Official Jelly Bean Stock Firmware for Galaxy S3 i9300! [UNROOT]

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Your long wait is over, official Jelly Bean stock firmware is now available for your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300. (Please DO NOT FLASH on U.S./Canadian GS3s!!!)

This first official Jelly Bean stock firmware is for Poland GT-i9300 but it is compatible with any GT-i9300 models and does come with all the languages (as shown in installation video below).

We’ve seen much of the official Jelly Bean features with the leaked JB ROMs but pretty much you get all of the Jelly Bean butter-smooth UI, Google Now/Google Cards, and some more enhancements Sammy added in various different parts.

It looks pretty solid and definitely you should upgrade. If you are on stock rooted ROM, you can probably install this ROM without doing a data wipe/factory reset. However, if you are coming from a custom ROM, my advice is to do a data wipe/factory reset in CWM Recovery before installing.

Try it out and let me know how the official JB goes for you!

You can also use this method to unroot your phone!


Download Official Jelly Bean Stock Firmware for GT-i9300 Poland Edition


See installation video below:


Q: How to Root Jelly Bean Galaxy S3?
A: Root method hasn’t changed from ICS to Jelly Bean, it’s still the same root method. 

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153 Responses

  1. Kleber Virgilio Correia says:

    How could I figure out if my sg3 is from U.S./Canadian?

  2. Leo says:

    hey thx for the videos.

    going through xda forums lots of people are fighting back and forth with the CSC. Did you experiment any issues with it? I have an I9300 international version that I purchased in Spain, but I did unlock it and now I use it in the USA with AT&T, stock ROM with latest updates and rooted.

    Any issues I should consider before doing this? Looking forward to JB!!

  3. Momo says:

    Hey Max, thanks for the video. Currently im using Omega ROM JB, i wanna try official JB, do i need to unroot my S3 first before install Stock ROM ?

  4. luis says:

    i cant flash it, when i flash it aborts it, its say that is bad

    im runni stock ics, but i have a rooted phone (9300)

  5. Imran says:

    Hi MAx

    I got my S3 from UAE code:XSG. Is it ok to flash it with this firmware..

    • jet says:

      hi Imran… as long as you have the international SGS3 GT-i9300, you can flash the new official JB firmware. i am here in Saudi Arabia and i downloaded the Poland released official JB firmware and flashed it to my GT-i9300 and everything works fine.

      • Prince says:

        how about software updates…? in my case (GT-i9300, KSA) it stops s/w updates with error ‘Your Device has been modified’.
        any idea…?

  6. Cris says:

    Bless you!

    Thanks for the update.

  7. Tarik says:

    Hey Max, just updated my Galaxy S3 to this and it worked a treat, even fixed the issue I had with calling when I had the ROMOW custom rom. What I wanted to ask was can I still root my phone and have jellybean still on there so I can get titanium backup backand restore all my apps?

  8. Robert says:

    I want to update my dads phone but do i need to root it first, its on stock, Just making sure 🙂

    • jet says:

      no need to root the phone… that is much better and easier to update. rooted phones lost their root once updated to the official JB firmware, but can root it again anyway.

  9. Mark says:

    Hay guys, would anyone here know what the downsides are of using the I9300 on att (if there are any), if that makes rooting any more difficult, and if it is usable with Verizon?

    • Leo says:

      you wont get 3g/4g with verizon, sprint or Tmobile. The only network that can do that for the I9300 is AT&T unfortunately. I went with my I9300 to verizon and directly told me that model is not supported by them. In T mobile i tried a micro-sim card and only got Edge data coverage (2g). On AT&T it works fine, decent 3g speeds.

      • Mark says:

        Thanks. Have you ever had a chance to compare it to the US version? Is it a lot snappier?

        • Leo says:

          Nope, I just tried the international version. But I believe the US version in some carriers is dual core, whereas this one is quadcore…so definitely way snappier I would say. On the other side you are limited to only one carrier and 3g speeds…i dont really care much about 4g (it seems to drain too much battery) so I am 100% happy with the I9300 and quite happy (but for poor reception at my work place) with AT&T.

