JellyBAM ROM v7.4 for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/US Cellular/GT-i9300]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out JellyBAM ROM version 7.4 for your rooted Galaxy S3, available for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, and GT-i9300. For Canadian users, you can use AT&T or T-Mobile depending on your model number. (E.g. If you have SGH-i747M, use AT&T, if you have SGH-T999V, use T-Mobile)

The latest JellyBAM ROM comes with the latest AOKP MR1 Build 6 ROM, CM10.1 RC0 ROM, and also ParanoidAndroid v.3.15 ROM. This is a “hybrid” ROM that’s a mix of those three ROMs and the latest version is more stable than ever, bringing you more customization than ever also.

Inside JellyBAM ROM, you will find BAM Control (which is essentially AOKP ROM Control plus some more features added) for fully customizing your interface, and ParanoidAndroid Settings for running your Phone UI in tablet mode or apps also in tablet mode.

This is probably one of the most fun AOSP ROMs (What is AOSP?) out there and if you are looking for the latest Android 4.2.2 with a ton of customization, definitely give the latest version of JellyBAM a try and let me know what you think!

You can read up on full AOKP ROM Control settings here or watch video tutorial below:

You can read up on full ParanoidAndroid settings here or watch video tutorial below:


Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S3 AT&T

Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S3 T-Mobile

Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S3 Sprint

Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S3 Verizon

Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S3 US Cellular

Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

No Gapps needed!

Credits – JellyBAM <--- Please like their Facebook page if you like this, thx!

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153 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    You should do a review on MOAR for the Sprint S3. Best ROM I’ve used so far on the S3.

    • Curt2g says:

      Thanx dude, that ROM is nice. Will download shortly.

    • Sam says:


      JellyBam Continues to be incredible in their latest 7.8 release, the filename its self is not labeled as stable like the others but the website says that it is.

  2. zohan says:

    just flashed it !!! working fine … but how can i disable this navigation bar?? it is very annoying

    • Stephen says:

      Yeah it was really annoying for me to, but after a long time I finally found it. Go to Settings -> BAM Control -> Navigation Bar -> Menu Location -> “Dont Show”. Then go back to Settings -> Paranoid Preferences (a.k.a. ParanoidAndroid Settings) -> scroll left to right to bring up the menu -> Interface -> under Workspace bring the Nav. Bar from 100% down to 0% and that’s all there is to it!

  3. Eric___S3_i535 says:

    I tried a dirty install /// did not load for me /// stuck in bootloop /// removed battery and reset ///

    After a factory wipe/reset ROM installed, no problems

    Currently syncing with Google Mail and Play Store

    Will add functionality update shorty

    As Always, Big Props To: MAX!

    For now; I must say that I really like the 4.2 Themes (who doesn’t? 😉

    I’ve been striving for a stable 4.2 ROM with working camera & video (hopefully we’re there)

    • Eric___S3_i535 says:



      If something comes up – I will update


      MAX for President!

      • Eric___S3_i535 says:

        After reading through all of the posts; This thought occurred to me:

        Our part as Noobs and the like is to


        If i find a bug i spend some time trying to work them out BEFORE asking for help…

        Donating is fine. And it is important: These developers and MAX are putting a lot of time, energy and resources into developing and reviewing these mods…. Part of our responsibility is to tinker around a little and give feedback…

        -‘come-on people

        And remember!

        Stay High_on Android!

        • Sam says:

          Yea fo sho real talk right thurr gangsta you know we blow them o’s and flash our phones! This is the only website I have ever trusted a rom from since day 1, I don’t even fck with downloading roms from xda untill someone like our god like sexyfull Max tells us its worth giving a go.

  4. henry says:

    how come when i flash the rom it always says abort?

  5. lostboy says:

    i cant get LTE working on my Canadian version s3 (I747m) i only get h+ and 3g only plz help

  6. rich says:

    Jellybam is by far the best custom ROM for the s3, I’ve flashed about 10 others and non even come close.

