Fantasy HD ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300!

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For this week’s Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 octa-core ROM of the week, check out Fantasy HD ROM.

Based on Android 4.2.2 ME7 Samsung firmware, Fantasy HD ROM brings you the best of latest Galaxy S4 theme/parts along with great performance and battery life.

My favorite feature on this ROM is the Light Effect Lockscreen effect ported from Galaxy S4, works perfectly out of the box and not one of those fake ones.

This ROM includes lots of stuff ported from Galaxy S4 including Gallery, Accuweather widget, Alarm widget, Digital Clock, Live wallpaper, and much more. You will also find nice Robot font, similar to the one found on HTC One. There’s a lot of S4 theme on this ROM so you will feel like running an S4 with it.

Other notable features on this ROM include inverted Play Store, YouTube downloader, YouTube app with screen-off playback support, Open VPN support, Android 4.3 PhotoSphere camera, and more.

Overall, this is a pretty solid ROM with some great features and performance so check it out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Fantasy HD ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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22 Responses

  1. Igor says:

    Best !!!How to install full weather widget?tnx

  2. Charles Whittaker says:

    Why the Multi Window feature does not work? The option remains grayed and does not allow to be enabled!

  3. Charles Whittaker says:

    I completely disagree about battery life. This ROM has an extremely heavy battery drain: just fully charged at mid-morning (about 10:00 a.m.) and now (5:30 p.m.) it’s below 15% with no use all day!

    • Sean says:

      Agree, the battery life is a joke. I have never had a rom that would drain the battery so fast. Charged fully at 10am by 3pm its 5% WTF.

  4. Youssef says:

    it works fine so far, but the phone temperature is really high what can i do??

  5. onkabonka says:

    mine crashes every few seconds

  6. Sarah Breedlove says:

    Dam it max. You must get a manicure?

  7. Mickael says:

    I have installed this rom
    and every time when i reboot i see this message : adroid-system upgrading apps 0 of 59 or something…
    and everytime loading the Image it takes so slow to load… but everything else all good ….

  8. Rich says:

    Not a bad Rom, fairly quick to begin with but after using a few days seems to be lagging a bit, mine does the “android upgrading” on most reboots too, battery life not upto much either.
    Also the gallery just crashes after about 10 secs of opening it, although this could be due to the fact I didn’t format my sd card after I flashed it.
    Back to jellybam again I think.

  9. Nitishwar says:

    i just installed this on my GTI9300 and everything works fine except that it’s not able to detect any network!!
    even wen i manually search and select my carrier it says “unable to connect”
    pleaaassseeee HELP! me

  10. Alex says:

    Really liked the look of this rom especially the ink lock screen but battery life was terrible and phone saw so hot I could have used it to iron my shirts. Back to wanamlite I go.

  11. Charles Whittaker says:

    This is an off-topic but it’s worth to point out that the “Glamour S4 ROM”, from “XDA developers” is an abject piece of rotten shit: once installed, the TouchWiz interface simply does not work and renders your phone unusable (if you choose not to turn on the Easy Interface). The S4 features do not function either. I think if you’re putting a ROM available for use, then it MUST have an acceptable level of functionality. If there’s notorious flaws, then it wouldn’t be even released!

  12. Lexi says:

    I ran the rom through clockwork mod, and now my phone wont turn on……Help! All my usual tricks aren’t working..

  13. Warby says:

    After clean install the phone gets extremely hot and i cannot obtain any cellular signal.
    One to remove as quickly as i installed i think.

  14. PixieDixie says:

    Nice rom… but donno why this rom make my s3 high temperature.

  15. PixieDixie says:

    This Is best Rom For me….. but just 1 thing i hope next update can fix it….. when use this rom… my s3 temperature high..

  16. igor says:

    High temperature…

  17. Minh says:

    Hi Max.i need help on dan rom t mobile.
    how to swap internal to external sd card.Would you show me how.
    thank you…

  18. onkabonka says:

    hey guys, this may seem kind of a dumb question but how do i root phones or use any windows 7 softwear on windows 8?

  19. amith says:

    Hi max
    i flashed and got a bad imei 004999010640000. now no network access. pls help

    • Igor says:

      Hi Amith
      This one has killed my phone completely. Even EFS restore won’t help. I succeeded only by full cleanup, installing FoxHound 2.6 ROM and restoring CWM from one of previous backups at last. Exactly in this order, can’t explain, it is a kind of shaman dance with tambourine. The worst thing it fails on dual-boot installation either.

      • amith says:

        Thanks Igor!!

        all i have as a back up is a file named ‘efs_29Jul2013-1222.tar.gz’
        As you said, will try the FoxHound rom. What do i restore after that?

        Thank again for replying

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