Criskelo ROM for Rooted Galaxy S3 i9300! [Best ROM]

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If you want to know which ROM I am running on my Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 right now, it’s this Criskelo ROM. (PLEASE DO NOT FLASH THIS ROM ON U.S. or Canadian Galaxy S3s! PLEASE!)

UPDATE: See latest Criskelo ROM HERE!!!

XDA user Criskelo has been a recognized developer and I have seen him make some really awesome ROMs, he really stands by his name and his latest ROM for the i9300 is pretty simply,


He’s also helped me quite a few times when I used to develop kernels for a short time being, all-around great guy coupled with great skill equal the best ROM you can get for your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300.

Anyways, Criskelo ROM does feature a ton of great things like ability to change CSC, 15 toggles, Fast Dormancy app (for longer battery life), rollTube app (download YouTube vids), and a whole lot more.

Just flash it and let me know if this is the best ROM you’ve tried so far, I would be very surprised not to hear that.


Download Criskelo ROM

Credits – XDA

Also check out Criskelo ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 if you have that phone!

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172 Responses

  1. Scott Sanders says:

    Will you be providing a video review for this ROM? You normally do, but all I saw in my browser was an image. I hope I’m not just missing it.

    • Max says:

      Oops my bad, I just forgot to post it:

      • Scott Sanders says:

        Too funny. I love your reviews and the good info you provide. I can let you mess your phones up so I don’t have to. LOL! Thanks. Keep it up man!

      • JonJon says:

        Hi Max,

        thx for your useful reviews. In XDA forum, Criskelo Team offer Aroma Kitchen for download and later installation.

        Do you have to install the Kitchen with this ROM or this is an additional thing to do ?

        Many thanks for your reply.


  2. Jimbobpro says:

    looks kool…. might give it a crack thanks max πŸ™‚

  3. Diola says:

    So Omega Vs Criskelo what is the difference in function and rom design? sorry i am a newbie to this.

    • Max says:

      Slightly different, sorry I can’t really list everything here, my best suggestion is to try both and use the one that’s best for you.

  4. Aditya says:

    Is this better than BlackStar ROM?

  5. Dale Hubbard says:

    Thanks as always Max – great job. It’s great to be able to come here and see what’s new without the clutter of XDA-Dev which is now becoming a behemoth.

  6. Jan Wels says:

    My stock I9300 scores 5246 on Quadrant, guess I don’t need Jellybean πŸ™‚

  7. Raul says:

    Can I flash this without factory wipe coming from Omega 9.1?

  8. Mogen says:

    Does this ROM support Allshare Cast dongle?

    Cannot find that option in the Blackstar V3.

    I know the stock rom got it

    • Mogen says:

      Never mind that.

      Just installed this ROM and Allshare Cast is there πŸ™‚

      This ROM has awesome graphics btw;)

  9. Syps - Criskelo Dev Team says:

    Very nice Job bro ! Thank you so much for this video ! Happy to see that you enjoy our ROM ! πŸ™‚
    Do not hesitate to ask on Xda should you have any questions!

  10. el liberator - Criskelo Dev Team says:

    woww , cool bro , glad you like our ROM!
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  11. Rafael says:

    does it have S-Voice?

  12. bobeyuno says:

    Thanks for this post, been looking at custom roms for a while but didn’t want to change it to much from stock and touchwiz..awsome

  13. surelu says:

    I have installed this ROM but i don.t have the jellybean animation…could you tell me why?

  14. yngwie says:

    hi Zedomax!
    Why you didn’t put latest version 5.3 insted this 5?

    • Max says:

      Oh they must have upgraded overnight! updating!

      FML, I uploaded V5, updated, please download the correct version, sorry guys!

  15. Bob says:

    I installed this and after keying in my SIM card pin, it went on to bootloop spin. It kept rebooting and could not go past the set up page. Luckily I had made a nandroid backup of my stock ROM…..phew! Fix that

  16. nino sant says:

    please help. i use usb to go. my flash drive detects but it wont detect my portable hardrive of 500GB.