  7. lostboy says:

    i cant get LTE working on my Canadian version s3 (I747m) i only get h+ and 3g only plz help

  8. Anjaneya says:

    I love jellybam because it comes with 3 different ROMS and combining all those 3 results Jellybam. But Only issue I am facing is how to get best battery life? Samsung based Roms lasts for more than 20hours but AOSP based roms hardly 20hours and that too with minimum on-screen time. I will be hoping that someone helps me out.

    • Jese Rodríguez says:

      Sometimes underclocking your CPU and setting and battery-friendly governor helps a lot with battery life. But affects your performance and lagness UX.

  9. Ram says:

    This ROM is not even getting installed in my galaxy s3 att. Mine is rooted and with cynogen recovery mod. I did wipe data, clear cache and cleared dalvik cache. Yet this did not get installed and failed. What could be the reason?

    I re-installed AOKP build 6 which works fine except for minor issues.

    • Max says:

      It’s called asserts, sometimes ROM developers put wrong asserts causing error 7, there is a way to get rid of it, next time I get a status 7 i will make a tutorial.

      • Ryan says:

        Hey max Im having the same problem, except with every rom I try. The only to work is the snergy. I really just don’t like it or Id stay with it. Ive googled and cant seem to find a good result to the prob. If I cant fig this out Im thinking I might just have to go back to stock. Using the Galaxy s3 on Att

      • Ram says:

        Max, the sooner you make a tutorial the better it would be. I want to try this hybrid rom since i could use only AOKP as all other roms are failing to get installed, consistently.

      • Ram says:

        last time you had said that a tutorial will be made to handle status 7 error.
        have you done anything on that? I am still unable to install this version.
        Running AOKP build6 now.

        • birddog says:

          he actually did make it finally….

    • Terry says:

      Best S3 rom out there.
      I have a Canadian Bell I747m.
      Had same issues as I tried to upgrade rom with status 7 errors and also did a fresh install with same error.
      Worked for me when I wiped the dalvik cache, cache, system , factory reset and formatted the data in TWRP.

  10. wassap says:

    I tried jellybam 7.4 for p4wifi its cool

  11. Kenn says:

    I am having a problem with my verizon GS3, it boots up fine the first time, but once i need to reboot it gets stuck on the boot screen… it works good as long as I don’t have to reboot my phone.

  12. Russ Yermakov says:

    Hey Max, I am running this ROM on TMobile phone, right after installing this ROM, on a first boot I get a few errors that don’t even let me to go trough set up process.. The errors are: #1 the process com.Google.gapps has stopped. #2 setup wizard has stopped. I’ve tried to reset to factory defaults, cleaning cash, as well as dalvik cash, nothing helps, also tried reinstalling it tree times ;-( The room looks good, really wanna get it to work. Please help! Thanks

  13. zohan says:

    hi max.. i just wanna know how can i get rid of navigation bar !!! Otherwise i have no problems with the rom so far .. i am using canadian galaxy s3 T-mobile ….. thanks in advance

  14. lostboy says:

    Hey max I have it set to lte but still getting h+ and 3g only is there something I can do since I got lte

  15. sbs8331 says:

    JellyBam is the best one I’ve tried. Since I gave it a test run, I’ve also tested CSROM (which didn’t work right on my GS3 I1747) and Synergy, but I’ve gone back. They come out with updates all the time (weekly), and all of them have been stable. The only minor issue I’ve found is that the battery icon occasionally shows 0% even when there’s plenty of juice. They’re working on it, but in the meantime all you have to do is to pull down the notification window and release it, and it shows correctly…a minor workaround.

    I “liked” their Facebook page to keep up with what’s going on. I wish they would eliminate the profanity from their posts (not very professional IMHO), but it’s a great ROM nonetheless.

