MIUI ROM for Galaxy S3! [AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon/i9300]

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MIUI ROM, pronounced (My-U-I, like my user interface it supposed to mean), is probably one of my favorite ROMs for many Android smartphones.  Until recently, MIUI ROM for Galaxy S3 were not so stable but I think most of the recent versions are more stable enough to use as daily drivers.  Also, latest MIUI ROMs are built on top of CM10, so you can expect more compatibility when flashing custom kernels over it (most CM10 compatible kernels should also work fine with MIUI).  Yes, all these MIUI ROMs are based on CM10 Jelly Bean so you do also get the benefits of Jelly Bean stuff.

Although the features on MIUI are endless, my favorite features include the fast Torch (you can hold Home button down on the lockscreen), customizable toggles, battery bar customizations, dedicated Car app, native FTP functionality for your SD card, custom LED notifications, custom themes, and of course a lot more.

FYI, Xiaomi phone is coming from the same company as that created MIUI, so by installing MIUI ROM, you can essentially turn your Galaxy S3 into a Xiaomi phone.

If you haven’t tried MIUI yet, definitely give it a go and let me know what you think.


Download MIUI for AT&T Galaxy S3

Download MIUI for Sprint Galaxy S3

Download MIUI for T-Mobile Galaxy S3

Download MIUI for Verizon Galaxy S3

Download MIUI for GT-i9300 Galaxy S3

Credits – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, GT-i9300  <—– Donate to these developers at XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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103 Responses

  1. Jose says:

    Hey has anyone had a problem trying to load this rom on the rogers galaxy s3 because I get an error and it aborts the install. Any ideas?

  2. _____homz says:

    hey max, the miui rom for t-mobile is working? just wanna confirm it since you said t-mobile should wait in the beginning of this video.

      • William Tavares says:

        I needed to change the miui rom after running it since it came out, I loved it until today I was driving and trying to get directions from maps, then phone froze, then pulled battery, then when fully booted, all I got was repeated errors saying miui not working, report to miui, over and over, it wouldnt let me make a call or anything pop up kept happening, so I put phone into recovery to go back to high on android rom v3.

        I loved the way the contact pictures and the music player pictures looked on that rom, everything worked perfect. I wish there was a fix for that. I want to go back for it.

        When is jelly bean going to roll out for the s3? Cant wait

        • Shirom says:

          that happened to me too the moment I installed I had to.use a different rom but I.love this one is there a fix I cleared my regular and dalvik cache im using sprint and I used the download above

  3. Moe says:

    hows the overclock on it, 1.5 or 1.7??

  4. Eric fankhanel says:

    Are there any ROMS or fixes that bring back the universal search…. Local search for the Galaxy S3 sch-i505?I have been desperate for this feature since they removed it!

  5. adam j says:

    i tried this ROM in t mobile gs3 it good but the wifi calling is not working
    and the internet also not working .

  6. Izzy Fig says:

    OMG! I love this rom! Im so happy this was finally released. I missed MIUI so bad. All this needs now is to get the APP2SD hack working and im set for good. This is rediculously smooth and battery life is awesome. I recommend this to everyone. Just try it.

  7. Asif says:

    Does is support 64gb sd card on Tmobile GS3? Since it is based on cm10 I suspect it may not support becwi had installed cm10 rom earlier and it didn’t support/detect 64gb card on my gs3. Currently I am enjoying highonandroid rom v.0.3 by Max.

  8. Family Size says:

    I was wondering if you had to unlock the bootloader to flash this ROM?

    Also does unlocking the bootloader remove the need to use Kexec?


    Family Size

  9. Andrew says:

    This Rom boots saying “System software not authorized by verison wireless has been found on your phone. please turn off your phone and goto the nearest verison wireless store for help…. Bricked?

    • Izzy Fig says:

      You were supposed to unlock the bootloader first

      • pajapcs918 says:


        Even though I unlocked it, it still says that same message EVERY time I try to flash (really any ROM). Any Help? I am using a rooted sch-i535 with root and the stock ROM. should I not factory reset? I really dont know what to do.

        • pajapcs918 says:

          figured it out!!!! the new app in the app store is bunk..you need to use a previous version found here http://www.androidauthority.com/galaxy-s3-sch-i535-verizon-unlock-bootloader-111286/ …make sure it doesn’t auto update too

        • Max says:

          Try unlocking first:

  10. Izzy Fig says:

    Max, think you can help me out. I think I might have put the phone in airplane mode or something and when my signal came back it stays on 3g with 1x right under. But the 3g looks weird as if there were was something else behind it. either way I cant get my 4g signal back, and even if i put it back in airplane or turn off data that signal icon stays up there.. Any way that you know of that I can fix this without doing a full wipe and reinstall?

