CM12 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ROM for Galaxy S3!


For those of you who have been waiting for a Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ROM, there’s been many beta versions in the last few months.

If you own the GT-i9300 model, you are in luck as the Lollipop ROM runs near flawless with everything working out of the box. As for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon S3 users, you will also get pretty stable build except the camera/camcorder is not working. (You can get still photos working sorta with Open Camera app.) If this is a concern to you, you may want to wait out few more weeks for camera fix.

For running the latest Android 5.0.2 Lollipo ROM, I do recommend CM12 ROM for all Galaxy S3 models for now as you will get the latest updates/fixes as other AOSP ROMs are built on top of CM12’s source code.

Again, for GT-i9300, CM12 is near flawless and I highly recommend the Temasek builds. As for other S3 models, you will have to try the beta CM12 ROMs, which are pretty solid except the camera.

Overall, it’s been a very slow progress for the Galaxy S3 but we should have fully-working Lollipop ROMs soon for all of you without GT-i9300. In the meanwhile, go knock yourself out with these CM12 ROMs. At the worst, you can go ahead and make a backup ROM, try the Lollipop ROM, then revert back to your old ROM.


Download CM12 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ROM for Galaxy S3 AT&T SGH-i747

Download CM12 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ROM for Galaxy S3 T-Mobile SGH-T999

Download CM12 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ROM for Galaxy S3 Sprint SPH-L710

Download CM12 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ROM for Galaxy S3 Verizon SCH-i535

Download CM12 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Download Android 5.0 Gapps (use standard)

To install, reboot into recovery,ย make backup ROM, format /system, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

First time installing a custom ROM? ย Seeย How to Install Custom ROM on Galaxy S3!

Credits – AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, GT-i9300 <— Please donate to the developers or hit the Thanks button on XDA, thx!

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89 Responses

  1. tyler says:

    For sprint its saying file doesn’t exist

  2. enufsed1221 says:

    Same problem for ATT. File doesn’t exist. Tried matt’s method but no go ๐Ÿ™

  3. John says:

    Succesfully installed on T-Mobile but I cant connect to my service

    • TK-Wings says:

      Yup, same here, my I747 does not have service either

    • mark814 says:

      I got everything running without problems, except, it drains my battery very fast. It will run completely dead after 16 hours of sitting. If I plays games or just generally play around with the phone it will go dead in about 6 hours.

  4. E.Gilliam says:

    i747 doesn’t have service guess I gotta wait for the Full version!! #SucksForMe

  5. E.Gilliam says:

    i747 doesnโ€™t have service guess I gotta wait for the Full version!! #SucksForMe

  6. tyler says:

    Got the file to download now having a problem with my service vant text w/o usibg textra app, and cant make calls, it also says no sim card for my sprint gs3

  7. Cameron says:

    For T-mobile. I like the ROM, but i have the same problem… no service. I hope this gets fixed soon. For now i’ll go back to previous ROM.

  8. gus says:

    I have rooted I9300 with clocckwork mod receovery and Stock rom ver4.1.2 , is it ok to flash this rom following instructions as per video.



  9. john says:

    Installed succesfull, on GT-I9300, and working perfect. But I lost my root, (how to root on android 5.0.x ?)

  10. shaq says:

    thanks it worked but no baseband after flashing

  11. lollipop says:

    for t-mobile s3 (SGH-T999) d2lte or d2tmo this ROM is pretty stable. but no video recording. can take pictures. Im currently using this rom. but i will definitely switch to CM12 as soon as this rom is stable.

  12. Riley says:

    Installed lollipop on sprint s3. Works great. Will use as daily driver. Had to install open camera in order to take pictures. Still no video. Kitkat 4.4.4 liquidsmooth rom is my favorite.

  13. Alexandru says:

    Hi! i rooted my i9300 by “”
    I ll be able to install 5.0?

  14. fredo says:

    I successfully downloaded it on my T-Mobile s3 and the camera didn’t work and I didn’t have service.

  15. sochai says:

    Running this rom…Very smooth & stable..Flashed on GT-i9300…Only 1 thing is the problem..Battery life is not good to me..Others are great..Thanks Max for shared this rom

  16. DB says:

    I LOVED this ROM but like everyone I lost Data service. I followed the siggestion to flash the stock firmware and that fixed things… I then rooted and installed other custom ROMs and can’t get service on them now, even though I was using them before without issue’s. Any suggestions to get the service connecting again? I curently have liquidsmooth 4.4.4 running… I can make calls, get texts, connect to WiFi but no data service. I also tried to manually enter APN but it will not save?

  17. ezkay says:

    What about the Galaxy S3 LTE (GT i9305)? Is this ROM working for my phone too?

  18. Tantavevus says:

    Great work. I have an SPH L710. As you said, pretty stable, except camera.

