Illusion ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/MetroPCS/USCellular/GT-i9300/GT-i9305]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Illusion ROM.

Based on Android 4.2.2, Illusion ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) with great performance, battery life, and features.

First and foremost, Illusion ROM comes with Key Lime Pie (from Android 5.0) theme and wallpapers. You will be able to be one of the first to try Key Lime Pie theme although Android 5.0 release is far away. That alone is a great excuse to install this ROM.

Second, Illusion ROM comes with some great transition animations, it really freshens up your Android experience.

Third, Illusion ROM has a ton of UI customization similar to AOKP ROM Control. You can also change your UI DPI to tablet mode, run your favorite apps in tablet/custom DPI mode via Xposed App Settings, and performance benchmarking is very fast equal to or higher than its TouchWiz siblings.

There’s even HALO floating notifications ported from ParanoidAndroid ROM and PIE Control with option to set your favorite shortcuts.

Overall, Illusion ROM is certainly one AOSP ROM with killer features just in the way you’d want it. If you want to stay on the bleeding edge of Android 4.2.2 and Key Lime Pie, definitely give the Illusion ROM a try over the week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Illusion ROM for Galaxy S3 AT&T SGH-i747

Download Illusion ROM for Galaxy S3 T-Mobile SGH-T999

Download Illusion ROM for Galaxy S3 Sprint SPH-L710

Download Illusion ROM for Galaxy S3 Verizon SCH-i535

Download Illusion ROM for Galaxy S3 MetroPCS

Download Illusion ROM for Galaxy S3 US Cellular

Download Illusion ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Download Illusion ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9305

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, make a backup ROM (just in case), wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from Illusion ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

To fix broken Google Search, just update “Google Search” app from Play Store.

You can upgrade to the latest Android 4.3 PhotoSphere camera.

Credits – AT&T, T-Mobile, GT-i9300, GT-i9305, Sprint & MetroPCS, Verizon & USC <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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96 Responses

  1. ryan cash says:

    So far so good very lite nice coming from cyan and already trying everything else axis,moar, u name it haven’t tried any features yet it just aesthetically pleasing to the eye general u.i. fonts ,transitions also stupid fast very pleased so far going to keep as daily if u have cyan this is a great alternative its not a jelly bam by no means

    • Steve says:


      Is this ROM still running smoothly for you? I am considering flashing this one onto my phone, since the one I am currently using gives me horrible battery life (I am charging twice a day).
      How is the battery life?
      Does the camera work?
      How is the signal? (I only ask this because I notice on Cyanogenmod I had zero bars, but on stock I had 4..
      If there are any issues, could you please explain?

      Thanks! Look forward to hearing your input!


  2. garrycas says:

    Kind of useless without an email client, failed to mention that!

  3. Victor Niu says:

    I am so upset that my I9300 is SDS onJB4.1.2 after my charging over night.I don’t know how to fix it now!
    Once I did wake it up by heeping its battery off the phone for over weeks,but this time I wonder how long it would be. Could you help me out of there!

  4. jim says:

    Fast and smooth with 8 lock screen targets.

  5. JTaylor says:

    This is an amazing ROM, it’s the first AOSP I try and I don’t miss any of the Samsung Apps.

    The only thing is that the Pie Control is less responsive than the one in the Hyperdrive ROM, but it doesn’t conflict with Alpha (floating notifications) which is better than Halo…

  6. Jake says:

    How is the battery life on this ROM? Just wondering because cyanogenmod is the only aosp ROM I’ve found that doesn’t kill my battery. Carbon ROM is my favorite so far but I have a one hour life with heavy usage after 2 hours of charging the battery. On any touchwiz based ROM I get around 6 hours of heavy usage after charging for 2 hours.

    • Steve says:


      Have you flashed this ROM? I too am wondering about the battery life.
      Currently I am using Jelly Beans b19 and the battery life is less than pitiful. I am charging twice daily… On Cyanogenmod I charged every other day…

      Carbon ROM is one of my favorites as well, but for some reason the camera never works whenever I try it out. What have been your experiences with that..?