  16. Sing says:

    Hi, I’ve tried to flash this rom about 7 times now, but I keep getting the Status 7 error in CWM Recovery. At first, I thought it was my version of CWM, so I updated to, but I still had the issue. I then redownloaded the ROM. Same issue. I’ve redownloaded the ROM about 5 times now and have the same issue. Anyone have a fix for this? -T999 dtmo

  17. robert says:

    My S3 keeps on rebooting the JellyBam logo won’t go to home screen please help

  18. moses says:

    max please help!! iv’e downloaded the rom a lot of times i have the latest cwm installed and its still giving me a status 7 eror!! (and ive wiped everything i could think of and installed it from multiple locations!!!)

    • moses says:

      Wow I finally got it to work!!
      But I put an older cwm recovery for it to work
      (i worked on it for more than five hours!!) And its a realy smooth rom (and I’ve gone through loads of roms!) The only problem i have is that whenever i connect to wifi it keeps on losing and then regaining its signal..but other than that its one of the moat amazing roms iv’e seen so far!! I think im gonna stick with this one a while!! Thanks to the dev’s for everything!!!

  19. tom says:

    Try an app called “battery calibration”. I was getting very poor battery life on my evo then used this app one time and battery life soared.

  20. tom says:

    Good rom. Works perfectly on my sprint s3. Just lacks flair. Still sticking with jb goodness.

  21. king says:

    So for T-Mobile users is this worth down loading ?

  22. len says:

    I did everything and it is giving me the 7 error. have flashed many roms before, and my first problem

  23. roni p says:

    Are u downloading thru phone or computer? And are u doing a clean install?

  24. RICKY says:

    HI Max and everyone, I love to change new rom, however, every time we did it, Allshare Cast didn’t work except stock rom. My question will this rom allow to use AllShare Cast? Thanks a bunch.

  25. Andrew says:

    Flashed it to my sprint s3 and now it wont boot properly. I get the boot screen and animation but it keeps throwing up this warning that the setup wizard has stopped working. can’t get past it and can’t do anything else on the phone. Booted into recovery mode and it wont recognize my backup and it also won’t factory reset….and it wiped my internal sd card.

  26. Yashawn says:

    It doesn’t work on my T-Mobile sgh t999.. Android man keeps dying. . How can I fix.. Only rom that allow me to download is wicked and jeti invasion

  27. josh mitchell says:

    Network issues, no lte. I keeping losing signal. Please help
    Great rom other wise

  28. Nash-one says:

    I really want to try this rom but last time i installed a Jelly bam rom for my sgh-t999… I couldnt restore my backup i made on CWM Recovery as if they weren’t comatible. I was forced to start from scratch and reroot from step one. Anyone can explain why ? I would really like to try this rom but also be able to restore back to Infamous Rom. thanks

  29. derk says:

    Hey guys,

    I was working on this for about 2 hours, kept getting status error 7

    updated cwm, factory reset, format cache and format davlik
    ^^ this version worked for me for AT&T

  30. Tim says:

    Flashed right and it’s great, but how do I set it so when I press the home button it will unlock the phone? So instead of dragging the lock icon I just press the home button to unlock it.


  31. windysucipto says:

    i’ve tried this rom for couple days,,
    everything bout this rom is great,except the battery life..
    it drain so fast within couple hours

    S3 GT-i9300

  32. ikscaribe says:

    i need wifi calling, this is a wonderful rom but not have wifi calling

  33. Hieu Ta says:

    Hey max is the update to jelly bam 7.5 stable and if so could i do it ota?

  34. Sher says:

    I have t999 – i notice that the svoice is not working for me anyone have the same issue? also, i have a 32gb mirco sd but i could not seem to access it. help anyone? thanks!

    • roni p says:

      If u mean tje carrier service as far as calling and txtng then u mighy have to install a tw rom and reprogram. Im not sure y ot happend but but thats what happened to my phone and after installing tpr it automatically fixed… And bigger sd cards need to be formatted for different roms

      • Sher says:

        Thanks Roni. I formatted the 32gb SD card and by going thru settings > storage; i am able to view the sd card capacity. But how do I use the micro SD card on my phone to save photos, music etc etc.?

