Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Android 4.2.1][Multi-User][Version 3.1.4]

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For those of you who want to experience “pure” Google OS with a “ton” of UI customization, overclocking, and more, check out the Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM for your international Galaxy S3 GT-i9300.

A fine mix of CM10, AOKP, and cool features like flawless Android 4.2 Photo Sphere camera and Android 4.2 GMail app, Resurrection Remix is a great Jelly Bean ROM that gives you the best of many worlds.

This is probably the best ROM on the Galaxy S3 and without a doubt, probably the best AOSP ROM for the GT-i9300.

So, go ahead, give this ROM a go if you are a pure OS lover, you will like it and let us know what you think!

v3.1.4 – Android 4.2.1, lockscreen widgets, multi-control, and latest AOKP features.


Download Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM

Credits – XDA

Also see review of version 3.1.2:

(Android 4.2 GMail allows you to easily swipe away your e-mails.)

With lockscreen rotation, calendar/weather widget, and custom targets (up to 8) enabled, this ROM is flawless when it comes to lockscreen customization.

You will find more options than your brain can handle on top of AOKP ROM Control settings.

Need to overclock? ย  No problemo.

My favorite feature is the Photo Sphere camera, works well on this ROM.

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98 Responses

  1. CarlosM103 says:

    Hopefully it comes out for the AT&T GS3, I’ll be checkin up on your site so i can try it out.

  2. Jorge says:

    Hi Max, I just tried to installed but I get “Installation Aborted” error message. is this rom has to be installed on top of another one?

  3. Jonathan Carter says:

    hi max, i don’t know if there is a more direct way to contact you, so im trying this.
    I’m having some trouble with my sd card. i just flashed the Resurrection Remix v3.1.2. rom onto my i9300, and all was working fine, until i inserted my sd card. at first my phone gave me an error message saying “damaged sd card, try reformating?” and so i did. it unmounted and then nothing. i went into setting than storage options, then clicked mount usb storage(or something) under SD Card, then i got the same error message “damaged sd card, try reformating?” and so i did it again. and every time the same thing happened. when it wouldnt work on my phone, i plugged it in to my pc, and it said it needed to be reformated, so i did, and it worked fine, i could access it, store files on it etc., but when i inserted it back into my i9300, it gave me the error message again. this is a really big problem, since i store a lot of data on my sd card (its 64gb if that helps). i don’t know if my phone’s screwed up or my sd card, or my sd card just doesnt work with jelly bean(which i hope is its not) and im pretty woried

    Ps: i was originally running criskello rom v5.4.1. ICS for a long time, then switched to AOKP JB Milestone 1 yesterday, and thats when the problems with the sd card started, the same as with RRv3.1.2., then i switched to RR v3.1.2 hoping that the problem would go away, but it didnt

    im really desperate and kinda freaking out, so any help would be much appreciated.
    and thanks in advance,

    • Asrar Ahmed says:

      All AOKP, AOSP, CM10 ROMs does not support 64 GB exfat format SD cards. they will be damaged without an easy recovery if such rom is flashed with the sd card inserted. I dual boot my GT I9300, one with Touchwiz Jelly Bean, other with AOKP, I always remove my sd card when booting AOKP. Just a quirk we gotta live with.

      • Jonathan Carter says:

        thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚
        but what do you mean by “they will be damaged without an easy recovery if such rom is flashed with the sd card inserted.”? does this mean my phone/rom/sd card is permanently damaged?

    • SimSim says:

      AOKP doesn’t support exFat file system. The only thing that works is GUIformatter – it was fix your card and format it to FAT32.

      • SimSim says:

        *will fix your card

        • Jonathan Carter says:

          How do I do that???? (The formating to FAT32 using GUIformater)

          • SimSim says:

            Like you would any other card, download the program and run it.

            • Jonathan Carter says:

              Sry, I probably sound like an idiot, but I am completely clueless with this stuff, I’ve never done anything like this before. So formating it to fat32 let’s me use it on my phone and still on my PC like I normally would? Just want to be sure

              • slimg says:

                Works great on my GT-I9300 and it works great , is fast as hell , camera is awesome … No complaints , thanks Max !!

                ohh one thing though , what the hell is a color pimp hat looking icon on the drop down menu? I can’t figure it out, haha

                • Manoj Guruge says:

                  its apparently called “swagger” hahaha.. i have no idea what it for too bro..
                  on a side note.. does anyone know if pictures can be directly set to be saved to the memory card after a picture has been taken?

    • Randall says:

      First thing about flashing roms is to read the whole post. AOKP roms require a differently formatted sdcard. It is stated that sdcards should be reformatted to fat32. Flashing rom without reformatting the sdcard will corrupt the card.

    • nir says:

      i must say, when i flash this rom too. my sd card show the same. dead sd card.. and it was SanDisk 32GB woth lot of data and backups… when i flashed other roms the sd card stay good and function after using this rom no more sd card.
      and havin a lot of trouble with the camera, crashed all the time, but work fast as hell.
      to bad this rom not fit like u said to sgs3.