  7. Lubby Runz-It says:

    I think what we all want to know is: Does data/4g work correctly on the T999? And does GPS work as well? Please let’s get as many testers to reply here as we can to collect data. Thank you!

    • Jim says:

      I’m not sure how to tell if the LTE is actually working, but I was able to get speeds over 20Mb down and about 15Mb up. Hope this helps!!

  8. Kabir says:

    After only a day of use battery life seems to be pretty good, almost as good as the Frankenstein rom w/AGAT kernel which would last almost 1.5 days with heavy use (no LTE for me though). Very, very, fast. Camera is fast as well ( lagging with flash). One thing I noticed is that the SuperUser app is not in my list of apps but I still have root level access. KLP theme is fresh, its nice to see something new. All in all seems to be a solid ROM despite some minor defects.

    Problems for me so far; videochat seems to not work at all, google hangouts does not show me as available, the gallery is crap no view options whatsoever, the phone book has no options to filter out contacts that only have email addresses associated, Facebook is also not syncing pictures to contacts or any other data. If anyone knows of any solutions to these issues please let me know.

    • Lubby Runz-It says:

      Go to and download the Photosphere APK to replace the gallery/camera.
      As for the fb pictures not syncing… there are a few apps that u can download from the market to take care of that. Browse around!

      How is GPS and Data doing for you?

    • Lubby Runz-It says:

      Also- Super User is showing up in my Apps list. That is odd that it doesn’t visualize in yours. Are you sure it isn’t “hidden” through the launcher you are using/ stock launcher on accident?

  9. Lubby Runz-It says:

    Have been running for approx 8 hours, T999 Tmobile Galaxy S3-
    GPS- Working.
    Data- Shows as “3g” but running 4g.
    Wifi- Working.
    SMS- Working.
    MMS- Working.
    Voice Calls- Working.
    App Incompatibilities- None.
    SOD- None.
    Random Restarts- None.
    Force Closes- Only right after uninstalling an app.

  10. weakbomberman47 says:

    @ Lubby Runz-It

    I can confirm that 4g data and gps work well. Bluetooth works but often gets stuck when repeatedly turning it on and off again.

    d2tmo- SGH-T999

  11. Rohan says:

    I have the old version of the illusion ROM… Will I be able to flash this without factory resetting?

  12. David Phifer says:

    Really enjoying this one a lot. Probably my favorite AOSP ROM so far, just enough stuff to keep it fun & mess with, but not so much that my wandering brain will forget what I did 5 minutes ago. Thanks so much Max, love all your stuff, priceless.

    • David Phifer says:

      Well… I was loving it until I plugged it in to charge & for some reason, I could not get t t charge over 23%… Loaded up Synergy & Paranoid & hasn’t happened since. Going to try a re-install at some point soon. Anyone else had this issue?

  13. young eno says:

    so I downloaded this ROM and now it says I don’t have root access? should I just reinstall the ROM? and also, it won’t install the 4.3 camera. help please and thanks in advance

  14. Chad harrold says:

    I flashed this on my sprint gs3. Data wouldn’t work and it wouldn’t connect to wifi

  15. elisha says:

    Its say to me aboard

  16. Roberto says:

    I really like this ROM, but my battery is dying to fast

    • Mr Cee2 says:

      When I first flashed the ROM I had the same problem. Try letting your battery drain completely, then charge to full. It worked for me

  17. raynermiyar says:

    great rom. ony thing is that it hates instagram, snapchat, anything that has to do with shut off on me while i was using google maps driving on a cayon because i stopped to take a picture of the view and post it on instagram. and that was it. froze and wouldnt get past the loading screen tried several times. until i said fuck it and went into recovery, and lost all my shit, had to redo it over. not fun with no google maps driving not knowing where to go.. please update this! other than that runs great. but reboots itself alot.

