LiquidSmooth ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon/Cricket/MetroPCS/USCellular]

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Looking for a good Android 4.2.1 ROM for your U.S./Canadian Galaxy S3?

Well, LiquidSmooth Team has released their Android 4.2.1 version of LiquidSmooth ROM, available for all U.S. Galaxy S3 variants including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Cricket, MetroPCS, and US Cellular. Also you can install for Canadian Galaxy S3s. (If your model number begins with SGH-I747, install the AT&T version, if it starts with SGH-T999, install the T-Mobile version.)

The LiquidSmooth ROM feature full Android 4.2.1, Nova launcher, and lots of UI/system customization settings including lockscreen, performance, quicksettings, and much more.

Of course, don’t forget you will lose most of your Samsung TouchWiz features, but you do gain the latest Android 4.2.1.

This is a pretty solid and smooth ROM (as its name implies) by a solid team of developers so give it a go if you need Android 4.2.1 and let me know what you think!


Download LiquidSmooth ROM for AT&T Galaxy S3
Download LiquidSmooth ROM for Sprint Galaxy S3
Download LiquidSmooth ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S3
Download LiquidSmooth ROM for Verizon Galaxy S3
Download LiquidSmooth ROM for Cricket Galaxy S3
Download LiquidSmooth ROM for MetroPCS Galaxy S3
Download LiquidSmooth ROM for USCelluar Galaxy S3

Download Gapps for Android 4.2.1

To install, use CWM Recovery or ROM Manager, do data wipe/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, then reboot.

Credits – XDA <--- Donate to the developer if you like this ROM, thx!

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166 Responses

  1. Ramnath says:

    I am currently using the high in android rom. My main priority is to have the internal memory & sd card swapped which I possible with my current rom. I am interested to try the LiquidSmooth rom, but wanted to know if i can swap the memory?

  2. Donald says:

    Works on international version ?

  3. jim says:

    if on an earlier version, do i need to wipe data?

  4. Jason says:

    can anyone verify that wifi tethering is working?

    • Darin Ridgeway says:

      Hooks up to my WiFi just fine. I don’t know about the hotspot. US Cellular version. Love this ROM

    • Mike says:

      I just loaded this, and the wifi tether is okay. Had to tweak it to work, but the main issue that i’m having is that 4g hardly connects. I’m on the edge of 4g range, and with CM10, i would get a couple bars or drop to 3g but still be connected. With liquidsmooth, I rarely connect to 4g, and 3g is spotty at best.

  5. Derek H says:

    Does this ROM have the native hotspot enabled?

  6. o says:

    Anyone know if you can send and receive mms messages im having trouble doing both

    • superman sprint s3 says:

      I’m having the same issue. Can’t send or receive MMS on Sprint S3.

      • sandep says:

        I am having the same issue as well. I am able to send the group text but not able to receive the group text from people. I am on gs3 for ATT. Please help.

  7. Isaac Martinez says:

    Does it have Photosphere???

    • Don't Worry about it says:

      No it does not, but you can get a mod or add an .apk

      • Arthur says:

        Which apk or mod would you suggest.

        • deven says:

          Max has a tutorial here! It works flawlessly.

          • GS3 USER says:

            Hey guys, I downloaded and flashed the photosphere camera app and photosphere works very good, but when i try to take a regular picture the camera app doesnt respond. I dont know why and try multiple things but nothing works, can anyone please help me? Thanks in Advance, GS3 USER

            • sirtiba says:

              Tap the circle on the bottom right, tap the settings icon and change it from auto to action. Flash won’t work but it’ll take the pictures and save properly without crashing.

            • Arthur says:

              Most people with that issue say u must manually focus and then it will let you take a picture.

  8. o says:

    just kidding, i reinstalled the rom and mms does work, i am having trouble with gps/navigation tough

  9. bjay says:

    Max… will this rom work on a c-spire Galaxy s3? C-Spire uses the same model S3 as Sprint but other sprint roms that I’ve installed work but won’t pick up a signal. Do you know of any custom roms that will work on a C-Spire Galaxy S3? C-Spire use to be Cellular South, if that helps

  10. Aldi says:

    This ROM caused me some major issues. Download the Sprint version for my S3 and it was terrible. Web browser did not work and it didn’t come with google play so I couldn’t get ROM manager on my phone. Setting would not appear and I couldn’t add contacts. It also “deleted” all of my backups by taking all of my the data written to my internal SD card and put it into a separate folder called “0”. I got back to CM10 by manually transferring backups from my PC’s hard-drive but, does anybody know what might have caused it to do this?

