CM12.1 ROM for Galaxy S3! [Android 5.1]

Want to experience Android 5.1 on your Galaxy S3 today?  Even newer smartphones like Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 don’t have Android 5.1 yet but you can already get it for your Galaxy S3 through CM12.1 ROM.

The CM12.1 ROM builds are available for all AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Canadian, and GT-i9300 Galaxy S3 models.  Although these are unofficial builds compiled from CyanogenMod sources, they are actually pretty stable, I haven’t found a single bug yet so far.

Since the update from Android 5.0.2 to 5.1 wasn’t a complete overhaul of the OS, we suspect that has a lot to do with its stability as developers don’t have to start from scratch to make everything integrated/stable.

Overall, Android 5.1 is going to give you the most performance improvement over previous Android OS versions along with much improved battery life.  If you can’t afford a new phone but you want to upgrade your phone for free, CM12.1 ROM may be the best way to do that so definitely give these builds a try and do let me know what you think!


(These unofficial builds are compiled from official Cyanogen sources, no bug found so far.)


You will find easy drop-down WiFi and bluetooth shortcuts, which is a new feature of Android 5.1.


With Android 5.1 CM12.1 ROM, you can specify exactly which apps can notify you and also set the priority for these notifications.


Have more than one user?  Take advantage of Android 5.1 Lollipop multi-user feature.


Camera and camcorder work flawless and CM12.1 comes with rotating launcher.


Download CM12.1 ROM for Galaxy S3 AT&T SGH-i747, T-Mobile SGH-T999, and Canadian SGH-i747M

Download CM12.1 ROM for Galaxy S3 Sprint SPH-L710

Download CM12.1 ROM for Galaxy S3 Verizon SCH-i535

Download CM12.1 ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Download Android 5.1 Gapps for CM12.1 (DO NOT USE older Gapps, you will FC!!!)

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, format /system, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

If you have AT&T or Verizon S3 with locked bootloader (Android 4.3 or up) and using SafeStrap, YOU CANNOT INSTALL THIS ROM, SORRY!

First time installing a custom ROM? See How to Install Custom ROM on Galaxy S3!

Can’t find root?  See How to Enable Root on CM12!

Credits – AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian, Sprint, Verizon, GT-i9300 <— Please donate to the developers or hit the Thanks button on XDA if you like this ROM,thx!

Extra Mods

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291 Responses

  1. ezkay says:


    What’s the difference to Nameless ROM? Or is Nameless not yet on 5.1?
    Is “move App to SD-card” working?

  2. Jose says:

    Nice! I Can’t wait to try it. 🙂

  3. Amit Patel says:

    I am currently on CM 12 lolipop 5.0.2 att s3 can install this ROM ?
    As he says for att s3 on or above 4.3 can’t install this rom…
    Hi have installed and working CWM it means it is unlocked bootloader???? Becz Previously i have installed 4.4.2 stock firmware

    • Dan Duke says:

      That’s a good question as this is the first time reading that the at&t s3 has a locked bootloader. Mine was on 4.4.2 before I started flashing roms. I’m currently on cm 12.1-20150406 unofficial d2att

    • Enkomo says:

      I had 4.4.4 loaded and Now I have cm 12.1 ( 5.1) there are a few issues I’ve notice the camera crashes and also the phone restarts if to many apps or processes are running other than that I’m happy.

  4. Ronald Berrye says:

    Does camera work?

  5. fern says:

    Wanted to know which one may work on the metro pcs

  6. 5 says:

    Camera was a no go for me on Sprint S3

  7. Typical Gamer says:

    I hope the works this time on galaxy s3 sprint!!
    if it does I will be really happy

  8. Typical Gamer says:

    I meant the camera

  9. damidu says:

    i do wipe dalvic cache and wipe data but keep booting i dont no how to fix this boot loop
    i do everything you said max
    i have s3 sgh1747m

    • Aries says:

      It takes awhile to boot…let it sit for a good 5 minutes at least on first boot….I am on i747m as well , camera works but data is a no go for me….wifi works…

  10. Typical Gamer says:

    The camera is worst in galaxy s3 sprint just keep saying can’t connect to camera at the last ROM android 5.0.2 you can at least make the camera work using open camera app but on this ROM you can’t make the work at all!!!!!!!!!!! S3 sprint people got bad luck like me. 🙁

  11. Jacob says:

    Clean install, WiFi and mobile network work just fine. Camera will not connect (T-Mobile SGH-T999) however. Easy to overlook/replace with Google camera or others from Play Store. Hello Lollipop, FINALLY!

    • jay says:

      I can’t get into the network to put into my data settings

      • Llourd Zakus says:

        Same here…It shows no data but i can make and receive call and messages as well but data bar shows no service…Internet data cant be enable

    • Dale Talsma says:

      I just flashed CM 12.1 to my T999 (T-Mobile S3), and the camera is not working. Also, “Google Camera” app didn’t work. Is there another camera app I should try?

      • Dale Talsma says:

        UPDATE: I just installed “Open Camera” and, so far, it seems to work great. (T999 with CM 12.1 installed.)