    • Acemaniac says:

      My portable harddrive of 500gb wont be detected either, i think you have to format the drive and then it might work…..Or maybe there is some kind of hack for hard drives i really dont know….and my flash drive of 32 gb wont be detected either…

  17. welbongz says:

    Will this rom allow me to move apps/games to my external sdcard?

  18. robert mccall says:

    hey max try review the cm10 preview#9 for i9300
    here is the link

  19. Nicholas says:

    Fairly new to all this custom ROM stuff, and this is what I think…. A lot of users rave on about how good custom ROMs are. I’ve flashed MIUI and Darky ROM on my GS, and seriously, I didn’t see what the big deal was. MIUI had some fairly major UI differences, but only ran slightly faster than stock (it was significant, but not HUGE as claimed). Darky had minimal UI differences and also only ran slightly faster than stock. Only reason I switched to MIUI was because stock started lagging a little, but then MIUI started crashing my apps to the point where my phone was unusable, so I flashed Darky. I just got my GS3 in yesterday, TouchWiz is fine and I doubt I’ll change unless it starts lagging in which case I may as well switch. These new ROMS have some cool features, but nothing that would make me want to switch in a hurry – just doesn’t seem worth the trouble. Only other thing that would make me switch from TW is simply if I get bored with it in 6 months and there’s a decent Jelly Bean-specific ROM available. But it’ll be purely for the sake of something new and the latest – it won’t be a necessity.

  20. Mogen says:

    Is there any way to install ICS messaging, contacts and Play store with black background in this ROM? Like the Blackstar V3 uses?

    After I used the black ones I just hate the Samsung SMS & Contacts apps :p

    Not sure how to fix the market app, but I found apks for contacts and sms, but I’m not sure if they will work with this ROM nor how to install them.

    Great work btw. This ROM is as you said: BEST ROM

  21. Michael Afurong says:

    Hey Max!

    I just installed this ROM and its blazing fast. I lost some of the apps that I seldom use, like S-voice and some other apps that I haven’t checked yet. By the way I came from Stock and I did not wipe and just directly installed it and its working perfectly fine. Most of the touchwiz functionality still works, (screet shot, smart stay and etc.). You will also lose the brightness adjust on the notification bar but it was replaced by the brightness toggle button. Mobile internet works and wifi too. I haven’t tested the battery yet.

    Guys If you love the stock Touchwiz, you definitely have to try this because the JellyBean animation is insane. Surprisingly super fast. This is all that I need. Very nice! Great job Max and great job Criskelo Team. My Gnote was running criskelo rom too.. Hopefully the team will build a nexus like turn off screen effect like on Gnote Criskelo rom.. More powe!

  22. shr says:

    Hey max! installed this rom! sure is Really Good n FAST!!!! How can i get OTA updates for this rom? or shud i install each update from scratch like how i did this one?

  23. Mogen says:

    I tried to connect my phone via Allshare Cast, and it connects, but disconnects after a few seconds.
    Too bad this dont work. How cool wouldn’t it be to play all the games on a 50″ Pioneer Kuro πŸ˜›

    Is it poosible this would work in a future release?

  24. Henrique says:

    I think that Criskelo ROM is better than blackstar. I had lost face unlock and a lot of movements. Voice feature wasnt working very good and with this rom everything is just perfect!

  25. Benjamin says:

    Hey if I just rooted my phone and I’m still running on stock, do I still need to wipe data/factory reset before installing this ROM? Or is it recommended to wipe data/factory reset whenever installing new ROM?

    • Shr says:

      Do a wipe data/reset I did the same coming from a rooted stock .when going to a different rom I guess u gotta do the same.

    • Max says:

      You probably don’t have to, you can always wipe if things are not working afterwards.

    • Acemaniac says:

      with my expertise, i suggest to always wipe before installing a custom rom, even if they are touchwiz based roms for example….it just takes a few minutes more and your always on the safe side then….

