FoxHound ROM for Rooted Galaxy S3 i9300! [Jelly Bean][V1.3]

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For those of you who want some serious performance, check out FoxHound ROM, the one everyone’s been raving about. This ROM features a ton of features like overclocking to hell, Ext4 tweaks,battery tweaks,RAM optimizations, GPU Acceleration, call recording, HX Camera mod, and more.

Also there’s a ton of options you can choose to configure your ROM using its Aroma graphical installer so give it a twirl and let me know what you think!

UPDATE: See latest version 1.9 instead!!!

v1.3 Jelly Bean:

  • Based on last firmware LJ4
  • Rom working FULL on 60 FPS
  • Unlimited SMS recipient list
  • Stock Keyboard with all supported languages enabled
  • Hacked Stock Email App
  • Skip music tracks with volume buttons long press
  • Insert AwesomeBEATS in Aroma TEST
  • Choose CRT animation ON/OFF in Aroma
  • Superchanger now work fine on 200mb free ram
  • AwesomeBEATS


Download FoxHound Jelly Bean ROM 1.3
Download FoxHound ROM 1.4.3 (one reviewed on video)
Credits – XDA

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78 Responses

  1. kevin says:

    Been running this rom since the first time it was featured by Max and despite trying out numerous other roms over past 4/5 weeks I always go back to foxhound within a day if not hours because its just such a solid complete rom. Regular updates,almost weekly,and each update just enhances what is already the best rom out. For me its awesome,get it flashed!

  2. yngwie says:

    Nice, but cannot send multiple sms. When i go to contacts and check multiple contacts to send sms, doesn’t work;
    eather from sms, the same thing;
    when i write sms there’s no option to mulutiple

  3. Rudy says:

    Can this ROM be used on the T-Mobile version of the S3?

  4. Andreas says:

    I’m gonna download this and throw it in right now. Thanks Max! =D

  5. Lars says:

    Best rom that is out for the s3. I run it now for some weeks and have used every update of it and its damn good. also the install is nice and handy to do.

  6. xHa0s says:

    i dunno whats wrong.. but their is a strange white line on top of my status bar.. -_-

  7. Nels says:

    how this ROM compare to Criskelo?

    If you flash a custom ROM with wipe, all data and apps in internal memory gone?
    for those who always frequently flashing different ROMS, what is the easiest way to recover your data and apps? Using TB to restore all apps and system data?


    • Jack Lam says:

      Im currently downloading this rom, somehow for Criskelo there seems to be bugs with the camera.
      usually, i use CWM to back up the best rom or stock rom this will back up the “whole” thing, then i’ll use TB to back up apps so when i get a new rom, i wont need to download apps back from playstore.
      hope this helps

  8. vikesh says:

    in the foxhound settings in the video you can see the beats audio what is it ????
    can someone tell me

  9. Andreas says:

    I downloaded and installed this yesterday. Have been using it and trying it out and the features are pretty awesome. I really like that there are soo many options both when you install it and also after it’s installed. It’s the best rom I’ve ever used. The only “bad” thing I have to say about it is that I would have wanted some pics under installation because I had no idea what I was choosing =P

    • Sid says:

      Absolutely, i felt likewise. It was like a chain of blind dates going on…n once set, you can’t really change the choice unless you reflash from the beginning.

    • Andreas says:

      “The only β€œbad” thing I have to say about it is that I would have wanted some pics under installation because I had no idea what I was choosing =P”
      I just noticed that you can change all of these things in the Foxhound OTA Update with pics. So I have not found anything bad at all. Perfect rom! Also nice with the Jelly Bean update coming out today. =D

      • Sid says:

        found out the same myself…but sometimes the phone can make u wait a lot with the options to appear…already downloading the JB update. πŸ™‚
        Do i need to back up and re instal all apps before i update or it’ll just overwrite without disturbing the apps?

        • Andreas says:

          On XDA it says that you can just wipe dalvik cache and then install the rom and then you won’t need to wipe. But I havn’t tried it myself. I just backed up my apps, wiped and installed.

          • Sid says:

            tried the jelly bean version…so not good. All apps were saved and the system updated to jelly bean…sadly, the options miss the fav. foxhound setting ‘performance’. What’s the use of this whole rom update if you can’t adjust the processor speed? Even testing resulted in poorer results than xone.
            Reverting back to this rom aint easy once updated to JB. i mean ,you need to wipe clean the disk from recovery before installing this or else the phone gets stuck…all apps need be restored from titanium.
            Won’t update again unless Max recommends. πŸ™‚

            • sherief says:

              i totally agree with you Sid, i also updated my s3 and i didnt like the new update, plus the contacts always freezes and i cant even save a single new contact. i wanted to revert back to the old version, i installed it again from recovery but the phone doesnt start, it stucks with the name( samsung) any ideas how to go back to the old version???? thanks in advance

              • Sid says:

                Dear Sherief,
                As mentioned above, you need to go to cwm recovery mode by pressing volume up, power and home key together for near 10-15 secs unless you’re diverted to the cwm recovery page. There u’ll need to select the wipe data/factory reset first to clear up all the updates you made with JB rom. you cannot downgrade to this rom without making a data/factory wipe.
                After this clean up, select instal from zip on sd card and choose the location where you saved this rom zip.
                Once you select it and it starts installing, i think its pretty much that and the u reboot from recovery to have this rom playing on ur fingertips in a jiffy.
                I strongly suggest none of us instal/ try anything unless Max suggests us. He does pretty much all the home work we need to and i thank him so much for all his work n help. πŸ™‚

  10. Joe says:

    C’mon Max make this ROM available for TMobile S3…………..I want it so bad.