        • Jacob says:

          Sorry, yes, OPEN CAMERA was the one I had to go with / the only one that worked as well. There were some force close issues early on with messaging, but nothing really since. Coming from a custom rooted ROM (4.4.4). First boot was abnormally long. Battery life pretty bad but ‘Power Save’ mode helps a lot

  12. Hockeytown says:

    I REALLY want to keep and use a CM12 ROM but once again I wipe/factory reset, Load ROM, Load Gapps and it will NOT connect to the Rogers cell network and it will NOT allow me to enter and save the APN settings. Looks like a great ROM except for the cell thing.

    • Savage says:

      Same here. Slick looking rom. Installs great on my SGH-i747M but cannot connect to the telus network.

      • Hockeytown says:

        Got ‘er working finally…. it is an outdated or incompatible modem.

        1. Unroot and install stock ROM
        2. Update the stock firmware to the latest
        3. format /system, wipe data/factory reset
        4. Root
        5. Install ROM + Gapps

        Voila! Its pretty awesome. I hope that was the correct order of things… I had to do ALOT of effing digging on this to find out what to do. Try this out and let everyone know how you make out also

        • Aakash says:

          Hmm sounds like a good fix ill try it out later today.
          Also I thought if we updated our phones to the latest stock OS we wouldn’t be able to flash 12.1 onto our i747.

        • Aakash says:


          It took me a whole day because I was dumb enough to flash stock using odin without wiping data. I don’t have a power button so I had a very hard time going into recovery, but once I did I found that the recover on stock ROM was outdated and I had to use the power button to press enter. Anyways that was a user error

          Just follow all the steps Hockeytown has mentioned and you will have access to the network once again. Most likely you will update stock rom to 4.3. Then root it and flash the new 12.1 rom

          Cheers guys and really thank hockeytown for this =D

        • fredrubble says:

          I have a 1747 with Android 4.4.2 un-rooted. Is this the latest stock firmware, so i can Root and Install ROM and Gapps?

  13. Max E. says:

    It installed fine on my T999V Videotron but first boot was long at like 12-13min. Something’s are little laggie but camera and video work well finally!

  14. Ray Thomas says:

    Where is developer options in settings? It is working fine but can’t connect it to my laptop.

    • Jacob says:

      go into Settings > About Phone – then rapidly press Build Number until it counts down and enables Developer Settings. (Nice trick for Androids)

  15. Peter says:

    Went on smoothly but on first start it just flashes sorry email stopped working! Then freezes. Did another factory reset and tried again same results. Can’t seem to get beyond that . GT-i9300

    • Josiah says:

      Did you let it sit for awhile after installing? I always let my phone sit for about 30 mins after installing a new rom

  16. KEMISTRYPOPS says:

    works good for me. just watching the battery life now.

  17. ed says:

    So there’s no screen shot on this one

  18. Typical Gamer says:

    Is there any way to fix the camera on galaxy s3 sprint.

  19. wilberfan says:

    Nope. Camera doesn’t work on my clean-flashed d2spr. Open Camera crashes as well.

  20. Inder says:

    Hey can anyone help me I have t mobile s3 I have successfully install this ROM on my phone but the internet connection is not working

  21. Mark P. says:

    I have Canadian Rogers S3 running on Android version 4.1.2 on Synergy ROM r484.

    My question is – can I install this CM12.1 ROM for Galaxy S3! [Android 5.1]?

    Please advise and thanking you in advance.

    • it manager says:

      Hello I was using Korean S3 3G SHV-E220S
      I ported Canadian Rogers and I too flashed Synergy Rom I founded in Google
      Then I flashed it for Gt-i9300 It worked Finally on S3

  22. sekai says:

    It gives me an error on my s3 i9300: Warning:No file_contextsdetected filesystem ext4 for /dev/block/mmcblk0p9
    error in sdcard/
    (status 7)
    Instalation aborted.

  23. ezkay says:

    So now i tryed to install, but i’m getting this:

    This package is for device: m0, i9300, GT-I9300; this device is m3.
    E: Error in /storage/sdcard1/xxxxx/cm-12.1…zip
    (Status 7)

    What does m3 mean? I’m on a i9305 (LTE, german) but i thought it should work too?!

  24. Rvcezar says:

    works like a charm here!!!

    i found just one weird and boring problem… in some apps (like clash of clans) the color is over saturated (more RED) and i cant fix it…

  25. macscr says:

    Same here. Very odd how it’s only in some apps.

  26. Fabian says:

    Can’t find the navigation bar .

  27. gennadios says:

    great rom. thanks cm!!!! thanks MAX!!!

  28. Chris says:

    Hi installed 5,1 on i9300, rom works great but if I try to boot into recovery the phone just bootloops and will not start or even boot into recovery, so I then have to install cwm using odin then choose restart system the phone will then restart OK, If i try booting into recovery again I get the bootloop thing again.
    Any advice please.

  29. charles says:

    i have a sprint s3 with 5.0 running was wondering if i could update with losing anything. please respond thank you?

  30. charles says:

    so after installing 5.1 m camera still dont work on my sprint s3. any fixs please guys

  31. Artayu says:

    I am going to assume when you say Kit-Kat 4.4.2 you mean stock firmware, not custom rom at 4.4.2 or higher?

  32. pakoeeo says:

    provada en galaxy s3 de sprint no funciona camara y linterna algun dia sacaran una rom para este modelo 100% funcional???

