Carbon ROM Android 4.3 for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/MetroPCS/USCellular/Cricket/Canadian/GT-i9300/GT-i9305]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out latest Carbon ROM based on Android 4.3.

I have been guilty of trying many different Android 4.3 AOSP ROMs (What is AOSP?) lately and one of the best and stable 4.3 ROMs in my opinion “right now” is Carbon ROM which also comes packed with a ton of UI/system customization.

Overall, Carbon ROM does a fairly great job of bringing you Android 4.3’s silky smoothness, performance, and battery life while giving you the ultimate customizations including HALO floating notifications.  With Carbon Fibers Settings, you will be able to customize everything from your interface, lockscreen, navigation, power menu, power widget, ribbons, status bar, and more.

You will also find two camera, one AOSP Android 4.3 camera (which you can swap out for Android 4.3 PhotoSphere) and Focal camera from CyanogenMod ROM.  The Focal camera is a bit buggy but the regular camera works 100% fine.

If you are looking for a great, stable Android 4.3 custom ROM with customization similar to AOKP, definitely give the Carbon ROM a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Carbon ROM for Galaxy S3 AT&T SGH-i747 or Canadian SGH-i747M

Download Carbon ROM for Galaxy S3 T-Mobile SGH-T999

Download Carbon ROM for Galaxy S3 Sprint SPH-L710

Download Carbon ROM for Galaxy S3 Verizon SCH-i535

Download Carbon ROM for Galaxy S3 Cricket

Download Carbon ROM for Galaxy S3 MetroPCS

Download Carbon ROM for Galaxy S3 US Celluar

Download Carbon ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Download Carbon ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9305

Download Android 4.3 Gapps (DO NOT USE Android 4.2 Gapps!!!)

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

You can get the latest Android 4.3 Photosphere camera here.  And if you want flash player on stock browser, just install Flash Player APK.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


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106 Responses

  1. Daniel Conforti says:

    How well does the GPS work on the Verizon version? Recently I have gone back to 4.1.2 Touchwiz ROMs because GPS doesn’t seem to have any issues.

    • Sam McQueen says:


      Step 1: Wipe Date/ Factory reset
      Step 2: Wipe Cache partition
      Step 3: Advanced > Wipe Dalvik cache
      Step 4: Mounts and Storage > Mount /system > Format /system
      Step 5: Mounts and Storage > Mount /system (yes again to make sure its mounted, do NOT click UNMOUNT /system
      Step 6: Install carbon rom, followed by the gapps, and all should be working swell. This is what I did to get a first time install working.

      I hope this helps for you guys! Don’t forget to back up your pictures 🙂

      AT&T Galaxy S3 sgh-i747 d2att

    • Grant says:

      There is a fix for GPS for all GS3s the screws on the back are very loose and if you tighten them your GPS should work just fine….there should be a video on YouTube

  2. Frank says:

    So I’m excited to have this rom working, but I downloaded and installed and got a fail on the install. Tried both the i747 and T999 rom but doesn’t work. Any ideas

    • Arthur says:

      Me too ….I tried the i747 AT&T

    • Arthur says:

      It’s working now!!!

    • Sam McQueen says:


      Step 1: Wipe Date/ Factory reset
      Step 2: Wipe Cache partition
      Step 3: Advanced > Wipe Dalvik cache
      Step 4: Mounts and Storage > Mount /system > Format /system
      Step 5: Mounts and Storage > Mount /system (yes again to make sure its mounted, do NOT click UNMOUNT /system
      Step 6: Install carbon rom, followed by the gapps, and all should be working swell. This is what I did to get a first time install working.

      I hope this helps for you guys! Don’t forget to back up your pictures 🙂

      AT&T Galaxy S3 sgh-i747 d2att

  3. BEN says:

    I downloaded the gs3 vzw file from your web site. noticed it was a jfltevzw gs4 file name. not sure if i should flash this to my gs3?

  4. Frank says:

    So what did u do to make it work? Sitting on pins here cause I want it to work…..

    • Arthur says:

      You need to be rooted and you need to install ROM Manager fom Google Apps…then You reboot your phone pressing volume up + home button + power and install the ROM, before you reboot you phone install Gaps for android 4.3 😉 sorry for my english!

  5. kolbs says:

    why does is it taking my phone so long to charge (i747 att). it takes an hour to charge 20%

  6. fred says:

    what do you put this over of did you wipe all and install it

  7. Rohit Gomes says:

    Installed the correct GT-i9300 zip and the gaaps but stucked at boot screen. Help pls… i did clean flash, wiped everything and flashed but still..