  11. Khalid Johani says:

    hello buddy, could you tell me, how can i get the rom as .tra?

  12. geek in white says:

    oh man! how could i have missed this rom? it’s simply awesome and the best one (imho) for the s3.

  13. Sid says:

    why is it when i view the picture gallery…all the folders and the picture icons within appear in red? Could’nt find any customization on that. Pretty annoying. Rest is all just great…giving great battery life.
    Also, the cpu processor speed sets to 1400 on each reboot. tried start up on boot check too but still, keeps returning to 1400 with each boot.
    Is there a way to keep the ram free option upto 200mb? just shows to a max of 100mb here.
    Sorry for the flooding but that’s all i’ve got of it in two days. πŸ™‚

    • Sid says:

      Just one more thing to ask finally…can’t play any gameloft hd games/ other HD games on this rom or the official ics before. (eg. Monopoly), tried chainfire 3D free and pro with no luck. Any suggestions are most appreciated.

      • Sid says:

        Red coloration of picture gallery figured out. Had checked in night mode in the chainfire 3D app. Unchecking it resolved this issue. :))) still discovering.

  14. Sid says:

    Also figured out freeing more ram…comes out that you can set it when you first time instal the os where it gives you the option to do so.

  15. robert says:

    max is it possible to change/repair ur imei number

  16. Jorge says:

    Actually Fox Hound Jelly Bean 1.5 version is out there since yesterday; I tried but I think is slower than this version!

  17. KevinSassDK says:

    I love foxhound πŸ™‚

    I have 4 things that would be nice to fix.

    1. A copy / paste & clipboard.
    2. can’t send mms. it won’t show the picture after i press send.
    3. In the settings i can se in the video that you kan change cpu and stuff (and i could that in the old version) but not now.
    4. text message from the same number but that i havent in my contacts comes in more than one conversation .

    But thanks – this is the best ROM πŸ™‚

  18. Sid says:

    I use to love the go launcher for its looks and UI. I think its bugged or something. With the official rom, my phone on go launcher started acting up by flashing home screen off n on in the idle mode. I called the samsung customer care and they suggested me to visit the service centre for a re installation of os sw which is exclusive to service centres only.
    Instead, i rooted my set n installed this wonderful rom. My bad luck that i further installed the go launcher on it and there you go…it has started the flash screen phenomenon again.
    I’ve un installed everything tagged “go” from my phone but i think the harm is done…phone screen still flashes every now n then.
    Any suggestions are most appreciated.
    P.S. I’ve tried every possibility in the options/preference to prevent it. SHOULD I RE FLASH?

  19. eugene says:

    Hi, I need help. When I flash and install this ROM, it reboots and just stays at the ‘Samsung Galaxy SIII’ boot thing. Another time I tried it, it just keeps going into CWM over and over. How can I properly solve this?


  20. ivar bakka says:

    I tried updating to 1.5.1 but wifi dosenΒ΄t work πŸ™

  21. d4nrd0id says:

    Link is down. Can’t download. Please fix.

  22. Jordan says:

    this rom hard bricked my phone i thought it was for att sgh-i747 is there any hope

  23. Mathew says:

    On my S3 now can’t find a download link :$ help tha noob

  24. Josh says:

    Hello, i am currently running Omega v11 – XXBLG8 – and am trying to install this ROM but i keep getting an installation aborted error. Is there a way to fix?

  25. sam says:

    hey max,
    the download link seems to be not working. i have tried downloading it many times, but it just keep getting stuck at 400MB. so i have installed 1.4.4 instead.
    is there any other download link for 1.4.3

  26. Nathan says:

    This ROM hard bricked my S3. I am new to all of this but I followed the directions as best I could, did the prefered installation, went to reboot and it went black. Nothing. Took the battery out. Nothing. Luckily I am within the 30 day return time frame. I am never changing another thing on a phone because this is rediculous. My carrier is AT&T and I have an i9300, so that isn’t what is wrong.

  27. Kevin says:

    I have an question in most of your video’s you have some sort of mod which makes you an lock button animation.
    So you have on the right side a lock/shutdown button when you press it it turns off like an old television.
    How can I get that on the newest foxhound rom?

