How to Install Custom ROM on Rooted Galaxy S3!

So, you want to install a custom ROM on your newly rooted(wedded) Galaxy S3?

Well, I’ve been flashing custom ROMs on many different Android devices in the past and here’s my “universal” guide “fail-proof” method for installing a custom ROM on your rooted Galaxy S3.  This will work on all custom ROMs.

Before you install a custom ROM, PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP ROM!!! See How to Backup/Restore ROM on Rooted Galaxy S3!

Also, before you install a new custom ROM, use Titanium Backup app to backup all your apps, use GMail to backup your contacts (make a dummy GMail account if you don’t have one), and use any SMS Text backup app from the Play Store to backup your SMS texts.

Step 1. First, go ahead and download the ROM zip file and copy the whole file over to your phone’s internal storage or microSD card.  DO NOT UNZIP the ROM zip file.  Mac OSX usually automatically unzips the zip file but just use the zip file not the folder.

Sometimes there may be several zip files, usually the ROM and Gapps or other mods.  Copy all of them over to your phone’s internal storage or microSD card.   For multiple files, you simply have to install the ROM first then the rest.

Step 2. First, reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery by holding down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together for 10 seconds.

Step 3. Choose “wipe data/factory reset”.

Step 4. Choose “Yes”.

Step 5. Choose “install zip from sdcard”.

Step 6. Choose “choose zip from sdcard” OR “choose zip from internal sdcard” depending on where you copied the ROM zip file to in Step 1.

Step 7. Browse and find the ROM zip file you copied over to your phone in Step 1. In the example below, I am going to choose “” which is the ROM zip file for Omega ROM.

Step 8. Choose “Yes”.

Step 9. Depending on the ROM you install there may be an additional graphical installer.  If it does, simply follow the instructions on the screen, otherwise just give it 5-10 minutes for the ROM to install.

Step 10. Reboot and you should find your phone with a new custom ROM!

Step 11. (Optional) If for some reason your phone doesn’t boot into your new custom ROM or you get a lot of force closes or you can’t download apps from the Play Store, you can clear cache and dalvik cache in CWM.

Cache and Dalvik cache are temporary files in your phone that can go corrupt while installing a new ROM.  It doesn’t hurt to format/wipe cache so let’s do that.

Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery by holding down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together for 10 seconds.

Step 12. Choose “Wipe cache”.

Step 13. Choose “Yes”.

Step 14. Also you can wipe dalvik cache, which is usually in Advanced menu.

Step 15. 99% of the time, wiping cache and dalvik cache will solve your bootloop problems and force closes.  You don’t have to do this every time you install a new ROM (some people do) but just know this is the FIRST thing you do when something goes wrong while installing a new ROM.



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110 Responses

  1. Eoin says:

    I am getting an error saying

    Error while restoring /system!

    and I can not get off the samsung screen that comes up first.

    Is there any way I can get out of this problem?

    • Max says:

      install another ROM.

      • mike says:

        my mtae tried helpin me do a boot. i got a i9305 version … but it says installation aborted.. does that mean the rom aint meant for this phone or get another rom. i kno nothin about roms i just want a coool phone like ma mates lol

  2. Jacob says:

    damn manual mode! I cant figure out how to work it like cwm I dont know why it goes to that

  3. Frank says:

    Thank you over nn over again

  4. CSharpner says:

    This might be a stupid question, but I have to ask it because I simply don’t know. Is it safe to install i9300 ROMs on the T999 U.S. models? I don’t wanna brick my 1 day old phone!

    Are there any T999 ROMs available yet?

  5. Jc says:

    Be careful this is NOT true, that you can use ANY custom rom. DO NOT USE OMEGA ROM’s as they are for international phones. If you use OMEGA ROM, your phone WILL NOT TURN BACK ON ! Learn from me and honestly DO NOT install ROM’s yet just wait. I bricked mine and now it doesn’t turn on.

  6. Brian says:

    Hi, do you know if CWM has support for the GS3? the version I tried today (I have the paid version) only has Samsung Galaxy S2 on there, I use it to get into recovery mode, but I don’t want to install the wrong boot loader or whatever it is.