  8. Eric says:

    After successful install of both the ROM and Gapps, my apps don’t download!! Ordinarily after flashing gapps the set-up process starts…and ends with my apps automatically downloading from oogle play. Why doesn’t that happen here?

  9. Roberto says:

    please refer to i535 error and mark me down 2 times and I still have the error

  10. Roberto says:

    I never had gone wrong and only with this rom I get and I can not install it. excuse my English

  11. Carlos says:

    I’ve tried to flash this ROM multiple times already and it doesn’t work. I downloaded it three different times and each time I still keep getting an error. I’m on AT&T and downloaded the AT&T rom. The first error message I saw failed after a message along the lines of “device verification ==” or something like that. So I made sure I downloaded the AT&T version again and still no success but no error message this time. I tried CM10.2 for 4.3 a while back and loved it except for a few major bugs that made me switch back. Was hoping this rom can replace it and work well.

  12. Stee says:

    Gi9300: works fine, everything is working 100% battery life very excellent.

  13. ed says:

    My text messages don’t work on T-Mobile version plz help fix thanks

  14. Norberto says:

    Installed Carbon on my S3 and it booted to a Carbon logo that seems to be alive (color changes)… that is all.
    More than an hour has gone bye.
    Have I bricked my phone ?
    What should I do ?
    Can´t acces CWrecovery anymore.

    Please advice.

  15. Hendry says:

    Download Carbon ROM for Galaxy S3 AT&T SGH-i747 or Canadian SGH-i747M for my Canadian Nell SGH-I474M and installed from recovery using TWRP v2.5.0.0, however it never worked at all. Try to install zip file “” from SDCARD. Do I miss anything?

    Any instruction would be appreciated!


  16. Bob Sacamano says:

    I agree that it doesn’t work for t-mobile.

  17. young eno says:

    hey, to everybody who keep saying theirs failed to install, my suggestion would be to update your firmware to MD4. I had this exact problem when 4.3 ROMs started coming out and soon as I updated my firmware, everything installed with no problem. but upgrading to 4.3 makes u lose root I think because of some key changes made. hope this helps!!!

  18. Jeffrey says:

    Verizon Rom not Working not The Right Download Zip place the right one PorFavor

  19. Anthony Pyrtle says:

    worked for me i really like this rom? its fast good battery life even without kernels? only thing i wish they would do is add a couple of more cool status bar batteries:)

  20. Josh says:

    I inadvertently locked my home screen icons and can’t edit them. It says to go to settings to unlock the feature but I can’t figure out where it is. Help!

  21. xunholyx says:

    For everyone having troubles flashing this ROM, make sure you have the latest CWM recovery ( installed on your device. You will need this version to install any 4.3 ROMs.

    • xunholyx says:

      With TWRP I’m not sure what version you’ll need (I don’t use that), but there is a good chance that you may need to update that as well.

  22. Arthur says:

    This is the first custom rom I have installed… It’s really nice it’s working really good I love it!!!

    I’m using the AT&T i747

    • JESSE ONE says:

      So… how did you do it “exactly”…lol I have the curent Clockwork Mod running…. so just ROM and “4.3” Gapps right…?

  23. Devin says:

    Anyone else having problems with display stuck in HUGE. I can’t find anything in settings that will reduce the size of my display (Icons/Status bar/ Everything!) Sprint Version.

  24. Vay says:

    Hey Max, is this carbon rom the same as the one you previously posted back in may?

  25. Gregory says:

    The wireless for Sprint is not working says connected but no internet

  26. Gregory says:

    Sorry WiFi connwction

  27. Anthony says:

    Try to wipe data cache delvic n then try to reflash it jus do the ROM n the gapps 4.3 don’t do the kernel maybe it jus needs to be reflashed so try that

  28. Anthony says:

    They all do just give it time and it will work it does it on all the ROMs I use

  29. Dovy says:

    i installed it on sprint and it isn’t getting past the carbon screen

  30. Rohan says:

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if i can upgrade straight from the illusion 4.2.1 ROM without doing a factory reset?