        • roni p says:

          For photos open your camera click in the bottom right corner on the lightning bolt and circle its going to open a menu and at the bottom of that circle menu is the setting click on that and toggle use external. Music and most syncs go to the ext sd automatically unless u drag and drop to your own preffered location

  35. rumein says:

    Anyone have any issue with this rom… I’m reading the reviews so far and liking this ROM, IOM currently running cm10.1 nightly

    • zohan says:

      i update the ROM to 7.5 version and it works fine but my phone reboots by itself after every half an hour !!! i am switching back to RootBox rom…. most stable so far

    • moses says:

      To tell u the truth I’ve downloade LOADS of roms and this one is the best one I’ve ever had and I think I’m gonna stay with rhis one for a while!! In the beginning I had some problems with the reception and battery life but with the update to 7.5 I think its basically fixed and its working even better than before!! Its a realy realy smooth rom!! I tottaly recomend!!

      • windysucipto says:

        totally agree with u

        • roni p says:

          This rom and liquid smooth are the best ive found.The good thing about this rom is they are always updating. 7.0 came out about 2 or 3 weeks ago and they’re already on 7.5 and working on 7.6 if that tells you anything

  36. rumein says:

    Thanks for the info Moses and zohan… think I’m going to sick with cm10.1 for now. That’s the reason why in with this ROM cuz the others either reboot on it’s own or freezes

  37. Taha Hasan says:

    For some reason, my menu button is not showing up, like on the dock I can see two icons on the left and two on the right but in the middle it’s just empty, it happened since I updated it to 7.5, other than that It is WORKING like a CHARMMM!!! it would be much appreciated if someone help me out with that button thing.

    Thanks and Regards!

  38. boy_Jakol says:

    how is the camera? with flash on

  39. moses says:

    I think it works pretty well with the flash too but i took a pic from a galaxy s3 running stock rom with the regular jb camera and did take clearer pics but i guess if u experiment a bit with a few cameras u’ll find one that works good on this rom too.

  40. Jordan T says:

    I Keep Getting “Installation Aborted” I’ve Downloaded The Right ROM For My Phone And Everything. I Cleared All Cache’s And All. But Still Keeps Aborting….Any Thoughts?

    • moses says:

      Try doing it either with with an older cwm recovery or with twrp recovery – they both worked for me!! (And also try an app called “auto flasher” to flash the rom-but you might need a different recovery for that like twrp)

      • Jordan T says:

        I got the twrp and still got “Failed” Ive redownloded the Zip File NUMEROUS times…..this is getting irritating.

        • moses says:

          Did u wipe the cache and dalvik cache and did u try doing it with an app like auto flasher?

        • moses says:

          And did u did u totally wipe the phone? And also try downloading it from the phone itself

          • Jordan T says:

            I Wiped EVERYTHING so many times. Yes I had tried App Flasher also. as of this moment i am currently downloading JellyBam straight off my phone. So im hoping this will work.

  41. officerdon says:

    Anyone notice after the 7.5 update that the emoji emoticons wont display on recieved messages? It only displays a black diamond. When I send an Emoji, it displays that, but not when someone sends me one? Worked on 7.4
    Sprint L710

  42. Huss says:

    Please how can i make Screenshot ??

    I tried everything i know !

  43. Huss says:

    and how can i delet one of the home page ?

  44. asif says:

    which rom i should install for SGH-i747 to get wifi calling
    which rom can you reply with link
    your instructions not pointing which rom (T-Mobile Galaxy S3 ROM (such as HighOnAndroid ROM for Tmo GS3), and make use of Wifi-calling if you use a T-Mobile SIM card. )

  45. asif says:

    to my understanding AT&T and Tmobile using same frequency for LTE all we have to do APN update but i cannot test this since GA is not LTE for tmobile
    thanks for reply
    but my question was Wifi calling on AT&T S3 (i747) which rom can you pls reply with link

    • Max says:

      You can install any Tmobile ROM on your AT&T, make sure you reinstall modem if it installs AT&T modem. Wifi calling will then work fine.