  10. David Cave says:

    Do you flash this rom CWM or Odin?

  11. ersen says:

    Thanke youuu veryyy much :))))

  12. Nick says:

    Will the same rooting method still work if I flash this? It’s the only thing stopping me haha

  13. David Cave says:

    I flashed it odin and it works great! How do I get it rooted again as it is not allowing me to install my apps from titanium without being rooted. This mean that I’ll have to download every app wifi and then I’d lose all of my settings.

  14. Denis Marchin says:

    Hey Max, I’ve been a fan of your videos ever since I entered the Android world. I have a question, I am currently running the CM10 nightlies on my GT-i9300, I was wondering if this stock jelly bean update is better than my current cm10. Also, what is your favourite ROM as of right now as a daily driver?


  15. Kimrong says:

    This is i9300 Rom?
    Will the Chinese language?

  16. Rodolfo Vergara says:

    It fails for me during first step.. and i followed each step PRECISELY…

    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    may it be because i have my phone already rooted and with an omega version installed?

  17. Glenviods says:

    Hey can i still use my country’s network after i flash this rom ? Thx before (Sorry for bad english)

  18. yngwie says:

    How to root this new Offocial rom?

  19. Whereisit says:

    This is all great an whatever, but where da hell is the link to download the polish ROM?

    Your download links are not very clear….

  20. William Harty says:

    Do you need to be rooted to install Jelly Bean? I’m not rooted at all and I’m on an i9300 an wondering can I do it? Please help !!!!! 🙂

    • jet says:

      no need for your phone to be rooted to update. you can flash the official JB firmware to your phone. as long as you have the international SGS3 GT-i9300 then you are good to go. then you have the choice to root it after the installation or not.

  21. Whereisit says:

    Nevermind found it, after looking at ur site with a magnifying glass, too many ads and links.

    Ne ways thanks a mill for the links and vids, keep it going.

  22. benjamin says:

    thanks max. to people asking about if you need to be rooted. no i do not think so when i flashed mine i lost my root privileges and had to re root it so it all worked out sweet. very nice having proper jelly bean now with out the problems. bravo

  23. benjamin says:

    max the top bar of the site needs to be cleaned up lol its very confusing.

    • Asrar Ahmed says:

      I don’t like how when the notifications is pulled down, you can’t see the phone statuses like battery, network, wifi or data connection things like that. Annoyance 🙁

  24. leo says:

    Hey Max did u notice a dim led light on notifications on JB compared to ICS ?

    • Asrar Ahmed says:

      I did. Especially the red one. I like it cuz I charge my phone overnight, and that red light in a way lighten up my room which I’d rather have dark!

  25. Ed says:

    Hey Max thanks alot for your reviews and keeping us updated with everything about the s3.
    One thing i want to ask (or if anyone else knows) how can I make my samsung read directly from my sd card? I already updated it with this rom but apparently the media apps ( gallery, music.. etc) will only read from internal but i needed to read external instead for the amount of files I have on my 32 gb sd card. Please help me out on this one. Maybe a hack or if there is something that you guys may know to change it will be very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!! And this website is the sh*t!!!!

  26. Andreas says:

    Hi Max, I try to flash this official but could not work…I root my I9300 (launch in Indonesia). Before flash I wipe the system, cahce and Dalvik cache.

    Thanks in advance

  27. Robert says:

    Hi Max, do you know why the Google Now is not speaking, is the TTS not working?

  28. Jeffrey says:

    Can this be flashed without using ODIN? I am rooted and would like to flash from recovery

  29. Tom says:

    Max, I’m in China with a China Unicom S3. I love the phone but in China Samsung insists that you use their App store and completely blocks Google Play access. If I install this Jelly Bean ROM will I defeat this and have access to the Play Store? I’m really new to this rooting and non-stock ROM world and I’m a little confused. I appreciate your help. I’m sure the answer is on your web site but I’m not sure where to start.