  33. Derek says:

    Hello all I’ve installed cm12.1 on my vzw s3 I535. It does work I had to go back to old rom as I could not get any gapps for 12.1 to install. when it does start to install at the end it keeps saying failed. I wiped the caches swip to factory rest…. Any help appreciated. I’m using twrp 2.6.? I can get rom to work great just cant get gapps to install. Please help

  34. manzi says:

    hey this rom seems to run good, i only have one problem, when i try to enter in mobile networks it crash and show has just stopped, anyone know how to fix this? i have a GT-i9300. thank you.

    also on cm12 my battery is terrible. when i m using it it drop from 100% to 30% in 30min and the device heat also. but when i’m running stock 4.3 battery life is good. have anyone had this problem or know how to fix it?


    • Latish setpal says:

      I am having the same problem. When I go in roaming the Internet also stops and there is no way I can get into mobile networks and turn on data roaming. Kindly advice

    • Xuan says:

      Problem with the mobile network, try turn on airplane mode for a while and then switch it off, turn on your mobile data now…let’s see if it works for you. Its works for me. Although the network sign in the status bar showing no signal, not in words, but its empty inside the little triangle. Tell me if it works.Thanks. For the battery problems, I have no idea cuz I’ve no issue on that. Sorry.

  35. Ottocroy says:

    Hi, I can’t see google play store on my phone. Any help?

  36. vijer says:

    Where do we find updates for this ROM?

  37. JamarMC says:

    I installed this rom successfully on tmobile t999 but there are some bugs I have identified. #1 it restarts at times for no reason #2 google voice search doesnt work it keeps saying cannot connect to the internet.

  38. Chris says:

    Everything works well except I can’t access mobile networks in settings menu tried installing twice.

  39. Peter Sissakis says:

    No signal or any networks detected after install on T999. Not even reading SIM card. Reinstalled it twice but nothing, reverting back to Carbon Rom.

    • Peter says:

      I have got it working, just had to flash modem for T999 that you can find here –
      Has been working for well for a couple of days now and my battery consumption has dropped dramatically compared to Carbon Rom. The only problem I have found is that I have to reboot phone every time I want to use the camera. Hopefully this is fixed in the next update.

  40. krammy says:

    when i go to more/mobile networks/ i get has stopped message (here is screenshot)
    Everything else working flawlessly, camera, WiFi, battery life, etc.
    I flash it on my i9300.
    Found a bug, don’t use stock mail app. It drains your battery.

    We looking forward for update. Thanks max and to the developer.

  41. KEMISTRYPOPS says:

    guys update your modem for cell signal

  42. sn4ke says:

    Camera doesn’t work d2spr

  43. Jacob says:

    One strange thing I just noticed is that is shows my Model Number to be SGH-I747 when I actually have the U.S T-Mobile T999. Don’t think it’s created any issues but curious as to why it did this. Any Pros/Cons?

  44. jehjeh says:

    i neemd help i cant install gapps on twrp always failed pls help me with this

  45. sk says:

    Hey guys…
    Whats about battery life in i9300 international verision after installing this rom….??

    Plss help me

  46. J says:

    I’m on virgin mobile running sprints 5.1 ROM. I can’t seem to get the camera to work. It starts then a message pops up saying can’t connect to camera. Waiting on a camera fix for sprint users

  47. denis says:

    For t mobil s3 version mobile data is not working. I tried manually to add APN but no success. Did anyone know how to get mobile data working or is rom itself.

    • Michael says:

      Having the same issue, can’t get a response

      • Peter says:

        Have to flash modem after you flash ROM. You can find it here- Camera only works right after boot up and if you look it changes model number of your phone to SGH-I747. There has been an update since this has been posted and you can find it here – Hopefully they get the camera working properly.

  48. Supraj Yekkala says:

    hey guys so I’m thinking of getting this on my att galaxy s3 I747, can anyone tell me if they were successful or if there are any bugs? Thanks

    • Spidernhan says:


      I upgraded from Gummy ROM 4.4.4. The first time I flashed CM12.1 I had weird battery issues like overheating and massive drain. I factory reset and reflashed a couple times and now those issues are gone. The only problems I’ve had are weird Force Closes on my keyboard (Google Keyboard) while I’m typing, but it quickly reloads, the camera not taking pictures every now and then, and the occasional random reboot. The reboots have happened while turning on Wi-Fi or opening/closing an app but they only happen 2-3 times a day and the speed increase I get from using this ROM far outweigh a few crashes a day.

      The final weird thing is the Facebook app and Candy Crush, regular and Soda, will not load. I don’t play any other games so I can’t comment on them but at least I’m no longer wasting my life away.

      Calls, SMS, maps, mobile networks, GPS, multi tasking, theming, browsing, and using media players all work flawlessly.

  49. KJ Tha Don says:

    It works, that is, if you know what to do before installing the zip. This was very much worth it for me, being on an android, Galaxy S3 T999 to be exact. The update gets me to the Latest Samsung update, which is amazing. 😀

  50. Michael says:

    I installed on my T-Mobile t999 and it installed fine along with gapps. The problem I have is I can’t get a network to pick up. I installed the apn’s but clicked same and still nothing. I had to flash a recovery file because after 10 attempts, no success. For me, it’s a cool rom to use if I’m just going to use Wi-Fi but I do lots of talking too so this doesn’t help… Any ideas would be appreciated or Max if you can help, I’m all ears.

