Carbon ROM for Galaxy S3! [AOSP/Android 4.2.2]

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Looking for some good AOSP ROMs? (What is AOSP?)

If you haven’t tried the latest Carbon ROM, definitely you should give this ROM a go. I’ve been actually following Carbon ROM ever since the first nightlies came out for my Note 2 couple months back and now they support many new devices including most Galaxy S3s plus their latest stable releases are pretty solid with customization similar to AOKP ROM.

Carbon ROM is like a hybrid AOKP ROM with some of its own customization added in. It’s not AOKP ROM though, don’t get me wrong, this is a ROM built from Android sources with some AOKP parts added in along with others.

Some notable feature include PIE control, “Dark Carbon” mode, long-press “clear recents” for clearing cache, NFC polling with screen off, Power button torch, CRT effect on/off, and some more.

If you are looking for a great AOSP ROM with some interesting tweaks, definitely give the Carbon ROM a try, now available for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, MetroPCS, Cricket, and GT-i9300.


Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from Carbon ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, then reboot! Status 7 error? Here’s how to fix Status 7 error.

Make sure to update “Google Search” app on Play Store for fixing Google Now search.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit “Thanks” on XDA if you like this ROM!

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75 Responses

  1. Hermes says:

    What about the camera with this rom. Does it work?

  2. julio says:

    this rom have wificalling?

  3. Ajitesh says:

    Hi Max

    Is this ROM better than the JellyBAM ROM ?
    What about the battery life in this ROM??


    • Joshua says:

      I like Jellybam better. Tried flashing this ROM a few times and the browser never worked. It wouldn’t open no matter what. Jellybam… If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  4. Mahesh S Nair says:

    Ever since i installed tHe rom i dnt have a can i activate a lock screen in this ROM

    • Ever says:

      I had the same issue with my S3 (Sprint) when I first installed this ROM. Just download Gapps and install it in CWM Recovery and everything will be as it should. The link is right under the carrier link list.

  5. tom says:

    Doeesnt lloook worth the effort if you are a already running JELLYBAM which is awesome.

  6. Bob Sacamano says:

    Best ROM I’ve ever flashed. Super stable, after a week no crashing. No flicker, super smooth, good battery life. I’m not changing ROMs for a long time.

  7. Mahesh S Nair says:

    Its the best ROM i have installed on my GS3…camera is working and no problems..ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT I CANT FIND A WAY TO ACTIVATE THE DEFAULT LOCK SCREEN..

  8. skeery2605 says:

    Good ROM…Very stable… Doesn’t have a music player… The rom would be perfect if it had the stock music player… You have to download Google Play Music or another standalone player…

  9. Bobby says:

    does it have the screenshot option on the navigation bar?

  10. Mahesh S Nair says:

    can i get a advice.. am using this rom on my GTi9300; cant activate the lock screen..pressing the power button turns the device on\off without a lock screen interface! please help..

  11. n3ilr says:

    Nice ROM, works well except I had to reboot about 10 times to get the sound to work on phone calls. Also I had to get my sim card replaced by Orange UK as it developed some kind of Network problem after flashing this ROM (prob just a coincidence though) 🙂

  12. Tim says:

    Been using this Rom for about 2 days now, so far so good……down side to any cm10 based roms is that the flash on the camera is broken (*Locks up and screen goes blank*), so just to be on safe side i turn off flash all in all almost everything works, wifi tether native doesn’t for some reason but oh well, barely ever use wifi tether anyways. keep the reviews comin max

  13. juan says:

    when installing it says Apply udate from .zip file on sd card same message with googness and MOAR Rom. What did i do wrong? Thanks in Advance.

    • fred says:

      If i am understanding you, at the blue menu screen you want to pick , not the update one but the “Install zip from sdcard if that is where you put the file.

  14. sky says:

    Hey Max, thx for posting new great Custom ROM.
    But after I installed it on my phone and rebooted it just stuck on the loading, says carbon and won’t do anything for half an hour.
    I guess i gotta install someother rom.

    • turnbasenerd says:

      Try a full wipe and reinstall

    • Mahesh S Nair says:

      Are the steps always…
      Get into the CWM recovery
      Wipe Data/factory reset
      Wipe Cache
      Wipe Dalvik-Cache
      Wipe Battery Stats
      Wipe Data/factory reset
      Wipe Cache
      Wipe Dalvik-Cache
      Wipe Battery Stats”

    • Mahesh S Nair says:

      Are the steps always…
      Get into the CWM recovery
      Wipe Data/factory reset
      Wipe Cache
      Wipe Dalvik-Cache
      Wipe Battery Stats

      flash the new rom zip file 😉

  15. Jake says:

    Your a bit behind on this one. I found it in the goomanager app about a month ago.. gotta say though, this is probably the best AOSP based ROM I’ve found for the Sprint GS3 variant. So much customization

  16. fred says:

    can someone tell me how to make a screen your home screen, and how to change screens around, I can’t find it on the menus????

  17. Sandro says:

    This distribution of Carbon hard crashes-resets on me after about 5 minutes of using the Audible app. It seems completely stable with all other applications. Any ideas?

  18. Matthew Niemiec says:

    So with an AOSP do you have to start from scratch .I loaded this Rom and my home button didnt even work?