      • Max says:

        Well, you can always to a wipe after too, which is the same thing, so you can take a chance and see if all your settings/apps work first then if it doesn’t just do a factory reset after installation. I’ve been actually doing more of this for Galaxy S3s lately, works fine. Most of the time, I don’t even have to restore apps ever.

        But for going from Touchwiz-based to CM9/CM10 or vice versa, you do need to wipe for sure.

  26. welbongz says:

    This rom seems problems so far.
    Only issue is that i still cant move my apps to my ext sdcard.tried using directorybind but is having issues (succesfully transfered data files to extsdcard but games wont run)
    Any suggestions?bought a gskill 32gb class 10 microsd but all this storage is sht if gameloft games wont transfer here

    • Max says:

      not sure but I should have the ext card hack up soon.

      • welbongz says:

        okay i finally got it working. installed nova 3, amazing spider man, dark knight, nfshs, bc2 etc and my internal sd storage only uses 600+ mb on this rom.
        what i did was binding
        mnt/sdcard/android to

        -files still are present in mnt/sdcard/android but is not taking up space, i think (coz if it is then i should have 5gb of used internal sdcard storage
        -directory bindings are not visible when i open directorybind, but still works

        note: if u use this app make sure u are using a fast micro sd storage (class 10 or UHS)
        please update us on ur ext card hack
        thanks max! ^__^

  27. robert mccall says:

    hey max please help me,I installed foxhound v1.4, and now my phone suddenly ask for sim network unlock PIN

    • robert mccall says:

      thanks for ur help but i just fixed it with voodoo unlock galaxy s3 app, here’s the link

  28. Alnon says:

    Hi Max, Thanks for eveything you did here, im from philippines and basically new for android. I follow all the steps it works great. The only prblem is that using rom manager, i flashed so i can switch back if ever, but seems to it did not back up, but its ok its my fault. So the real question is, after installing, apps is still installed but the ICONS to use it is not showing. So the space of my GS3 internal memory left is still 2gig. How do i see that to use the same apps i have before? Thank you! I hope you can help me bec im really noob here. More power!

    • Max says:

      You can use Titanium Backup app to backup/restore apps. If you forgot to backup, simply restore your ROM then backup apps and re-install/restore custom ROM.

  29. welbongz says:

    Found another small issue in this rom. Sound seems to be increased but to the extend that music output decreased quality. Like garbled… is there any other way to revert the sound quality to what its like in stock rom? Or can you suggest like a mod or something to somehow improve the sound?

  30. stefan says:

    hey man im from australia, can i use this rom on the gt-i9300T???

  31. Junior says:

    hey man im from brazil, can i use this rom on the gt-i9300?

  32. d4ndr0id says:

    A few things i’ve noticed with this rom is the haptic feedback won’t turn off when typing. Even going into the settings and selecting/deselecting, the haptic feedback is still enabled when typing. This drains battery. Is there any way to fix this?

    Another thing is you can’t link your account with rolle youtube. This has been a known problem for quite some time but I don’t mind using the default youtube app so it doesn’t bother me that much.

  33. Jcm 800 says:

    I love this rom. My only real complaint is the fact that in the notification bar toggles-the toggle to silence all notification alerts isn’t there. Could that be included please, I’m sure many users would like it there too? Thanks πŸ™‚

  34. Rory says:

    Does this ROM work for SPH-L710, Thanks Max

  35. Sidd says:

    This ROM is Awesome. Thanks Max. Could you also review the Criskelo version 5.4.2 ROM ? Awaiting your feedback. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  36. Roger says:

    Congratulations to el liberator & the Criskelo Dev Team for producing a rom that is simply, “In a league of its own”…keep up the fantastic work, nuff respect!

  37. Roger says:

    Hi Max, you should try to showcase some of the mods and customization thats available for this rom. very impressive.

  38. Pete says:

    Hi, I’m using this ROM and it’s wonderful. I do have one little niggle though. Does anyone know how to make the weather widget have an image again? I’m getting nothing but the text.