  4. Amit says:

    no matter what i try i just cant get nfc to work pls help

  5. Alvin says:

    How does this compare to Foxhound? I’m loving Foxhound so far.

    Before one flashes a new rom, does one just need to backup the current rom and then flash the new rom with clean wipe data/partition?

    If you want to restore the apps, do you just use Titanium? Thanks.

    (I previously just wiped everything from the stock rom since it’s buggy and I haven’t flashed another rom over a custom rom before)

  6. Renky says:

    should i upgrade to Android 4.2 for this rom?

  7. willie says:

    hey guys whats up just installed this on my s3 and looked like all went fine but nothing happens after boot logo finishes fone does nothing and keeps doing same when powered back up any ideas on what could be wrong or how could i fix cheers

  8. willa says:


  9. willa says:

    Somme issues ‘lag/force close” with camera.
    Anyway, this is a great and fast rom !

  10. karl says:

    facebook contact sync dosent work :/ but everything else is perfect!

  11. ferdz says:

    Hi Guys,

    Great ROM.
    I’m having issues with 3G connection within apps. Seems that apps can not connect to their respective servers when i’m using 3G. I tried to connect using wifi and they are all good, no problems at all, they connected.

    Has anyone experienced this issue? Solution may be?


    • willa says:

      hello ferdz,

      i think you just need to flash again ’cause i don’t have this problem.
      This rom works like a charm without any problems.

      First, i touhht google voice search doesn’t work but it really works few hour laters, dont know why but it needs couple hours to synchronized with google servers.

      Just install it again, that’s the best rom for our S3, really prettty (google style) and stable.

      Thanx Ressurrection.

  12. Nicho says:

    I just installed this and wiped dalvik cache and reboot and it just sits on the boot screen forever

    • willie says:

      i have same problem but mine was in some type of boot loop it just kept rebooting after boot logo finished i tried all sorts even unrooted fone again and then rooted it and still same thing so i just went back to foxhound if u find any way around this let me know hope u do it looks pretty dam kool anyway peace bro

    • RoXoR_97 says:

      if ur phone get stuck at boot logo just go and wipe\factory reset your device and restart your phone . it worked for me

  13. SimSim says:

    Im getting serious Wifi problems with this rom. It keeps dropping signal and forgetting connections, fed up of having to type in my wifi and work password.

    Also major battery drain even when idle.

    • Dan says:

      Actually my battery life is very good, ive just come from CM10 nightly and im fed up because theres something wrong where randomly i cannot head the other person when making or receiving a call. I believe it could be to do with the kernel but not sure how to change it. This rom althoough has some things i miss in CM10 and some of the settings dont work and its too dark throughout the whole UI and i dont know how to change it. But its stable and everything works apart from Tethering.

  14. Faisal says:

    this rom sucks even if has good stuff but the bad stuff overcome it I regret that’s I flash it and
    thank GOD I backup-ed my system phew!

  15. Brendan says:

    This rom is ugly as. Looks so bloaty and even the application drawer button is not HD – it is blury.

    And yes, it damaged by 64 gb card so i had to reformat and i lost all my data.

    I’ll always remember to backup my fricking ext SD CARD.

    Damn this horrid rom.

  16. Alan says:


    I have a 4G plan with orange on the international version, after I installed the ROM I noticed the phone isn’t using 4G but 3G and switching constantly to H+.
    Does anyone know which modem supports 4G?
    My prior baseband version was UBLG2.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Jarod says:

      The internation version doesn’t actually support 4G (at least the LTE version) What the galaxy S3 refers to as “4G” is actually HSPA+. You arent having a signal problem. I have the ATT version and it used to say 4GLTE, 4G, and 3G. Now rommed it says 4G, H+, and 3G. This is normal as what the phone is displaying is actually more accurate.

  17. Loz says:

    I flashed this rom a total of 8 times to make sure it wasnt me that was doing something wrong. The rom worked fine but wouldnt sync with Kies so i could restore my email accounts and my text msgs… had to use TB and that never seems to put back what I had before without lots of trying and lost of exchange acc has stopped working messages!!… Also I use the infuse 4g car craddle and again another new rom that doesnt work in the car!!! Errrrrrrrrrrrh. Spent all day trying to bring my phone upto date and WAM!! just finished hours later restoring Foxhound v1.3 4.1.1 and even thats got a icon in my pull down tray saying new software availible ie: v 1.4 Im so paranoid about this upgrade as im not sure if this is gonna kill my infuse working again…!!!!