  7. garry says:

    where i can find rom zip files

    • Max says:

      At the top, you will see menu buttons for “Galaxy S3 ROMs”, that’s for ONLY i9300, and all other variants such as AT&T Galaxy S3 ROMs, Sprint Galaxy S3 ROMs, etc…etc…

      As always, please only flash ROMs for your phone model or ask before flashing!

  8. Eric G says:

    Hi Max,

    I’ve installed the latest AOKP ROM for SGH-I747 and upon system reboot, it gets stuck in the Reboot loop. I’ve wiped the cache and Dalvik cache (done multiple system reboots) but it just keeps showcasing the AOKP flash screen over and over.

    Any ideas?


    • Max says:

      Do Factory Reset/Data wipe in CWM. You did make a backup of your ROM right? If not, flash RedRuM ROM over it without wipe:

      Then backup everything u need such as apps using Titanium Backup app, then reinstall AOKP with wipe. Then restore.

  9. Eric G says:

    Thanks Max. I did backup so I will try and let you know.


  10. Raul Mayorga says:

    Hi max… man i have question, i thing the i brick me s3 =)… unfortuned i format the sd and i dont now how to bring back, i try to flash a official fireware but is show me a message that say “incorrect parametr” apricied any help thaks alot!!!

  11. Ty Carter says:

    Using basic rooted using US and Canadian root & CWM on Gal S3 (USCellular)… Is it safe to assume ROM packages that are equilivent to Verizon (SCH-I535) on both systems are the operating guidelines I need to use??

    Im kinda new to using custom ROMS and such and Im kinda confused about the Premium ROM Manager that I use… everytime I start to use ROM manager (i.e select Flash ColckworkMod Recovery) I am presented with the following:

    Confirm Phone Model:
    Commtiva Z71 (Boston, Blaze and more)
    Dell Streak
    Geeksphone ONE
    Huawei Ascend
    Huawei Ascend 2
    Huawei Pulse
    Huawei Pulse Mini
    Huawei U8220/U8230
    LG Connect 4G MS840
    LG Lucid VS840
    LGE Esteem
    Micromax A70
    Samsung Galaxy Note (AT&T)
    Samsung Skyrocket
    Samsung T-Mobile GalaxyS2
    Spice MI700, Commtiva Link N700 and More

    That is all the options I have to make a selection…. I just randomly tried Huawei Pulse and the phone locked up and I had to restore manually.

    This is the option I get on any selection I attempt to utilize in ROM Manager.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated… 🙂

    • Max says:

      no do not use unless u see option for your phone, i will have another guide up to install manually without using rom manager.

  12. Matt says:

    My phone can’t see the external SD card while in CWM (I’ve followed all your instructions to a “T”, and so far everything is working). I’m afraid to do a factor wipe and reset without access the the exernal SD in CWM. Please help!

  13. Jr says:

    Yo max,do i have to flash using heindal everytime i want to go into clockworkmod?Coz everytime i do the CWM,it always enters the android with the open stomach :S.Thanks man.Aprreciate the help..

  14. John says:

    can you delete the zip file from the sd card after you install the rom or do you have to keep it there?

  15. Kevin says:

    This probably is a noob question but I’m gonna ask anyway. Is it ok to install a custom rom when there’s already an existing custom rom in my phone?

  16. Ivan says:

    Hey Max,

    I can’t seem to find help anywhere. Hopefully you can help me. I’m trying to install this rom onto my Bell Samsung GS3 i747m. It keeps giving me the status 7 error for some reason when i try to boot the rom. I have tried everything, I’ve unrooted the device several times and rerooted using CWM. I can’t seem to get this to work 🙁 any suggestions or steps that can help?


    • Max says:

      You need a different CWM, do this first:

  17. Carlos says:

    hey max love your website , i just installed asop jelly bean rom for my international version galaxy s3
    and i want to return back to my stock rom with root i made a back up but when i try retore from back up and i choose it
    the prompt says
    checking md5 sums…
    md5 mismatch !

    what do i do !

