Criskelo Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Best Jelly Bean ROM]

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For those of you looking for some performance-enhancing, Touchwiz-based Jelly Bean ROM of your international Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, check out the latest Criskelo Jelly Bean ROM for your rooted Galaxy S3.

One of my favorite ICS ROMs, the new Criskelo Jelly Bean ROM offers the latest official Jelly Bean plus many features and customizations that allow you to tweak the UI, performance, and even many options for different kernels with its Criskelo Kitchen.

First, you will find the same experiences found on official Jelly Bean ROM plus your desired theme, I’ve selected the Criskelo theme here using the Kitchen:

Second, probably the coolest feature on the ROM is STweaks that allows you to tweak just about anything starting with CPU.  I’ve set my max frequency to 1.6Ghz for a start and there’s plenty more optimizations for your power-hungry S3 tweakers.

Also for those of you hardcore gamers who are not satisfied with the already super-fast Galaxy S3 quad-core Exynos processor performance, go into GPU setting in STweaks app and step up the GPU frequencies for additional gaming performance.  I do recommend not messing with the voltages too much unless you know what you are doing.

Third, the audio tweaks in STweaks app is pretty awesome, lets you do everything from amplifying sound to even adding 3D sound effect to your speaker and headphones.  For audiophiles out there, this is certainly a welcoming feature.

Also in MISC tab of STweaks, you can do cool things like increase the value of AC Charge and USB Charge so you can re-charge your phone faster.  FYI, if you set your AC Charge to 1200mA, you will need to use a charge with at least 1.2A to benefit from the faster charge. I think this is a great feature since I’ve got a bunch of 2A AC chargers laying around and this will totally allow me to charge my phone quicker than ever.

One thing to note is that by default, your phone cannot charge more than 1000mA but this setting allows you to do exactly that.

Other than that, Criskelo Jelly Bean ROM is a pretty solid ROM that adds onto the stock Jelly Bean firmware so you have nothing to lose.

If you’ve been looking to flash a good Jelly Bean custom ROM based on TouchWiz, definitely give this one a try and let me know how well it went.

For installation, please refer to the latter part of the video overview above as installation instructions are in the video.

Download: (You need to download both of these files)

Download Criskelo Jelly Bean Base ROM

Download Criskelo Kitchen

Credits – XDA

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43 Responses

  1. stound says:

    stweaks is specific to the siyah kernel and not the ROM anyway super charger is really felt, I love the ROM and recommend it to anyone who loves the TW UX but hates the bloatware put in it

    • Acemaniac says:

      exactly Stound, Stweaks belongs to the siyah kernel, i have the siyah on my gt-i9300 with the Omega rom v27.2(jelly bean) and it is by far the best kernel i have used so far(but it`s time for dualboot on S3, cmon siyah get going)…And i always tweak the ac and usb charge to the top and works fine, on ac charge a half hour faster and i guess on the usb charge too but never really charged with usb all the way…

      • stound says:

        ooo nice to know, does it have any side effects HW wise? cuz Im gonna try it becauase of you haha, anyway, any other tweaks? btw, siyah 1.75b5 has dual boot already

      • stound says:

        I know you said it works fine but how long have you been charging with the tweak?

  2. stound says:

    hey man, have any idea on how I can restore clockwork mod recovery specific to siyah there were some errors with booting the 2nd ROM and now I lost the CWM specific to siyah

    GT i9300, Criskelo v14, siyah 1.7b5

  3. Shr says:

    Hey max thanks!! 😀 how’s the battery life on this on with siyah? Screen on time? I get 5hours with a day standby here on Rosen rom with phenomenol medium 4

  4. gino says:

    really really awesome rom..

  5. raad says:

    pls tell me why its taking forever to boot after installing kitchen ??!! the first rom great but i cant boot when

  6. raad says:

    my friend the problem comes with
    the camera the one u recommended this prevent it from booting

  7. Raad says:

    I have a probkem in attaching using Email app

  8. Raad says:

    Thanks man it works but attaching a file in email application not happening

  9. Sal says:

    this worked great for me BUT the note2 gallery does not load – this is only reason i installed this rom, any ideas?

