Omega ROM for Rooted Galaxy S3 i9300! [Best ROM]

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since Galaxy S3 officially launched and I think it’s a good time to start flashing custom ROMs as there’s been lots of development.

I’ve been trying a bunch of ROMs and one of the best ROMs I can recommend to you is the Omega ROM. Omega ROM for rooted Galaxy S3 i9300 comes very stock-like but with many cool things like HX Camera mod, 6×5 app drawer, extended power menu, faster GPS lock, and lots more.

UPDATE: A lot of people have been flashing this ROM on U.S. versions of Galaxy S3, PLEASE DO NOT FLASH IF YOU DON’T HAVE A i9300 International version of Galaxy S3!

This is a very good ROM that I highly recommend if you are just starting out with custom ROMs on the Galaxy S3 and especially for noobs. In the near future there should be a ton of more custom ROMs like AOKP, CyanogenMod9, and more but for right now, I think Omega ROM is the best stock-like ROM while giving you many software improvements over Samsung’s stock ROM.

My suggestion to you is to give this Omega ROM a try and I think you will like it. It should also give you much better performance and battery life over stock ROM so you have nothing to lose.

Install it, run it for a few days and let me know how it goes for you! (This is what I am running after flashing about 5-6 different ROMs this week.)

Very stock like but with lots of cool enhancements like 6×5 app drawer, higher-bitrate camcorder, better battery life and performance.
This has the Camera Mod, nearly twice the bitrate for video recording.

Rating 4.95 out of 5.


Download Omega ROM

Credits – XDA

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123 Responses

  1. bobbyd2 says:

    Will this galaxy s3 ever be able to run on 4g? Since sprint is pushing the lte in some markets,I’m just wondering if xda can develop a rom that can hook on 4g. Because sprint might take awhile to roll out lte . I don’t wanna have this powerful phone if all I can do is get edge and 3g.

    Thanks for your reply

  2. zenon says:

    Hi Im runnig omega rom v.4.0 and im downloading 4.2 because my app drawer is 5 *4

  3. aporcalipse says:

    hi to all. is there any significant diferencs from the v4.0 to the v5.0 omega rom?? and is the batteri life much better then the stock??

    1 more thing bobbyd2, is the device isnt ready for the 4g will it be possible to use it via softmod?!

  4. zenon says:

    I will try 5.1 maby tomorrow and I’ll write something about it

  5. Teddy Tan says:

    I just installed omega 5.1 . The camera doesn’t work now and the app drawer is still 5 x 4 ? How do I get 6 x 5? The screenshots from the developer’s page also show 5 x4 .

  6. b robinson says:

    i am trying to sign up to s3 but link not working

  7. Johnny says:

    Hello , just wondering does this mod support chinese. Cause my stock rom dont and i find it really unconvient to use . thank you very much

    • Teddy Tan says:

      theoretically it does. However when you installed the Chinese IME keyboard and try to load will crash

  8. Josh says:

    Hey there,

    Flashed the Omega Rom. Everything went well, except that the camera app shows a black screen when launched. it is also unresponsive to the back button. it will only exit with the home button. Hope u guys can offer some help. Overall awesome site with very easy to follow instructions.


    • Teddy Tan says:

      try update to siyah kernal v 1.1

      • Josh says:

        i apologise but i am a newbie. These are the steps i did.

        I downloaded the Siyah Kernal V 1.1 zip file from Omege Kitchen.
        I booted my phone into recovery.
        Flashed the Siyah Kernal via CWM.
        Restarted the phone.

        Camera app still does not work. Any opinions?
        Thank you for your time.


        • Teddy Tan says:

          i’m a newbie too.
          i also re-flashed the stock camera and the mod camera too so you can try.

          Also wipe cache and delvik cache.

        • Josh says:

          Also, i downloaded the stock camera and HX camera zip folders from omega kitchen, and flashed them via CWM with the same steps as above.

          Am i doing anything wrong? It’s quite demoralising as it is my first time rooting a device, and all was going smoothly, until this camera app acted up.