    • Max says:

      Did you rename the folder? Make sure there’s no spaces or weird characters, just change the folder name back without those then restore. Should work!

      • Carlos says:

        thanks mahn ! cuz i changed the name to :’stock rom with root” it had spaces i think .
        i changed it into short for :”srwr” ( stands for stock rom with root “)
        and it worked !!! hahaha thanks man
        i love this website i have it saved on one of my permanent tabs !

  18. ryeley says:

    So I tried installing the HighOnAndroid ROM and did everything the videos here said to do. I.e. Backup everything and followed the instructions on how to install it. It said that the ROM was installed, when I rebooted I get an error saying “Verizon detected blah blah blah” The phone refused to boot passed this screen. I tried entering in to CWM and the Recovery Mode in blue text showed in the corner of the screen. Then the Verizon error popped up again. How does one fix this?

    • Max says:

      You have to unlock bootloader for Verizon on v0.2 and up.

      To fix, it’s pretty easy, just re-install stock kernel here:

      then unlock bootloader:

      then reinstall ROM.

      • ryeley says:

        Oh dear god you are a life saver. Been an iPhone guy since the dawn of time, and this was m first android phone. So far the experience is much much better than with the iphone and this was the only hiccup I have experienced with this phone.

      • ryeley says:

        That actually didnt work. I downloaded the stock tar.md5 file an tried to go about it that way as well but that error message still shows.

        “System Software not authorized by Verizon Wireless has been found on your phone. Please turn off your phone and go to the nearest Verizon Wireless store for help.”

        I dont care what gets erased at this point. I am just trying to find a way to restore this phone back to the original state.

  19. ryeley says:

    There is also a screen that shows just before the Verizon error. Its the Samsung logo with a lock icon that is unlocked, and above it is the word Custom….

  20. Lucas says:

    Another great tutorial. Just did this on my new S3 and it worked perfectly.

    Thanks a lot, keep up the good work!

  21. Rj says:

    Hello Max,
    Somehow I can’t See the “install zip from sdcard” from “ClockworkMod Recovery”.
    All I see is:
    reboot system now
    apply update from external storage
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cache
    So I guess I see apply update from external storage instead of “install zip from sdcard”.
    Same thing happens when I save it either in phone or sd card.
    Do you have any solution or does anyone know why?

    • Max says:

      Use ROM Manager:

  22. iunlock says:

    Hey Max, would ya be able to help me out? Need some advice…
    Here’s a detailed run down of what I did, hopefully you can see what I may have been missing… (it was late, spent hours and hours on this trying to figure the problem….)

    1. Placed the ROM and Trinity Kernal on internal SD.

    2. Did a full back up.

    3. Went into recovery mode manually via (Vol Up+Home+Power) -> factory wipe -> cache wipe -> dalvik wipe.

    4. BUT THEN, Everything was gone, when usually the ROM and Kernal zip files still remain on the internal SD. This is when the crap hit the fan….

    5. So I let the phone reboot back up and entered ClockworkMod Recovery mode only to find out that it was the default screen where I had to go back in to download Rom Manager again in order to get the other options to “choose zip from sd card.”

    6. I rebooted again and it booted as if it was the first time I turned on the phone out of the box with the welcome screen etc…

    7. At this point I was like, ahhh crap wth is going on now…..

    8. So I placed the ROM + Kernal files again on the internal SD -> downloaded Rom Manager and CWM in order to be able to, “choose zip from sd card.” -> and everything seemed to be ok, as in I’ve attempted to re flash it.

    9. After ROM + Kernal flashing was complete, the phone booted up and I kept getting a Bootloop with a message along the lines of, “android install quit unexpectedly etc…” — Then another error message like —> “External SD card was removed unexpectedly, cant not mount? etc….”

    10. I rebooted into recovery mode only this time the ROM + Kernal zip files where there so I just factory wiped -> wiped cache + wiped dalvik ….and did a fresh reflash which fixed the boot loop. Only now I keep getting the external SD mount error…..

    11. So now I’m like wth ….. shall I just start allll over again from a fresh install?

    Have any ideas on the external SD mount issue? It’s not mounting and when I try to go into Settings -> Mount External SD card …. it gives me an error and says that it can’t mount.

