CM-Zoom ROM for Rooted Galaxy S3 i9300! [TouchWiz FREE][LITE]

What? You got your phone today and you want to get rid of TouchWiz right away?

Well, there are some people who just “hate” TouchWiz with the utmost passion but don’t worry, there’s a ROM for that.

The CM-Zoom ROM for your rooted Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 comes TouchWiz-free and bloat-free. You will find the whole ROM weighing at only 200MB (compared to 400-500MB for stock ROM), which just means that it’s mean and lean and will only have the stuff you absolutely need.

Although we are still in early stages of Galaxy S3 custom ROM development, I think CM-Zoom is going to keep becoming better and better, offering users the option to run their phone without Samsung’s software.

Anyways, if you are that person, give this CM-Zoom ROM a go and let me know what you think of this ROM!


Download CM-Zoom ROM

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a custom ROM?

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11 Responses

  1. Markd says:

    Does is have the other common issues with most ICS ROMs? Example, does the radio work?

  2. Linny says:

    Hi, I installed this ROM and I like it so much. Very lite as I wanted. The only problem I noticed so far is the wallpaper. It seems I cannot set the wallpaper through gallery, it will crop the original picture to very small area which I dont know how to change it. Also there is no resource option for changing lock screen/lock and home screen wallpaper. Really hope there will be some update coz I like this ROM. Thanks 🙂

  3. KEITH says:

    does this have samsung task manager?

  4. Viktor says:

    Hi I have the galaxy 3s at&t version and was wondering like will all the roms work for it because recently ive been noticing that its only like for the international version?

  5. HassaN says:

    Hi Max!!!!
    Im currently on ICS using Omega ROm 13.1 w/ Siyah Kernel 1.5.3……. I was thinking of upgrading to Jelly Bean 4.1…. How should I go about it? Ive already downloaded the Omega Rom 27 but not sure about the right version of Siyah…. Just checked the Gokhan Moral site for the Siyal Kernel… They have a version for Jelly Bean 1.6.8 but it says “This kernel is for JellyBean only, Samsung or CM10 (starting from RC3)” …………

    Dont understand that…… Will it be compatible with Omega ROM 27.1?
    Just for information (in your expert opinion), should I go for AOSP, Omega, BlackStar or Criskelo (in terms of high performance and stability) and is 100% compatible with Siyah……?????

    Your expert advice/help will be greatly appreciated……..
    Thanks and Regards

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