    • raynermiyar says:

      i flashed it over its alot better now. but still reboots while using instagram. and i loose data for login. every time. update yet ? i sent bug reports as well

      • Lubby Runz-It says:

        I was just reasearching on how to fix this…
        Download ROM Manager and click FIX Permissions.
        It takes a pretty long time compared to Fix Permissions in recovery…
        But… after completing it…. no more force closes! 😀

  18. xunholyx says:

    I test drove this for a couple of days and ended up going back to Liquid Smooth 2.9. Both ROMs are quite similar, but LS seems a lot more responsive and has better transition animations IMO. Also LS has great battery life. You should do a review on it Max. I’ve been using it as my daily driver now for a few weeks, and it’s honestly the best ROM I’ve ever tried.

  19. Héctor Manuel says:

    how update this rom when a update it’s available

  20. Matthew Niemiec says:

    So none of my calls will go to voicemail. It just gives a busy signal. Anyone else have the same problem

  21. Kevin Urubek says:

    How do I update my PRL.

  22. jameson says:

    Hey thanks for all you do quick question. I back up my other ROM in before installing and it wipeout all my pics and I try to restore but keeps giving me md5 mismatch could you please help

    • xunholyx says:

      If you could elaborate, I could maybe help you. Back up other ROM by nandroid, right? If you restore the nandroid, everything should be there. Maybe you didn’t backup the ROM but instead did a Titanium backup or something? If you give me more info, I can either help you get it back, or help you back up better in the future.

  23. Mark says:

    Can someone give me an email client app for this rom.

    • Ferdz says:

      I extracted email.apk and exchange2.apk from aokp rom I downloaded from aokp site and installed them both. Works fine for me. Just a suggestion.


      • Mark says:

        Can you send me a link to the rom you used. Please

        • Ferdz says:

          Mine is i9300 version of s3. –>

          Find those 2 apk files inside the zip file and install them to your phone. I think it won’t matter even if yours is from another s3 variant. You’ll just need the apk files.
          Make a nandroid backup first just to be sure. Hope it works for you as well.

        • Ferdz says:

          I posted the link yesterday but my whole reply was deleted by the moderator. It’s prohibited to post links here may be. You may search it in Google instead.

  24. matthew says:

    I will have to uninstall this rom. I dont have my voicemail and now when I tried to use the voice text in force closes on me and now i can not use any text messages cause the all force close on me.

  25. 3fitty says:

    garrycas – you’re soo right. useless without email client. I also installed gapps and still no email client other than google mail. sucks. time to flash another rom

  26. 4Ensics says:

    Installed on SGH-i747, ROM and Gapps appeared to load fine. Didn’t notice until today that while it connected to WIFI fine, it wouldn’t make a data connection. Thought maybe was dns issue. Tried to set dns and receive (setDNS not Active)

    Tried placing into Airplane mode and then back but still no data.

    Anyone know how to turn the data on? WIFI works.

    Using CWR v6.0.3.1 Is something else needed?

    Daily Rom is AOKP Task650 Works great

    • Max says:

      check your apn settings.

      • 4Ensics says:

        Bingo! Thanks! None of the other roms’ I’ve tried have had this problem so it was new to me. APN was set to ATT LTE for some reason. Changed it to ATT and it seems to be working fine. Now I can start testing some of the other things that people are mentioning,
        Thanks again!

  27. Jeff Jacques says:

    Logo just keeps on turning and turning… What can I do?…

  28. Devin says:

    Working great on my Sprint version. Love the GUI. I do miss the original email but am using Aqua in it’s place and it’s growing on me. Had a glitch with the camera at first where it froze and force closed but im good now. Insta/snapchat running fine. NO VM though anyone have a fix for this?? Also I use my phone for signal testing purposes for work but my usual method (##33284# (##DEBUG#)) isn’t registering. anyone have a fix for this or even know of an app that will give me detailed signal readings (RSSI, RX Power, CH, PN etc.)?

  29. 4Ensics says:

    Working on my first full day of this ROM. Appears to be fully functional now after correcting the APN issue.

    Verified email and voice-mail working correctly.