    I downloaded the .zip over 3g and flashed from CWM Root Manager and yes, I wiped.

    • FSE says:

      Hey Aldi,

      Same thing happened to me. you might be able to flash the google app bundle at once but that takes some time. Web browser didnt work for me either and I also saw the “0” folder. Best to save backups on your PC/MAC just in case. I hope an update comes out for this soon

      • Gflow says:

        Same issue here. Nothing works, flashed it twice. Cache cleared. All of my stuff from the back up I did is on my External SD thank goodness.

        • FSE says:

          Hey Guys,

          Works fine for me now. I did wipe/factory reset, reboot, deleted the “0” folder completely, reboot into recovery, flashed Gapps (link below for gapps install 4.2.1), rebooted. Think everything works so far tried camera, GPS, wifi, tethering,

          Good Luck!

        • travis says:

          google play is part of the gapps zip you need to dl. the “0” folder is a 4.2 feature for profiles. it basically makes your phone like a pc where differnt people can sign in and view their own accounts. as far as your other issues i dont know. i am on cm10.1, that is why i know about the “0” folder

          • Spenny says:

            Guys, there is nothing wrong with completely formatting the internal sd card if you have everything backed up.. just make sure you put your rom and gapps on your external sd card and just do a complete format of the internal sd. you won’t get that ‘0’ folder or any other problems.

    • Darin Ridgeway says:

      Finally got Liquidsmooth installed!!! Had to download the roms over the phone on wifi not on the computer. If it does not work the first time or the second like in my case…. pull the battery, run cwm and it will start. This rom is AWESOME!!!!!!

    • Arthur says:

      You must download gapps also when using AOSP type ROMs(ex. Cm10, aokp) that way you will have all your google apps like rom manager and titanium back up.

      • Aldi says:

        Gapps in my case gets you a Google play app that won’t open and if it did open the keyboard doesn’t work (unfortunately AOSP keyboard has stopped) Same type of problems when I flash aokp ROMs. FreeGs3/ serenity/ Cm10/ Richthofen’s/ Sac 23 cause me no problems. I always wipe. I can’t figure this one out.

  11. Jonathan says:

    This ROM was looking so nice until I tried to use the Bluetooth Audio in my car. Once I started streaming audio it was cutting out and drove me nuts! Also how do you change the storage directory for the camera?

  12. Casey Stewart says:

    I’m on wicked icsv5 for t-mobile. I’ve run the zip file I found and it will not give hotspot to me without the t-mobile cover page……I’ll be tryin the new liquid’, thanks and if you can point me in the right direction, I so miss using wireless tether to work, when I first rooted, I downoaded a whole movie in ten minutes, which is faster than charter cable

    • jadiseul says:

      same for me I installed it and it starts with no problems at all but no browser, no play store and no contacts…..on top of that I lost all my data ๐Ÿ™

      so I would say stick to the wicked ics V5 til an updated version of the liquid smooth comes out.

  13. James says:

    I just installed this rom, was running blackjelly before.

    I like it, although some features seem less intuitive. Like when I grab the top of the screen and drag down, I used to get all those helpful little buttons to turn wifi on and off, or bluetooth, or mobile data. Now I have to open an additional window just to do that, and it is far more laggy turning on things like wifi etc.

    Other than that, it seems good. I was a little disappointed with the stock contacts and messaging apps. They are pretty ugly and don’t let me use a black background. Overall a decent rom, but I think I’ll go back to blackjelly, it was a much nicer rom to use.

  14. James says:

    Also, I have not seen it go into 4g mobile data, the highest ive seen it is 3g. Does anyone know why this is? I am on bell in Canada.