  11. oscar says:

    how long does it take mui to load on that front screen with the guy holding the flag it seems have been there for 5 minutes and still nothing

    • Yasien says:

      Oscar, Any idea how to idea how to fix this yet?

      • Lars says:

        I had the same issue;

        I went to the CWM-loader thingy and did a factory reset, cache wipe and dalvik cache wipe (in advanced, no idea what it is exactly) and then rebooted the phone and it finally loaded…

        • DavidS says:

          Yes, I had the same thing happen (I90300 International). I finally reloaded the ROM and wiped all caches (inc. Dalvek) and reset all factory data. Then it got out of the boot loop.

  12. Oliver says:

    Thx Max for the awesome vid and hint to the MIUI. I installed it on a i9300 in Switzerland and everythings works great. (Few bugs when changing wallpaper and no Google Now…) the 3D transition is pretty cool 😉
    The next big thing is here… and its not ios6 😀


  13. T says:

    How do you unlock the bootloader?

  14. Sean says:

    Okay here is my problem……I want my custom ringtones i have set for contact to play in my Bluetooth headset when a receive a call, not that dumb ring. That way I will know if I want to take the call or not because I can tell by the ringtone who is calling. Why would Samsung disable this feature. my iPhone 4s plays the ringtone I have setup when I get a call. Is there anyway to do this. I ride a motorcycle and I have a device called a Chatterbox that let’s me connect via Bluetooth to my phone so I can hear my music and talk and make calls while I am riding. On my iPhone 4s my music would pause my custom ringtone would play and I could decide it I wanted to take the call or send it to voicemail, then my music would start right back up from where it left off. Right now my Galaxy i717 and my Galaxy i747 (Note and S III) just play this annoying ring and I can’t tell who it is! Any have a fix or work around for this.

  15. Jonathan Eng says:

    When the official JB OTA update comes out from Samsung for the GS3, will this root file need to be rewritten or will it still be compatible? Also if you root it now with ICS, will you be able to get the JB OTA once it comes out from Samsung? Do you need to root it again if you already did so on ICS but install the OTA for JB?

  16. widek says:

    nice rom cant find the applications button and im thinking nothing is better now than highonandroid rom v.0.3 by Max. because with miui you are loosing my favorite s3 futures like awesome camera and the smart stay

  17. yngwie says:

    Ext. card does not work. So the MIUI rom is pointless

  18. Cris says:

    Too many things about this I don’t like… going back to my FreeGS3 – got the best of everything.

  19. Paul Christensen says:

    Well I’m stuck and need some help. Tried installing this Rom last nite and I got stuck on the boot screen with the guy holding the flag. So I did the clockworkmod recovery and now my phone says safe mode one the bottom corner of the screen and all my user apps are gone. This is the first Rom I tried kinda new to being rooted.

  20. Money says:

    I too am stuck on the screen with the little guy and that flag…how long does this take to get past? anyone have any of the same or simlar problems…i see above this went unanswered…Help please?

  21. Nick says:

    Max i need your help. i recently flashed this rom on my verizon gs3 and i messed with the mobile data toggle and now my phone has lost all service. i even tried unrooting and flashing back to stock rom with odin and it is still not working. much help needed.

  22. bradgillap says:

    Thanks Max, this is going to be my new daily driver until something better comes along.

  23. Andy says:

    Thanks for the video, do you know where I can find the daily MIUI update rom for sprint S3?

  24. Big Loz says:

    I find myself in a position Max… I’m still running 4.0.4 and nova 1.22 as everytime I upgrade I lose my driving mode for my car cradle.. and I use my phone for internet radio in the car.. so I wonder if that’s something you could look into… I can’t keep having to setup my phone from scratch it’s looking good right now but after flashing there’s so much to put back into place. I’m using the international version and the car cradle is the one that was made for the old Samsung infuse.. its ok stripping these rooms down.. but it seems the essentials are been taken out too.. let me know. Ps great site though.. thanks man.

  25. Thavet says:

    Hey Max is the battery life on this Rom better than CM10

  26. tal says:

    hi max i had a factory rom & im trying to install this rom but i dont get the recovery screen like u do
    can u please help me? i did erease now my phone is in chiense 🙁

  27. rodney pellizzari says:

    Hi there installed this from and it works sort of a lot of my apps are not working and it seems to cut off my internet or data I’m running the get i9300 any ideas its a great rom really fast but needs some work done I think thanks 🙂

  28. bryan white says:

    Unfortunately, Themes has stopped working. Can’t change themes please help

  29. Rodney Thomas says:

    Max – at the beginning of the video you say they’re running gingerbread… is that a true statement or just a slip of the tongue?