    What’s the best thing to do at this point?

    Thanks in advance….

    • Max says:

      I am not sure what the issue here is but I haven’t tried Trinity kernel yet, could be an issue with the kernel? I would first try using another kernel.

  23. Russell says:

    I have a problem with my s3 1747 now ever since i messed up installing a rom. play store server error and when ever someone calls it goes to voice mail right away I tried factory reset but its the same. Do you have any solution for this if you do let me know thanks!

  24. Russell says:

    Hey max I have a problem with my s3 1747 now ever since i messed up installing a rom. play store server error and when ever someone calls it goes to voice mail right away I tried factory reset but its the same. Do you have any solution for this if you do let me know thanks!

  25. James says:

    Hi Max,

    I rooted my Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 as per your instructions and it worked perfectly with Odin and CF-Root. I put the Omega 4.2 Rom on my SD card and booted up into CWM to try an install it. I get a “E:signature verification failed” message when trying to install the zip where am I going wrong. First time flashing a custom Rom, I haven’t done anything serious to the phone have I ?

    Would I need to unroot the phone and start again from scratch or is there a simple fix I’m overlooking?


    • James says:

      Just found out its still booting into stock recovery mode….. I must have updated the phone before rooting the phone. Will an unroot and stock Rom fix that issue so I can try the whole process again?


      • James says:

        Unrooting has proven no success either – im getting a MD5 Check Fail….. have I just bricked my phone?

        • James says:

          Sorry for all the mess, I did manage to get CWM working and get it to install the Omega Rom but I just had constant boot cycles so I put it back to stock. Cant seem to get it working so I think I will stay with it unless you can give me some pointers.


  26. Yan Wang says:

    can i use T mobil roms for Att phones? cause i feel the frost Jelly Bean is better

  27. Ahmed says:

    random question cant find it anywhere but when updating a rom do you have to factory reset or will wiping the davik and cache be good enough.

    • Max says:

      Most of the time yes doing a factory reset is recommended but if you are going from Touchwiz based ROM to another Touchwiz based ROM or CM10 to Paranoid Android ROM, you can try without factory reset but do make a backup of your ROM beforehand.

  28. Daniel says:

    Hey, is it possible for me to install a custom rom (requires a complete wipe), and then re-install all my apps and files such as photos, mp3s, contacts, calendars from my previous rom? If so how?

    • Daniel says:

      Oh and thanks for getting me this far with your handy guide. And also what Rom would you recommend? I’m thinking of Frosty Jellybean but i’n not to sure because the jeallybean os is a leakedversion right now and when it does become official and a new frosty jellybean rom is created, that means that i would have to install a new custom rom again, doesn’t it?

    • Max says:

      Try this:

  29. Daniel says:

    Hi, i flashed my frosty jellyben v5 rom with the UVLI8.v3 kernel and now my phone won’t display anything (but i can hear) past the boot screen, i can still see odin and CWM. I want to be able flash my old kernel back to fix this problem but i can’t even access my internal drive! I tried installing Gs3 stock kernal with odin by converting it into a .tar file but it’s always failing with odin. hink if i place the file onto the external sd card i can see it with CWM, but i don’t have one. Please help!

  30. George says:

    Hey umm if you do a factory reset/wipe, won’t that ERASE the custom ROM in the internal SD card?? o.o

  31. Rick says:

    Great site Max. I’ve been following your Root/Unlock Bootloader/ROM tutorials for my Verizon SG3. I’m rooted, I used Rom Manger and made a backup, I’ve unlocked the bootloader and I used Titanium to freeze SDM 1.0. I was getting ready to flash my ROM with your High on Android v3 for Verizon but ran into a snag.

    My phone does not go into recovery mode when I push the Volume up/Home/Power button. I can open Rom Manager and select Reboot into Recovery and it does boot into Recovery. Did I miss something…a setting somewhere or what?

  32. bryan says:

    I have a spring gs3 I rooted it but now it wont let me reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery??