  15. David Casanova says:

    So that second page in the notification menu is a (stock) jb 4.2 feature so id get used to it
    And 90% of vanilla roms(cyanagenmod, aokp, liquidsmooth, to name a few) dont come with google apps bcuz google prevents this but all u have to do is download gapps (google apps) from, while u are there u can also read exactly why certain roms dont come with preinstalled gapps. If your new to root i highly suggest u head to xda forums asap..Just type ur phones make and model (you’ll see where in the top right of page).. xda is the one stop shop when it comes to ANYTHING ‘root”.on that note, I do have to give My props to max and his site, if it wasn’t for galaxys3root I would have never rooted and this might sound funny, but root has changed my life (lol) but for real, I now am hooked on LEARNING about anything and everthing root to the point where now my homeboys call me a nerd, and I take that as a compliment…goodluck and happy flashing!

  16. David Casanova says:

    U should have hspa+(4g), even if there isnt a 4g sign

  17. Darin Ridgeway says:

    I am having problems rooting my US Cellular Galaxy s3 (SCH-R530U). I ran ODIN like it shows in the video no problem. The phone shows that i have installed custom binary but when it reboots the phone shows no change in operation or anything like that. So at least I havent bricked my phone! Really interested in installing Android 4.2.1. I think there is some firmware in the phone that is blocking the tar file installation from working. Yes I am a oldster noob, readily accept the flack I will get, but any help would be greatly appreciated! That Liquid Smooth looks sweet and I doubt if US Cellular will get it anytime before I am ready to upgrade.

    • Darin Ridgeway says:

      OK i got the thing rooted. Ppl if you are going to try this PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the instructions. Took me a little while. I was reading the root instructions and it went smooth as silk. Now for that Liquid Smooth lol!

  18. Steve says:

    My GPS has stopped working and the status icon does not even show. Its as if its not there… and suggestion?

  19. Louie Kelly says:

    I’m having all the same issues as these guys, I don’t even have a lock screen…lol Something is up, I’ve flashed tons of Roms, never had an issue with any of them. Has anyone figured out how to solve this? hit me up,

  20. David says:

    What’s up with the 0 folder I was wondering if I could delete it it seems to have data from my old flashed rom I also soft bricked and fixed my phone messing with this rom please give us a solution I kinda like the feel of this one more than cm10 how can I uninstall nova so that I can reinstall nova prime it won’t take my code but I have the files on my pc

  21. MartinJ says:

    This is the first ROM I like better than Frankenstein… smooth, unbelievable customization, very debloated… excellent…

    • MartinJ says:

      Hmmm… battery life seems to be less than desirable. Is there a recommended kernel to use with this ROM?

      • MartinJ says:

        I tried flashing all of the Kernels recommended on XDA and none of them were able to make my battery stop bleeding at 10-15% per hour. Also, I couldn’t get text messaging to work properly. If I’d try to message one of my contacts, it would cut out the area code… I saw someone also had that problem on the XDA forums.

        For now, I’m going back to Frankenstein. I’m really excited for a full version of this ROM though. It’s got the best features out of anything I’ve seen yet, and all is forgiven since this is just a beta.

  22. Rodney says:

    I have the same issue with it deleting my backup and adding a file named 0. For some reason I cannot delete this file (write protection). Any ideas on how to delete this annoying file would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance.

    • jadiseul says:

      I did delete the file named 0, when you hit delete the computer tells you preparing to delete and seems to stuck on it but it will delete it if you let it for a while because it’s a big system file.


      • Rodney says:

        Thanks for replying. When I attempt to delete the file on my computer it tells me the file cannot be deleted because of write protection. When I attempt to delete the file on the phone itself it tells me โ€œdeleted” but the file never goes away. It does the same thing with a โ€œkindacrap” file. Anymore suggestions? Thanks.

        • Spenny says:

          This folder is an image (please correct if Im wrong) I think, but its there as a backup/protection.. nevertheless, when you wipe the caches, make sure you have your rom and gapps on an external sd card. This way, you can completely format the internal sd in recovery. (mounts and storage/format internal sd).

  23. Fleuf Hazelis says:

    Which TouchWiz features are lost after installing this? And when might we expect a full version of this?

  24. Bryce says:

    Can anybody tell me what the current issues are with this rom before I attempt to flash? thanks

    • Fleuf Hazelis says:

      The browser doesn’t work, and the playstore ins’t accessible as far as I’ve seen.

      • Bryce says:

        I have news for everybody. I downloaded the new B3 version of this rom and I can say that the browser and play store does work. check out goo manger its out.

  25. Bryce says:

    Im looking around this roms settings now. Does it support carrier label change? does anybody know? Thanks.