  30. Fabian says:

    Hi Max

    i have jb official now, but i really want to change to cm10 nightlies, can i do it over it or i have to downgrade to ics?and if that’s the case how can i do it ? ty for the help

  31. Ronnie says:

    Hi Max,
    I am using a custom ROM (Foxhound), just wondering how do I install this official JB? I tried to flash it from CWM but it says can’t open the rom and so the installation has been aborted.

    Thanks for the help!

  32. Werries says:


    I suggest coming from a stock rooted ROM, rather go with the ODIN installation, instead of CWM. Works like a charm. I didn’t wipe data factory settings, and all my apps is up and running….NO PROBELMS!

    • JuanM says:

      Hi Werries, you had an stock rooted rom and you did the steps using ODIN or CWM? I want to install JB but I don’t want to do a wipe. Thanks

  33. Jason Paul says:

    Hi zeedomax !!!

    Greetings from canada !!
    i like all your updates. I’ve been following you since i had a S2 I9100.
    As i have upgraded to S3. I would really appreciate if you could also update about ROMS for my S3 Canadian version as i tried to flash a t-mobile one and it didnt work for me. So if you could help me with that i that would be grate.

    Thanks again !!! Keep up the good word … high on android!!!!

  34. chopa72 says:

    I have GT_I9300 (baseband version I9300UBLG2 will it work? I found a site that say I have to have I9300UBLG3 thenjellybean help!

  35. Asrar Ahmed says:

    I really was hoping Samsung would fix the touchwiz redraw issue with the official jelly bean, but it still exists. Also, I’ve never had Gallery crashed on me when on official ICS from Samsung, but with this JB, it crashed on me too many times that I almost consider this “official” build unstable.

    • Asrar Ahmed says:

      OK, second day on this ROM. One thing’s a big improvement. Battery life! Yay! Easily got more than an hour of on-screen time from ICS, and the battery drain when in sleep mode is minimal. Almost non-existent. No gallery crashes on day 2, but my usage was quite moderate (like a normal user, because I was at work) compared to day 1. No touchwiz redraw either since almost 24 hours of run time. But once the Touchwiz suffers the first redraw since a reboot, the interface gets slightly sluggish. it usually is smoothened after a reboot, but the touchwiz redraw is the biggest drawback on GS3. I guess it’s more of an Android problem, but that’s where iPhone betters Android, in terms of UI stability. Anyway thanks Max for putting this ROM up, couldn’t have waited for the JB to get to US in the next few weeks.

  36. vLad says:

    hello max, do you have a tutorial or video on how to use tethering? to play LAN games using galaxy s3 as router? thanks.

  37. Hudson says:

    I’ve tried this rom and everything seems perfect, but getting some really slow data speeds.
    I live in Singapore and compare to all the other custom roms it just seem frustrating slow.
    any suggestion in getting around this problem? like flashing an asia based radio???

  38. Dhenz says:

    As for google play, if not wrking go to settings. App manager and clear cache and uninstall update. Then open up google play. Upgrade… works after that. Hope this helps…. upgraded from turkbey ics rom, siyah kernal. Used odin to flash jb…

  39. TLS says:

    S Voice isn not fully working. Can search gor weather, google etc, except for places near me. It says no results for your area. I live in London, tried to find stores, shops restaurants ext with no success.

  40. Andy Do says:

    i installed this but sometime it say that the SD card unexpected remove … and then it’s load up the sd card again… do you have any idea how to fix this ??

  41. Roy says:

    i flash this official jelly bean rom and my front camera is not working anymore. i got the “camera failed” error message. it was working previously when i bought the phone in ice cream sandwich.

  42. Eric says:

    hi Max,

    What is the difference between official poland JB compare to Omega 27.1V JB released on the 29th of september? Does it still make sense to go on with official JB firmware? Any advantages?

  43. Renky says:

    Can this firmware be root?

  44. Jonathan says:

    Works perfect on a danish GT-i9300.
    Is it possible to install this on the international Galaxy S2?

  45. Rohit says:

    Hey max, my phone is stuck for quite some time on the Samsung screen…it’s been close to 10 this an issue? I had a custom rom..I did a wipe and used Odin as suggested. All went well and I am now on this Samsung logo screen..pls help!!