    • Roger says:

      If I can recall the installation process correctly you selected the transparent touchwiz mod during installation. As far as I know there isn’t a feature which allows you to switch to stock once you’ve flashed the rom. (Hope the dev team will consider adding a feature to customize on the fly) I really hope thats in the pipeline, that would be sweet! πŸ™‚ If you want to get the stock weather widget you may need to flash the rom again and select stock from the options during installation. Make sure the Transparency option is deselected. I’m not sure you’ll lose all the transparency features in other aspects of the rom such as the pull down menu etc. as I’ve never used the stock option nor the stock weather widget. Try the different options till you get everything to suite your personal taste.

      • Roger says:

        Pete, sorry, I forgot to add….it also depends on what version rom you have. They may have different options for different versions so do your research in advance as some rom versions require you to flash the corresponding Criskelo Kitchen in order to access your desired option/feature.

  39. Omar says:

    Hello, will S Voice still work after installing this or any ROM?

  40. GsusH says:

    Hey I just flashed this rom and think its super smooth but, how do I reinstall all my apps and data from my last Omega rom that i flashed a month ago?
    I have too many apps and data to reinstall everything individually again but would like to keep this rom and find out how I can reinstall everything onto this rom from a titanium backup or otherwise.


    • Acemaniac says:

      Titanium Backup paid version does it for you….

      • GsusH says:

        I didn’t backup with the payed version, if i buy it will i be able to do it with the backups i already have or will i have to re-backup again?

        • Max says:

          If you backed up with free version you are good to go, just restore, paid version just makes it easy to restore but backup features are same on free/paid.

  41. Acemaniac says:

    Normaly not, but im not sure…. Just check the titanium backup folder after buying and installing if they are still there it should work….

  42. GsusH says:

    Ok, so I’m using the Apex skin and it has no weather widget and the Android file transfer program on my mac doesn’t work with this ROM, does anyone know of a fix for this?

  43. Nels says:

    Max, if i want to flash this from stock XXBLFB without wipe. Do i still have to restore app with titanium back up? Or the app will just show up in app drawer? Double pressed home button for s voice still work?


    • Acemaniac says:

      It works for me , but i think i had to reinstall from titanium, but before you ask just try it, if you still have probs then ask…

  44. Craig says:

    Love this theme, BUT and i’m not sure this is the place to request it – can the clock be positioned in the centre at all?

    Also, this rom, like all the others omits the ‘no notificatiob’ toggle, damn, why do devs take that toggle out? πŸ™

    Apart from those gripes, super rom πŸ™‚

  45. Craig says:

    ‘no notification’ toggle i meant, sorry.

  46. Alex says:

    hi Max, i’m using criskelo right now, really nice. CM9 stable just released, have you tried it? how about CM10? you think i should change? thanks

  47. Leandro says:

    Hi Max,

    Just found out about your web site and wanna congratz you.
    I want to instal the criskelo rom, but I`m afraid I`ll brick my phone.
    On my GS3 ” about device” the model number is GT-I9300 does this mean mine is the international version or do I need to look something else?


  48. cristian p says:

    hey does anyone know if you can download the rolltube app anywhere i just want the app not the whole rom. drop me a link so i can download it.

  49. Tims says:

    Hey max

    My phone wont boot anymore how come? I have an international version GT-I9300, Ive wiped my cache, dalvik cache and reset factory settings, reinstalled it. Still wont boot.
    Any suggestions?

  50. Jason says:

    Hi peeps, im really struggling to install this rom, firstly everytime i try to copy the rom file to my sd card on laptop i get an error message saying “canot copy item the device has either stopped responding or disconnected” so i tried putting sd card in laptop and copying it over that way which worked fine. but when it came to installing it in CWM i get an error message saying bad and a green android man with a big red (!) just wont install, really like the look of this rom please help. thanks

  51. elyboy says:

    Good day to you sir Max,

    first of all.. thank you.. already did rooted my phone and installed this ROM.. however, i wanted to update my siyahkernel version, how do i do it? can i flash it using ODIN on desktop? do you have any steps or tutorials on that? a lil help would be appreciated sir.. thanks!

    • Max says:

      You can download siyah zip version at xda forums and install it in cwm.