  51. Dom says:

    I just installed it on my canadian i747M. It works very well and it’s really fast. The only thing i can’t seem to get working is my music. Both CM music app and Google Play just keeps cycling through my songs and popup “Cannont play selected track”….i’m trying to play the same songs that worked yesterday on CM 11. Any ideas?

    • Frank says:

      Hey, was yours the original stock 4.4.2 OS before you installed the ROM? Cause Im not sure if I can install this one.

      • Edgar says:

        Did you ever figure it out or try it? I have stock 4.4.2 as well on a Canadian i747m and it seems no one on the entire internet has the answer to whether or not the bootloader is locked on the Canadian i747m with 4.4.2.

  52. Mohit says:

    Hi, I am using GT-i9300. Earlier I had installed CM 12 Kitkat version. It was working great so I had great hopes with Android 5.1 also. The installation completed smoothly of this ROM but after 2 -3 hours it started showing some signs of bug, For E.g ,
    (a) When I tried to open the Mobile Network Section it shows a popup with message “Unfortunately, the process has stopped “.

    (b) Music player also shows a popup with message “Unfortunately, Music has stopped”.

    (c) Sometimes the dialler also stops.

    Everything else is working awsome. It would be great if these bugs could have been removed .

    • sk says:

      hey bro whats about battery life?

      because i have i9300 n wanna to update to 5.1….

      • Mohit says:

        Battery Life is damn good ! When my phone was on Kitkat the battery drained very fast with 3G ON. Suppose I fully charge it in the morning, then whole day I need to charge it 2 or 3 times may be. But with Lollipop, I have to charge it only once in the morning . Till evening it remains between 45 to 50. Which is very good .

    • Mohit says:

      I forgot to mention .. I lost my ROOT also .. 🙁

      One more Bug came :

      (d) sometimes Keyboard also stops working with a popup msg something like “andoid.keyboard has stopped “.

  53. John says:

    front facing camera only works in a Google Hangout video call..

  54. ally says:

    s3 sgh i747 at&t dont reconised any sim after upgraade to lollipop 5.1 🙁

  55. Ray Thomas says:

    Lost my root after installing 5.1………..

    Tried re root many time to no effect.

    Any solutions?


    • joe says:

      Go to About phone > click 4 times on “Build number”> after that Developer options will appear on setting menu …. Developer options > Root Access > you can reactivate the root for apps via choosing “apps only”

  56. j says:

    If you lost root flash this via recovery and you will be rerooted

  57. unoqaz says:

    Can anyone tell me how to unpin apps without using the navbar?

  58. Gerard says:

    For root just flash via custom recovery the latest SuperSU v2.48 that you can download on xda

    Flash it after you’ve boot the ROM.

  59. Himanshu says:

    Works like a charm on T999 running on ATT network,,, 🙂

  60. Erik says:

    So , for Tmobile T999, we still install the file, even though it says d2att and not d2tmo?

  61. Himanshu says:

    has anybody noticed that the T999 is heating up more after the installing CM 12.1?

    • Jacob says:

      Yes, very much so. Much more on this ROM than anything on 4.4.x. I’m also getting awful battery life.

      • Himanshu says:

        How many hours are you getting on a single charge? I am getting better battery life , maybe because I managed the apps using battery doctor.

    • jose says:

      On my att i747 Google camera won’t work I’m using other app and the battery charge is awful turn warm.

      • Himanshu says:

        the camera works fine for me. I am having the same heat issue when charging… Any comments from the author here??

  62. kyle says:

    I tired to install this when it came out. My recovery, philz, told me the files were bad and the operation was aborted. Was this fixed by chance?

  63. Jacob says:

    I have the T Mobile Galaxy S3 T999L version,and the T999 version will work with it right? Also about the first download link with AT&T,T Mobile,and Canadian version,will that download work with my T999L version? I was concerned because the download showed Galaxy s3 ATT.

    • Himanshu says:

      the camera works fine for me. I am having the same heat issue when charging… Any comments from the author here??

      yes it works for the T mobile US version .

  64. j says:

    Sprint users. Cm has built the camera fix into their source. We need a updated rom with the latest sources.

    • Chris says:

      Please enlighten me… I have a L710 and couldn’t get the camera working. Email me instruction in how to fix the camera on 5.1thanks

    • Jeremiahwd says:

      How do we push to get this update? I don’t know how to cook roms so I am open to suggestions. There are a few bugs but the camera not working is one of the worst, otherwise it is an awesome rom!!

  65. Shourav says:

    Mobile data unfortunately stopped ! Plz Fix this …. I have international s3 (i9300) 🙁

    • sahil says:

      same problem is in s3 t999 us… not showing the network but still calls r taking plase….
      mobilke data is stopped

  66. Mikey Brennan says:

    I install the rom but I don’t get my wifi to turn on?

  67. Jeremy g says:

    Can someone please list the steps to get this ROM working properly on the T-Mobile sgh-t999? I know people have been successful at installing this rom…but there are specific things that need to be done besides what is detailed in this guide. Please help with great detail.

  68. Bourne4 says:

    I have galaxy s3( Shv e210k) and I am stuck with 4.3 custom rom.. I am rooted but no rooms for my s3 which by the way is Korean model phone.. Can you please suggest any rom upgrade not stock.

  69. Mads says:

    Has anyone experienced problems with mms in this build? I can’t get it to work with both the stock app or 3rd party app.
    Generally the performance is really good!!!