          I hope u guys can give me your inputs to help me on this. thanks guys.


  9. Lokesh says:

    Hey lee, the flashed the rom, but the camera not working.
    And also downloaded the Camera Mod and replaced with stock cameraapp.apk still camera function missing.

    Please tell how to fix it. The video you demonstrating has working camera app.
    Lokesh Venkateshiah

    • Max says:

      try clearing cache in CWM and reboot.

      • Lokesh says:

        i flashed the 5.2v and everything is working fine. The Omega Mod is far better than the stock Samsung s3’s ROM. The brightness management is better fixed in the Omega ROM

        But, Samsung has made very bad design of the phone. The panel quality very bad (Looks like low end phone) and fonts, GUI (touchwiz) is horrible and looks ugly. The android perfect phone is Galaxy Nexus.

        I sold the Galaxy S3 phone and using again Galaxy Nexus.

  10. Lokesh says:


    Right now i have downloaded Omega v 5.2, the camera working good and only thing is sound is not working. And also i have downloaded the camera Mod Hx iam not able install the App.

    And also there is some wallpaper setting issue. When i tried to set wallpaper using gallery, i get black edges while scrolling the screen. What is the problem. The ROM is very good but the wallpaper setting looks awkward.

  11. Michael says:

    I have install the rom but i notice that the samsung keyboard does not have Chinese input. I tried to flash the Samsung Chinese Keyboard in Omega App but it is not working. Is there any way i could flash the stock Samsung Keyboard that have Chinese input.


    • Michael says:

      I manage to get Samsung with Chinese Keyboard by using Titanium Backup.
      I restore back to my stock rom and I use TB to back up Samsung Keyboard. Then after I flash Omega Rom I open TB and restore DATA for Samsung Keyboard. Reboot and done. Note that i trial and error a lot of times so if it doesn’t work for other user please try yourself. Please note that your stock Rom have to have Chinese input!

  12. Josh says:

    I downloaded Omega v5.2 from the 2nd link from their download site, wiped and flashed and it works awesome now. still using the insecure stock kernel. Tried CM9 but found it alittle buggy. First time rooting and flashing. All is good, and the steps on this site makes things easier.

    Btw anyone with SetCPU here? I am unsure if Samsung’s Task Manager has any form of interference with it’s role.


  13. Tony says:

    Great blog!

    Question: I just got an i9308 in China, believing it would be the same as a regular i9300, but it is loaded with useless Chinese software from China Mobile, and they removed a lot of crucial apps like Google Play. It’s basically pretty useless unless you are a native Chinese, and even then it is pretty useless as the government controls the Internet here.

    Can I install this custom Omega mod on my phone to fix this? Or is the hardware incompatible?

    • Tony says:

      Replying to myself: Nope, it wont work. The modem is different and you’ll end up bricking the modem, so I got an useless phone after installing. 🙁

    • Adam says:

      Tony did you ever fing a ROM that works on the Chinese version. I have the China Unicom version and I love the phone but like you said if your not chinese most everything is useless. I also need google play access when i try to install it it starts and then turns off. Just let
      me know if you found a ROM that works.


  14. CKPE says:

    Is it better than stock rom?
    My stok rom is laggy, when i browse or do somthing ells, and i press the home button, then it takes a while to go to the home screen.

  15. aaron.v says:

    I am a strict beginner in the world of rooting and flashing custom roms
    if i flash this custom rom will the Galaxy S3 still connect up to samsung’s kies?

  16. Keyhan says:

    I have personally sensed more lag while scrolling on Omega (v 5.2) compared to the stock rom. I still haven’t touched the CPU in any way. Just wanted to know if others have also experienced that as well.


  17. Jamie says:

    Hi, I have flashed to v6 however, the cell standby is consuming alot of the battery life. Is this normal?

    • Aporcalipse says:

      Don’t know if it’s normal but I’m with v6 as well and just noticed the same, it seams it will drain more baterie then stock… And can some one tell me if it’s possible to disable the wallpaper scrolling?