    Having issues when deleting apps. Receive error “Unfortunately, Settings Has Stopped” I can see an error under this but it flashes by quickly. Something about an error reading Exposed Modules whitelist.

    Wish the option to automatically unlock after the correct pin is entered was available on this rom.

  30. Spencer West says:

    Really liking this ROM. Anyone get their Google wallet working?

  31. Wyatt says:

    Is anyone else having issues with sending or receiving MMS texts? I tried changing APS settings but no luck.

  32. Jagan says:

    I have just rooted my S3 and i would like to install this ROM, but i have a doubt!
    Do i need to install a custom kernel? if so please suggest one


    • Ferdz says:

      It is not required to install custom kernel. Some custom roms comes with custom kernel though. Some custom kernels claim that they improve battery life. Some are used to overclock the device. It’s up to you to test and decide what suits your needs.

  33. rey says:

    insatllrd this and everything is working pretty well so far BUT when i uninstall a app i get the “unfortunately settings has closed”

  34. nDn says:

    So far working great!! Its slim and stable! Great!

  35. Lubby Runz-It says:

    Awesome ROM. Only bug reports I can say have to do with some camera functionalities for the T999. Phone will restart sometimes when using Instagram and Snapchat to make a video. Also, when it restarts, I lose the app data for Instagram and Snapchat.

  36. Dwight says:

    I dont normally leave comments but I just had to show my appreciation from this rom. I was convinced i wouldnt need to switch from Axis but I had an issue with FCs that i couldnt seem to fix. But Illusion ROM.. needless to say, its pretty great. Love the customization, it’s smooth and fast and everything seems to be working with no issues! Thanks to the developer and GS3Root for bringing it to my attention!

  37. Darren says:

    how can i get the radio on this rom is there a seperate APK or radio cant be installed on this Rom..other dan that its perfect rom

  38. reggie says:

    WOW smoothest sleekest Rom so far i didnt even updating my jellybean just went straight to this one..will test for a few days.

  39. reggie says:

    thanks alot Max and crew.

  40. Devin says:

    Can anyone tell me how to take screenshots with this rom?

  41. Reggie says:

    Hey just noticed a bug…. Having third party camera errors.. Black screen on video using paper camera in particular …. had an instagram black screen as well… But got that sorted… Still paper can video black screen though.. Any ideas?

  42. keanu says:

    this is my first time rooting and i really am liking the user interface on this rom but i cant seem to find my google store app. so i cant seem to restore my apps

  43. Mohd farukh butt says:

    well i have been using the same rom working fine but now is not working it has been stacked on boot i cannot after the boot screen and its keeps getting reset by its self can you help me

    • Mohd farukh butt says:

      This issue which i was facing it above its been resolved but now as im trying to charge the phone and while getting charge the same time im using it after 10,20 minutes it goes off itself is it something with the kernel or something else could you please help on this issue.

  44. Brin_K says:

    Have I9300
    Dual boot set up.
    Installed this as 2nd rom, but it will not boot.
    I did format, wipe, fix permissions in sjiya before installing.
    Does not all roms support dual boot?
    Had this problem many times, and only some roms seen to work as 2nd rom.

  45. pk says:

    Hi max I have this on my note 10.1 really good rom, im thinking of putting it on my S3, is there any where/way to re-install some stock apps like ‘my files’ and the standard ‘music player’ apps etc? Thanks

  46. 4Ensics says:

    I love this ROM and want to keep it for my daily driver. I was just wondering if it will be actively maintained? Will there be any updates?

    The other ROM I was using before this one had nightly updates. Well, maybe not “nightly” exactly, but I think most of you know what I mean.

  47. Dave Goelz says:

    I love this rom! Only thing that doesn’t work is Torch for me.

  48. 4Ensics says:

    I saw this posted earlier but didn’t connect the dots until now. I wanted to add an exchange email account but when I click on the plus sign to add an account, Exchange server is not listed. I re-flashed the Gapps thinking I must have missed something. I tried un-installing gmail and then re-flashed gapps again. Gmail came back, but no options to add an exchange account. Am I missing something. If I use an exchange app like Touchdown, it works fine. ideas?