  26. Josh says:

    when i try to install the rom with CWM i keep getting some symlinks failed status 7 error :\ this is the first time im installing a custom rom :\ help please

  27. FIRAT says:

    hi, Max

    I used Liquid Smooth ROM for Galaxy S3 for at&t and i liked it system customization settings including lockscreen, performance, quicksettings somethings. But i dont like it little slow and not good battery life for rom.

    Thank you

  28. pete says:

    Is anyone else having problems with the downloads not working properly?

  29. Brian says:

    not sure it this was posted before, but is anyone having issues using the gps? i can never get a gps lock. tried mutltiple apps to assist this but having no luck. thanks guys.

  30. fred says:

    what is the newer version or liquid? Rc3 or beta3 and what does RC stand for?

  31. fred says:

    can we get a file or such for multi-window-which you were so excided to get for this new liquit smooth rom????????

  32. darrell says:

    i have tmobile flashed rom everything works great except it seems i have lost my 4g network and is reverted to 3g anyone else have this issue..

  33. Casey Stewart says:

    Do any of you know how to get wireless tether to work….there’s a zip file for wicked ROM but it don’t work….any help ?

  34. Chris Cinelli says:

    Max, I just installed the rom and now my external card will not read. Even in the computer I am getting an error. Any suggestion?

    Please say it aint soo

  35. casey stewart says:

    Mine did the same…..I did backup/ restore……
    I love liquid….but my experience is they have a lot of bugs…..and I’ve known them to leave a ROM unfinished and say it was….

    • Chris Cinelli says:

      How did you recover the SD card? Its telling me its damaged. Searching for a solution online right now. 64 gig card had alot on it

      • Jeff W says:

        Everytime I flash a new ROM I remove my ext SD. Also, my Sprint GS3 does not like 64gig SD cards – either they get fried, or are not recognized. 32gig and lower are all that I can use. My wife’s GS3 loves the 64gig cards.

  36. Chris Cinelli says:

    Another Bug I am experiencing is with the ringtones. Every text message i get vibrates and rings and i can not change it. Every time I change the notification setting it just flips back. Anyone else experiencing that?

  37. Robbie Hansen says:

    I’ve installed the liquid smooth ROM on my galaxy s3 and for some reason every time I try to use my bluetooth my phone crashes and I have o remove the battery in order for it to restart. Any idea what could be going on?

  38. Rocky says:

    No problems at all except my voice mail is not working for t mobile rom.

  39. Yazan says:

    Will this be available to international versions soon???

  40. JAmes says:

    One thing I’ve noticed is there doesn’t appear to be a ‘my files’ app where I can browse the SD card and delete/move stuff.

    Maybe I am missing something? Other than that, great ROM, it’s definitely growing on me and I realize my bad review had more to do with me not knowing all the great features of this rom.

  41. Rocky says:

    Haha never mind figured it out. As for the guy with sd problem. Just download an gapps like file explorer

  42. Rocky says:

    Apps* not gapps

  43. ignacio says:

    this rom messed up my phone! i cannot access my internal memory card or my external the computer wont read the hard drives! i cant even flash another rom because it wont read what i have anymore.

    • Aldi says:

      If your PC won’t let you transfer files to your phone you could load them onto your external SD with a card reader. Move a ROM onto your SD card, boot into CWM recovery and choose install .zip from external sd. Unless it wont boot into recovery..

  44. david says:

    i’m currently using cm10 but having issues with camera and data. will changing to this rom fix it?
    also, i currently on android version 4.1.2 . do i need to upgrade to 4.2.1 before using this? if so how?
    many thanks

  45. david says:

    hmm… interesting. is this the link?

  46. Brad says:

    Seems like there are still some major issues with this.

    I installed and it moved all of my files into a ‘0’ folder as well. The other thing I noticed is that I was unable to connect to cellular data unless I received or made a phone call, and even then only for a few minutes.

    Do not install.

    • mellonman says:

      The issue is not just with this rom. It seems that the 4.2.1 roms add a “0 folder” sometimes this “0 folder” will go several levels deep in the file system.

  47. ThisRomBlows says:

    This rom is terrible. It will randomly lose data connection after turning on and off wifi. Everything looks fine in settings, but I get no data at all. The only fix is to rewipe/reinstall the rom. Rebooting will not give me my cellular data back. I’ve done this 3 times. 3 times too many.