    • aporcalipse says:

      well i flashed the rom this night, and the first impressions are the same as with stock according to battery , or better, cant tell because im 100% time connected to wireless on the weekend, but i will keep some info bout the rom up.

  18. Juris says:

    Hi there…

    Just installed Omega v6.0 but my app drawer is still 5*4. Why is that?

  19. Emmanuel says:

    Is this rom only for the International version, or can it work with the T-mobile USA version Galaxy S3?

  20. Ckpe says:

    Version. 6.0 – BAD battery

    • geek in white says:

      yup! it’s draining badly! i wonder if installing without the “bloatapp” would make any difference?

      • Aporcalipse says:

        I’m with v6 with no bloatapp and last day I was all day at home with wifi, playing around with my s3 and kept alive trough all day…

  21. Adam says:

    Hi, i am looking at flashing my first custom rom on my galaxy s3…i just have a little clarification on the omega rom’s homescreen as i am tossing up between using this or the much simpler blackstone stripped os.

    My question is about the main screen you showed on the video showing room for 6 rows for icons whereas thexda page on the new 6.0 version of omega shows only 5 rows (only 2 rows left after using the stock samsung stock weather widget.

    Is there a setting to make the homescreen six rows instead of 5 on the omega rom?

    thanks in advance

    • geek in white says:

      I personally use Nova Laucher over the Touch Wiz so I get to set how many rows and column I prefer. GoLauncher has the same option and I’m pretty sure so does other launcher.

      Sorry it’s not a real solution but I hope that helps 🙂

  22. Adam says:

    …sorry i meant blackstar not blackstone 🙂

  23. Aporcalipse says:

    I was looking on omega files and as wondering what kernel is better. Any one messing with them? I any thoughts?

    • Josh says:

      I did some research on it. all kernels are identical with reported similar battery life currently. supposedly custom kernals like siyah will be a better alternative if u need other features like overclocking.

      i personally use a stock kernel and am running pretty decent battery life i would say: able to last a full day charge with above moderate usage of internet and game apps, and lowest brightness settings. No haptic feedback and what not.

      i underclock my stock kernel for now at 800mhz for general usage and standby is at 700mhz. Both with a minimum 250mhz. and this is the kind of battery life i get with stock kernel.

      Hope this helps

      • Aporcalipse says:

        Thanks m8. Nice info. As it be I think I’m gonna stay with stock kernel. As always use save power of mod to limit cpu to 1000 and it’s enough for normal usage and even games, at least my games, so a kernel that gives only or mostly oc features isn’t worthy doing…

  24. Keyhan says:

    Just to share my experience:

    I’m using this WanamLite rom which can be found here:

    It’s really good. There is no crazy battery draining and it’s basically like Omega but without Omega Files and the lags that the Omega rom brings.

    I suggest all of you to at least give it a try since it’s very smooth and stable and comes with stock look.
    Btw. I’m using Nova Launcher and underclocked to 800 Mhz and still having a pretty smooth experience.

    • Randall says:

      I tried the wanamlite ROM and couldn’t hear anybody on the phone nor can anybody hear me. Is there a fix for this? Really like the ROM, but it is useless to try and call someone.

  25. david says:

    this is the first time I’ve ever flashed a ROM on my Galaxy S3. What should I do now to restore my user apps and settings? Do I just choose restore missing apps and all system data in titanium backup?


  26. shiv says:

    does this ROM work on ATT/Sprint/T-Mobile versions of S3

    • Jack says:


    • Max says:

      No, you won’t brick but this is only for i9300.

      • jack says:

        Well it did for my Tmobile gs3. Im waiting on a jig to come in the mail. The phone wont even turn on after I attempted to install this ROM. But id welcome any suggestions.

        • Nazeer says:

          Will this ROM brick my galaxy note if i try to flash the galaxy note?!

        • Max says:

          I don’t think it’s caused by the ROM but probably the version of CWM you were using, did you root using method on this site? And you didn’t use ROM Manager to install CWM?