  31. Anthony says:

    No u have to do a factory reset only time u don’t is if ur upgrading from the same ROM to a new version

  32. Bob says:

    I was going to install this, but sounds like there are way to many problems

  33. James says:

    Tried to flash this several times on my AT&T GS3, downloaded different nightly each time, and all failed. It put me back to stock each time and I had to restore my backup. I was using TWRP latest version btw, and I have installed CM 10.2 nightlies without issues, so I don’t think it’s a 4.3 thing. Bummer! This one looks great, too bad it doesn’t work.

  34. anthony says:

    I didnt have any problems with this rom. Make sure that u have the newest cwm r twrp for this rom to download

  35. anthony says:

    Make sure u have the right version of the carbon rom for ur phone if its a different version to ur phone then its not gonna work

  36. paul says:

    Installed on my S3 gti9300 no problems what so ever, only thing is hdmi out doesnt work for me but guna stay with this for a bit, nightly updates install fine without wiping data etc i just re install gapps after to fix my apps

  37. anthony says:

    Yes thats it and it should work

  38. Waseem says:

    I just wanna know if there is an updated root method with updated root files so that i can flash 4.3 roms without issues. very often when i boot to recovery and reboot phone i get 2 messages. one says something about renaming recovery and the other says that i might have lost root and have to click yes to fix root. the thing is that all root apps works 100% in ROM im using. I have rerooted phone and updated recovery to latest already and everything works fine until a random supersu update and then i get those messages in recovery. reson why im asking for updated root files is to get rid of these messages and to stop it from happening again later on

  39. James says:

    Got it to flash finally. The problem was a path problem between goomanager and twrp. I installed it from twrp directly it flashed just fine, after I finally found it lol.

    These automated rom managers/recovery are great, when they work right. goo still tries to download the wrong version of gapps 🙁

    It flashed really quickly and booted very quickly as well. I flashed the correct gapps and it’s up and running great. Haven’t found any real issues with it so far, and will probably use it for a while. It also doesn’t have the issue I was having with cm 10.1.3 rc2, google services eating up my bettery (probably my fault anyway though).

    All in all I have to say I really like how light, fast, and un-bloated it is.

    • soso2565 says:

      Hi James , I have try few time to install ROM either this one or the beanstalk …no luck I have always the same issue
      I use Rom manager ( recovery ) with the option ( restart in recovery )
      once restart I wipe factory reset ( success )
      i select a rom ( sd card is not accessible so install form phone ) , start md5 is of but failed right after

      so what im doing wrong
      galaxy s3 i747m telus canada

      thank you for any help

      PS the only way i can install something is with odin and root66_TLS_I747MVLDMF1.7z

      • xunholyx says:

        What version of CWM recovery do you have? You’ll need or later to flash 4.3 ROMs. The newest is I am also on telus i747m, but ROM manager doesn’t recognize the i747m to update your recovery, it just recognizes i747 (US/AT&T version). You will have to find the update online for the latest recovery and flash that, but once you are running a custom ROM, your model number should be changed to/ recognized as i747. You can check this in settings under “about phone”.

        • Stephan says:

          Rom manager
          Cwm recovery
          So what you’re trying to tell me is, if I want to install any custom rom it will be hard on a i747m?

          ‘m able to start in recovery mode find beanstalk file…. Cwm start but stop in an error right after md5 check.

          Also, Cwm and rom manager don’t see the SD card

          Thank you again
          Does a rom like cm 10 can be easier to install?

  40. TerA says:

    i have S3 GT-I9300 i was on carbon ROM v1.8 then i updated the rom (by wiping cache and dalvik cache then flashing the update then flashing Gapps 4.3) after all that it gives me errors on phone,messaging (android.acore) :S
    any advice please man 🙂

  41. Josh says:

    so got it to work finally, but when ever i plug it in to charge it plays the notification sound constantly… anyone else have this issue

  42. Steven says:

    Keyboard constantly force closes. Can’t get anything to work! Can’t access the play store to get my apps because I can’t enter my Gmail because the keyboard doesn’t work. GS3 T-999

    • James says:

      Sounds like you flashed the wrong version of gapps. The same thing happened to me. Goo manager downloaded and flashed the gapps for 4.2.2 and this ROM needs gapps for 4.3. I just booted into recovery and reflashed the carbon rom and the correct version of gapps (the one linked to in this article), no problems after that. I wish the gapps package names were not so cryptic. lol

  43. James says:

    @ Steven

    Sounds like you flashed the wrong version of gapps. The same thing happened to me. Goo manager downloaded and flashed the gapps for 4.2.2 and this ROM needs gapps for 4.3. I just booted into recovery and reflashed the carbon rom and the correct version of gapps (the one linked to in this article), no problems after that. I wish the gapps package names were not so cryptic. lol