  46. birddog says:

    it would be great if we could get a tutorial, on how to fix asserts and get around the status 7 error…
    I know im not the only one with this problem… Id love to try this rom. ive even tried to install v7.6. and ive done all the resets and cash wipes, but no luck.

  47. Huss says:

    there is another problem the battry life go In the blink of an eye

  48. deeman2k4 says:

    I flashed the 7.5 version of this ROM and it is the best ROM I have tried so far thanks Max! I only have two questions. I no longer get my 4g icon on my signal bar. I get 3g and H+. Is H+ the same thing as 4g and if not how do I get my 4g service and also how can I get wifi calling back I have a Tmobile t999.

  49. rumein says:

    Is there anyone else having the issue when rebooting ,phone bypass lock screen then after pressing home button it goes to the lock screen?

  50. Rob says:

    Nice ROM! I’ve been using it for a few weeks on my SGH-T999 now. The only problem that I find is that the phone reboots itself 3-5 times a day for no apparent reason. After looking around online, it looks like a lot of people have had similar problems that go back to v7.0. I may downgrade to an earlier version to see if that works, but other than that I am very impressed with the ROM.

  51. Luis says:

    Fot the T-mobile SGG-T999, don’t work!! give the status 7 error every time.

    • moses says:

      This should help you!!!

  52. DC says:

    Sorry for the noob question. I am going to update to the latest version of JellyBAM 7.6.x from 7.4. I plan on using ROM Manger to update. My question is should I still Wipe Data and Cache?

  53. israel says:

    So far everything is great on this ROM just want to change my APN settings since i have my s3 flashed to boost mobile can’t get native MMS working i appreciate all help thanks in advance

  54. Mark says:

    I love this ROM!! I have flashed many & I love the look & customization options that this one brings. I have been using it for about 2 weeks on my SCH-i535.

    The only issue I have found is screen flicker. Has anyone else experienced this? I have tried versions 7.5 & 7.6.x, but get flickering with both. If I disable “HW Overlays” (in Developer Options), the problem goes away. The “flicker: is fairly random and mostly happens when I am typing something. It only lasts for a few seconds at a time. I’m a little discouraged, because I know disabling HW Overlays, can reduce video quality… Different keyboards do not solve the problem either.

    I have tried format & full wipe, but same result.

  55. ABBY-SU says:

    soooooo….. i rooted my att s3 with no problem, now trying to move the jellybam rom zip to my phone keeps giving me an error saying [the device has either stopped responding or has been been disconnected]…. i can move whatever else but zip files i guess… its getting soooo annoying!! can i like just bluetooth it? lol please help i have hrs trinna do thiiis /_\

    • israel says:

      I had same problem so what I did was that I flashed stock ROM with Odin got phone into download mode and flashed it after that had to root and flashed any ROM mine happen with peoples ROM hope that helps

  56. Bob B says:


    You can move it to your S3 anyway you can, either WI-Fi, via USB just remember where you put it

  57. Skip says:

    I am new to the rooted world and would like to know if they make a version of Jelly Bam for the SGH I747? I really like the features and would love to try it.

  58. Skip says:

    I tried the jellybam and it gave me a failure.

    • Max says:

      status 7?

      • Skip says:

        yes it is status 7

      • ABBY-SU says:

        Hey Max
        I sent u an email not long ago with the stat of my rooted gs3. First of I gotta apologize cus I believe I called u Alex lol… my bad.
        I know it might take forever to reply everyone or whatever … goin to the point I think something is definitely fuked up on my shit… I keep getting errors with every dam rom. Idk wtf am I doing wrong if I’m following every step…. any how I wanna unroot n re root. Would superSU work for full un root n casual to re root?
        Please reply to meee!!! ^_^
        I appreciate the help.

