FoxHound ROM for Rooted Galaxy S3 i9300! [Overclocking][Performance]

Looking for a custom ROM that gives you performance? Well, FoxHound ROM has been known traditionally for great overclocking and performance with the Galaxy S2, now it’s also available for your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, giving you up to 1.8Ghz of overclocking. In daily usage, I was able to get stable 1.7Ghz overclocking and near 6500-7000 in Quadrant benchmarking scores.

UPDATE: See latest version 1.9 instead!!!

Of course, overclocking your Galaxy S3 doesn’t mean it’s simply going to drain the battery, with the correct governor you can possibly get even more battery life and performance. Although still in infant stages of ROM development, the FoxHound ROM is a solid performer and you should give it a try if you haven’t yet!


Download FoxHound ROM

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a custom ROM? Is your Galaxy S3 rooted already? If you are new to all this, please see Galaxy S3 Root FAQ FIRST!!!!

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15 Responses

  1. Oren says:


    Great job with the site and all, I check it all the time. Would be great if you could
    show the dialer screen on the roms, and also comment on the camera app. Some
    of these roms’ camera and phone apps just don’t work right, and it would be great
    if you could cover that in your reviews.
    Thanks again,

  2. jim says:

    Do all the roms you review work on all models of the gs3. can you reply soon because i want flash a rom on my sprint model asap.


  3. adi says:

    mate make an app for your website love it 😀

  4. gee says:

    no way you could release the name of that background you have is there? or how to make our own. does it come with the rom

  5. gee says:

    please and thank you

  6. submachine0 says:

    well, that’s easy Max. i’m coming straight to your place, stopping at every pet store along the way to collect an army of hampsters. we will then travel to the nearest ferris wheel and construct the most massive android device charger in the WORLD! i will, of course, need to hobble you as soon as our mission is complete, just in case you make other plans. you understand, of course.

    seriously though thank you so much for your work, man.

  7. Randy says:

    Hi Max…can i know how many website u have? Have u do root on motorola razr ? Thank from Singapore….

  8. Jimbobpro says:

    hey dude ever since the update of 0.8 this rom is real laggy and results on benchmark are pre crap… i tried this rom on the advice from a friend… can say i like it… the performance is no where near as good as omega…

  9. jose says:

    hi max how i can install this rom in my s3?

  10. keith says:

    One tip guys, before installing this rom, please delete cache and dalvik cache partition the clear user data. after that then instal foxhound

  11. lars frishert says:

    Foxhound best rom ever great battery life and they keep updating to fix or improve. Great performance.

  12. Johnnie says:

    Foxhound is like letting the chickens into the woods for the foxes to protect them. This ROM broke every apk connection I had on my phone. I went back to the original that was a rooted galaxy version. I got it from GalaxyS3 and it worked just fine. New is not always better if not tested. It broke Titanium and anything else that was rooted. Then it started giving this error that my partion was full. I will stay clear of this one for now.You know what I mean. It took to many hours to get me back to the original.

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