  44. Jimmy Jamm says:

    Great ROM, but wishing it had pie controls built in…the ROM froze while changing from portrait to landscape position, and wiped out all my texts…the freezing happens with the camera too…also when i set notification shortcuts, they stay centered until reboot where they are poisoned to the left of the pulldown bar…and using apex launcher the phone dialer resets everytime to where the shortcut thinks its an old 4.2.2 dialer even though its not and as such every reboot I have to fix the shortcut…

    • Jimmy says:

      I should mention I’m on the i747 version…upon reboot, the dialer shortcut says the app isn’t available, and so I have to constantly remove the old dock shortcut and create the new one…

  45. Garren Hendricks says:

    After downloading the ROM and gapps. Everything works find but as soon as I installed the photosphere I can’t use my camera at all. Every time I try to take a picture my phone reboots

  46. Steven says:

    Now sms won’t send. Can’t believe it was the ROM of the week. Back to my daily driver. Liquid Smooth 2.9

  47. Anthony says:

    Sprint seems to have a lot of problems with this ROM I’m on at&t and this ROM is amazing no problems at all

  48. paul says:

    Strange all the problems people are having. Had it on my i9300 over a week now with no problems what so ever!

  49. Peter says:

    I have a dummy question. Why every time when I install new ROM… my folders get f*cked. Now i Have my main direcory with /0/0/0/0/ sub folders to my original folders before rooting? I have galaxy s3 i9300

  50. stevenbrooklyn says:

    sprint galaxy s3….works fine for me except can’t reinstall apps with titanium backup….i have the correct gapps and md4

  51. Camilo says:

    couldnt dowload to att

  52. Hockeytown says:

    I’ve been brawling with this ROM all night. It will not install despite:
    Updating CWM Recovery to the latest
    Wipe Data/Factory Reset
    Clearing Cache
    Clearing Dalvik
    None of this worked… I even got hung on the Samsung Splash screen during one attempt and had to unroot. I’m no expert but this is also not the first time I change the ROM on my phone… this has been extremely frustrating

  53. seshu says:

    This ROM is solid and working flawless out of the box on AT&T, I-747

    Tested so far

    Phone, messages
    network (wifi & LTE)
    Battery not good as stock ROM,
    All are working

    thanks very much

  54. mr parlay says:

    Anyway to get stock voicemail with this rom ? Thats why ive stuck with touchwiz

  55. xunholyx says:

    Been running this ROM plus their daily updates for about two weeks. It’s nearly flawless. The only issue is when playing music from my folder I get a few clicky noises at the beginnings of some songs. I’m sure this will be fixed soon.

  56. Gremster says:

    Once I followed all the directions, ROM installed flawlessly with gapp. Love all the new features and no bloatware!!

  57. Zay says:

    I tried installing this ROM numerous times, and kept getting the status 7 error. I even got the latest CWM recovery, then I switched to TWRP, that did not work. I would sure love to give this ROM a try, any thoughts anyone? I unrooted, that got me stuck at the Samsung logo. I then used Odin via my pc and flashed the stock ROM. I then used Odin to root again, tried to install this ROM, with and without the edited script, got the same error. Tried using fastboot, but ended up with a cmd prompt screen that said waiting for device. I am running MOAR, which I ended reverting back to. What now?

  58. Marcel says:

    Hey guys this is working beautifully on my Bell Galaxy S3, and is now my daily driver. It was a bit tricky to get installed until I found this… Then it the install was done in minutes.

    “Grab Total Commander from the market ( This lets you edit files within a zip. Next use Total Commander and go to the ROM flashable, \META-INF\com\google\android\updater-script. Long press it and choose edit. Then erase the first line that refers to d2att, save and exit.

    Flash ROM. After backing up / wiping / etc.”

  59. simon thien says:

    i finally install this rom very smooth.. question is say got new update remind from goomanager,
    do i need to update?

  60. Tal says:

    Very Good Rom!!! very fast i liked it, many customizations & very easy to flash

    thank you!

  61. geo says:

    Thank you !
    The rom works like a dream !
    Tons of customizations available, no bloat. One thing though it’s not right yet. No recording software for the phone would work with it. As I understand dual way recording capability it’s required for the kernel to support. This would be nice to have.