  28. Benjamin says:

    Hey Max, I just flashed 1.4.4 Foxhound on my I9300. However, the games I installed using apks would just crash whenever I launch them, while those that I downloaded from Google Play store works fine. Any idea why?

  29. Blitz says:

    Hey Max, I’m running Foxhound 0.4 and I wanted to know if I can update to this one without a factory reset etc

  30. Kris says:

    I have been using this rom for a week. has been great except one thing. Everytime i tried to set the cpu clock using the Foxhound extra or System Tuner Pro or NS Tools, after a while the max cpu clock is set to 1000 MHz. Can anyone help me with this? I can not even get it to run at the standard speed which is 1400 MHz. I am running Foxhound 1.4.3 on Siyah kernel (the standard one that is included in the Aroma installer). Thanks, I have been looking everywhere and try all kinds of key words to search in google and so far to no avail.

    • Max says:

      Did you try using SetCPU?

      • Kris says:

        I just tried and it worked. Thanks a lot. I thought it was because I used to many programs trying to overclock it (the in built Foxhound applications, then STweaks, Root Toolbox and System Tuner Pro). I tried upgrading it to Foxhound 1.5 but I have downloaded it twice and it always came up with the CRC error in the beginning of the archive. Well it works now anyway. πŸ˜€

  31. HassaN says:

    Hi Max…..

    Currently I have ICS with Omega 13.1/Siyah running …..
    I was planning to upgrade to JB…. Im totally into high performance (Overclocking etc…) what I see from your video Foxhound will be a good choice along with Siyah….. Just download the Foxhound 1.5.6 version for JB…. If u were to install, would u install Omega 27.2 (with Siyah) or the Foxhound (with Siyah) in terms for high performance, stability and bat life??

    Need your expert opinion/suggestion….
    Thanks and Regards

    • Max says:

      Foxhound for performance. Omega is more like stock I would say.

      • HassaN says:

        Thanks alot……. Really appreciate it………… Just a bit confused…. Just before this FoxHound, which version of Jelly bean version should I install??? I just wanna use CWM for installing Jelly Bean……… Plz help and suggest and if possible plz provide the download link…..


        • HassaN says:

          There is one at XDA:

          I9300XXDLI8 Download
          Base Firmware: I9300XXDLI8 (4.1.1)
          Region Europe
          Country: United Kingdom
          Carrier: Unbranded
          Build Date: 15 September 2012
          Modem: XXDLI8
          CSC: OXADLI8
          Change List: 178140

          Another one that I came across is

          One of them is over 800 mb and the GNex OTA is 217 MB…

          Whats the difference and which one do u recommend installing using CWM method

          Thanks and REgards

  32. Steven Swanson says:

    Can you enlighten me on the versions for this? Back n August 23rd someone mentioned version 1.5.1, but now we’re down to 1.3 and 1.4.3. How does versioning work for this?
    Download FoxHound Jelly Bean ROM 1.3
    Download FoxHound ROM 1.4.3

    What is difference between these? I thought Jelly Bean was the Andriod OS name, but 1.4.3 doesn’t mention Jelly Bean. What exactly is Jelly Bean and does 1.4.3 have it. If not then what does it have?

    I’m a noob if you couldn’t tell.

  33. Steven Swanson says:

    Also if you posted this today then why are there comments going back to August? I’m just so confused about this and wondering if this is really something newer/better than the official release Jelly Bean from Poland.

  34. Beaker says:

    Thanks for the great site. Just a silly question but I presume that this ROM doesn’t have TouchWiz? If you want TouchWiz is Criskelo the best option?

  35. Loz says:

    Ive been using foxhound v1.4.3 4.0.4 on my i9300 since 3 days after getting my phone new in june… this rom for me is just sweet… I havent been able to update to any other rom since im using the Infuse car craddle and with Jelly bean 4.1.1 that killed the charging and sound output…. ive now upgraded my firmware to Foxhound v1.3 4.1.1 and BAM>>>> all working in my infuse….. thank you foxhound… got so many things to tweak the only issue I have is it does take longer to charge my phone… and it drains quicker than with v1.4.3… but I can deal with that..This has to be the best rom for the i9300, get the F on it…

    PS Max: BIG UP YOURSELF!!!… you the mannnnnnnnn.

  36. SimSim says:

    Great Rom so far, here’s a heads up for those thinking of installing.

    1. Im in the UK and the Rom came with no APN’s pre-installed. I had to add them manually to connect to 3G.

    2. The drop down notification isn’t true Jelly Bean like the Resurrection remix rom. You can’t drag down on email, sms notifications to read them and carry out actions like responding or calling contacts. Maybe im missing something – if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

    3. If you want the Jellybean font and holo theme then install the Bl@ck theme at the start.

    4. Im having issues getting p12 ca certificates to work.


  37. keith says:

    I’m having issues since i installed this rom. I have lost all data connectivity and can only use wifi. I have tried restore etc but no use

  38. SimSim says:

    Max do you have a guide on CPU Control Lite and how to use it to boost battery time? Is it worth buying the full version?

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