    There is one other issue that I have found. I love the ViperFx audio mod. There is nothing like it. It does not work with any version of Lollipop. There is a procedure and downloadable fix out there intended for the Nexus, however it has worked occasionally on my S3.

    Since Viper is very popular in the Rooted Android community, it might be worth looking at.

    Thanks again for the great ROM.

  19. tal says:

    hi it works & its really looking awesome
    but its really really slow compared to 4.4.4 gummy
    is it possible?

  20. Othman says:

    can i please have another download link or maybe a torrent because the download progress stuck alot

  21. David says:

    Works so far perfectly on my GT-i9300

    • Gaurav says:

      I installed it on my GT-i9300 and it works almost fine. There are few issues though which i would like to mention. First its slow as compared to 4.4 Kitkat. Second it always uses Voice Boost to make or receive calls. I tried everything to switch off voice boost and it always say Voice Boost Off but it always uses Loudspeaker for call which sometimes makes it nearly impossible to take private calls when people around you. Third Casting on Chromecast option doesnt work finaly i got it worked by installing #mirror enabler app from Google Play. But i am enjoying this ROM !!

  22. Shahriar Arnob says:

    Had to update supersu to make it work on my Sprint-S3

  23. kyle says:

    it took away my root i dont know how but it did

    • Gaurav says:

      You can simply enable root easily by going to Settings — About Phone — Keep tapping Build Number until it says that Developer options are enabled for your Phone. Then goto Developer Options and Enable Root for App and ADB. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. art says:

    successfully installed on my samsung s3 GT-i9300 no problem, xcept connecting to samsung kies to restore all my backups..

  25. Jestin Varghese says:

    Will this ROM work on t999l???

  26. Simon says:

    the file for GT-i9300 doesn’t exist!


  27. typical gamer says:

    when you guys will fix camera issue for s3 sprint i can’t wait anymore i hope this will fix soon….

  28. manzi says:

    Hello guys, here is my story…..

    have a GT-i9300 so i was on strock touchwiz 4.3 jelly bean, just because CM11 (4.4 kitkat) was draining my battery too muck, so decided to try 5.0 and everything is working great, i may say 100%, performance is incredible but still my battery drain very fast. any tip to fix this? i really love lollipop i don’t want to return to stock 4.3 which is laggy and ugly lol. so bref, any tip is welcome!!

    note: my battery is the original that came with the phone (too old) ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Gaurav says:

      It comes with built in Battery Saver option. You can enable that to save some juice. Moreover avoid App Circle & Live wallpaper. Moreover when your phone gets heated up; check for the app which is causing it and do a force stop. I Hope this helps..

  29. angel says:

    Lost root after instwling..? Any help

  30. olssonpat says:

    Anyone know of a fix for the camera for sgh i747 I’m using open camera but its annoying because if I touch the screen to focus it crashes and sometimes my gallery crashes any ideas

  31. David says:

    Hey bruh, thanks for everything. Your site is the best, and your reviews are great. But I’m stuck rightnow and hopefully you can help me out with My tmobile s3 T999L, I recently installed the lollipop rom, but I can’t se to get the service working. I’ve tried installing the modem baseband from xda, I’ve tried adding the apn settings but it won’t allow me too add any settimgs. Please help when you can, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  32. Stevie says:


  33. damon says:

    Battery drainer like no other. Dies within 12-16 hours. Only using my phone to listen to music on my way to work than it sits in my pocket for 10 hours play a quick game during breaks. That’s about it. And I have airplane mode on not sure if that has anything to do with it. Also every couple days I have to restore to a different back up because DSP manager error?

  34. mohammed rizwan` says:

    forgot to make a backup before installing cm 12 in my s3

    now i want my old os…..

    what to do?

    help me out pal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. aj says:

    this is to fix broadband issues with t mobile

    Samsung Galaxy S 3_T-Mo(SGH-T999)

    (download broadband fix for tmobile)

    (original website)

  36. Doug says:

    Fairly stable on Sprint S3, however lose root. Anyone else experiencing loss of root?

  37. robin says:

    man.. after a while it becomes slow as shit

  38. mario says:

    umm exactly how do i transfer it from my computer to my phone?

  39. Marco says:

    I went to the “Notification drawer”, “Select and order titles”, and I add “Performance”. But then the performance icon stuck at “Power Save” mode and cannot be changed, is there anyway I can change it?

    • GSG says:

      hey Marco , i wanted to ask you if you tried the rom provided by Max that is build v6.1 ? if so then are you having any problems with it , like apps are working good and can your phone reboot normally ?

      what happened was that i Tamaseks build v8.4 and apps force close in 20-30 secs
      then i tried v8.0 , everything was good and even the apps worked fine no lag too until i rebooted my phone and it got stuck in bootloop and i was unable to get into recovery and had to flash recovery again.