          • jack says:

            I did the exact method on this site, and I installed the ROM just like I installed roms on my gs2. Do u think the jig will be able unbrick it?

            • Max says:

              I don’t think so, try taking the battery out and put it back in, then re-charge for an hour and try turning it on, it could just be out of battery, I haven’t heard any bricks for i9300 yet, it’s nearly impossible if you didn’t do anything else.

              • jack says:

                I did all that and no dice. I can still return it if I have to. But I’d rather unbrick it using the jig if possible. absolutely nothing happens no matter the button combo I use. So Ur thinking the jig will be useless?

                • Max says:

                  If it doesn’t power on, it’s probably hard brick. Not sure what exactly happened but you can get JTAG repair here:

      • Terry says:

        My s3 sgh-i747 also got bricked.:)

        • Max says:

          Yes this is for i9300 only. If you flash i9300 ROMs on SGH-i747 it will brick.

          That is why I put “NOTE: PLEASE ONLY INSTALL ROMS INTENDED FOR YOUR VERSION OF GALAXY S3! Otherwise you WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE and I will not be responsible!” in red and the title of this post clearly says it’s for “i9300” not “i747”.

          You have to read everything before flashing.

  27. MarkD says:

    Yes, does this work with the ATT version? Thank you !!

  28. Jack says:

    AVOID AVOID AVOID. Attempted this out of the box with a Tmobile Galaxy s3. The device is bricked and a jig is coming in the mail. Apparently this is CDMA only. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

  29. Juris says:

    I tried Omega v6.0 for some time and i noticed that it becomes laggier by day. Did not notice any sensible bonuses of it so i just went back to stock rom, which i am completely satisfied with. Tried, succeeded and played with it for a few days (thanks to Max), but as i am just an average user with no special need to tweak my new baby s3 just because there is such a possibility but no benefit of it for me, took the original stock ROM back…

    Thank you anyway. Will follow your site with interest.

    P.S. What will happen when Jelly Bean comes out? 😉

  30. Jack Gold says:

    How do u get the 4g to work on i19300 on t-mobile??


  31. Jonathan Lakser says:

    dont use for your att phone.

    i just bricked my phone and its only 3 days old.
    lesson learned.

    • jack says:

      Tried to warn you all. Even the jig wont fix it. Try to return it if you can. That’s Ur only option short of taking it apart or sending it off.

  32. Jonathan Lakser says:

    any other way to unbrick my phone besides sending it out?

    lesson learned I suppose 🙁

    can i get some free stuff now Max?

    • jack says:

      I tried almost everything. There is this one guide that involves completly disassembling Ur phone to reset something by shorting it out. Return it if u can dude. Lie if u need to.

  33. aporcalipse says:

    new omega V7 out, any one tested it yet???

  34. Jonathan Lakser says:

    Hey Max, I have a question?

    how is it possible i hardbricked my phone?
    isn’t there a separate recovery partition I should still be able to boot from and then restore from my backup?

    thanks for the JTAG repair info.
    if it works that’s a life saver.

    flashing a rom?
    read all the comments and check your phones model number.
    lesson learned!

  35. intelguy says:

    Hi there

    I am currently using a rooted Bell SGH-I747 and using a custom ROM called Ultimatum s3 1.0.

    May I know is Omega I9300 XXALF2 v7.0 compatible with my phone (I747) ?

    Please kindly advise ASAP.

    Many thanks in advance.

  36. Matt says:

    Tried Omega 7.0 on my rooted AT&T Galaxy S3 and it bricked my phone. The phone won’t respond in any way. Ordered a jig online… Not such a good first experience with custom ROMs 🙁

  37. Andrew says:

    where can i find all the roms for the i747 im haing some troubles?

  38. Todd says:

    Thanks for the all the root and rom info. May I suggest you put a big warning on your site to NOT install this rom on US phones. A lot of first timers that don’t understand you need to flas ROMs made for th SPH-L710 if you have a US phone. Let us know if you find compatible roms. Thanks!

