How to Dual Boot Custom ROMs on Galaxy S3!

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For those of you who want to dual-boot 2 different custom ROMs on your Galaxy S3, the latest Siyah kernel supports dual-booting 2 different Jelly Bean ROMs.  ICS ROMs are NOT SUPPORTED but so long as you use Jelly Bean custom ROMs, you can dual-boot them.

Currently Siyah kernel is only available for international Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 models, please do not try this on your dual-core U.S./Canadian models!

Why dual-boot?

For example, CM10 Jelly Bean ROM is awesome ROM but you do lose a lot of Samsung features/apps.  By dual-booting, you can have best of both worlds, dual-boot CM10 and a Touchwiz-based ROM so you can easily switch back and forth.

Step 1. Before we begin, you need a rooted Galaxy S3 on a Jelly Bean ROM (stock or custom).  And also download another ROM you want to install onto your phone (2nd ROM).

Step 2. Next, we are going to install Siyah kernel using CWM Recovery.  (You can also install using ODIN if you want using the .tar file version here.)

Download the Siyah Kernel zip file and copy over to your phone.  Then turn off your phone.  Then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together to enter CWM Recovery.

Download Siyah Kernel zip file

Step 3. Once in CWM Recovery, choose “install zip from sdcard”.

Step 4. Choose “choose zip from internal sdcard”.

Step 5. Find and install the Siyah kernel zip file you downloaded earlier onto your phone.

Step 6. Reboot and you will find a new app called “STweaks” installed on your phone.  Open the app and swipe to the right to “Dualboot” tab.  Choose “Reboot into 2ndROM Utils”.  This will get you into the Siyah CWM Recovery.

Step 7. Once in Siyah CWM Recovery, choose “dual-boot options”.

Step 8. You can install your 2nd ROM straight to internal/external SD card or even restore ROM from one of your ROM backups.

But for purposes of this tutorial, we will clone our existing ROM into 2nd ROM so choose “Clone 1stROM to 2ndROM”.

Step 9. Once done cloning, you can install a new custom ROM on your Galaxy S3 just as you would do normally.

Step 10. Choose “wipe data/factory reset”.

Step 11. Choose “install zip from sdcard” and install your new custom ROM.

Step 12. After installing your new ROM, reboot.  If you don’t see an option to boot 2nd ROM during boot, that means the new ROM you installed does not come with Siyah kernel and you need to install it.  Repeat Step 3-5 to install Siyah kernel on your new ROM (1st ROM).

Step 13. Once you have both custom ROMs running with Siyah kernel, you will see an option to boot to 2nd ROM during boot.

Step 14. Anytime you want to boot 2nd ROM, you can hit the Center Home or Volume Down button during boot.

That should get you jump started dual-bootin’ your Galaxy S3.  Galaxy S3 again proves to be one of the best Android devices to dual-boot multiple ROMs.  Although there are other phones that can do it too, Siyah kernel makes it super easy even for your regular ol’ Joe.

If you like this, don’t forget to donate to the developer of Siyah kernel through the XDA credits link below.  Developers put a LOT of hard work and free time into their kernels/ROMs, if we all donate even a dollar, it goes long ways to more new cool stuff like this, thx!

Credits – XDA

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45 Responses

  1. jere says:

    were can i find tha dounload for galaxy s3 ODIN

  2. Chris says:

    Why is there always such a delay or lack of support for the US versions of the GS3? Are the phones really that different?

  3. Irawan says:

    if ICS rom isn’t supported, how can I install CM10? It requires ICS before installing CM10. Thanks.

  4. Bakir Al Tikriety says:

    Will you make a website for Samsung Galaxy S?
    There are many people who has Galaxy S and doesn’t find a ROM for their phones.
    It would be very cool, if you make such a page.
    Thank you!

  5. PixelBot24 says:

    hey Max… will you be doing video of reverting this dual boot thing to a single rom boot… it will be very nice of you if you could

  6. Carlos says:

    I would like to try it, but I have an AT&T S3.

  7. Waseem says:

    Hi Max,
    Definitely going to use Siyah kernel to dual boot but i just a few questions. does the siyah kernel overwrite the kernel in the second rom your going to flash.
    I Flashed Checkrom 5.5 and like others want CM10 or other AOSP Rom, what happens to the kernel from the AOSP Rom (does it even have one)?
    If i am tired of dual boot, how do i remove it (just flash another kernel and what happens to the second rom i installed i.e. CM10

    I am trying to understand how it works frist before i attempt it


  8. sam says:

    u guys are awesome..i flashed criskello jelly bean and cm 10. work like a charm.
    galaxy s3 rocks

  9. rob says:

    when do you think dual boot will be available for Verizon i535

  10. tariqe says:

    hey max. how can i connect my galaxy s3 to my laptop?? i was using s2. and it has a option “usb utilitis” which s3 doesnt have.. please reply how can i transfer data from laptop to s3.. thanks

  11. olubukola ogunsola says:

    thanks for this. i tried it and it went well. i installed MIUI jellybean on the secondary ROM. the problem though is that when i try to boot into secondary ROM, the phone just goes dead and i will have to hold down the power botton again before it comes alive and boots into primary ROM. what could be the cause?