  46. chen says:

    Hi Max,
    Why can’t I install this rom? My I9300 was running on a rooted rom. Does it need to be an unrooted rom in order to install this rom?

  47. Sherbiny says:

    at the beggining of the video u had a diffrent theme that u unlocked your phone with how do i gett this theme pleasetell me i installed the jellybean firmware but th screen is normal not that screen u had thanks in advance

  48. Hasan says:

    Fantastic rom really wonderful
    Superb jb 4.1.1
    Thank you MAX…

  49. Jamil says:

    Just installed it now…its wonderful. I had never rooted my galaxy s3 and all i did was install over ics.
    Phone is much faster, lot smoother and seems so near perfect its unreal. I didnt loose anything but gained this wonderful os.

    Thanks max. Much love.
    If it was not for you i would have to wait for samsung and they usually forget south africa

  50. arsh says:

    hey max i have a international galaxy s3 and i still didnt get any update from samsung is there any problem with my phone or what ? my phone used to be rooted and now i have now unrooted it.
    please help

    • Jamil says:

      What.? I dont understand your question.
      The updates come out in sections and right now thwe whole world does not yet have the update, heck some countries dont even get the update

  51. Ahmad Anwar says:

    I am a mac user, got any instructions on how i can upgrade to jelly bean using the above update?

  52. Gman says:

    I just installed it on a rooted standard ROM and it works perfectly ….. so far. haha

    Thank you!

  53. Henry says:

    hey i followed the steps. wiped my device, which is a gt i9300, completed the odin process (pass) but my phone wont seem to get out of loading the samsung screen, any thoughts?

  54. David Cave says:

    Hey Max,

    This is a few days now and this rom works great!! Can this rom be overclocked using the same method as in your earlier video?

    • Mostafa Mahmoud says:

      Unfortunately the Jelly Bean can’t be flashed with the Perseus.alpha kernel that was used to overclock the ICS i’ve tried many times flashing it but it didn’t boot up after being flashed with the kernel

  55. FreeBrainTrauma says:

    perfect update and working on cyprus S3! my devices now:
    s3 with oficial jb from here
    note n7000 with blackCNA that you recomended
    note 10 with your creation! very smooth
    one x with my rom 😉
    Keep on the grate job! Thanks.

  56. Jwyanza says:

    I’m having trouble with my contacts. It only shows numbers in message n during call

    • BonBon says:

      same here, it’s the format on how you enter phone numbers into your phonebook, just don’t put any spaces between numbers and it will show the name of your contacts in messages and during calls

  57. Dan says:

    Hi Max, or any kind soul out their to help me:)

    For some reasons, I wish to downgrade my international version i9300 firmware from JB to ICS 4.0.4.
    Is such downgrade possible?
    I have tried using Odin to flash back the stock firmware – ICS and which went thru well…
    however, after the odin, the first reboot of the phone, stucks at the “samsung” boot logo….
    Do you guys have any idea?

    • FreeBrainTrauma says:

      after u flashed the j.b. just go to recobery and make a wipe/data and you are good to go for sure.

    • Visuattic says:

      if you still have the problem after a wipe/clear data from recovery you need to flash it again. the rom that you came from affected somehow. I camed from official ics and I had same problem. after I flashed again no more problems. good luck

      • Rick says:

        Max, 1st I want to thank you for this video. The installation of JB went smooth . Everything worked. Like Dan, I prefer ICS 4.0.4. If the JB version had Afrikaans for South Africa in, I would have keppt it. Guess I have to wait for a UK version.
        To step back to ICS, I see the step but what I do not understand – what do you mean, flash it again?
        Steps would be appreciated

  58. stuck on setupconnection says:

    hi max,

    tried several times but it gets stuck on setupconnection…should it take awhile to move forward? or is something wrong?


  59. Android_newbie says:


    I am using a GT-I9300 international and has not done anything special on the phone (i.e. Root, Custom ROM etc.), so i assume i still have the stock ROM since everything on my phone is what it was when i got it from Samsung.

    If I update using the procedure above, do i need to backup it first?