  59. Skip says:

    Removed the files and it still is giving me the status 7 error. I flashed Synergy just to try a rom, but I really wanted to try JellyBam. I will see if I can get it fixed somehow.

  60. Skip says:

    Still no luck getting it to work. I removed the getprop file and zipped it and this time it did not give me a status 7. It just gave me a failure. I am trying load jellybam-v7.4.0_d2att-stable. I am trying to use this for my SGH-I747 ATT. I am not sure what I am doing wrong or what I need to change.

  61. Skip says:

    Can some one please help me? I have tried every rom that is here, for the att s3. Everyone of them except Synergy gives me status 7. I have edited them reflashed and it still gives me the status error. I do not know what I am doing wrong or why they keep giving me status 7. Synergy I would use, but only thing working is wifi. It will not connect to network.

  62. Terry Shekalo says:

    FYI for Canadian Bell I747M’s.
    Bell TV works on this rom. I have tried other custom roms for the last 6 months and I have found that JellyBam is the only rom where Bell Mobile TV works.
    Battery life is great, stable etc but the only issue I have is the screen flickering from time to time but after reboot, no flickering for a while.
    Flickering started with ver 7.60 and still there with 7.62
    Not a deal breaker.
    Best rom for the S3’s I747M out there and getting better all the time.

  63. Farrukh butt says:

    Great ! Since the time i bought my S3 this rom only been suit able to use just one lil confusion is how to use pie control can you help me with that out…

  64. Davis says:

    Is anyone having issues with their time changing to the wrong time. Checked all the settings and can’t seem to keep it where the time stays correct. I’ve flashed about 4 different roms but for some reason this one keeps changing my time by itself.

  65. Sulley says:

    Awesome ROM. It is very customizable

  66. Jon says:

    Hello all,

    I installed this latest rom and mostly a great experience except that I can not get GPS lock at all while trying to use Google maps. Sprint galaxy s3 user. Any help please!?

  67. Darian says:

    Hows the battery life for this rom on the sprint gs3..thanks

  68. coder says:

    Anyone have issues sending mms messages or pictures with sprint s3 version? I cant get images or mms to send.

  69. Steve'vo says:

    Umm JellyBam 7.8 is out but you will need the latest CWM to install

  70. Anthony says:

    Pretty impressed with jellybam thus far. Is there any way to get NFC, SBeam, and WIFI Direct back?

  71. Ashley says:

    Did anyone else get random contacts after getting this rom??

  72. Buddy A. says:

    Love this rom except from the 6. whatever all the way up to now my phone would cut itself off over and over again. I got fed up with it and had to ditch JellyBam. Other than that it is a great rom but who has time for your phone to just reboot while your listing to music or on the phone… None of the updates has fix this problem.

  73. Jeff Y. says:

    I don’t know if anyone has noticed this, however whenever I try to take funny videos for my buddies on snapchat while on this rom, it ends up rebooting the phone. Huh?! That shouldn’t happen. Just figured I let everyone know.

  74. Michael says:

    anybody try any of these on the metropcs gs3

  75. Brad says:

    I like the ROM, but my phone no longer shows up in Droid Explorer. I don’t know how to access my phone via the computer now. I tried all of the usual things like USB debug and whatnot, but none of it works. My computer dings when the phone is plugged in, but nothing shows up.

    Also, I don’t like the clock, messenger, phone, or contacts apps. I want the TouchWiz versions. The clock is very difficult to navigate and doesn’t have the gentle wake up feature that touch wiz had. The messenger and contacts apps are very hard on my eyes. I work outside at night and the TouchWiz apps are much easier on my eyes. Unfortunately, I cant load any of the touch wiz apps on to the phone to override the default ones.

    Now that I can’t read my phone via the computer, I’m all but screwed.

    Help please.

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