  12. slim.trevino says:

    thanks max… I love dual booting …. i tried some tripple boot scripts that did not turned out … could you please make a video on how to tripple boot?

  13. hicko says:

    When dual booting between JB 4.1.2 leaked


    Resurrection remix

    My sd card is reported as damaged when i switch and i have to reformat.

    any ideas on a fix/reason?


  14. alex says:

    this Siyah kernel is very cool.does what it sais but also seems to overheat my cpu.i monitored with cool tool app the cpu usage and freqwency and not using any apps it was using 25% cpu and clock at 1400 jumping to 75% cpu and 100% but to 100% only for very short moments.and my stock temperature was 38 celcius
    so i reflashed my stock backup to check if this is true and my cpu usage was at max 15 % and steady beneath 10% always.
    PLEASE if anyone else has expirienced this reply here.
    Also Max i wold like u to investigate this issue if u can and get back to me.
    thank you

    • alex says:

      After doing further investigation seems i was right.after flashing siyah my cpu accelerates to max clock speed making my phone super hot and it doesnt seem to want to go down this messing up my proccesor??

  15. Eric French says:

    Hello Max have they come up with Dual Boot Custom ROMs on Sprint Galaxy S3. have they made a Siyah kernel for the sprint versions yet ???

  16. Abdullah Ben Nakhi says:

    Can I do stock + modified ROMs or both of them must be custom ROMs ?

  17. James says:

    I dont know what happened, but I soft bricked my SGH T999 after installing this kernel through CWM. My best advice to anyone else is to follow the instructions verbatim.

  18. ronit george says:

    Can this kernel be used on cm 10.1???

  19. Liben says:

    This softbricked my phone. I had the leaked Samsung 4.2.1 installed. Gonna flash with Foxhound, it comes with this kernel doesn’t it?

  20. sochai says:

    Hi Max…
    I decided to dual-boot my S3…But i want to know 1 thing from u.Can i back to single rom after installed dual-boot? What should i do?any link?

    Sorry for the bad english…

  21. Sela says:

    Hey dude,i flashed this kernel in my PacMan’s latest version,and the phone just opens,after that it goes the syiah logo and it doesn’t work ! That’s uncool and i really need help,i’m left without a phone that i worked all summer for it ( galaxy s3 )

  22. Jake says:

    I was told I could boot into Backtrack 5r3 on Galaxy S3 ATT. You say you can dual boot jelly bean and jelly bean but what about Jelly bean and Backtrack 5 or Kali Linux?

  23. Marcel says:


    Which ROM has the best battery life ever?

    Thanks, Marcel

  24. Jake says:

    Hey, when I installed pacman to my primary rom, later when I installed siyah kernel, and reboot the phone, the phone just would go blank….. Later I had to go into recovery and recover from my backup………… Later I tried the aokp rom too, but came across the same problem,……….
    Can I get a solution for this problem????!

  25. colin says:

    hi, i have a GT-i9300 with imperium 14.1 installed. after i install this Siyah kernel i reboot and get the flash screen as in your video but then the screen goes blank. i don’t see any writing/processes running on the screen like yours does. i have to reboot into recovery and reinstall imperium again.
    do you know if this siyah kernel is compatible with imperium rom

    regards, colin

  26. Derrish Dev Sam says:


    I successfully dual booted with foxhound and stock… It was working flawless. Or atleast I thought it was until I tried to make a call.
    ’emergency calls only ‘ in both the roms. Could not connect to any networks for that matter other than wifi..When I tried taking out both the roms, and installing stock only, it was working fine again.

    What could have been the problem.??
    Pls help buddy.

  27. Mansrad says:

    is it possible to install miui rom and original android leaked firmware 4.2.2 for s3 by using syirah kernel. Can you please help me on this.

  28. Stephen says:

    Is this compatible with kit kat 4.4 on cyanogenmod 11?

  29. rahul says:

    please do for s3 neo gt-i9300i

  30. nikan says:

    Imthemr i did dualboot patcher for s3 neo

  31. shivam says:

    This works on s3 late (I9305)??????

  32. shivam says:

    I have s3 lte will it work on it??

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