  70. Frank says:

    Hey, I have a canadian version sgh-i747m with andriod 4.4.2 , and it is my first time installing a rom. Can I install this one?

  71. Charlie says:

    I installed this ROM on my t999 galaxy s3 four days ago and it is flawless. Everything works as it should, the ROM is fast and smooth no lag. Battery life is decent, I upgraded the stock battery some months ago with a ravpower slim extended and it lasts about 8 hours continuous usage, last even longer when u turn on power save. This ROM is highly recommended to anyone who has a T-Mobile s3, it will make it brand new again.

    • Jeremy g says:

      Was there anything (aside from the guide/tutorial) that you had to do in order to install this ROM on your sgh-t999? I have installed it…but I don’t get data service. Please help.

      • Charlie says:

        U need to update your modem. Read the earlier posts I think there were some links posted about it. I hope that helps.

  72. Rutger says:

    I installed CM12.1 on a US TMobile Galaxy S3.
    Couple observations:
    1) Can’t mute phone calls as the mute button is grayed out
    2) No apparent option to create directories

    Am I overlooking something?

  73. ahmad elkady says:

    I’ve installed this rom & it’s great except for one thing ” wifi direct ” doesn’t work plz tell me hoe to fix it !!

  74. Anderson says:

    In my i9300, the APK radio not install. Is there any solution to this problem?
    I’m using this ROM, but the radio makes me sorely missed.

  75. Jaybee says:

    Hi! this rom is quite good, just minor details… the contacts doesn’t give that much option to manage what contacts you want to display. I used a 3rd party app to do it. Camera is working since I’m using the international s3, BUT I cant have it to save on SD card. Always uses the phone memory. Is there is certain work around we can do?

  76. Charlie says:

    Update: the ROM has gotten a bit glitchy. I installed nova launcher and customized the settings a bit. I experienced a much improved battery life. Camera also glitches up, have to reboot to get it to work again which is quite annoying.

  77. hitarthshah75 says:

    Hey the video player isnt working!
    i tried the MX player too but no good.
    Can anyone help?

  78. hitarthshah75 says:

    Hey the Video player isnt working. i used mx player but still no good.
    can anyone help?

  79. hitarthshah75 says:

    I just tried your 12.1 for the galaxy s3. The video player doesnt seem to be working. I tried using MX player but still no good. Please help.

  80. hitarthshah75 says:

    , I just tried your 12.1 for the galaxy s3. The video player doesnt seem to be working. I tried using MX player but still no good. Please help.

  81. John says:

    Will Cellular/Data work with this on a T999? Last time I tried a Kit Kat version of CM and CM12 I could not get my phone to detect a signal for anything.

  82. al says:

    are you able to downgrade back to kit kat or are you locked in to cm12 based roms

  83. Forge says:

    Galaxy S3 Having issues with music players and bluetooth on 12. 1.

    Oddly, slacker radio through bluetooth works just fine. Just went to 12.1 on Galaxy S3. Camera had some crashing issues as well when entering into settings but worked from time to time. Open Camera seems to work fine in lieu of that. Really looking for resolution on the Bluetooth issue. If I get that working, I would be happy leaving as is. Lastly, still having issues with root access. In spite of turning on root access via developer mode, the apps that used root before still do not work. Any notes on these issues would be appreciated.

  84. mike says:

    well clean install . about 5 min seemed fine untill i tried to install normal root apps. i lost root. fine , ill just flash supersu again. nope . theres no supersu binary, so i have to root all over again . then camera doesnt even work. yay. best rom ever. anyone help me go back to stock ?

  85. Will says:

    Installation went fine, no problems. Everything seems to work and it looks much faster. I’ve got to question it’s stability though, a number of processes seem to just ‘stop working’ e.g. Messaging,, it’s a bit random. 5.0.2. was more stable. I’m on a GT-i9300

  86. Ashraf says:

    What happens if you have cricket Galaxy S3

  87. labeeb says:

    Hey i installed this tom on my s3 gti9300 everything works flawless but phone heats up and sim card doesnt work’s any other lollipop rom which can do the work?
    And it drain battery from 51%-11% in the whole night

  88. Vihanga says:

    How to install Supersu?

    Some apps that requires root access does not ask for permission causing the apps to not work due to non root.
    How can you manage root access? How to install supersu??
    plz help!

    • Vihanga says:

      No need! figured it out! Can anyone tell me where I can flash modem for I9300? I am in Sri Lanka and I don’t have my connection. It says emergency calls only!
      Plz help!
      Thanks in advance

  89. anas says:

    hi i have just install this rom it’s working fine but when i try to access to network mobile setting i get the ” ” problem . Now i can’t change my 3g access point
    is there a fix or should i look for and other rom
    help please

  90. Panayiotis says:

    Hello all,

    I have installed the ROM successfully on my I9300. All the apps seems to be working OK and no problem with camera or wireless etc.

    The problem though is that my phone keeps freezing and needs to be restarted.

    Do you have any idea why and what needs to be done ?


  91. kamlesh says:

    “warning no file context detected?”
    when i install the zip file on my s3 it says the above message.
    help please/?

  92. avinash from india says:

    my download is getting failed automatically i dont khnow why my internet speed is 700 kbps
    but when i m reaching at 220 mb of data its getting failed automatically

  93. Artis says:

    I can’t get any google apps anymore they just get in a “… has stopped working” loop and I can barely stop it just keeps popping up till I delete it. So what could I be doing wrong?