  30. Keegan says:

    I tried to install it on my SGH-T999 but it is giving me install errors and it aborts the install! What is going on?
    I really want to use this ROM but yeah, its getting frustrating going through and finding that it fails each time…

  31. Jerome says:

    Everytime i take a picture with the camera it doesnt save it anywhere is there a fix for that

  32. Arturo Duarte says:

    Max I get installation aborted (status 7), which can be the error?

  33. Nick says:

    “System software not authorized by Verizon Wireless has been found on your phone. Please turn off your phone and go to the nearest Verizon Wireless store for help.” is coming up now. wont let me in clockworkmod or anything.

    • Max says:

      You need to unlock bootloader before installing custom ROMs, try re-rooting (to get your phone working) then use EZ Unlock to unlock bootloader.


      EZ Unlock:

  34. Matt says:

    Phone Screen shot, how do you take them with this rom? Before I would hold down home button and power button, now that does not work. Please help!

  35. Jerome says:

    Max does the i747 version of this rom have NFC capabilities i cant find the option to turn it on?

  36. stanz says:

    max, i need some help here, ive tried miui and cm10 today, but i never got the 4g network, never for once it turn to 4g, it always stay on H+, once in a while it goes to 3g, but only for seconds, what is wrong here? do i really lost my 4g network/speed? i also tried to put APN manually, still bring no result to me =( need some advice here =(

  37. stanz says:

    Im using GS3, and i had to back to stock rom last night. And now im pretty scared to root and get the custom rom 🙁

  38. stanz says:

    It is an at&t i747

  39. Nick says:

    Is this ROM already rooted?

  40. mike says:

    Hey max should I download the rom on the computer first or can I download it straight to my phone.

  41. jay says:

    Nice article and is this the latest version for the ROM? Also I don’t see the link to root the verizon S.

    I am getting the s3 in the next week or so.


    • Max says:

      You can see the XDA link in credits for the latest version, also see FAQ section for Verizon GS3 on rooting and everything you will need along the way:

  42. zay says:

    I tried this rom, now my phone won’t even turn on. Oddly, when I plug it into my laptop, the driver installing begins.

    • Nick says:

      Can you reboot into recovery still? Hopefully you made a nandroid backup

      • Zay says:

        @Nick, if that question was for me, then no, I cannot reboot into recovery. As mentioned in my post, it won’t even turn on. Pressing buttons does nothing, nada, zilch, nunca, zero……ahhhhhhhhhh. Going to take it back to sprint today.

  43. Robert says:

    HI. 1) Great Vid, thanks for having the “MIUI” ROM available. Quck Question, is there a MIUI ROM AT&T version that doesn’t have so many Chinese characters within the apps?

  44. James Robinson says:

    When I intall a custom rom, it boots up great but, When I start setting it up I have to doube tap on everything??
    What isgoing on

  45. Toby says:

    Has this ROM been updated from 2.9.3. The XDA posts and from miuiandroid seem to be a slightly different build and CM10 nightlies definitelely are not it. Although my goo manager says and update is available.

  46. jacob says:

    Tryed to flash on att GS3 and it Aborts everytime
    Whats up with this? Download link broken or something?

  47. Christian Adams says:

    Is this the latest MIUI ROM or is there a later version

  48. pajapcs918 says:

    If so please post link….still haven’t found a very stable version

  49. MyersAllen says:

    I am not getting the launcher setting when I go to settings. Under Interface, only lock screen, themes, and systems are showing. Did I do something wrong or do I need to do something?

  50. Erick says:

    i cant get wifi on this rom its there anything to fix this problem?

  51. Jason says:


    I installed this ROM and when it loads up, I just keep getting the “Unfortunately, Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped.” over and over again, and obviously my keyboard won’t work. I booted into recovery and wiped cache and dalvik twice and reinstalled. Have you seen this issue before? (Verizon SCH-I535)

  52. tyrinztruong says:

    this rom keeps giving me an error message in cwm…plz help!!

  53. JASON says:

    when i install this rom, my phone says error and has an android that has a red exclamation mark….(Gs3 Tmobile) What should I do to fix the problem?! Please Help!!

  54. Tien says:

    I was able to get miui v3 working except the I don’t have root access using this ROM. Is this the limitation of this ROM?

    • Steve says:

      go into settings and enable root access.
      for some reason they have it turned off by default “for your safety” they say, but you can re-enable it in settings.

  55. Steve says:

    Gonna try flashing this now… Flashed a different MIUI earlier and couldnt get calls or texts to work

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