LiquidSmooth ROM v3.2 for Galaxy S3!


For this week’s Galaxy S3 ROM of the Week, check out latest LiquidSmooth ROM v3.2!

Couple weeks back we did feature this ROM but it had a broken front-facing camera, which was a deal breaker for many of you.  Well, I think Team LiquidSmooth has finally got everything right with camera working along with slew of other goodies.

For the d2lte version (for Qualcomm-based S3 like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and Canadian), you can use Lean Kernel, which works wonders for the ROM and camera DOES NOT work unless you flash Lean Kernel!  Lean Kernel also allows for stable overclocking up to 1.836Ghz.

For GT-i9300, I highly recommend installing Archi Kernel, which will give you great battery life (as the kernel is built on Samsung sources) along with overclocking up to 1.6Ghz. (from default 1.4Ghz).

Upon installing LiquidSmooth ROM, you will find a nicely-themed Liquid Launcher, which is slightly modded KitKat launcher with support for modifying your grid size.  If using a phone without hardware keys, you will also find nice Android L-styled soft buttons, which also you can customize and add up to 5 different buttons.

For Galaxy phones or phones with AMOLED screens, make sure you enable “Total blackout” option in Settings as that will save you some battery.  AMOLED screens use zero energy on black pixels so having this on will save you a bunch of battery life.

For customization, LiquidSmooth ROM offers one of the best customization options through its LiquidSmooth settings (in Settings).  You will be able to customize everything from your lockscreen, status bar, navigation bar, CPU, and much more.

Navigation custom setttings are my favorite part of the ROM, you have many choices including App circle sidebar, Gesture anywhere (shortcuts using gestures), PIE Controls (two PIE controls on-board), and customization offered for your soft buttons plus navigation rings.  By using your navigation options carefully, you will be able to maximize efficiency of your phone while on the go.

For notifications, LiquidSmooth ROM offers Active Display, Driving Mode, HALO, Heads Up notifications, lockscreen nofitications, and some more.

Many of the LiquidSmooth builds also come with an overclockable kernel, meaning you will be able to easily overclock for your high-end games/graphic-intensive apps.

If you are looking for a good Android 4.4.4 custom ROM with lots of tweaks/customization, definitely head up the latest version of LiquidSmooth ROM v3.2, it is now available for all Galaxy S3 variants including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, GT-i9300, GT-i9305, and Canadian.

Download LiquidSmooth ROM

Download Lean Kernel for AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/Canadian (not for GT-i9300/GT-i9305) – Credits

Download Archi Kernel for GT-i9300 (ONLY for GT-i9300!)

For GT-i9305, try Agni kernel (I have not tried on GT-i9305 but is a good kernel)

Download Android 4.4.4 Gapps (I recommend using micro as you get two cameras. (AOSP + Google Camera)

Download HighOnAndroid OnePlus One Conversion Kit No Lockscreen (optional)

NOTE: You need to update you CWM Recovery to v6.0.4.3 or higher OR also update your TWRP Recovery to v2.6.3.3 or higher.  You can update your recovery by downloading CWM/TWRP then using Flashify app CLICK HERE.

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install kernel, install Gapps, install  HighOnAndroid Conversion Kit (If you want OnePlus One camera, theme, AudioFX/Screencast apps), and reboot.  (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop or get force-closed keyboard error on boot, reboot into CWM recovery, go to Mounts & Storage->format /system.  For TWRP, go to Wipe->Advanced Wipe->Wipe /system.)

First time installing a custom ROM?  See How to Install Custom ROM on Galaxy S3!

Credits – LiquidSmooth, G+ Page, HighOnAndroid <— Please donate to LiquidSmooth Team if you like this ROM, thx!



Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!!
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: My 64GB SD card does not work!
A: AOSP ROMs (What is AOSP?) do not support beyond 32GB of microSD external storage.

Q: I don’t have Play Store nor any of the Google apps!
A: You forgot to install Gapps, reboot into recovery and install it! (See above for download.)

Q: The ROM is not booting!
A: Try formatting /system and re-install ROM, sometimes the system partition gets corrupt and you may have to try 2 or 3 times before the ROM boots.

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