  94. Raul says:

    Netflix spp is not working.

    • Raul says:

      Yesterday Netflix release a new update, and I updated but my S3 i9300 is not working, I believe is a media player compatibility issue, anyone else having the same issue?, does anyone else has issue with other video streaming provider???

  95. saif_nk says:

    once i choose the language and the wifi network and press Next, it says “unfortunately, setup wizard has stopped” i cant get pass the setup wizard it’s going in an endless loop, i cant access anything else. Help please

  96. Suyog says:


    I am using Samsung S3 – I9300.
    I followed the exact instructions as suggested and installed 12.1.
    Everything seems to be OK except 1 critical area.

    In settings when I click on “Mobile networks” it crashes with message “Unfortunately, the process has stopped”. This causes issues with selecting network/data option.

    Is there a fix, please suggest.

    • Raul says:

      Put your device on airplane mode, make the modification that you want, that’s it.

      • Suyog says:

        Thanks a lot.

        Actually version 9 from xda website helped solve this issue permanently.

        • curry says:

          hei suyog did you already fix the data connection i already tried to turn on the air mode and edit it but still its now working help pls

          • Suyog says:

            Yes, Builld 6 had this issue. From the XDA site, download Build 9.
            Wipe off factory, cache and dalvic and then do a fresh installation and use the gapps provided on the same xda link.

            The mobile connection issue is surely resolved. I at times need to switch forcefully from 3g to 2g and that also works. Build 9 is very responsive in terms of network connectivity.

  97. Ari says:

    I just installed CM12.1 and doesn’t save the APN settings I input… What can I do to solve this?

  98. Steve says:

    Thank you for the great guides and pointing to this ROM, it works well for my i9300!

    There are new updates to this ROM since this version on the author’s site:

  99. jhon says:

    Is this working for lte ver.? I9305?? I already tried this to i9300 and its working fine.. Tnx fir answer..

  100. Sachin says:

    cannot switch between 3g and 2g network..when clicked on mobile error bla…please let me know how to fix it!!

    • Gagan Deep Singh says:

      For those having the issue with “Mobile Network” not working, try installing this CM 12.1 unofficial build

      Its way more stable than the one mentioned in the post.

      Also you might find it difficult to install open gapps using latest CWM in Galaxy S3 I9300, I got it installed by switching to latest version of TWRP instead.

  101. Kevin says:

    Same shit here..

  102. Ahmed Franko says:

    hey this rom seems to run good, i only have one problem, when i try to enter in ….. I’ve installed this rom & it’s great except for one thing ” wifi direct ” doesn’t work plz tell me how to fix it !

  103. Cedrick says:

    Hi clever kids!

    I installed and all seemed well

    But the phone ” app” does not receive calls / does nothing even though its ringing on the phone calling
    AND it cannot hang up when I make a call.

    Any suggestions please

  104. Amol says:

    This ROM screwed my Galaxy s3 GT=I9300 phone which is unlocked and rooted. I should have taken backup of ROM.
    I copied this ROM to Phones internal memory.
    Now it won’t boot. While flashing this ROM it is giving me an error “E:Error in /emmc/
    (Status 7) Installation Aborted
    I am screwed up now. They have should have tested before posting this article.
    Not sure how can I copy any new working custom ROM to my phone now to make it working again.
    I have data backup so not really worried about data.

    • Amol says:

      Some more text from Error as below:
      ApplyParsedPerms: 1setfilecon of /system/lost+found to u:object_r:system_file:s0 failed: Operation not supported on transport endpoint set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed followed by error message I have given above.

      • Amol says:

        I managed to install this custom ROM. The issue was with CW recovery version. I upgraded it from some 5.* version to 6.* version. This ROM is really good and I tested many things without any flaws. Without external memory card it wasn’t possible to upgraded CW recovery. Thanks a lot Developer 🙂

  105. Suyog says:


    There is a XDA link for this rom .. they now have build 9 which is very stable for 9300 model.
    This is pretty stable. The XDA forum has recommended links for gapps.

    One question though. After each of these ROMSs the speaker volume has gone down considerably as copmpared to stock 4.3 Android,

    Any solutions for improving the speaker volume?

    • Raul says:

      Thanks for let us know that a new build was released, do you know if this new release can be dirty flash on our phones?

      • Suyog says:


        To be honest I do not know what a dirty flash is.
        I have rooted my phone first time using this tutorial.

        Build 9 is pretty stable, two issues some times the camera app gets frozen and system volume is very low.

        • Raul says:

          My understanding for dirty flash is that you do not need to do a format /system, and wipe data/factory reset, that means all your setting remain untouched.

  106. eds says:

    hi thanks for sharing the steps to rooting and flashing this cm 12.1 rom. but it seems ive lost root access. how to root back?

  107. curry says:

    guys can you help me to fix my data connection pls tnx in advance

  108. Alison Cena says:

    Whatever ROM I download on my s3 T999 the camera doesn’t open. Please post how to fix the camera. The cm 12 is a great update except for the camera.

  109. Gani says:

    For those who have problems with “ stop…”, just reboot in recovery and clear the DATA cache.

  110. Laurence says:


    Will this work for the GT-I9305?