  39. Todd says:

    How to unbrick your US phone if you flashed an international ROM……

  40. xHa0s says:

    Can anyone make a Mirror for the 7.0 ver of this.. link on the XDA post by the deleloper doesnt seem to work on my PC THANKS!

  41. Galaxy Fan says:

    Max, thanks for all the help, i am a root noob, but have rooted my sprint sph-l710 GS3 is there a version of omega or another good ROM that you would suggest?

  42. Jimbobpro says:

    hey dude i put this rom on my phone last night all to realize today they released 7.1 i have 7.0 on my phone can i update it to 7.1 without having to wipe my phone again or should i wait for a more significant update??

    any advice will be appreciated

  43. Nels says:

    Anyone tried custom N.E.A.K kernel? compare to Siyah Kernel?

    I don’t want Overclocking since S3 come with quad core, i don’t think any apps will maximize all that cores at 1.4Ghz

    which one is more stable with underclock and UV between this two kernel?


  44. Nels says:

    Quick question about Omega ROM, does it have all the features from samsung? for example, smart stay, nfc, motion, etc..

  45. JY says:

    hi all… i’m kinda of a new noob in custom roms… under which file do i download for the 6×5 app drawer?

  46. hardev says:

    i rooted my i747 and done this omega custom rom on it ….now it is not turning on…I’m not able to get CWM screen is totally unresponsive ….please help me

    • Jimbobpro says:

      NO NO NO NO…. this rom is for the international version only…..

      • hardev says:

        so what can i do now ….do i need to use micro usb jig 301k to put it into downloading mode

        • Jimbobpro says:

          ummmm max did post a fix for it…… not to sure i would say if u have a jig give it a crack… if not google like theres no tommorow im sorry dude im sure what to do im always really careful when i put a rom on my phone

  47. robert mccall says:

    max is this rom better then te stock rom please response back i have to know

  48. Jonathan Lakser says:

    for all those who bricked your i747 phone with this. I have bad news.

    Josh at mobiletechvideos was able to jtag repair my phone. but this rom corrupted the efs data where the lte information is stored.

    when I got my phone back it was working but no lte coverage or gps.
    getting att to replace you phone may be your only hope.

    • Max says:

      Sorry to hear that, I would highly suggest everyone to get insurance if you are going to root and install custom ROMs, just in case something goes wrong, you can get a new phone easily.

      for everyone else, PLEASE READ THE TITLE, if your model number isn’t listed, DO NOT FLASH!
      i9300 = International GS3
      SGH-I717 = AT&T
      SGH-T999 = T-Mobile
      SPH-L710 = Sprint
      SGH-I535 = Verizon

  49. Sandra says:

    OK so I rooted my s3 SGH T999 installed super user and purchased titanium Backup pro made a back up and also made a second CWM back up. Copied Omega on internal sdcard and went at it with the rom instructions. When flashin I received an error which I did not recorded and up on restart Phone is dead no power what so ever Kaput nada, no signs of life whatsoever. Has anyone else reported the sahow do I Jtag for CPR my $600 S3?

  50. SpaceRooster says:

    Hi Max. Love your videos, great work. I’m new to Android & the Galaxy S3 (I9300) and have a question about the Omega ROM. My S3 is 10 days old with Omega ROM since day 1 (on v11 now), I drain the battery down to 0% many many times then to full charge but still the battery life sucks.

    I’ve seen everyone write that the Omega ROM has great battery life but not for me.

    I have power saving on. What else can I do to improve battery life?

    • Max says:

      try Criskelo then, great ROM.

      • SpaceRooster says:

        I really love Omega and don’t want to switch. Would clearing battery stats in the recovery menu do anything to help?

