FoxHound ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Version 2.0]

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Ever since the days of FoxHound on the original Galaxy S2, I’ve been hooked on FoxHound ROM, mainly because the level of customization offered by this ROM.

Of course, the latest version 2.0 does not disappoint, comes with the latest and best features and also more stable/faster than ever.

Some notable features include AROMA installer for multiple kernels/apps/options (see video for the walk-thru), HX-MOD camera (for higher bit-rate videos and camera shortcuts), FoxHound theme (optional), trasparent multi-window, call-recording, and some more.

This is probably one of the most customizable ROMs for the Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, check it out the latest version and let me know what you think on this.


Download FoxHound ROM

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer!

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44 Responses

  1. David Cave says:

    Great rom! I have been on Foxhound since it was 1.6!

    • Manoj Guruge says:

      i like the ROM a lot.. performance is pretty decent.. unfortunately its been giving me problems when i tried to update it from v1.8 to v2.0.. it goes upto about 96% and says unable to download (OTA btw).. this is really annoying as ive tried it a couple of times and it just takes up my data quota :(.. any suggestions? please 🙂

      • David Cave says:

        I had the same issue. Try going to XDA forums and download it directly from there. Put it on your phone’s internal memory or sd card and install it clockwork mod.

      • David Cave says:

        Go xda forums on your computer.

        • Manoj says:

          Thanks a lot bro.. Just to updating thru CWM I won’t lose any of my appa or data since I don’t have to do data wipe right..

          • David Cave says:

            No you don’t have to do the data wipe..but it would be recommended that you get titanium backup in case you had any problems or even for future flashing!

    • brian says:

      does it come with gapps?

  2. Rutubhadra Patel says:

    Great rom…….. siyah kernel works gr8……

  3. Joshua says:

    One of the greatest rom I’ve tried

  4. yngwie says:

    Led indicators don’t work on 2.0 foxhound

  5. Pete says:

    Thank you for the great review!

    Two short Questions:
    1. How does it compare to Cyanogen Mod 10 (since it’s still a nightly, I’m running version 9 right now)?
    2. Do you have a guess as to when 10.1 stable will be released? And how come this mod is running perfectly stable but the CM seems to have troubles with it?

  6. taylor says:

    dose foxhound have motion settings like touch wiz cuz i really like those motion settings and notifications

  7. Seph says:

    Pretty Nice… BUT !, it takes AGEs to charge to full battery :/

  8. ShaDoW WalKeR says:

    Does it have the water drop sound when touching the screen, and when pressing the buttons (Back and Menu) ???

  9. Tom says:

    My phone is S3 GT-i9300 and I am using T-mobile. I don’t have the Wifi calling feature on my phone. Does the Foxhound ROM have the Wifi calling feature that works on the T-Mobile network?

  10. Charles says:

    can i use samsung touchwiz ??
    i don want to use nova launcher ..cause it only can made folder at the home screen

  11. gill says:

    Gapss crashes again n again. I have reflashed so many time but no solution. And play store does not open. what should i do ?

  12. twum says:

    please Dave,can I use this ROM on my rooted GS3 XXALE8 4.0.4?.please reply .thank you.gyekyemen@yahoo .com

  13. mangus17 says:

    How am I supposed to correctly overclock the cpu to 1.8 without it crashing and restarting? and does ninphetamin3 kernal work on this rom?

  14. iMaC74 says:

    By far one of the best roms i’ve used so far & now i’m rocking FoxHound 2.2 very smooth and with some awesome features, BIG Thanks to Max for all the info & help i’d be lost & confused if it wasn’t for your easy to understand tutorials, guides & videos great work man & much appreciated 

  15. Kevin says:

    Does it matter that I rooted with CF-Root even if I change the kernel in the recovery?
    Will it interfere somehow?

  16. khuz says:

    i installed fox hound 2.2 on my galaxy s3 gt-i9300 … and before that i was running resurrection remix rom …. after installation of foxhound my phone gets stuck on old startup screen of resurrection remix and does not go further ahead …. please help :S

  17. Stuart says:


    Quick question. Or if anyone else could help me that would be great. I have a strange issue with my SGS3. I have flashed around 7 ROMS now to try them out and notice the other day that my interal SD card was full. On the storage the ‘misc’ is using 9.5GB but I have no idea what it is? Is there a way to find out?

    The other question is; if I do a ‘FORMAT’ in Clockworkmod recovery, not just the standard wipe data before flashing. Will this delete my nandroid backups and indeed CWM itself?

    Thanks guys.

  18. Kevin says:

    hey guys, right now i have the liquid smooth rom n it is really fast but a few problems with some apps and battery is lousy i also flashed it on my friends phone n same issues now i really want to try foxhound but it wouldn’t install it says file not valid or corrupted..i need detailed instructions please im new to this.thanks

  19. leftman says:

    How about other languages in this rom?
    I’m looking for Polish… is it available?

  20. Mohammed says:

    Hey guys,

    I’ve followed the steps according to the video posted…(great video, thanks for posting!)…however I’ve run into a bit of a snag. After installing the ROM, when my phone reboots it keeps reverting back into developer mode. Meaning the phone won’t boot up properly. Just keeps looping back to the same screen each time, any tips on how to resolve this situation?


  21. Mohammed says:

    This is the message that pops up….” E: Can’t open / cache / recovery log “

  22. webcok says:

    after i installed foxhound rom my network become unable connect
    are there any solutions for that ?

    • Neil R says:

      I have the exact same problem I am on UK orange netwoek and since installing this rom I have no service
      Have you got any fixes for this Max?

  23. webcok says:

    foxhound rom erased my imei number and made my phone to unable to dont install that rom

  24. fares says:


    I want to flash this rom on my s3 because i updated it to 4.3 and its really lagging all the time.
    But this rom is based on android 4.2, so does it pose a problem or i can directly flash it ?


  25. MIchał says:

    Im on i9300 JB4.3
    Flashed this rom and got imei corrupt.How to restore my imei to this rom?

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