  111. prince khullar says:

    Please Give me link to download the 5.2 android for my s3 19300 which is flash with my cwm recovery

  112. Henry says:


    I successfully flashed the ROM onto my phone and it is simply beautiful. However, I only have around a dozen apps because Google Play Services isnt included. How do I get it back?

    • Henry says:

      Sorry, I did not realize the GAPP’s stands for Google Apps. I will now download that.

      • loxin says:

        Pls does the rom work good. Any stutter. Does the mobile data and wifi work very well? Does the camera work pretty good? What are the issues you encountered with it pls?

        • Henry says:

          Give me a few days to put the ROM put its paces and I will get back to you. I’ve only had it for a full day by now. Some points I’ve noticed however:

          Using the APEX launcher, the app drawer frequently glitches and all the apps disappear from view. Usually swiping to the next apps page and swiping back will bring it back.

          Keyboard will lag by full seconds and sometimes does not show at all. Clicking out whatever you are trying to fill and tapping it again will usually bring it back.

          Battery life on the first day was abysmal, a 60% charge indicated 5 hours of battery life and it did actually die at the indicated time. However, I was mass downloading applications at that time. Last night, with a full charge before I went to bed, I unplugged it to see how it would fare. With LTE on, it had 89% this morning, approximately 8 hours of standby time.

          • Ben KC says:

            i only get a glitch on instagram, everything works fine except taking photo.
            and the battery life!!! 100% full charged, after 6 hours with no wifi and no data, it have 82% left…

            • Henry says:

              I’ve been slowly running the phone through its paces and with LTE on the whole time without exception, my phone still has 79% after 12 hours of intermittent use.

      • Nick says:

        Hey, i am having the same problem, I don’t have any GAPP’s, what did you download to get them back?

  113. Hendry says:

    These ROM running well so far except for the calendar.
    Its not sync with my google account calendar and always ask me to sign in with my google account.
    Anyone faced the same problems? How to fix it?


    • Henry says:

      I downloaded the Google calendar and disabled the innate one so I cannot corroborate however, I did also have the problem where I signed into google and it would ask me to sign in again. I should mention that this was limited to the app store and that the phone account was very much intact. It went away on its own unfortunately so I cannot explain it.

  114. Rahul says:

    Hi… jst installed on S3 . Video didn’t show in tubemate.only voice. What to do?

  115. Rahul says:

    If you feel some lag thn jst run it in balance mode. Not in powersaver mode. Balance mode is also very good ..

  116. Fahad says:

    [ Camera Error!!! ]
    I have installed the recent update of CM-12.1 on my GS3 T-999. Everything works fine, but when I try to switch to my front camera, it says can’t connect to the camera. Even restarting or installing other CM-12.1 versions did not help. Can anyone please give a solution for this?

  117. hklomann says:

    to all with proximity sensor problem on S3 I9300 and screen protector
    after searching for several hours how to fix that “can`t pic up call because of black screen” and looking for proximity patches. I just peeled of my screen protector and wow that was a dirty patch
    It worked for me i can pick up calls now. maybe this is also the solution for your problem

  118. Victor says:

    is the ROM come with vietnam language?

  119. Rob says:

    I am on the latest CM12 build verizon s3 and I can’t get Whatsapp to work. I can hear the caller but they can’t hear me. Anyone?

  120. ADTC says:

    I always find the latest ROMs for GT-I9300 but THERE IS NO ROM for GT-I9305 the 4G LTE model… WHY! Why are we ignoring 4G model and only focusing on 3G model?! WHY?!!!!

    Will this work on the 4G model? Very very interested in getting it installed!

  121. Cian says:

    Will the CM 12.1 work with Samsung galaxy s3 mini GT-i8190?

  122. Cian says:

    Will the CM 12.1 work with Samsung galaxy s3 mini GT-i8190n?

  123. Mass says:

    How to root this ROM.. I was try from Kongo root and from Odin also.. But its not root its says downgradge to 4.3 how can I root 5.1 this ROM
    Rom- CM 12.1

  124. yousif yaqeen says:

    Does it support eap-sim ?

  125. Edgar says:

    Anyone try this successfully with a Canadian i747m that was on stock 4.4.2? I wanna try it but don’t know if it can work, as I’ve heard the bootloader might be locked with stock 4.4.2 on the Canadian GS3’s. Anyone?

  126. Llourd Zakus says:

    I just Flashed CM 12.1 on my galaxy s3 SGH I747 and everything seems to work perfectly but i only have problem with my internet Data connection…It cant search for my mobile network carrier but i can make and receive calls..It show no service on the service bar even though i have an sim inserted in it…Mobile data button cant be enable and everything i try to do an APN setting,it doesnot go through…Please help me

  127. spartakllum says:

    i plan to flash CM 12.1 on my Galaxy S3 GT-I9300, which CM 12.1 version is most stable now? can i have the download link?
    thanks in advanced.

  128. Thomas says:

    Hey Max,

    Just Flashed this ROM to my SGH-T999 on tmobile, and in the setting screen “About Phone”
    it shows “Model Name SGH-I747” ???
    How did this happened ??


  129. Mauro Martin says:

    Hi, I had a problem while installing. It showed me a message that said “warning no file_contexts detected filesystem ext4” , and then “Intallation aborted”.
    My phone only boots in CWM Recovery now, I´d love tou know if someone could help me!
    Thanks already, cheers

  130. Raj says:

    Thanks Max, Ive been long waiting for this ROM. Appreciate your effort..
    Im loving this ROM…. Camera works fine, wifi connects automatically( didnt enter the password – as it got saved to google account).. All the applications are auto downloading…. UI is butter smooth… however there are few heating issues, other than that everything is fine….!!!