      • elyboy says:

        i did that.. but i cant find my the ZIP file on CWM… tried it both on internal and external.. instead i tried flashing it on odin desktop.. and it worked.. anyway thanks max!

  52. Taufik Lama says:

    i just installed this ROM on my S3 and i found lots of instability regarding past the upgrading part where it finishes to load the system and in the final reboot loading the home screen it starts giving errors like ´únfortunaly email has stopped´´or a bunch of programs all of a sudden start doing the same.

    i really dont know the make of my S3,so that could be a problem.i tried installing it once again after restoring and the second time was even worse because it killed the baseband meaning no cellular signal at all.

  53. James Turner says:

    I had the exact same problem last night, flashed the rom and got constant freezes and reboots, sometimes wouldnt even get past the samsung logo before hanging. It seemed to depend how much I used the phone, if it managed to boot and i left it it would keep working until i touched the screen. In the end I flashed a different rom, as this was my first time rooting and installing custom firmware butr I REALLY want to use yours so, did I do something wrong or is there an issue with it?

  54. Al says:

    Hi folks, any kind soul worked out how to restore stock accuweather widget so the background is not transparent?
    I’ve tried every flavour in the kitchen with no joy, even tried manually deleting and restore and install widget from my stock ROM backup.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  55. Acemaniac says:

    All worked for me fine when i had criskelo rom installed, are you guys sure you have the Galaxy S3 i9300, i have tested every rom he showed us for the S3 i9300 and had never any problems, maybe because I always factory Reset and wipe all Cache. And when you have probs like that try wiping all Cache again in cwm, some times there are Rest from other roms that can cause such Problems.. Or maybe you guys have and old cwm try with the neuesten cwm version….

  56. Acemaniac says:

    All worked for me fine when i had criskelo rom installed, are you guys sure you have the Galaxy S3 i9300, i have tested every rom he showed us for the S3 i9300 and had never any problems, maybe because I always factory Reset and wipe all Cache. And when you have probs like that try wiping all Cache again in cwm, some times there are Rest from other roms that can cause such Problems.. Or maybe you guys have and old cwm try with the newest cwm version….

    • James Turner says:

      I tried formatting, flashing, then wiping cache twice. Then I checked the md5 and it was perfect. I’m currently running a different rom with no problems. I have the right phone, gt-i9300, pre ordered in UK and collected on day of release.

      • James Turner says:

        Oh, also I used the CWM that came in the zip package with this rom. It’s the first time I’ve applied CWM to my galaxy s3 so don’t think it could be that. I tried reinstalling my backup, formatting the phone, then flashing it again but i got the same problem. Could it be that its network branded?

        • Acemaniac says:

          Im Vodafone Branded and every thing works just fine, maybe you had a bad download, download it again an try again….

  57. Acemaniac says:

    Sorry for Double post.

  58. Mikhail says:

    Good day Sir,

    I just received a Samsung GT-I9300, the problems I am having are the following:

    Play Store is set in Chinese and after several factory Resets, still in English
    Keyboard Settings have only Chinese settings
    Input Method had only Chinese settings
    Select Input method has only Chinese settings
    When I log onto my Gmail it only provides sync for Gmail an Picasco, no contacts or Calendars?

    I know this is a long list of information to go through, but I was wondering based on the men and women here if you could provide me with a step by step to correct the problems as I will be able to pay you for your time.
    I was ripped off on EBAY and I already know the response, (totally stupid thing to do, but I am out of a lot of cash and would at best try to fix it for use. Additionally, I have spent more than 6 hours today on the phone with TMobile and Google. They referred me back to the Developer………Like yeah, we;ll meet at Starbucks in the morning and he will fix it!! HELP !! All the details on the phone is listed below.

    God Bless you Real Good for your HELP!!

    Android version 4.04 Base version I9300XXLE8 Kernel version
    3.0.15-554452-user se.infra@SEP-98 #1
    SMP PREEMPT Tues May 15 17:57:57 KST 2012
    Build number IMM76D. I9300XXALE9
    Custom Build Version V3G.12.07.20

  59. Leandro says:

    Hi Max,
    I installed the criskelo rom but now I don`t have acess to kies.
    I made my contacts back up using Kies anyother way to retrieve them?