  60. prot says:

    Works perfect for me. Kept all my data and all from stock ICS.
    No problems at all, nice and smooth!

  61. Sarah says:

    Hi Max, I just bought a SG3 unlocked version GT I9300. Can I use the method you described above to install the Jelly Bean update?

  62. Android_newbie says:

    just updated my phone… working and it was so easy…. Thanks Max!

  63. tableau says:

    could i flash the note 2 gallery over this rom

  64. John Terry says:

    When you upgrade using this method, what happens in terms of future updates or when you connect to Kies after flashing if you haven’t used the “official” method of updating? Thanks.

  65. Loz says:

    No driving mode… again… this rom does not work with my infuse car craddle… I cant belive this… why have driving mode work on 4.0.4 and not follow it though to 4.1.1 official rom… my god im gonna have to roll back to 4.0.4 again..its a dam good thing Im using nova launcher or this S3 would start to look a bit crappy with the old ICS icons… Well Im off to roll back again….

  66. Ibrahim says:

    after doing this update does it remove the root of my phone, if so it safe to root the phone again?

    • Stop being lazy says:

      If you actually take time to read the time to read it tells you, it’s been asked several times and answered already.

  67. Loz says:

    And no car mode again….some body please please look into car mode and fix this for all of us with cradles like mine being the infuse 4G if we flash and go forward from 4.0.4 cradles don’t work…. HELP !!!.

  68. Mario says:

    Can someone tell me how to downgrade to ICS 4.0.4.

  69. Loz says:

    Simple…. download Rom from here. Put on root. Go into clockwork mod and wipe firmware setting. Clear cash.. wipe dalvick and set permission… ‘re start in cwm and install from root the file downloaded… job done.

    • Mario says:

      If i do it like this it will whipe all my data and i wouldn t like that. Is there a way to do it with out deleting all my files.

  70. Pedro says:

    Hi zedomax! I updated to JB and everything amazing, I have now stock rooted JB thanks to you but I’m noticing that battery is taking a little longer to charge :/ I don’t if I’m just being paranoic… Have you had any trouble with this official poland update?

  71. mohnish says:

    hi thank you for the site and all the help.
    i have installed the Rom as per the video and all works well,
    except when I go to ‘more settings’ in settings it goes black and the crashes with error message ‘unfortunate settings has stopped’ please help

  72. Aswin Vayiravan says:

    Hello , I have the SGS3 i9300, running 4.0.4 , this procedure is clear and I can do it, and make my phone to run on JB. once my phone is on JB ,and if i need to install CWM recovery and also root my phone , is the procedure the same?

  73. Pedro says:

    Hi Max!
    I’m having trouble with copy/paste… it doesn’t work anymore… did it happen to you too? And is there any fix for it?

  74. zhair says:

    now i have first jelly bean sgs3 in my country
    last few days i root it then used some rom that i hated it next i un root and update
    battery is better way before u are awesome man
    i just like touch wiz ,and u say it is better to root it do u think it is better to root it again?

  75. Marco says:

    Hello, i have rooted my sgs3 which is still running ics.
    How do i unroot my sgs3 without flashing the jellybean rom? I want to keep ics.

  76. ak says:

    hey, i just flashed this rom and i cant connect to my data. even if i click on mobile data it will show that it is selected but i have no internet. any idea, thanks in advance

    • Loz says:

      Probably needed dalvick cash wiping…or this can happen.


      • ak says:

        tried that, still no data

        • Jamil says:

          check your APNs dude, it does happen -rarely, that on official flash goes wrong somewhere however not fatal causes you to loose apn settings, just download mybackup on your phone and a friends and back up thier apns and send them to your phone and restore, you will not get any personal data from this. I had this problem with my tab 10.1 and that was a way. Or you can google galaxy s 3 apns for your country / network and download them. That will fix the problem cuz i loaded my galaxy s 3 and did not have any problems.

  77. Nikola says:

    hi max this rom comes with languages English/Arabic/Russian please help?

