Pardus HD ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Galaxy S4 Edition]

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For this week’s Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 ROM of the week, check out Pardus HD ROM “Galaxy S4 Edition”.

While keeping it minimalistic without bloatware but with latest goods like Galaxy S4 theme, Note 2 Gallery app, and Lite Camera High Quality Recording mod, the Pardus HD ROM brings you the best of latest Android 4.1.2 XXEMC3 along with stability and performance you desire.

You will appreciate the Galaxy S4 theme (enjoy the future now without buying S4) and S4 Accuweather widget along with S4 wallpapers.

For camera, the Lite Camera HQR mod brings you volume shutters coupled with higher bit-rate video/audio recording for camcorder for quicker photos and higher quality videos.

This ROM has all bloatware removed and performance/wifi/battery tweaks injected.

Other notable features included no auto conversion to MMS, unlimited contacts to SMS/MMS, up to 990 contacts, reduced home button lag, optimized virtual memory for better multi-tasking, home-screen torch, inverted GMail, and multi-window enabled for all apps.

This is another great option for those of you looking for Galaxy S4, similar to MS Team HD ROM but different and simpler.

If this sounds like the slice of the cake for your daily driving, certainly give it a ride around town this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Pardus HD ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Download Lockscreen Fix (must flash this!!!)

Download Xperia Lockscreen (Optional, flash this if you want Xperia lockscreen as shown in video)

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from 4.1.2 ROM like MS Team HD ROM), install ROM, install Lockscreen fix, (optional) install Xperia lockscreen, reboot!

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit the Thanks button if you like it, thanks! You can also get the Lite Camera MOD for other ROMs here.

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54 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    as always thanks max will try this im currently on MS Team HD 10.0 but there is way to many bugs atm so hopefully this one is stable and not a battery whore

  2. Owais says:

    Can I flash the Xperia Lockscreen on the Nexus 4? Please REPLY ASAP!

  3. Dave says:

    Cant seem to get the weather or news info on the lockscreen and iv downloaded the fix patch?any ideas?

  4. Brian says:



  5. Phillip says:

    I can’t change my lockscreen wallpaper. I installed the fix and then the xperia lockscreen after I flashed the rom. It just stays on the pic with the kid and the balloons… Any advice?

    • James says:

      Having the same issue. All it wants to do is stay on the kid will the balloons. This will probably get me to go back to Hyperlight :/

      • Clive Warburton says:

        I have the same problem, perhaps this has been fixed in version 2. I am going toflash at wweekend so will update you.

      • James says:

        Update – I have noticed it does change. The kid with balloons is an overlay image and for a brief millisecond I saw my other image underneath flash. So looks like its something wrong with lock screen image. Perhaps it will be fixed with a new update.

        Kind of a bummer as I really liked this rom, looks as if I will be going back to Hyperlight after all.

        • Clive Warburton says:

          I have updated the rom to version 2 and the lock screen wallpaper is now customised.
          Hope this helps.

  6. Zay says:

    I have a sprint version of the GS3, I installed this rom, now my phone won’t even turn on. Any ideas on how I can get if fixed?

  7. Brian says:

    Congrats you have bricked your phone…. THIS ROM IS FOR INTERNATIONAL VERSION ONLY!!!!!!

  8. Zay says:

    Thanks for that, but where does it say that it’s for international models only?

  9. Brian says:

    you now need to get your self a jig and force your phone into download mode and flash a stock rom from SamFirmware… correct me if im wrong Max Lee

    he states it in the video as well as it does say GT-i9300

    also says

  10. Zay says:

    My apologies, yes I saw where it says GT-i9300, lol. Guess I missed that, or for some reason thought my phone was that model, only to realize it’s a SPH-L710. So, what is this Jig you are referring to, and where can I get one? Thanks again for setting me straight, lesson surely learned.

    • Brian says:

      Hey dude you can either buy one off ebay or make one your self… there actually really easy to make the only thing i will add is there is no need to solder it like max does in his video lol i havent soldered my jig i have put a link below for you good luck dude if you need any help please fell free to add me on fb or email me on i will do my best to help you as quick as i can

    • nebojsa says:

      bro u will be stupid if u buy anything….. just download rom .tar.md5 for your phone and u can install it with odin 😉

  11. wibisono says:

    how to flash the hd room?
    can you show me the steps and send it to mail email…

  12. Zay says:

    Thanks Brian, I saw your posting late. I sent it to Samsung Galaxy Riff Box JTAG Boot Restore / Unbrick Service to be fixed. Should have it back by end of week or early next week. But I will look into getting the Jig for future FUBR situations I might find myself in, lol.