    • Max says:

      try using Kies Air.

      • Leandro says:

        Yea I tried this, but the only way I can get acess to Kies Air is using the browser on the PC. The problem is that I don’t have the option to import contacts on Kies Air through the browser… =/ guess I`ll have to flash my phone to the old firmware and backup the contacts in another way.

  60. jerish says:

    hey i need help…. i have a s3 gt-I9300…. igot the criskelo rom and the criskelo kitchen….. im using the v6.01 …. when i open apps like messages,internet,taskmanagement…. it says”unfortunately,messages has stopped”…… i was using the omega rom before this and it worked just fine….i cleared the cache and the dalvik cache…plssssssss help me… ireally like the looks of this ROM….. thanx

  61. Thais says:

    Hello. I just flashed my phone with criskrlo rim and it was working just fine. Howerver, after the instal I tryed to do a factory format on my phone (using the codes *2767…) but now I’m stuck on the boot screen… it wont leave the screen writen SAMSUNG.
    Helllllp plz.

  62. Acemaniac says:

    take out battery and try to reboot, if it doesnt work go to RECOVERY and RESTORE a BACKUP of what you backed up, if you didnt backup anything do a factory reset in RECOVERY and not with a dumb code(as far as i know the codes are only for phones that are NOT ROOTED) and install the rom again,…and if all that doesnt work you have a soft brick, youll need to install an official rom from samsung via odin…what do you think of my suggestion Max….?

    • Thais says:

      Hi, I used my backup (wich i made with CWM), but its stuck on the samsung screen. tryed doing the factory reset (holding volumeup+home+power). still not working :'(

      • Jerish says:

        I have the mega Rom so I just switch to that when ever I have a problem with a new Rom….

        • Acemaniac says:

          Strange, I never had any problems with any of the roms that max showed us they all worked….
          @ Thais,Can you get into cwm at all, if not you will have to reroot (CF-Root-SGS3-v6.3.tar via odin, this file even supports samsung OTA updates) your phone again,then try to download another rom like the omega v13 its the best by far for me and very customizable, Oh yeah and always install busybox too, its one of the most wanted apps for custom roms ….and before installing wipe cache and dalvik and after install wipe cache and dalvik again, and if it works wipe again to be on the safe side….And please only install roms if you have more than 50% battery…I only install when i have at least 90%…if not 100%

          • Thais says:

            Yes I can get to CWM I`m downloading and original rom from samsung and I`m gonna try to install it using ODIN. I will post any changes thanks (gonna wipe everything before instaling via ODIN)

            • Acemaniac says:

              wish you the best of luck, but after installing official rom root will be gone, you will have to root again…

              • Thais says:

                I noticed that thx…
                I rooted it and flashed the custom rom. This time I wiped it through the CWM (vol up +home+ power)
                wiped dalvik cache, the normal cache and factory reset.
                And again I’m stuck on the boot screen… guess I will have to instal the rom and not make a factory reset

                • Acemaniac says:

                  why do you want to do a factory reset after flashing a custom rom, i dont understand…?

                  • Jerish says:

                    I think there is a bug in this Rom…could u suggest a fast Rom that has a kitchen… and a Rom that is useful… or what u think is the best ics 4.0.4 Rom….

                    • Acemaniac says:

                      Download Omega v13, factory reset, wipe Cache, wipe dalvik Cache, install zip from sd or internal sd depending on where you copied it, usually better on internal sd, Reboot and enjoy… But do NOT FACTORY RESET AFTER INSTALLING ROM OTHERWISE THE ROM WILL BE GONE AND YOU HAVE TO START OVER, BUT TO BE ON SAFE SIDE WIPING THE CACHES AGAIN IS OK… BUT NO FACTORY RESET….