  33. Raymond says:

    I have a Mobilicoty T999 GS3 from Canada. I followed your failproof guide to rooting the GS3. I rooted and I have the SuperSU app on my phone. Now, I’m trying to follow your guide on how to install a custom rom on a rooted GS3. When I try to reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery by holding down Volume Up, Home Center, and Power buttons until the screen goes black, I release the Power button while still holding the Volume Up and Home center buttons. This would bring me to the “Android system recovery” but no to the ClockworkMod Recovery. Am I doing anything wrong? Or any idea how come I cannot get into ClockworkMod Recovery?


    • Raymond says:

      I already deleted /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/ files and it still won’t boot to ClockworkMod Recovery. Still boots to Android system recovery.

  34. Brandon says:

    After I Install any rom I dont have the google play store how do i fix this?

  35. Xavier says:

    does the phone need to be unlocked to install a custom rom?

  36. ryan says:

    Max I have been through severals roms and now my gs3 only shows about 6gig remaining even after a fresh install. What can I do to gain all my space back after installing a new rom like jellybam 7.0?


  37. Jason Hibben says:

    I did the root but my recovery screen is different I dont have the install option

  38. gunnar says:

    this doesnt work…the friggin menu for installing things is blue and have a android. looks nothing like this one and i rooted it from your tutorial.

  39. WASIM MALIK says:

    DUDE! HELP PLS!!!!
    i installed the resurrection rom and now im stuck in bootloop and when i try to restore my rom it says it failed!:(

    im fucking scared cuz i fucked up my s2 to and my dods gonna be pissed!

    help me max!

    • WASIM MALIK says:

      i fixed it!
      i just flashed the poland android 4.1.1 with odin…

      But now when i try to update to 4.1.2 from the settings it says, “your phone has been changed..” so i cant update,is this because i have the poland verson and live in norway??
      can i update if i flash with the other method and flash a norwegian verson?

  40. Bo says:

    I think i may have bricked my phone but im unsure. I have a verizon sch-1535 and i rooted it but when the phone goes to boot up it just stays on the 4g lte screen. So i put the stock rom back in and still the same problemo. Is my phone bricked>? Is this fixable?


  41. Rick says:

    I’ve installed ROMS on my phone before without issue. I just tried a new one, and when it rebooted after install I was prompted to enter my password to decrypt my data, but it would not accept it. I was able to re-flash into another ROM and decrypt and use the phone fine, but under this ROM the decryption just won’t work.

    As you may know, it is impossible to ‘disable’ encryption, so I thought I might as well just factory reset the phone, but this didn’t work either. It reporter a success but then booted up again, prompted for decryption password – and there was all my data. The data reset didn’t seem to have done anything. Could this also be to do with the encryption preventing a reset? Has anyone any idea how I might be able to get past this, remove encryption, and install the ROM I want? I tried formatting, re-flashing a variety of ROMS, re-rooting.

    I get an error in Recovery that says there was a problem mounting /data/ when I try and factory reset so it was not formatted

  42. Alex says:

    hello zedo been following since when the htc evo came around with custom rom and now since then ive had 3d and s2 and now s3, anyways, ive got darthstalker rom and im trying to install jelly bean but says it need to abort (code 7) something like that maybe you can help me on this thanks

    • John says:

      I have a same issue with Alex. My phone is Galaxy S3 Verizon, and I’ve used the former version of Carbon Rom Jelley Bean v4.2. without problem.

  43. Dave says:

    Hi max, Im a new android noob and i really need your help 🙁 I just installed the liquidsmooth rom for 4.2.2 and it was find until i realized there is no lock screen, no play store, the browser crash :((( What should i do?

  44. aj says:

    e:signature verification failed
    what do i do?

  45. James says:

    Hi Max, ever since I installed Odexed Blue Rom awhile back I have not been able to flash any other rom at all. Until now, I’ve been able to flash back and forth between many Roms but now I get a /failed/ error message each time. Any thoughts?

  46. alex says:

    hey max, i have rooted my verizon galaxy s3 as you showed. but now i cant use my keyboard nor my bottons on the phone. please help me out i cant use my phone

  47. jeremiah says:

    Are the ROM’s here A.O.P.S. or Touch-Wiz based?