      I was thinking of installing this build and wanted to know how it is. And as for your question , you can change the battery performance from setting in battery though v8.4 / v8.0 didn’t have such problem.

      • Marco says:

        Yup I’ve got v6.1 installed and everything works fine except I can only use the pre-installed camera (tried google camera but then camera won’t be connected). Reboot is okay.
        Btw I went to the battery setting but it has only got the switch for battery saver, still couldn’t find anything like battery performance.

  40. GSG says:

    Anyone who has lost root , just search on google for the latest supersu and flash it from your recovery to get root.

  41. Marco says:

    One more question, how do I delete the local searches history??
    These are not the Google browser history but the phone local searches history.
    For example you get into “setting”, press the magnifier at the top right,
    type something and press enter, then the history is there and couldn’t delete it.

  42. niraj says:

    it shows that installation intrupt plz fix it i have s 3 i9300

  43. Sonu says:

    I have rooted my S3 and also installed 5.0.2 successfully. Cheers Great work. But the only issue is how do I get Play Store to download apps?

  44. nikhil says:

    Battery saving kerenel for cm12 s3…??

  45. Gabzhen1208 says:

    too bad.. i don’t have service as well…

  46. fernando says:

    good night .. I’m in trouble with my android because I had installed the version 5.2 on my s3 and was going okay, but not was able to access the SU was then install again but since then I am getting error when I install this happening at

  47. Rajeev says:

    My I9300 is doing g8 with lollipop update thanks. Only issue is tht exchange account is not working. I tried everything and even tried play store apps but its not working. Error: Couldn’t open connection to server. Kindly help.

  48. Rajeev says:

    Sorry guys. the problem of exchange server is resolved. It was because of incorrect server setting which i did. thanks again for lollipop update. its g8

  49. Ammu says:

    All the apps are automatically closing after installing this ROM. Any clues how to solve this issue.

  50. Brian says:

    Got it running great on Canadian 747m.

  51. Roli says:

    GT-I9300 ROM install CM12 successful.
    So far, it works well, except for the SIM card contacts.
    Connections can not set the display to show the contacts where it sim contacts.
    I just imported. New contacts can not create a sim card.
    Do you have any patch?

  52. asia says:

    hello thank u for your kindness
    i have samsung galaxy s3 shv-e210k korean version and can u help me to upgrdae lolipop my phone or do u have any advice for me other rom etc…?

  53. Colin says:

    Runs good on Canadian I747 except for camera.
    Camera starts and runs well the first time. If you come
    back to the camera it hangs up on startup and you have
    to reboot to clear.
    Otherwise good…

  54. hAMza says:

    sir plz tell me instruction unlock bootloader for verizon i535 iwant to install this rom!!!!!!!

  55. jithu says:

    Succesfully installed on my i9300… Its working great… But im facing some issues… My battery is charging very slowly… It takes 5 hours to complete charge… If its connected to wifi… It won’t charge also… Any solution??? Please help me devs…

  56. jag says:

    Awesome… just awesome…… my galaxy s3 now running wiith lollipop

  57. Dave says:

    After I installed the to my T-Mobile SGH-T999L, It works fine and looks good but I lose the LTE icon in the status bar. That mean I won’t get the LTE connection and only get 4g as the SGH-T999. Is there any customer Lollipop rom update for the SGH-T999L. Now on the web, I only find Lollipop rom for T999, not T999L.

    • Dave says:

      Following previous post, after I seee my T999l lose LTE connection with the cm12.1 and this was not I want. Then I downgrade back to the sock rom + root that I had backup before flashing the Now my phone LTE connection is back in life. This post is just for those who has SGH-T999L and want to flash cm12.1 need to be aware that you will lose LTE connection after flashing.

      I also want to mention that after I flash my Sprint S3 SPH-L710 bought from Freedompop with, when making call either with hangouts or Freedompop dailer, the receiver side will hear big echo sound can’t hear what the caller saying when the caller side in 3g area. Thus, I restore back to the FreedomPop rom that comes with the phone.

  58. Jouni says:

    Hi what custom would work in i9305 best? ill be lookin for info and its hard to find any good info….
    i want to chance my android!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Dean Barney says:

    How can I install Lollipop in my s3 if my up volume button is broken/not working? Down volume works but I’ve never taken the time to get a new volume control ribbon cable/button and the up button is not working

  60. BRUNO says:

    IT WORKS ON Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

  61. HELP-PLEASE says:

    All my app are gone even the google play store and now i done hate any thing. when i try to download google play store off the internet it open and closes…

  62. Atul says:

    I have rooted the phone successfully via odin but while installing the custom rom it is giving me certain errors. I am getting a STATUS 7.

    My phone is GALAXY SIII GT-I9300.

    Kindly help me on this.

  63. pawan says:

    Can this rom work on not rooted phone

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