CM13 ROM for Galaxy S3! [Android 6.0.1]


For those of you looking to upgrade to latest Android 6.0.1, we have some great news for you, CyanogenMod Team has released official nightlies for several models of the Galaxy S3 including GT-i9300, Verizon, and there are unofficial versions (that are just as good) for the GSM models (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Canadian).

The CM13 ROM will give you the latest Android 6.0.1 along with everything working out of the box including voice, data, bluetooth, camera (video recording is broken on Verizon but works on other models fine), etc…etc… Performance is excellent (super fast) and you will be able to experience the latest DOZE mode (that allows you to save battery when not using the phone) that comes default with Marshmallow.



With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you can also turn your microSD card into internal storage. With addition of my 64GB microSD card, I was able to turn my 16GB internal into 70GB internal storage!

If you want to experience Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on your Galaxy S3, CM13 ROM is definitely the way to go so definitely check it out for this week’s ROM of the week.

Installation is straight forward, just like all the other ROMs. Just make a backup ROM and flash away!


Download CM13 ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Download CM13 ROM for Galaxy S3 Verizon SCH-i535

Download CM13 ROM for Galaxy S3 GSM (AT&T SGH-i747, Canadian SGH-i747M, T-Mobile SGH-T999) – This is a T-Mobile version but I’ve edited updater script to work on all GSM models.

Download CM13 Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, format /system, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

If you have AT&T or Verizon S3 with locked bootloader (Android 4.3 or up) and using SafeStrap, YOU CANNOT INSTALL THIS ROM, SORRY!

First time installing a custom ROM? See How to Install Custom ROM on Galaxy S3!

Can’t find root?  See How to Enable Root on CM12.1!

Credits – GSM, Verizon, i9300 <— Please donate to the developers if you like this ROM,thx!


Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!!
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: I have no Play Store!
A: Make sure you install Gapps zip file in TWRP or CWM Recovery!!!  Download link in this post above.

Q: I am getting Status 7 error in CWM/TWRP!
A: Sometimes, ROM developers put restrictions by accident, you can try this guide to get around it.

Q: I have no root access!
A: Missing root?  See How to Enable Root on CM12.1!

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61 Responses

  1. hatedit says:

    Poorly written article, it doesn’t come with the doze yet, plus 64+16 is equal to 80

    • thedavago says:

      They are referring to usable memory 🙂 I am running the CM13 ROM on my S3 with a 128GB Samsung Evo+ Card as internal memory, gross memory of course is 144GB but the phone shows usable memory as 130GB. It works great.

    • Arnel says:

      please help , i flashed this rom on my i747 at&t , the problem is no sim detected and i cant surf thru mobile data . what should i do? , im from philippines

  2. Ron says:

    Not working on my AT&T SGH I-747. Bummer.

    • Ron says:

      As Bob said in his 29 Dec and 2 Jan posts, it was SuperSU that was messing up the boot. After installing just the ROM and GAPPS, it worked fine. Even SuperSU v2.52, designed for Marshmallow, doesn’t work. And although you can set root privileges in Developer Options (which you can do in 12 as well (who knew?)), that doesn’t appear to be sufficient for Titanium Backup (TB would restore, but couldn’t back up). Also had crash issues with SnapChat, and was concerned that the generic i9300 CM13 on the CM nightlies page wouldn’t work for the AT&T phones, so, hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to 12 I go. It was nice to play with it for a few days, and I look forward to a maintained CM13 for d2att.

      • thedavago says:

        Hey Rob, I ran into the same issues, I reinstalled again and it worked (if it were only that simple with CWM) use TWRP to install it’s MUCH EASIER. Once it’s installed don’t forget to go into Developer Options and enable root access. I think that’s what hung me up with CWM.
        Anyways, I’ve been running CM13 as my daily driver on my SGH-i747 for almost 2 weeks now, works good. Use TWRP, it’s way more reliable and with Advanced Boot enabled in developer options you can can go right to recovery mode when rebooting.
        Go to Settings, About phone, and tap on the Build section until it enables Developer Options.
        Giod luck

  3. YoyoMa says:

    Micro External SD card not working.

  4. soming says:

    Not working on my T-Mobile SGH-T999 .

  5. Dan says:

    Will there be a version for Sprint Galaxy S3?

  6. Bob says:

    I’m having trouble enabling my root access. I’ve enabled developer options and set root access to Apps and ADB, but SuperSu and Titanium Backup doesn’t want to work.

    • Bob says:

      So CM13 has built-in root like as shown in the video. Installing SuperSU messes up the root so I had to reinstall and enable root in the developer options again.

  7. Ryan says:

    I flashed my AT&T SGH-I747 and got it working. The only problem is when I’m using bluetooth in the car. The audio is extremely choppy when I use bluetooth audio and the phone crashes and restarts when I make/receive calls on bluetooth.

  8. cbbella says:

    installed i9300 version but there is no supersu installed

  9. wazir waqar says:

    After install cm13rom on my galaxy s3 gt-i9300 sim card not defect plz fixfix my ptoblem

  10. Jerry says:

    Anyone who installed it on his S3 and doesn’t had problems can please comment about speed, stability, bugs ?

  11. At&t s3 user says:

    Every thing works fine but my video resolution I 720p. I cant set 1080p

  12. yash says:

    works extremely well on gt-i9300

  13. stretch nuts says:

    Worked perfectly on my Canadian s3 then today no data from cell. Network (again). Everything else still work just. Not data.