  78. Kaung says:

    Urgent!!! i installed this rom step by step. but when it reach the final stage the Odin shows FAIL! and i can’t switch on my phone again.. what should i do????/ help me please my phone is CHN version

  79. yosef says:

    how remove cwm app?
    i flahsed stock rom

  80. Daniel says:

    Dear Max Lee,

    Basically I have already rooted my S3 GT-I9300 4.1.1 I9300DXDLI5. I decided to send it to warranty due to a very bad heating problem with this device and that is why I am struggling in unrooting my device for warranty purpose.

    Firstly, I have already removed the binary count via triangle away to 0. The problem here is the device status under settings shown MODIFIED.

    I am not able to perform any full factory reset because I was not able to backup my device through samsung Kies, I am not sure why I cant do this, it might probably due to the reasons that I have rooted the phone. Also having difficulities in downloading official I9300DXDLI5 jelly bean firmware.

    I would only like to remove the device status to original condition instead of MODIFIED and maintain all of my settings and apps under current conditions. Let me know if you have any questions and I now look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much in advance. Have a nice day.

  81. alex says:

    Hello. I’m using a GT-I9300. I just like to ask if any of my data will be lost if I upgrade my ICS to Jellybean using this method? Or should I do any data wipe/clear cache before doing this? I haven’t done anything to my phone such as rooting it and stuff. It came straight out of the box.

  82. Daniel says:

    Hi, I am trying to unroot my S3 and it isn’t working. I have tried both the Poland version of 4.2 and the version of 4.1.1 for my region. Every time that I try to flash it with Odin it says the following:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    My phone is currently running Foxhound, but I would like to take it back to stock. Please help. Thanks.

  83. Michel says:

    Hey…i do it like it was said in the video but i have the samsung symbol for 20 minutes now…what can i do?


    P.S.:english is not my native language so please forgive mistakes

  84. Michael says:

    Hello for the first time I’m sending a message…

    I’ve just done whatever you were describing for flashing the new jelly bean 4.2.2 polish edition to my sgs3…

    And everything went well..but when it did (after the flash) the restart…it takes for ever to open to welcome screen, i have it over 15 minutes and nothing…i even took out the battery and put it back again and reopened it…but nothing!!!! 🙁

    I want to mention, that I’ve only have rooted my phone…and its the first time i install a custom rom…so i didn’t do the factory reset…that you’ve mentioned for custom roms…

    Any proposals???why isn’t working????

    I made a back up before doing the installation!!!
    I’ll be waiting for your response asap!!! I don’t have a working phone!!!!

    Thank you for your time…

  85. Michael says:

    ok i’ve done the reset of data(factory reset)…and it’s working well!!!!

    but i want everything before the reset to be on my phone again…with the new installation!!!!

    How can i do this??? I have done backup!!!

  86. Aladdin says:

    I have GT-I9300MBDXSG – United Arab Emirates
    I flashed this FW on it and it lost the IMEI
    The original one was starting: 3549535********
    But now it’s 004999010640000 / 01
    and it’s NOT connecting to the GSM network
    Any way to repair OR To change the IMEI on it?
    Any FW available to reset the IMEI?

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  87. vibhu says:

    i unrooted(using odin) my s3 gt i9300 with I9300XWUGML4_I9300ODDGML4_INS
    downloaded from every thing looks normal

    but when i boot in recovery mode the green robot is lying with exclamation mark in red triangle. anything to worry ?

  88. Sami Sepponen says:

    Hi max, first of all thank you for your videos. They have helped me alot!

    I have a question: I have a clockworkmod recovery and would like to put the stock recovery back. My device is gt-19305 and this instruction, as well as all other instructions are for gt-19300. Can you or anyone else tell me can i follow this instruction and install the recovery designed to gt-19300 to my gt-19305, and if not, where could i find the correct stock recovery for gt-19305?

    Thanks in advance
    Sincerely Sami

  1. October 11, 2012

    […] times I used this method Official Jelly Bean Stock Firmware for Galaxy S3 i9300! [UNROOT] | Galaxy S3 Root Galaxy S Trois Rooted Running PA JB 4.1.1 Asus TF 101 16 Gig B60 W/Dock Macbook Pro 13.3 […]

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