  49. JMO says:

    Does anyone know if the hotspot that comes with this ROM works like the WiFi tether trevE mod in regards to carrier regulations. Because the WiFi tether trevE mod is giving errors on this ROM and I’ve always used it on other ROMs

  50. Ali says:

    It isn’t connecting as a media device, I already have all the drivers, it just isn’t. All the other roms I’ve flashed connect just fine. Why doesn’t this one? Please answer fast.

  51. Rodney says:

    What’s up with the power menu lacking recovery shortcuts?

  52. PixieDixie says:

    link gaaps not work

  53. Ricky Bobby says:

    I was wondering how to screenshot with this ROM.

  54. MoSWABB says:

    I want to try this ROM….im on wicked sensations but sometimes when im on the phone the i hear another call beeping but doesnt show up soi can answer it and ads still pop up waay toomuch. anywho…..i see that i have to flash gapps but it says that its for 4.2 or higher. when i first rooted my phone it was at 4.1 and wheni went into “about” im still at 4.1…even on the wicked sensations ROM. so i guess my question is… flashing the illusion rom will that give me the 4.2 that i need to also flash gapps. sorry if this is an annoying question.

    also…how do i flash gapps

    Thanks in advance !!!!

  55. Terry Tumulty says:

    I been running this ROM a couple days. I used Titanium to uninstall stock gallery and installed Photoshere right after it rebooted. Only issues I have is crashing when I try and use front camera and it gets real sluggish when running any flashlight app. And I get the “unfortunately settings has closed message” a lot too.

    • xunholyx says:

      Have you tried using ROM Manager to fix permissions?

      • Terry Tumulty says:

        just ran ROM manger and fixed permissions, after reboot I have same issues.

        • Terry Tumulty says:

          now I rebooted in CWM recovery and did the advanced/fix permissions and now phone one load past the 4 dot screen on boot up.

          • xunholyx says:

            The CWM fix isn’t that good. From what I understand from their developers it doesn’t work anymore and because of that it has been removed from the latest version of CWM.

            I personally tried this ROM a while back for two days or so, and I wasn’t that impressed. It was okay, but I went back to Liquid Smooth 2.9. It is solid a stable as fuck. I’ve been using that for my daily driver for three months or so. Maybe give that ROM a try.

            • Terry Tumulty says:

              I had liquid smooth 2.1 and it was nice and stable but then when I updated to 2.9 I ran into issues so went I back to 2.1 but that let me feeling outdated so I been on the rom hunt. Tried CM10.2 and lost root access so I been trying to settle on this Illusion ROM. Its almost fully up again after a restore and a good SD card cleanup but camera still crashes. Pretty soon i’ll be asking my cousin in law where he got his hybrid pacman ROM. it looked pretty good.

  56. turnbasenerd says:

    Loving this Rom. Ive been through a bunch and so far this is my favorite. Super fast and responsive. Clean and smooth. Best numbers ive gotten on Antutu.

  57. Terry Tumulty says:

    just ran ROM manger and fixed permissions, after reboot I have same issues.

  58. saif alaqqad says:

    what kernel does this rom use ??

  59. Nathan says:

    So I flashed this rom just to try it out now I have lost Teamwin on my phone when I try reboot into recovery it goes into a odin downloading mode and I have no Gapps and no way to flash anything to my phone. what do I do.

  60. Melger says:

    Nice ROM.Where can I find the Email client.

  61. c-clark says:

    I down;oaded and flashed the rom but it wont let me re-enter the recovery mode nor will it let me re-enter download mode nor access my play store or my sd card. I’m at a lose for what to do. The phone still works,(i can make calls go online etc.) put it wont download apps from offline and it loses service randomly.

  62. kokz says:

    i have sgs3, i instaled this rom, its working prfectly fine, but my phone does not conect to any data network

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