HyperLight Jelly Bean ROM Galaxy S3! [GT-i9300][slim]

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Looking for a lightweight Jelly Bean ROM for your international Galaxy S3 GT-i9300?

Well, try the HyperLight Jelly Bean ROM.  Completely de-bloated, the HyperLight gives you a super-slim ROM with notable tweaks like Supercharger V6, build.prop tweaks, GPS tweaks,more free RAM, and more.

I know some of you are trying to cut even 1MB off your RAM, this is the ROM that’s gonna give you that. So if you have been looking for a de-bloated ROM on TouchWiz, give this ROM a try and let me know what you think!


Download HyperLight Jelly Bean ROM
Download Siyah Kernel (to get overclocking)
Credits – XDA

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22 Responses

  1. Jamil says:

    Does it have all the galaxy s 3 features??
    Like smart stay etc?
    I mean its worth having a cut down rom but if it will be at tye cost of the very thing that makes a galaxy s3 then it will not be worth flashing

  2. Tim says:

    Is it possible that data roaming isn’t working? I went abroad yesterday and I couldnt activate data.

  3. Bakir Al Tikriety says:

    I have an important question:
    Is it legal to download such a ROM?

  4. VoxT3R says:

    Need the alarms on this Rom… and yup cannot adjust in call volume… shame wallet as the rest of the Rom is damn fast!

  5. Marcel says:

    Hey Max

    Could you make a review of the Revolution HD 13.0 Rom?
    And explain how to install this Rom with the superwipe?

    I`ve got the S3 GT-I9300

    Thanks Marcel

    • Can Ekener says:

      ─░f you perform a superwipe, make sure you have made your internal SD card a full back up, or all your data will be lost. i just think it only wipe the android core part of the SD but no! Just every bit of my internal 16 GB..
      So the bottom line is super wipe is a good way of starting a new flash ROM from scratch.. If you do a full back up of your internal SD..

      • Can Ekener says:

        BTW Rev HD 13 is pretty much stock, but the perseus kernel is really working, my battery life stands 10 % or more longer.

  6. Randy Lee says:

    Hi Max … hope u will see my comment and help me with problem on my SGS 3 International version! 2 problem that always make me headache…when i flash any of the JB rom then My File app will not able to read my sd card and music app will stop working ! Even i download others music app and file manager from store also cannot find anything from sd card …hope you can help me if u read this! thank in advance…

  7. rob says:

    i just installed this but it seems to be missing all dlna suppost, both from settings menu and video player. it there any jelly bean s3 roms that support this?

  8. Guus says:

    Hey Max,

    Thanks for the ROM runs and performs great! I just have one problem and that is when someone calls me, the caller is unable to hear me… Ive tried a few other ROMS with the same issue. Could you please help?

  9. Wunterslaush says:

    Strange that the dl link you provide leads to a file of 200-something mb. When I look at the xda thread and dl the latest version (1.2.1) it gives me a file of 529 mb.

    Did this thing just grow 100% overnight?

  10. Jojo says:

    Hi, I’ve tried this ROM and it is like they say a very LIGHT ROM, very fast, works OK, but on my GS3 Int I’ve found a couple of problems that made me revert to the ICS ROM that I had before.
    The problem I had with this light ROM was battery draining and charging, I tried with and without Siyah Kernel, it made no difference: the battery would drain faster than on ICS, and no matter which charger method I used (USB or the Samsung’s original charger) it would charge REALLY REALLY slow, like 1-2% in half an hour or more…
    To bad because I kinda liked the speed of this small ROM.

  11. Grant says:

    Max whats the best way to get wifi tether working after rooting the sgh-t999. Its just pc’s i can use droids and assle’s. I believe its the user agent.

    • Grant says:

      Never mind i found it…. thanks though.. I need firefox and some add ins…

  12. Warby says:

    I have noticed an issue since installing this rom my outgoing calls appear to be muted, has anyone else had this issue?

  13. anup says:

    Does any one have call issues… in mine both sides can hear nothing

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