                  • Thais says:

                    I’ve seen people saying that it is better if you do a full wipe before and after…

                    • Acemaniac says:

                      Full wipe is ok before you install a rom but if you do it after the install of rom the rom is gone…. People this is logical if you think about it…. And dont believe what other people say unless you know that they know what they are doing….

                    • Leandro says:

                      I dunno if it’s logical or not. However, I installed the rom and did factory reset on my phone… still working…

  63. Jerish says:

    What is the best remote desktop application for the s3… an app in which you can do what ever u do on ur

  64. Rocky says:

    Love this rom, any plans on a Jelly Bean rom?

  65. Thrivikram says:

    hey where is the link to download criskelo ROM ????????

  66. panagiotis says:

    hello from greece.i am running criskelo rom 5.3(i have downloaded from here) and want to update to v10 jelly bean from criskelo but everything i do i cannot flash the zip.i am getting always an error message and android with the belly open.i did factory reset,wipe everything,cache,dalvik even the home screen : )))but still cannot install u tried even to flash again with heimdall(mac os x)but no luck at all any help??thank’s galaxy s3 i9300

  67. Vinu says:

    Hi, Max,
    Well ur videos have been really helpful to me i successfully installed
    Criskello ICS v6.0, Siyah v1.5.3 kernel on S3 i9300,

    I just wanted to know whether i can add custom boot animations on my phone,
    if yes then how?
    I tryed rom manager but its not working

  68. Evan says:

    Hi Max,
    I’ve gone from Criskelo ICS ROM to their JB ROM and mobile packet data will not work. I’ve tried all the different modems and kernels available in their kitchen but still nothing. WIFI connects fine and works. When I go to use packet data it will not connect. It doesn’t even have the H+ at the top. Nothing is displayed. Any ideas?

    • Evan says:

      When I go back to ICS ROM everything works fine. I’ve done a fully clean install but still nothing. One other person on the xda thread had the same issue but no answers.

    • Max says:

      try APN next time:

  69. gino says:

    Hi Max,
    I’ve gone from Criskelo ICS ROM to their JB ROM and the original messaging(sms) and alam clock was not working.i tried re-root and wipe all date and install the rom again and it work at the first but after awhile it stop working again.any idea?

    • Max says:

      Not sure if it was working then stopped, it could just be your network.

      • gino says:

        thank max i found out is the task killer too strong…just FYI im from criskelo v14 flash to officially JB no wipe and it work perfectly…anywhere thank you for provide us such a awesome website for android’s information… Linux and android rock!!!

  70. Renky says:

    Hey max.. are there any new version for Criskelo ROM? If so, from where can I download it?

  71. prateek banga says:

    max can we update the criskelo 5.3 to 6.0 from s3 only !!!

  72. Jonathan Carter says:

    hi max, i don’t know if there is a more direct way to contact you, so im trying this.
    I’m having some trouble with my sd card. i just flashed the Resurrection Remix v3.1.2. rom onto my i9300, and all was working fine, until i inserted my sd card. at first my phone gave me an error message saying “damaged sd card, try reformating?” and so i did. it unmounted and then nothing. i went into setting than storage options, then clicked mount usb storage(or something) under SD Card, then i got the same error message “damaged sd card, try reformating?” and so i did it again. and every time the same thing happened. when it wouldnt work on my phone, i plugged it in to my pc, and it said it needed to be reformated, so i did, and it worked fine, i could access it, store files on it etc., but when i inserted it back into my i9300, it gave me the error message again. this is a really big problem, since i store a lot of data on my sd card (its 64gb if that helps). i don’t know if my phone’s screwed up or my sd card, or my sd card just doesnt work with jelly bean(which i hope is its not) and im pretty woried

    Ps: i was originally running criskello rom v5.4.1. ICS for a long time, then switched to AOKP JB Milestone 1 yesterday, and thats when the problems with the sd card started, the same as with RRv3.1.2., then i switched to RR v3.1.2 hoping that the problem would go away, but it didnt

    im really desperate and kinda freaking out, so any help would be much appreciated.
    and thanks in advance,

  1. April 9, 2014

    […] Criskelo ROM – link ( Iskopirati na SD […]

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