  19. Robin says:

    Great rom! Had some flickering issues on the second day but it’s been clear since then. Only complaint is that there doesn’t seem to be any app drawer options.

  20. Chris says:

    Is anyone else having issues with GPS?

  21. Ish says:

    Hey, I’m having trouble launching any app as it just seems to crash on my SGH-i747

    Any ideas on how I can fix this please?

  22. fred says:

    asked before, anyone know how to change screens to select which one you want for your home screen and move them around to change order, they won’t shrink with your fingers and i can’t find it in the menus????? HELP

    • WTF says:

      You have to be just about the most annoying person on this website, seriously STFU. All you do is nag and complain about shit.

      Install a custom home screen launcher, menu, edit, do what you need to do.

    • Sam says:

      Have you tried pressing the home button ONCE when you are looking at your MAIN HOME screen?
      If that doesn’t work try pinch zooming inwards or outwards that is usally how you view all screens and move them around. TO CHANGE ORDER of screens ONCE YOU SEE ALL AT ONCE just tap and hold then move it around.

      Hope this helps!

  23. Carlos Aguilar says:

    How do you remove the Google Search bar from the top of every screen? Also, how do you read whats on your external sdc?

  24. Matthew Niemiec says:

    How do you get voice mail to work?

  25. Tao de Landaburu says:

    Will treveE wifi tethering work on this rom. i have a tmobile gs3

  26. Jesé Rodríguez says:

    I’m going to download this ROM and test everything in my T999 (t-mobile S3). Reading the comments for this post I can see several people will be using it for a long run.

  27. Jesé Rodríguez says:

    HEY! It can be helpful for all users if we post which S3 variant we’re using. That way we can figure out if the issues are related to an specific S3 variant or is a ROM issue in general.

    • Sandro says:

      Good point, I assumed incorrectly that this was in a sub channel of the att page because I linked to this article through there.

      audible on my att S3 routinely causes reboot after several minutes of listening.

  28. chris dougherty says:

    Hey what your doing here!! Im new to rooting and flashing ROMs but you explain it so well it makes it very easy. So thank you! I flashed liquid smooth as my first ROM and I just switched to the carbon ROM and so far I love it. It’s stable .very clean yet very customizable. I signed up for your email to get the updates. Thanks for all the hard work with the website and making your videos. Oh I’m also subscribed to both of your. YouTube channels. At the the ones I could find Lil you may have more…anyway thanks a lot!!!!

  29. serentene says:

    Does this rom have multi view windows, or are there any jb 4.2 roms with multi view windows?

  30. Seth says:

    ROM keeps on rebooting randomly? fix?

  31. rishabh says:

    Hey there I was wondering if I could stop the heptic feedback when I am using the keyboard on Messaging… also is there any other way to stop the battery draining so much.

  32. Wady says:

    Thank you for your great work. Does 4G LTE works on this Rom? (carbon ROM), anyone can tell me, please. Thank you

    • Max says:

      Yup 4G LTE does work.

      • Adam says:


        This ROM, as well as any other customer ROM I try and flash, never has working 4G on Sprint. I have no idea what else to try and do, but I have followed the flashing instructions to a T. But no 4G. Any ideas?

        • Max says:

          There is an easy fix you just need to set network settings to 4g lte then reboot phone and let it sit for an hour. Once u pick up 4g lte it will stay for good.

  33. Wady says:

    Does 4G LTE work in the Carbon ROM? Sry I misspelled my email address.

  34. Jose says:

    When I installed this rom, I can’t enable data access, anyone can help me?. Thanks!

  35. Alex says:

    Hey Max, Love the rom but i’m having issues with the camera and gallery

  36. Andres says:

    AWFUL, really AWFUL, Battery life. wont last 3 hours…

  37. kirk says:

    anyone else download this for sprint ? Seems light on the dwn…

  38. Trailer Park Boy says:

    Installed yesterday on a Canadian I747M. Flickered some at the beginning but so far everything is working perfectly and coming from AOKP the battery life on this ROM is incredible…. I love it

  39. Oscar says:

    Hey I installed the rom and I get 4glte but I can’t send messages or call but I can receive them
    Is their a fix for this I really Like this rom

  40. SNesto says:

    Hi everybody,
    I have installed this rom and I have two issues.
    1. My 64gb micro SD card is not recognized, although every was OK with the previous rom in my S3 and it works with my S2.

    2. After rebooting….. every time asks which launcer to use as default, I choose Next 3D Lancer…..I save……but at next reboot…the same question.

    Is there any solution?

  41. jaxon says:

    Max I loved this ROM but the GPS didn’t work and I was traveling. So I had to install the hyperdrive ROM. Now I’m looking for a ROM like this with a working GPS lock.

  42. fred. says:

    When does the new kernel come out for the new firmware for this ROM?

  43. george says:

    I loaded carbon on with goo manager installed that and google apps phone restarted and now the wizard wont run i’m in a stand still. anyway to get it to bypass the setup or wait till later??

  44. Kevin says:

    Got problems with powering off. When I turn it off at night and charge it, it automatically turns back on.
    Any solutions?

  45. sam says:

    is there any issue wit the camera?…

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