  131. john says:

    Installed cm12.1 phone makes and receives calls, sends and gets texts messages but says no sim detected on T-Mobile t999. Sim reader says sim state unknown! I have no data plz help!!!

  132. sopie says:

    already install for GT-i9300. there is only one problem, i cannot access mobile network setting. it keep on saying has stopped. i.e i cannot set my mobile signal..

  133. shaik Hannu says:

    I agree with sopie and one more thing I have to tell u music player and msg app is all so showing an error notification will u plz fix this issue….

  134. Sree says:

    It works like a magic on my GT-i9300. Thank you for the ROM. I’ll keep you posted if i find any bug. Cheers 🙂

  135. Wayne says:

    I just tried installing “” on my Gt-i9305 but it said
    “can’t open /storage/sdcard/
    Installation aborted.

    So I did a restore and restarted the phone and now it just shows pop up windows saying this app can’t start repeatedly.
    What do i do now?
    Can anyone give me some advise?

  136. Dipesh Basnet says:

    Thanks for the 5.1 lollipop rom.but I want to get back to my stock ROM plz help me download stock ROM. :'(

  137. douglas says:

    wow! every function working fine (just a few crashes in the keyboard but is close to nothing) thx very much bro!!!

  138. Hamici islem says:

    The sim Card don’t Work !!!!

  139. Alex says:

    Worst rom i ever installed. Fails offen, crashes and reboot constantly cant even sign into google account…

  140. Geovane says:

    function camera galaxy s3 I9300??

  141. Giannos says:

    Everything works fine, except the radio – it’s gone! How to fix this???

  142. gemmes illimités clash of clans says:

    Partageant un intérêt commun avec vos enfants est
    une grandes conversations.

  143. Arthur Moore says:

    Excellent ROM!

    After having wrestled with my S3 for quite a while, I had hoped that maybe, just maybe a custom ROM might make it faster. I was completely taken by surprise.
    The ROM is exceptionally fast and gorgeous.
    Boot up time was a little long, but everything responds immediately after you selected it.
    The camera app is very barebones, so I replaced it, though on my European S3 it worked perfectly fine.
    Everything works as you may expect.
    My main concern was Bluetooth, as I have a smartwatch which relies on it, and found it to be better than on the stock S3 ROM.

    If you have an international (in my case Dutch) S3 and are contemplating using this ROM, stop thinking, and do it…highly recommended!

  144. Trevor Bradshaw says:

    I have Android 4.3 on my S3 I9300 at the moment. Will I need to upgrade to 5.1 first before installing the custom ROM or is that included in the zip files?

    Sorry, might be a dumb question but new to the world of custom ROMS.

  145. OriTux says:

    Hi Trevor,

    You do not need to upgrade to 5.1 first. This ROM will automatically bring your device up to 5.1 . On a side note, Android 6.0 for S3 is out on XDA.

  146. Trevor Bradshaw says:

    I have installed this ROM and everything seems to be working fine, however I have lost Root to my device. Anyone else experienced this after installing the ROM and does anyone know how to get root privileges back?

  147. summoner wars says:

    Earning an Arena Combat can earns wonder Points, with Glory Details you could obtain products that were unique at the Glory Store.

  148. Bamigbola Innocent says:

    in fact I’m in short of words cos since I install dis ROM my Google play and gmail account as been force closing without reason and Dont even know how to get about it now.Likewise my phone would just be hanging all the time.Pls can anyone help me out

  149. yene says:

    I really appreciate you Max! This ROM works properly except the camera issue. It says, “cannot connect to the camera” how do I fix this problem ? My phone model is galaxy s iii neo I93001I. I am waiting for your replay please help me guys!!!!!!!!!

  150. mahin says:

    I hv sgh t999….I install cm 12.1 from this page successfully but cant install gapp…. all time it shows installation abroted on cmw….I install cm 12.1 from android 4 .3…so what can I do now

  151. Adrian says:

    How do I fix the no sim card issue?

  152. Adrian says:

    How do I fix the no sim card is tosue?

  153. musty says:

    please i want to use this rom on my gt i9300 with all this post am scared …seeking advice can i flash or i should wait for good rom but i love android 5.1…….?

  154. Majid says:

    Hello dear I have Samsung Galaxy s3 (korean) SGH-E210L Can i Install Lolipop 5.1 On this Modle Can Any One Help How To Install Reply Me If Any One Know

  155. Majid says:

    Hello dear I have Samsung Galaxy s3 (korean) SGV-E210L Can i Install Lolipop 5.1 On this Modle Can Any One Help How To Install Reply Me If Any One Know

  156. Arijan says:

    hi i want to know if all i MEAN ALL the things WORK this Rom
    i am thinking to flash my s3

  157. captain says:

    I have a S3 T999V and i flased in this ROM but when i try to install gapps it says installation aborted.

  158. me says:

    google play service dosent to fix store app dosent work

  159. foojk says:

    Hi. Where to download the ROM ?

  160. Topsy Vapor Shop says:

    Has anyone shopped at Vapor Xing Ecigarette Shop located in 575 W 8th St Suite B?

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