    Do not install this.

  48. Rocky says:

    After four days of use still loving this rom

  49. Ebad says:

    Hey Max I want to know if this rom will work with the Galaxy s3 Canadian Variant (bell i747m)?

  50. tofu says:

    man…this rom….caused me mess of problems…first i flashed like normal….then it wouldnt get past the first setup sceen. so i wanted to flash back to a backup i made of killjoy…but cwm couldnt find any files for my back ups….so i said OOOHHHHHHKAY then, and would just flash back to a stock killjoy i had saved on my external sd. but also could not locate any zip files on external sd…….so then i downloaded it again and stuck it on my sd and flashed…then had to flash again because i forgot to factory reset and clear cache…..but finally i got it to boot. but……….i had almost ALL of my internal storage used up…so i got file explorer and found a new file i had never seen before…the infamous “0” folder…and after trying many different ways to delete it i finally wiped it off the face of the earth…but…then my phone started to lag…bad…and started to get hot, REAL hot…and shut off and after about an hour of messing with it i was able to get it to boot again…and….VOILA!!! its finally back to where i wanted it to be in the first place…My advice/point is this….EF this rom…not all roms are created equal. maybe im a dunce and did somthing rom but i have flashed many a rom before and never had an issue. maybe my phone just didnt like this rom….idk…for whatever reason it made my phone fall on its face…Frankenstien’s killjoy has tether. it has apex launcher. it is very customizable and easily scores 5500 on quadrant. has very good battery life and is very reliable. use it instead……just saying….

    • mellonman says:

      If you follow the directions in the OP on xda developers you would not have had any issues. If you did some research on the “0 folder” you would have found the solution to that also. The rom runs great, have been using it for over a week and no issues. I did have the “0 folder” issue but did the research and solved the problem, it was an easy fix. So my advice/point is… it is a very smooth running and customizable rom and if you follow the directions and do a little research if you have an issue you will be very happy with it. By the way the development team for this rom are very helpful if you have any questions. Here is the link on xda for this rom for AT&T. phones:

  51. Gabe Estrada says:

    Help ……bricked liquid smooth wont leave the liquid smooth logo boot screen

  52. Tofu says:

    Btw…. Did I mention that this rom is crap?

  53. Werner says:

    Yooo is just me or this Rom doesn’t support 64Gbs micro Sd cards I did reformat my card but doesn’t work just the 8 Gb works ?????

  54. oscar says:

    I have a Verizon s3 is their a way to use stock luancher instead of nova?

  55. Dave says:

    When i pull the notification tool bar down i cannot click on the time nor date or i get a force close.. someone please recommend me a rom with all the perks of this one that is actually stable im a tmobile user.

  56. Rameez says:

    Flashed the Cricket S3 Rom. works flawlessly other than the camera. It says it cannot connect to the camera

  57. aamir says:

    can i use app2sd if i have liquidsmooth on my galaxy s3 tmobile t999?

  58. Walter says:

    4G doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!… i add the new APN and i hit back… and the new APN doesnt save… i dont know if anyone could help me… thanks…

    • mellonman says:

      You should not have to add an APN there are 5 different ones there to choose from.

      • Walter says:

        thats perhaps on the U.S… im from Bolivia.. and when i open the acces point names… there are no one.. there for i must add one.. im my case is TIGO… but once ive added nothing happens… thanks anyway!!!

  59. mellonman says:

    Also if you are not in an LTE area it will probably show up as HSPA+ in the notification area.

  60. Chris Cinelli says:

    Has anyone tried the Beta 3.2 that was released??

  61. maluminse says:

    So far so good. Two problems

    1) There is no calendar. I have titanium and titanium freezes when i try to install the calendar from stock gs3. I need a calendar! I liked the stock s3 calendar. Help! tia

    2) Dropbox wont install. Downloads fine but I get an install error everytime. Tried an old version of dropbox as well.

    Help greatly appreciated.

