MS Team HD ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Android 4.2.1][Galaxy S4 Theme]

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For those of  you who want to have more Galaxy S4 stuff on your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, check out the latest version of MS Team HD ROM.

Based on the Android 4.2.1 leak, the MS Team HD ROM brings you the best of Galaxy S4 including Galaxy S4 theme, S Translator (working 100%), and some more goodies like black status bar mod, dash clock lockscreen widget, and 1% battery mod.

Performance and battery life should be much better over stock and definitely this is another fun ROM to play with until Samsung releases official Android 4.2.1.

Also, PhotoSphere Android 4.2 camera is included with photo sphere feature working along with S3 camera.

If you have a Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 model, definitely give it a test drive this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download MS Team HD ROM

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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55 Responses

  1. jas says:

    Will this rom work on the I747 S3?

  2. Hector says:

    Will there every be a Sprint version of this rom?

  3. s3_i9300_owner says:

    installed it as second rom on my i9300 with siyah kernel 1.8.9
    i installed this rom successfully with the setup gui provided(nice work there)
    however, why i rebooted into the rom the screen stays black and the phone vibrates with some pattern….waited for 3-4 minutes but it wont start….any help would be appreciated…thanks

    • Renzo Castillo says:

      Hi, i had the same trouble. I think that Siyah 1.8.9 does not support the 4.2.1 ROM. You have to do a complete wipe and install this ROM as the main ROM.

  4. swr6 says:

    Spent the better part of 8hrs downloading this rom and I’m a bit disappointed as its not working. I have an unlocked i9300 on New Zealand xt network and I’m running the latest siyah kernel with dual boot and the latest ultima rom as my primary. Flashed this rom as seconary and at first thought all was good. It went through the aroma installer fine and after reboot the rom opened up. However, there was so much lag or unresponsiveness that I could barely choose the language let alone get through initial set up. I eventually skipped my way through the set up with freezes and constant lag, then at the touchwiz home page the screen went black with: blue led, hardware keys lighten up constantly, and sporadic vibrations (similar to what s3_i9300_owner is experiencing). I scanned the web briefly for solutions/answers but didn’t find much, I did the usual data wipes etc before installation. Have I done something wrong or is there a fix as I’m pretty keen to test this rom out. Any feedback or help would be much appreciated. Cheers

    • swr6 says:

      Figured out it is not compatible with siyah kernal therefore you cannot install as second rom. Did a back up and installed this rom as the main driver and it works great, love the s4 feel and look. Works great, smooth and fast. However, one problem I have is that contacts is not working for me (just vibrates and says “unfortunately, Contacts has stopped”). Thanks for the great rom and I look forward to the updates.

  5. sajeel says:

    It’s been a whole day using this rom. …must say the best among the lot…very elegant and gives a real feeler for s4. …no lags butter smooth. …good job devs and thanks max for your help…

  6. Suki says:

    Siyah kernel doesn’t support this rom. The rom works fine otherwise. Options that u select such as themes and such doesnt get installed though. jus stock. Please check siyah and persius thread.

    • swr6 says:

      Thanks for the information. I just figured that out, its a shame as it would be great to be able to dual boot this rom. Is contacts working for you?

  7. Suki says:

    For Duel booting that is

  8. nadeem iqbal says:

    I just installed this new, MS Team HD ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Android 4.2.1][Galaxy S4 Theme],on my galaxy s3 gt i9300…..every thing works but I cant find galaxy s4 wallpapers in this rom…..need help.thanks

  9. eli says:

    hey max … trying to install the rom but im getting the s3 stock theme instead of the s4…. help please
    if possible a video installation

  10. bhvy says:

    hey does this rom have multi window n voice command supported camera n music playeer

  11. bhvy says:

    m using alliance rom….best till date.

  12. kulotski says:

    Is this ROM will work with i9305?

  13. thiago says:

    Great rom love it but like others have stated contacts is not working just vibrates and closes any solutions?

  14. VICTOR ABRAHAM says:

    I flashed this rom in my sprint s3 and it hard bricked now i have to take it back to store, thanks a lot

  15. thiago says:

    So anyone have a solution for the contacts bug?

  16. swr6 says:

    Been using this rom for a 2 days now. Pretty good and relatively smooth; however, there is a problem with the contacts and a bit buggy. I’m going back to ultimatum as this is by far the best rom so to date (an I have tried a lot) as it is very customisable and super stable with ellcellent battery. I’m just going to flash the s4 features I like such as s translator and note keyboard on to this rom until the ms team update.

  17. Mayron Ruan says:

    status bar mod not working, how do I?

  18. dannydarko says:

    Hey, installed the rom. Looks and feels amazing. But cant get mobile data working.any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks.

  19. squ411 says:

    Tried it but phone app and messages app did not work, so kinda useless for me. Can’t seem to find a decent Android 4.2 ROM with TouchWiz just yet, since the new Omega ROM I also tried had such crappy battery life. Had to go back to 4.1, but loving the speed and battery life of the new Fox Hound ROM. It’s so smooth and responsive, I think I will stick with it for a while.

  20. Edwin Drake says:

    MS 10.0 HD is awesome works great on my Verizon SGH-I535

  21. anjum says:

    The top task bar is missing. Copy and past function doesnt work. My phone heats up. I did back up my orignal ROM but i have lost it and dont know how to recover it!

    Any help on the matter shall be highly appriciated!

  22. khalil says:

    my games and data will delete if im gonna use this rom?

  23. terry says:

    will this work on the i9305 ?

  24. steve says:

    I’ve installed hd but my sms is not working

  25. Vic says:


    I am having the same issue

  26. ALSHAQSI says:

    I have galaxy S3 international version…
    Can u help me and give me the best rom u have ever tried?
    Also if u can give me a link how to install it…


  27. ali says:

    the downloading is not copmplate it is always cut .post another link to downloading

  28. danial says:

    i dont have the wall paper

  29. rajthilak says:

    pls upload in mediafire n give us diffent link.. this link is very slow and terminates and i cant complete the download pls

  30. rajthilak says:

    pls upload in mediafire n give us different link.. this link is very slow and terminates and i cant complete the download pls

  31. s3 says:

    works perfectly…no lags,no bugs…smooth and responsive…only wish if they have the s4 wallpapers and the lock screen

  32. Fernando Luz says:

    Best ROM I have used so far and I have tested a lot lol.

  33. Kevin says:

    Hi, i tried installing the rom on my rooted i9300 and it says e: signature verification failed… any help please?

  34. Daniel says:

    will this rom work on sprint SPH-L710? If not witch rom is similar in style? Thanks.

  35. Stuart says:

    People need to stop asking if this will work with all different SGS3 versions.


  36. lyLe says:

    Download Link Broken 🙁 Cannot Finish Download Anybody Got Other Links?

  37. Ismael says:

    Hi, I succesfully install this rom, but, I installed a different theme (not Galaxy S4), how do I switch the different themes that this rom has? or How do I switch lauchers? etc

  38. daryl says:

    I have a question I know ot says I 9300 but when I google ported 4.2.2 touch wiz roms it says it is compatible with sgh-i747 att galaxy s3 can anybody tell me if it workbor a rom that has the s 4 features like this I one

  39. yusuf sob o says:

    I have installed this camera in 4.3 Rom but it did not work. I want a solution .. Is it possible activation of this rom ?????

  40. Abdul says:

    Will this procedure work on a cyanogenmod custom Rom?

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