    (i dont know if that matters, but i was told: if the ROM’s are Touch-Wiz based, you need to update your firmware or it will brick the phone. I was under the impression that firmware and ROM’s were the same thing. Could you please explain this to me, or link me to where on the site you have already explained this? Thank you.)

    • jeremiah says:

      My AT&T I747 Galaxy s3 is rooted with a stock android Version 4.1.2. I have the latest version of TWRP(Team Win Recovery Project V. installed on it. i have the S3 resurrection remix ROM, the lean kernel, and gapps ZIP’s all on my sd card. Am i good to go? please respond. Thanks

  48. fireheart4388 says:

    pls help, i rooted my s3 and tried installing the C-ROM for Galaxy S3! [On The Go Mode]
    and i get this error
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (status 7)
    installation aborted.

    pls help me, its my moms phone

  49. Ercan Yaman says:


    I havne done everything and it is ok. It works perfect but there is a problem that I backed up all my data and settings in KİES. After installation, I cannot transfer my backup data from KİES to phone since KİES is not recognizing the phone.

    Any help?

  50. mtg says:


    Two q’s

    1. Its showing error backing up data

    2. i have got 98 % space used now (possible reason for the above prob) but cant locate the backup file to delete. I had 10 % more space before the attempted backup. The clockworkmod folder doesnt have any big file.

    Please help

  51. z says:

    Thanks for all the info, super easy instructions. After installing 4.4.2 on my S3 at&t i747, my wifi will not turn on. Any ideas on this?

  52. Yaman says:

    listen if i want to download the themes that you putted them in the first website
    should i download them after installing the ROM or before installing it?
    and how should i install them ?
    is it the same way when i install the ROM?
    and thank you.

  53. Yaman says:

    listen man i downloaded the s5 sensation ROM v7.0
    is it the same as the omega or its an another thing
    note:the s5 sensation that i downloaded it was linked in your video in youtube
    please answer me fast

  54. mohammed rizwan` says:

    heyy palll………

    i hav s3 gt-i9300
    im indian
    as per uah instructions
    when i hold volume up+center menu+power buttons

    im getting sumthng lyk
    android system recovery
    1)reboot system now
    2)apply update from ADB
    3)apply update from external storage
    4)wipe data/factory reset
    5) wipe cahe partition
    6) apply update from cache

    i select 4 for as u said
    bt after that there iz no option lyk choose zip file!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    help me out dude
    i want to do diz……………

  55. mohammed rizwan` says:

    n 1 more thing
    i tried cm12 i.e for lollipop…..

  56. Nikhil says:

    Sir its showing error while installing rom for i9300, warning: No file_contexts

  57. Baren says:

    After installing, it is showing E:signature verification failed and my phone is not getting on, it is reaming stuck at initial screen. kindly help….

  58. John Paul says:

    Hey Maxx! my phone’s already Rooted but has no custom ROM yet. it’s GT-i9300. can i run your ROM on it? thanks 🙂

  59. Vee says:

    Hey max you can disregard my last question i sent you as i fgured it out but can you tell me how to instal g-apps and do i do it after installing the new rom or before i do it or right after i install the rom zip please lmk.

  60. Michael says:

    Hey yo Max 🙂
    I have a big Problem with installing this AICP ROM. I’ve done everything like you wrote in your text, but now my phone is just rebooting the whole time and I can’t get further. Everytime it is showing me the same AICP Androidghost and then just listing up the Apps that are being optimized. I’m hoping you’re going to help me.

  61. rajat prakash says:

    i tried flashing PA 5.1 on my S3. the phone went into infinite loop. Tried deleting the cache as described. Any idea what might have gone wrong? How to identify if the phone is S3 intl or not?

  62. Erwin Idala says:

    after booting my device always shutdown , it doesn’t continue to load ?? how do i fix this?

  63. MArty says:

    I was able to update my S3 i747m to 6.0.1 with the ROM you had linked on your site, but I don’t seem to have the Google PlayStore on the phone anymore. Any advice?

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