  62. tenacious says:

    Hello Max. I have a problem. Now I can flash install or whatever its called the jellybomb with no problems. However, anytime i try to upgrade to android 4.2.1 using cm 10.1 or the liquidsmooth rom you have here I continuously get an error that says cannot open sdcard (bad) installation aborted. While I am no genius “yet” with cellphones and rooting, I do have cwm 6. I did delete dalvik cache, i wiped factory, and any other wipes I have to do each time I install a new rom. The aopk rom swagger that is 4.2.1 does install for me. Yet when I install the gapps 4.2 20122012 for some reason when i reboot system to check out the new rom the gapps are not there and nothing works. I need some serious help. I think you should do some videos on errors. Not many folks do, and so as I search the net I see many folks continuously having the same problems year after year.

  63. Rocky says:

    I actually had the same problem as this guy ^ however that was only with CM. Liquid smooth works good with me

  64. Mark says:

    Hi Everyone. Love this Liquidsmooth ROM. Everything works great. ONLY one problem. Whenever I use Skype and I use it quite a lot; the video conference from my Samsung S3 does not record my sound and video is very choppy and eventually freezes the connection on the other end. This only happens when Skype is utilizing the front camera facing me. However, when I use the back camera (which is not what I want to use), both audio and video are smooth. Is there a fix for this? Has anyone tried video conferencing with Skype on Liquidsmooth ROM?? I’m very experienced with reapplying and changing different ROM’s and all that and I love this ROM, but this is the only problem I have so far with this Beta version of Liquidsmooth. If MAX is kind enough to have an update for this, this would rock my world!

    Thanks everyone!

  65. Dale says:

    Love this ROM! Runs great – Issue though. It does not appear to work with titanium backup pro. The app downloads and installs but I cannot find it anywhere in my app list. Is there a compatibility issue? I had to manually restore all of my settings.

  66. Dan says:

    so im looking for some help. I downloaded this rom, then when I went to go use my recovery (which has worked many times before) it says file not found. I know the file is in my phone it just wont let me access it. Any help would be great.

  67. Chris Cinelli says:

    I like this rom alot, Battery life is great so far but I still can not find out how to get it to read my 64 gig card. Any suggestions??

  68. David says:

    So far I am LOVING this ROM. It has become my favorite custom ROM thus far. I do have a few issues though, I had to install a few different versions of gapps to get the gallery/camera working without freezing. Now everything is working great. except that I can not use voice prompt. so if I want to speak a text to someone the google keyboard freezes and I have to go in and reset it.

    Any idea why this is happening? Love the site! This is my go to place for ROM info and downloads!

    Sprint GS3 running this ROM and the GAPPS that you linked at the bottom.

    Thanks in advance keep up the good work Max!

  69. T says:

    This is a very good rom and I’m glad I flashed it. Fast, very customizable, hell I’m currently using the tether for internet since the other service provider is down haha. Anyways I have one problem with txt messages that I am hoping someone can help me out with…. It will sit there and say sending for like 10-15 minutes and then say the message failed. And so I was gonna try to reflash it to see if that would fix it and I can’t even pull up the files on CWM recovery… Any help would be great.

    I’m using the Sprint version btw! Thanks!

    • Chris Cinelli says:

      Look for an unusual character in the text. I had a type that created a special character came up withe same problem. Once i removed it I was able to send on the first try. Might be your issue.

      • T says:

        What do you mean by unusual??… it happens with long txts but only with certain contacts, and then it doesn’t send picture messages at all. If this was somehow fixed i’d love to keep this rom….

        • Chris Cinelli says:

          Like a special character that wasn’t in the normal english keyboard โ€  or a u with the 2 dots above it. Might be a different issue then you are having. But i would send regular texts and it were fine and i resent the exact long text with replacing the characters and it went through

  70. Coder says:

    Anyone having trouble sending out text messages longer than 2 pages? For some reason they wont send on my device. Yes, i did a wipe data, cache and dalvik before install…Not sure why its not working. I had the same issue with the CYANMOD 10.

    anyone know a fix?

    • David says:

      I’m having some issues with MMS as well. I’ve ‘upgraded’ to the LiquidSmooth Beta 3 and can not send or receive picture texts. I’m doing soem back research right now on XDA and think I may have found the issue. I won’t be able to try it out until this afternoon, but if it works I’ll reply to you again and let you knwo what I did.

      So far it looks like you might have to DL a different file and replace the one that the system currently has. I’ll keep you posted.


