odin right….And a link to the kernel would be nice i cant find one….lol…

      • Acemaniac says:

        I just found a link, and yes it needs to be done via odin…But still need to know if it works with this rom…

  12. RichReckless says:

    OK, I’m an absolute newbie at all this. Don’t know anything past partitioning hard-drives and similar. Really not my area of skills.

    SAMSUNG S3 on 3Three contract with unlimited downloads is the shit.

    I’m trialling different apps (Network Speed Booster, Open Signal, Signal booster etc.) to get faster data streaming I get upload speeds over 2Mb/sec using HSPA+ (I think) in London, I typically get 4Mb/sec and yesterday in Camden was over 6Mb/sec! I rarely have streaming issues using phone as a WiFi hotspot (although with ICS the hotspot was temperamental) and BBC iPlayer and 4OD work super smooth. However I wanted more, such is life so….

    I followed the instructions above and the links. Took a bit of time but DarkStar is running super quick on my S3, the UI is rapid. I’ve boosted the speed a little, I’m trying to learn what else I can do without fucking it right up ‘bricking’ I believe is the term. Its on 1.7gig now and battery is good, phone not getting too hot.

    Issues I had:
    Titanium Backup – I didn’t run it properly before flashing the new ROM, I thought I had, new users be careful! I had to re-install my apps. Lost my texts and stuff (

    The CF Root Folder was tricky to handle on my desktop, no idea why but my unzipper kept unzipping it and others too far. I went in circles several times.

    I shit a brick when I wiped the old ROM thing.

    So, I’m super happy. Thanks for the help in the articles. I was an un-rooted virgin until yesterday, first time for everything. DarkStar ROCKS!, there is no lag on it at all which suits me cause I’ve fast fingers and little patience.

    Cheers all.

  13. Alex says:

    everything works fine, love this rom but the battery life is terrible. Something i did?

  14. Kurt says:

    I was a little disappointed that the ROM didn’t work for me. I’ve only just got my S3 less than 24 hours ago and I love your site here, very useful reviews and good instructional videos. Installing the ROM through CWM took only a few seconds. I thought it would take a bit longer than that. When I rebooted the device it never booted up. I tried wiping the cache (including the dalvik cache) and rebooting again, but it didn’t matter in the end. Same result.

    If BlackStar is the best could you recommend what in your opinion is the second best AOKP rom for the S3?

  15. Mogen says:

    I tried this ROM but there is alot of force close in some apps, like exchange server and contacts.

    Does it help to do a wipe/factory reset?

    Sure like to give this ROM a decent try 🙂

    I also noticed that Samsungs stock file manager i gone in this ROM??

    • Max says:

      Not sure about exchange I think that’s a bug, it should be fixed in future versions, for files, use ES File Explorer much better than stock file manager anyways.

      • Mogen says:

        I did a wipe/factory reset and the ROM is close to perfect.
        This sure is fast as hell 🙂

        Also like the jelly bean animations

  16. dan nicol says:

    Just installed this rom and im blown away. Thanks so much for your excellent videos!
    I will be keeping my beady eye on this site for future lovely roms. I can’t believe how easy it is to make your phone sooo much better!

    Keep on doing what you do best.

    This ROM ROCKS!


    • daniel nicol says:

      Another benefit of this rom is that it seems to increase the volume!
      Maybe Samsung were limiting it to save power?

      Does anyone else notice a difference?

  17. kelvin says:

    can blackstar rom V3 be install on Galaxy Note N7000?

  18. bcuraboy says:

    hi your rom.i’ve just installed it on my s3 and it’s super fast and smooth.but it’s missing a music player… :/ what do you say about that?

    thank’s for your work

  19. Alex says:

    its fast not because of the rom its fast because under developer options they have it set to 0.5x speed for animations n such. change it back to 1x and you get the same as stock.

  20. Galip says:

    Hey guys!

    I just installed root for my SGS3 the international version(thnx for your help!)
    Now i want to install a rom(blackstar V3 but i get: E:signature verification failled. (in red)

    Can you please help? What am i doing wrong??

    Hope to hear from you!

    Thank you

  21. galip says:

    u guys are genuis !:)

  22. Dale Hubbard says:

    Max, I downloaded this ROM and am delighted with it. Thanks for the heads-up. It would be cool if you had a page on your site that lists all the ROMs you have reviewed, together with the latest version. I find myself Googling for any updates to this ROM and others, but can’t find a site where all this information is available.

    Just ‘ROM name’, ‘Latest Version’, ‘Date’, ‘Download Link’, ‘Review Link’.

    Thanks as always!

  23. Uli says:

    Great ROM!
    Smart Alarm doesn’t work properly (does not pick up the displayed sounds) and the whole notification area does only come up with the first notification actually coming in.
    I like the keyboard including the comma.
    Tweaked it up to 6234 in Quadrant (CPU: 14602, Mem: 5345, I/O: 8206, 2D: 1000, 3D: 2019) – so performance should not be any issue.

  24. G says:

    I have tried all the new roms on my s3 i9300 and a love blackstar but all of them have some thing missing
    i need my phone to work full function :speed dial,visual voice, calendar business version ,blue toot, WiFi coiling , browser,email,sms, is this to mach to ask? the only one that do most of my wish list is CM9 on s3 ,
    and Juggernaut on s2 t989
    or this are toys or tools for as to work with ? please eny comments thanks Max for giving as light to the future.

  25. G says:

    corection to line CM9 on s3 i9300

  26. Galip says:


    I installed this rom a few days ago and i like it a lot till now!! It is really a mist have for the sgs3 (THNX MAX)
    But something IMPORTANT what i am missing is
    That i losed my talk option. I dont have the mic anymore! Not
    On the search balk and also not on my letterboard..
    Is that normal guys??

    I can life with it but it would be great and completeif we can
    Have that too..

    • Galip says:

      No, this is the only rom that i installed…

      Where can i find that criscelo and how can i
      Install it qhitout losing this one??

      I need some serious help, this was the first rom
      I installed..

      Thank you

  27. G says:

    i will and let you know do i wipe everything ?

  28. eduardo says:

    how can i change the lockscreen wallpaper on this…

  29. eduardo says:

    how can i change the lock screen background

  30. Anton says:

    I have found that I’m unable to move files from internal SD to extSD with this ROM.

  31. zappa says:

    Samsung Kies wont work with my Blackstar?!?Has some one had the same issue?

  32. Paul says:

    There is a leak for jelly bean 4.1.1 for s3, are you going to make a review for our?

  33. Miguel says:

    Great ROM!! But…how can I change the lockscreen wallpaper?

  34. shane says:

    i just downloaded the rom and tried to install it and it failed i rebooted the phone and now it wont come on somebody please help

  35. Nisheljeet Singh says:

    I installed this rom and the icon on top is not there… How to fix this.. Fast i need it…

  36. HassaN says:

    Hi Max!!!!

    I installed Omega Rom 13.1 along with Siyah Kernel 1.5.2 (on Galaxy s3 ICS)…. Its running fine….
    But after watching your video about Black Star, just wondering if I can reflash it to Blackstar Rom without “wipe data/factory reset”……

    I dont wanna lose my stuff/contacts/apps etc…..

    THanks in advance….. REgards

    • Max says:

      You can try without it but make sure you make a backup ROM just in case.

      • HassaN says:

        Thanks for your reply…… Appreciate it!

        I just noticed that in the Notification Bar there are 15 options to toggle but there is no option for “Notification” itself….. I checked the Quick Panel Settings but still couldn’t find “Notification” in that….
        How do I switch on/off Notifications?
        Can u plz guide me on that???

        Thanks and Regards

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