    • stretch nuts says:

      ….mysteriously this resolved itself and is now working perfectly again. Rogers must have had some sort of outage?!

  14. Carl says:

    I upgraded my S3 i747 from cm12 5.1.1 to cm13 6.0.1 it works like a charm. Pretty fast great battery life.

  15. mani says:

    those gapps are not working..

  16. Tony says:

    Working fine on At&t s3, Does anyone know how to make font bigger in text messages?

  17. Andrés says:

    Sim card not detected, wiped everything before install. Any ideas?

    • red says:

      Have two ATT S3 (i747), got one (let call it orig) from att with contract 3 years ago, second one (also att) from ebay about year ago.
      On orig one installed carbon rom about 1.5 years ago, all worked fine. Installed carbon rom on ebay one as soon as I got it – no issues either.
      Couple weeks ago Installed cm13 on ebay one without issues whatsoever. Good, few days later picked orig one, SIM card not recognized. Restored to backup (carbon) sim works. After a lot of reading, came to conclusion that issue is obsoleted drivers on orig one. I do not remember ever installing OTA on it, and after placing carbon on it, that would have not worked anyway. One from ebay must have been OTA updated by previous owner, so it had updated drivers (custom roms aparently do not touch that portion of the phone). Did not check all baseband versions at the time, but believe that was the case.
      Solution: Installed original rom (check un-rooting your phone to factory state on this site) which in my case put me back to android 4.1.1. Let it update OTA to 4.3, about 700MB. Baseband version now ends with letters JB. Copied CM13 and gapps onto phone, and then flashed phone with CWM (see instructions on this site). Before flasing with Odin, checked off reboot and, once green PASS sign showed, pulled out battery before phone reboot (apparently it overwrites stock recovery back if you let it reboot), put battery back and booted into CWM.
      Once in CWM, ‘clean’ install CM13, then gapps, reboot, skip wireless connection of first setup just in case, everything works now.
      No need to mention this is refined version what I believe to be correct. I have made million mistakes and re-flashed countless times, maybe some of those mistakes had some effect, can not really tell. One thing though, carbon rom backup did not work after restoring to factory state, on restore it would not boot. On another step CWM recovery would not load (gets stuck and reboots), fixed that by pulling out battery and placing back and than booting into it etc etc etc…
      All in all, business as usual. My experience is that it is fixable as long as you do not flash anything meant for other devices. Good Luck!

  18. pavan says:

    Hi I be flashed this version on my s3 i9300
    My phone is not connecting to WiFi
    Can anyone help me

  19. Harm says:

    Installed on i9300 works OK. But i cant read de contacts on simcard, and prey antiteft crasht bij start.

  20. subby says:

    can i work on he samsung i9305 series

  21. Devesh says:

    Can I install it on samsung galaxy s3 neo Gt-i9300i

  22. Fisher says:

    Front camera isn’t stable n crushes even though it works sometimes with other apps on i747 atnt .. Tried clean install also fb messenger crushes when I turn on video calls ..voice recorder crushes too … Any solution will be appreciated … I love this ROM tho

  23. Shourav says:

    Everything seems fine in my i9300… But when I play videos then it doesn’t works …. I mean every time I play a videos it become hang and standby on videos !!!! What should I do 🙁

  24. vighnesh bhore says:

    guys can you please work on i9300i s3 neo….please make rom for this model also…

  25. Nitin says:

    How do i add desktop screens. Do you have a tutorial for this rom please? Thank you 🙂

  26. XhoBii says:

    There is an error in each of the google app
    How can this be solved????

  27. Faraz says:

    I installed it and its stuck on Android is Starting, starting apps
    what should i do? i did everything as mentioned. please help.

  28. umar says:

    i have a bootloop plzzzz what i doo??
    and how to bootloader???

  29. Sujan Kumar Acharya says:

    Sensors not working on CM 13

  30. osama hashlamon says:

    give me a link to download cm13 and gapps

  31. revdjenk says:

    Have S3 i747 that is now identified as t999 (I assume since using the unofficial t-mobile cm13.)
    But everything has been working well for several months.
    I was wondering about the nightlies.
    Has anyone installed one which shows any advantages?

  32. inioluwa says:

    Sim card not detect on Sgt I747 d2tt even after wiping before installinstaller’s

  33. mary says:

    can i switch back to official rom after using unofficial rom?
    if yes , how can i do this?

  34. Shoan says:

    Nice tutorial brother thank you.

  35. Adhi N says:

    hey thanks man, i’ve successfully flash my ROM to marshmallow.. now when i checked CM update, there’s new version, up to CM-13.0-20160720-NIGHTLY. what’s the latest stable version for S3? also i like s3 stock camera, is there any way to install it?

  36. Swedish says:

    so i did all that you said but still its a tiny problem, when i try to download anything from web browser the web browser shutsdown? i have activated so i can download from unkown recourses but still the web browser shutsdown! I thought it would been a sultion that i would download a nother webbrowser so i downloaded “opera mini” from google play but got an error message that the “Downloads folder is not available” ? please help me fix this !

  37. Asish says:

    When i install cm13 in my s3 neo gt i9300i every time show “signature verification failed”

  38. stephen says:

    installed on tmobile sgh-t999L no simcard please help me

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