        • keith says:

          You can try clear cache and dalvik cache trice and clear battery stats trice facrory reset trice and reinstall rom

        • Aporcalipse says:

          Hi mi I was also a omega guy, and the battery to me was also draining fast, manly because I’m using the phone a lot, always wifi on and always using the phone. I love omega rom, great rom and great group on xda forum, last week I tried Criskelo rom, to me is a bit better and I’m running it now, I get a bit better radio signal, and a bit more options. Battery wise ia almost the same it always depend on how you use your device. But for now I’m gonna stay on Criskelo, just loved it as well… Bake a backup of your omega, install Criskelo for a day or two and if you don’t like go back. Criskelo is almost the same as omega…. Great work max, keep them coming…

    • i9300 says:

      Use battery calibration from play store

  51. pramod says:

    I am not able to finish the installation.after installing it is going to cwm recovery page and asking to do is not rebooting and going to home

  52. paulo says:

    Hi Max.
    Are u going to make a review of the omega v14 jelly bean released now?

  53. HassaN says:

    Hi there!!!

    Firstly great work…..

    Secondly I have a couple of questions in mind….
    – Can I install this Omega Rom on my phone? I have Siyal Kernel 1.5.2 installed on my phone
    – Will Omega Rom be 100% compatible with Siyah Kernel? If yes, which is the latest and most stable version (in your opinion) should I install?
    – Can this Rom be installed using the Odin Method or just CWM method?

    Thanks and Regards

    Galaxy S3 – i9300
    ICS 4.0.4
    Kernel Ver: Siyah s3 v1.5.2
    Build: i9300xxblfb

  54. HassaN says:

    @ Max;

    Thanks for your reply……
    Just wondering if I could use Odin instead for Ive used it and Im more comfortable with that… In any case I downloaded the file which seems to be a big file “”….

    It contains 4 Folders in it “Data”, “Indie”, “META-INF” & “System”…….

    How am I supposed to install it using the Odin method (if possible)? Or I can only install it using CWM Method how would I do it (so that the Omega files all get loaded up)…. The Folder Indie includes folders like Accuweather, All share, chat on, Samsung apps, Google plus etc……

    Plz guide me thru….. I would certainly appreciate your help…..

    THanks and REgards

    • HassaN says:

      Just forgot one thing….. I done want to Wipe (reset data/factory reset) and dont want to delete user data…. Then how should I proceed???? Will this one file (including Indie-Samsung) install all the apps automatically or will I have to install them later….???

      Thanks and REgards

    • Max says:

      Use CWM method to install, see install guide here:

      • HassaN says:

        Thanks Max……

        Appreciate your help…. I did flash my ROM to Omega 13.1…. Although it removed my Siyal Kernel but then I reflashed my kernel…. Now I have Omega 13.1 w/Siyah Kernel 1.5.2.

        So far so good… Thanks
        I did install SamsumgCamera_HX_Mod_1 but I dont understand as to how it will take a burst shot???? In description its says by pressing “MENU” button (capacitive button) once… ???? What is that??

        Also in your expert opinion, do u recommend overclocking to 1.8ghz (Siyal Kernel gives me this option thru SetCpu)?

        One thing I noticed…. when I scroll my home page either left or right, the wallpaper behind kinda moves only 3/4 of the way leaving the rest black….. Is it a bug or normal??? Can it be fixed

        Thanks in advance…..

  55. Faslane says:

    Will this work for the ATT variant of GS3 or is it JUST for the i9300 model?



  56. HassaN says:

    Hi Max…..
    Just a quick question…… Just came across i9300 Omega v2.0 AOKP Build 4 Jelly Bean 4.1.2…..

    Is this Omega Rom??? And how is it different from Omega 30 (Currently installed on my SGS3) other than its 4.1.2 instead of 4.1.1? Can u kindly explain………….

    In your expert opinion do u suggest installing it?
    Thanks and Regards

  57. SpaceRooster says:

    Hey Max,

    Could you do an update review for Omega ROM (it’s at v34 now) please? Also, is it possible to rank your reviewed ROMs (list of stock-like and AOSP/AOKP)? I ask because I dual boot Omega (main) and Resurrection Remix (2nd), both used thru your recommendations. Will be much appreciated. Thanks. Great work btw

  58. Jesper says:

    Hey Max. Can i use this Rom for my 9305?

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