  10. Natour says:

    should ” starting apps ” be taking this long ? everything went ok but starting apps is taking forever

  11. Sal says:

    hey just installed kitchen again – went for stock kernel this time instead of siyah – note 2 gallery works great – thanks a million

  12. Phong says:

    Thanks Max for yours all yours great work.
    The new rom Criskelo Jelly Bean ROM work smooth here.
    And i want to let you know there is a new criskelo kitchen V14.4 out.
    With some fix and updated:
    -Added new Siyah kernel 1.7.b5.
    -Added new GalaXsih kernel 1.1.b3
    -Removed Abyss kernel
    -Added CRT-OFF Mod (fix)
    -Added TWRP recovery
    -Added Gmail 4.2 with pinch to zoom all themes

  13. Gsush says:

    Does anybody know how to get Android File Transfer to recognize my phone with this Criskelo ROM and when I download a picture it doesn’t seem to appear until I restart my phone?

    any help would be appreciated as this is a good Rom if these problems are sorted!

  14. Gobbi says:

    Hey max, i really like you websites and your videos! Keep doing your very neat and nice work!

    so, i checked out and the 14.4 is already out, if you want to update your post,
    also i think that this link would help a lot of people who doesnt know which options are the best for them, this show the pictures of the mods and descriptions, etc

    hope you find it helpful! atleast half as helpful as i think that your website is!

  15. fabian says:

    i like this rom a few things i have noticed the note 2 gallery looks really good but there is a lag going into that gallery, also a few applications force close, as for the fast dorm i dont really see if it works for me in particular, but everyone should test, one more thing i realized that normal downloads seem to pause and hang in the middle or not even start as if something is running that prevents it, can you help there max? or anyone? running the ver.14.4 kitchen siyah kern.

  16. Bakir Al Tikriety says:

    What are the differents between Criskelo Jelly Bean Base ROM and Criskelo Kitchen?
    Have i to download twice or download one of them?

  17. Jamilio says:

    The base ROM installs the system and you need to install this first before installing the kitchen package which contains mods / themes / apps.

    Version 15 is now out and you might want to get this as the older versions on here had a few niggles.

    Its a very good stable ROM and lots of nice enhancements, especially beats audio and volume loud which are great if you own some good headphones. I gave overclocking the processor a whirl at 1.5ghz then 1.6ghz – no massive change in performance, though the battery unsurprisingly got a little warm at the higher end setting.

    Hope that helps!

  18. ertn says:

    I installed the rom thanks, afterwards can i turn back original rom? how?

  19. Palmystery says:

    I installed this rom recently.
    When I installing the criskelo kitchen file it when error with the kernel. I think its a siyah kernel problem, then I install the stock kernel, still not working out. When i start the phone, it stuck with “Android is upgrading..” Loading. And it goes pretty long time.
    Any solution max? Really need help here. Thx!!

    • Mooisj says:

      I have a similar problem. This is wat I do:
      – I install the ROM itself: works flawlessly
      – then I reboot once
      – then I reboot in CWM and install the kitchen
      – Kitchen loads, I make my choices
      – Then android starts upgrading and the screen “opening applications…” (or something like that) keeps loading for over an hour.

      Doing this all over doesn’t help. Any suggestions? Or should I just let it run for a couple of hours more?


  20. FilmStar says:

    Is the jellybean XLIB ROM the proper stock rom or is it criskelo’s entirely own rom? Im askin vos ive alrrafy got the XLIB installed and have noticed that theyre different sizes.. jus askin.about to install

  21. fabian says:

    v16 is out everyone

  22. Nicho says:

    How come when I run the Kitchen installer, its like a strobe light on my phone. the screen flashes white really fast and you have a split second to catch whats on the screen between the white flashes to see what option is selected lol

  23. BonBon says:

    Hi Max,

    How do I update the Criskelo rom? Do I need to install both the rom and the kitchen or just update the kitchen? Thanks a lot!

  24. ak says:

    hey guys,
    i just installed this rom with out error, and everything is working fine without data. i cannot connect to my mobile data no matter what i do, i even did a wipe dalvik cache. i need data everyday for my work and i cant get it to work, please help, i rely on this phone

  25. Nicho says:

    Have you tried running the Kitchen installer and selecting a different modem?

  26. gus says:

    This Rom was jittery at best, didn’t like to be connected to my computer, messed up my phone and killed my sd card.
    Ive also tried the ultima 4.2 which is wicked but crap for battery power.

    What Rom next??

  27. simos says:

    Hi Max .

    Tried to intstall this rom but I am stack to “android is upgrading ” “starting apps” .

    Anyone else faced this problem ?? any solution please ?


  28. galvin says:

    I want to know why I keeping getting E:signature verification fail?

  29. Roberto says:

    is there a Criskelo ROM for T-mobile galaxy s3?

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