  71. David says:

    For those having issue with google voice/voice to text freezing I found the fix. Go into the Play store and UPDATE that joker. it works flawlessly for me now. I am also running the newer beta 3 version of liquid smooth.

  72. David says:

    BTW, here is the link from the OP for this ROM. Do some back research here. I’m currently reading page 32 ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s just say it’s been a long morning ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. rocky says:

    I am done with this rom touchwiz rom are so much better. My quadrant scores with Jedi invasion5 without overclock was 6500

  74. David says:

    (MMS working with LiquidSmooth ROM Beta 3 on Sprint)
    Ok peeps, I got it working! Thank you Jesus ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here is the link to the original XDA forum

    Here is a direct link to download the file

    I loaded the .zip file onto my GS3 system storage (I have a folder called ‘ROOT FILES’ and rebooted into recovery, flashed (make sure you choose the version you have during install! I used 4.2.1) reboot and so far it’s working great.


  75. User friendly says:

    hey please send me the link for galaxy s3 rom for liquidrom international , its urgent please help me

    regard s
    user friendly

  76. Schnarbe says:

    Loving this rom working good on canadian Rogers LTE network

  77. JimJames113 says:

    i’m sorry T mobile version sucks badd couldnt access anything and I’m far from a noob at this…Thank GOD for back ups…

  78. Hockeytown says:

    Flashed this ROM but I have no google play store and the browser wont work? Any idea’s?

  79. Spenny says:

    its awesome how the mentioning of gapps and google play not working has been discussed like 5 times in this thread…read ppl!!! lol

  80. peace says:

    Hi guys, So after I updated the Liquidsmooth to liquid-JB-v2.1-RC1 (4.2.2) from the beta 3 using the goomanager app I first lost the gapps so I had to reinstall them then every time I restart my phone I get this message “please enter the application and accept the EULA before using the widget”. I couldn’t find the goomanager app after that except in the SuperSU app and in which I put the setting to “grant” then “save” but nothing’s changed. the phone works great I just don’t know what to do with the message. please help.

  81. sbs8331 says:

    So far, so good on my Galaxy S3. Love the lock screen. I got a bit confused regarding the launcher until I saw that this version comes with Nova. I’m a bit of a noob but rooted and installed this the other day. No complaints or issues so far. It should be noted that a few other apps that came bundled with my phone were missing: My Files and calendar app, but I quickly replaced with Google Calendar and Android File Manager.

  82. RobKeem says:

    This ROM is great, it is super fast and everything seems great. My only problem I can’t find S-Voice. Any Ideas?

  83. glenn says:

    im a little confused the download is saying only 1o9mb. am i missing something? or do you flash this over a different rom? i am currently running the wicked sensations 2.1. i absolutely love it. have tried a few roms but keep going back to wicked.. want to try this one but file size seems wrong.

  84. Chris says:

    Verizon S3 please help…rooted using Odin and root 66 with no problems. Phone is fully upgraded to 4.1.2. Installed Rom Manager and ClockworkMod is current. I want to install a custom ROM and every time I try it crashes my phone and says it is Non Verizon Software and I have to re flash the rooted software. What am I missing? Is there a new step with the updated 4.1.2 software that I don’t know about?

  85. kirk says:

    HELP if anyone can confirm how long this thing takes to “install” I am looking at a “liquid smooth” logo that appears to be animated and NOTHING is happening…

  86. she says:

    yeah i have the same problem im just staring at a never ending “liquid smooth” loading screen R530M

  87. Terry Tumulty says:

    My phone was flashed more than the Rolling Stones this weekend and this ROM is my keeper. It was the first ROM I tried and it worked good but wasn’t as fancy as some of the others. With every other rom I had front camera or flashlight bugs. I even had a dead keyboard with PAC-man. I origanly dumped liquid when I tried updating the 2.9. and it got buggy, 2.1 has been running good so I’m staying.

  88. justin shipley says:

    I am having trouble with google play store. I tried installing it through cw and when I boot up I get a warning that toch wizard is not working properly plz help

  1. January 16, 2013

    […] U.S./Canadian dual-core Galaxy S3s (AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon/USCelluar/MetroPCS/Cricket)! LiquidSmooth ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon/Cricket/MetroPCS/USCellular] | Gal… For Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 and*Verizon Galaxy S3, check out Synergy ROM, comes with […]

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