  13. Beto says:

    I installed this room, but gapps says “google play stoped” one once and i cant use it, How can i fix it?

  14. chris says:

    I installed the rom succesfully. This rom works great but my gps doesnt work anymore. My tomtom keeps searching for gps signal without succes. How can i fix this.

  15. ahsan says:

    I tried installing this file but i get a message saying E:signature Verification Failed ??

    Please help


  16. Khine Mye' says:

    Really thanks my bro, you are genius 🙂

  17. Clive Warburton says:

    I love this rom, battery life is brilliant. I would normally be charging my phone by 7pm from around 6am but with Pardus it lasts until I switch off about 11pm.
    Phone response is really quick as well as browsing on data, screens load far faster.
    Only one issue is the smallest are not threaded, can anyonehelpme?

  18. harry says:

    very nice rom, battery life has improved. got a problem though, volume buttons is not working. anyone else having issues with the volume?

  19. kevin says:

    i installed this rom successfully but the only thing that is happening is that it keeps freezing :S i wiped delvik and data/factory on the phone before installing as well. anyone have any ideas as to why this may be happening?

  20. tony says:

    i cant add a city to my weather widget and cant use the camera because whenever i try it says camera failed

  21. Rowen says:

    I was successfully installed the rom but when i checked the camera it failed to open. How to fix the camera, i flash also with other camera mod but still it was failed.

  22. Clive Warburton says:

    I love this rom, only thing I would like to see added is a 5 x 6 home screen and app drawer.

  23. Charles says:

    max can u upload the Pardus HD RoM S4 Edition Volume II |Fast|Stable|Ram Free|JKay|30.04.13|
    cause everytime i downloaed, it will Disconect with my IDM
    please upload it in ur website

  24. Rick says:

    I liked the sound of this so thought I’d give it a go. I’ve installed ROMS on this phone before without issue. When it rebooted after install though I was prompted to enter my decryption password, but it would not accept it. I was able to re-flash into another ROM and decrypt and use the phone fine, but under this ROM the decryption just won’t work.

    I thought I might as well just factory reset the phone, but this didn’t work either. It reporter a success but then booted up again, prompted for decryption password – and there was all my data. The data reset didn’t seem to have done anything. Could this also be to do with the encryption preventing a reset? Has anyone any idea how I might be able to get past this, remove encryption, and install the ROM I want?

  25. mafia says:

    hi, it you explain everything on this website like how to root your phone to how to install a custom rom. but how i do flash? because i got to flash the lockscreen fix.

  26. Yaron says:

    Great rom, thanks max!

    The only problem I found with this rom is ever since I installed it my S3 wont accept my 64gigs sd card. -weird

    Any thoughts?

  27. jose luis garcia says:

    Hi there, i’m having issues with my SD Card, suddenly in the notification area it appeard “Unmounting SD…” and now it just won’t read it, any suggestion?

  28. Riaz Khan says:

    Seems Ripple and ink effect not working. Tried the fix also. Will try installing xperia lockscreen

  29. Aljim says:

    Hi! I’ve installed this ROM but my S-voice was gone… what should i do? Thank you…

  30. collzam says:

    dud the rom is nice but the camera is not working how to fix the camera?plz reply

  31. faramarz says:

    thanks it’s working on my pardus rom galaxy S3 but music widget not working on lockscreen ..can you help me plz?

  32. mohd saad says:

    i installed the pardus s4 rom and my network not showing …iam unable to call and recieve any calls

  33. bordzzz says:

    WTF…!!!! I`ve installed this to my s3 19300…. but recovery mode doesn`t work. it only rebooted, after that I try to eboot it into revocery mode in pressing switch mode then booommmm MY s3 BRICKED..!!!! cant unbrick anymore!!!
    NEED help here MODERATOR~~~~

  34. chilly willy says:

    hey MAX i dont need Gapps when i flash this ROM do I ? if i do which version do i need


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