  62. Jason says:

    Problem solved. go to the official websites for the downloads instead of using these. I am using a GS3 vzw with twrp and finally got my to flash to carbon by downloading there nightly

  63. zay says:

    I have tried every method to get this rom to install…no luck. On my last attempt…few minutes ago, got a new error which I found looking in the logs. The error is “Can’t partition non-vfat: auto. I tried installing both from sd card and from phone itself, got same error about partition.

  64. Adrian says:

    It’s a great rom, it installed easily on first attempt. Usinf default performance settings I can say that my S3 works far better than with other roms, and I’m referring to response time for a certain task. For me at least, the difference was visible.
    I think I’m gonna stick with this rom for a while.

  65. Senya says:

    HELP! I have a problem installing this and other ROMs from CWM.

    I did root and flashed CWM as in the guide.
    Now I try to install this ROM and it doesn’t want to install on Canadian S3.

    I did factory reset, then went on to flash the ROM from SD card and it show an error:

    assert failer: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == ” d2att” etc.
    error in /sdcard/
    Installation aborted.

    Please help.

    Thank You

  66. Zay says:

    I am still unable to get this rom installed. Seems like I am stuck with the MOAR ROM. While I love the MOAR ROM, I don’t like feeling “imprisoned”, I want to be able to try other ROMS. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this partition error I am getting? The error is “Can’t partition non-vfat: auto.

  67. Ton says:

    It’s a good rom, works great on my T-Mobile phone. But now the new version is out dated October. SO, is it an easy way to update it, or do you need to reinstall it from scratch?

  68. Hendry says:

    Hi Guys: After a few tries, I got it working eventually! My experience is summarized as follows:
    1) I have ClockWorkMode (CWM) recovery installed (rather than using TWRP)
    2) Download CARBON ROM and copy it to external SDCard or the phone
    3) boot to recovery mode
    4) Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Cache, and Dalvik data
    5) install ZIP (the downloaded ROM) file from SDcard (or phone card)
    6) reboot and you are done.

    PS: CARBON (developed for AT&T) keeps updating pretty much on the daily basis. You can use CWM (the paid version) or GooManager to check and download the latest CARBON rom (to you phone directly), and update the ROM. The latest CARBON rom is dated today (2013-10-28), and works fine on my Canadian Bell I747M

    The big pain is that every time I update the ROM to trhellates, I have to re-install all apps. So make sure you back up your APP, contacts, etc before the ROM installation.

    Good luck.

    • Zay says:

      Ok, seems like everybody….well almost everybody, is getting this ROM installed. I tried all those steps and more, and still CANNOT get this to install. I even went directly to the Carbon site using ROM Installer and Goo Manager. Please, does anyone have a fix that addresses my partition error: “Can’t partition non-vfat: auto”

    • xunholyx says:

      You are having to re-install apps because you are doing wipe data/factory reset. Just wipe cache and dalvik when updating ROMs (also known as a dirty flash). Also Cabron does wipe cache and dalvik automatically during install written into their zips.

  69. Adrian says:

    @Hendry: I also have installed Carbon Rom updates via CWM and all its subsequent updates, but no re-install of programs is needed. When you install the new ROM version from CWM (Update), do NOT clear cache, dalvik and NO factory reset. Worked for me and all aps are there after reboot.

    • xunholyx says:

      Cleaning cache and dalvik is always recommended when updating a ROM, but Carbon has it built into their zips to do that automatically during installation. Wiping data/factory reset is only needed when switching ROMs

  70. Craig says:

    Anyone with the SGH i747 have issues with the Bluetooth turning on by itself even if it’s manually turned off? I turn it off and seconds later it activates it by itself.

  71. PL says:

    Carbon Installed OK on my I9300, including recommended Gapps 4.3 but:
    1. Google services keeps wanting to update, but update keeps popping some server error message,
    and so google services remains incomplete without my apps.
    2. PhotoSphere Camera 4.3 will not install on my rom and Focal Camera is very lame indeed.
    Reverting to my TouchWiz stock ROM especially in view of all the above mentioned problems,
    others have written about. Too many problems, not recommended.

  72. mario says:

    Hello Max i have flashed this rom on my GT – i9300 s3 and it worked well for some time, but tjen my phone started to show only emergency calls and my sim card did not work. I tried flashing stock firmware but still the same problem. Everything workes fine, and sim is not broken, because i tryed it with another phone.
    Please help me solve the problem.
    Thank you very much

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