    Tell you what I like this S3 no doubt its got power and all that jazz, but coming from the old Nokia N900, I never belived Id ever have all these issues to overcome just wanting to move upto the latest level of rom… even the stock JB rom 4.1.1 kills the infuse craddle connection.. wtf is that all about????… with my Nokia… flash and go and it never delated a single photo on my SD card in the 3 years I had it… ive lost count of the amount Ive lost with this S3…

    In summing up… good rom some nice features, not tested very well by the rom makers… be aware of using 64gb card! it may corrupt your data as not compat. Will not connect to Kies to restore info back to apps. And kills the connection for Infuse 4g car craddle ie: No sound though car speakers and screen does not stay on with charging.
    My score 5 out of 10.

    Come onnnnnnn devs please start testing these rom a little deeper… I’d glady pay for the work you guys are doing… but in return stop making me sratch my already bald head…. its making it sore..
    Thanks Foxhound so far your the best out there, but Im not flashing the latest just incase I have to roll back all over again.. ๐Ÿ™

    • G says:

      Hey, I have had the same issues, does not have a clue what a 64GB SD card is and to top it off won’t even find my camera. I liked this rom to start with but now (after 2 weeks or so) there is so many bugs in it I am removing it from my phone.


  18. Murtuza Lokhandwala says:

    My speakers are not working…wat I hv to do now…..plzzzz help…I am not able to listne any songs nor……I am able to call anyone….I reinstalled the ROM twice….

  19. Santiago says:

    Hello I need a bit of help I installed the rom no problem but the thing is that my internet conction is not working quite well it only connects to EDGE and cant get the speed I used to have before

  20. Christopher says:

    Its a great ROM but i just hate the back background on Gmail. How can i change it ?

  21. himesh says:

    Hi has anyone experienced problems with the brightness settings on this ROM? Mine just say “settings have stopped working” when I try to launch it. Everything else is working fine.

    Any help appreciated

  22. mvadhia says:

    Hi live this ROM, the only issue I have is sometimes the camera app comes up with an error saying it can’t connect to the gallery? Any ideas?

  23. Brian says:

    i installed๏ปฟ this rom..and somehow i cant take screenshots..what do i do? I’ve tried the power button+home key…doesn’t work..would appreciate the help ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. manoj says:

    i installed this rom, and now i see only the boot logo, nothing else happens, cannot factory reset, as the volume down button, power and menu button gives no option,

    cannot do nothing @ this point of time,
    can anyone help ??

    • willie says:

      I had same problem with my s3 and it drove me crazy i ended up unrooting it back to latest android firmware and rooted it again and it worked hope this helps.

  25. mohamed says:

    hello this rom is great i like it much
    but where is s voice and motion option i cant find it

  26. Konairell says:

    Installed ROM everything works fine except for the gallery and music player, no images are displayed and no music in media player, please help me!! Im using galaxy s3 international version I9300

  27. Khun Marc says:

    Thanks Max. Installed it following your guide, first time rooting. Works great. Sure, few bugs but it’s just so much better than Touchwhiz that I couldn’t care less. One happy user here. You said you’re moving to Bangkok? I live there, you can hit me up if you want. Regards, Marc

  28. Jake says:

    Hey max, after installing this rom the logo boots up but then I just get a blank screen and I can’t do anything. I have tried re flashing it but still the same problem I just get the logo boot then a blank screen? Any advice?

  29. Eric says:

    Hi zedomax

    I have a samsung galaxy s3 i9300 hard brick, can you help me

    I install resurrection remix 3.1.3 when this happen

    thank you

    • gill says:

      So bad dude.. u hv brickd ur phone.. no solution.
      Only jtag can solve ur problm.. or R.I.P ur gs3.

    • David Theodore says:

      I know this might be very obvious but maybe xD. Are you sure your hardbricked ?!?. If you are still somehow able to get into ODIN Download Mode (shut down device – wait 5 seconds – Hold down Vol down + Home button + Power button – wait for Download mode prompt – press Vol up to conform going into Download mode) , just try flashin a Stock GT-I9300 tar.md5 file and you might save your device. But as already mentioned if you REALLY are harbricked only JTAG Unbrick can help. I recently flashed RR 3.1.4 and it screwed up my Modem (Baseband) and was very disappointed with just about everything. I suggest don’t flash ROMs like I did without exactly knowing what it is and has. Start with Official AOKP and CM releases to see if you actally like these new features.

      • gill says:

        Or u can put out ur battery n wait 5sec n then reinstall battery. N try to get into dowmload mode. If this does not work then sure u hav hard bricked ur gs3.
        Only jtag can solve ur problem..

    • gill says:

      Only flash those rom who meant to be for your gs3 version.

  30. Gary Blake says:

    This rom is poor i am afraid. Lots wrong with it.

    I’ll come back and give it another go when its matured some more.

  31. pava says:

    Hello, thank you for nicenpost and Rom. For me working fine but can not find sphere photo. There is panorama and normal but sphere no. Its looks that really is not there. Please how can active photo sphere and how I get lockscreen widgets? i uce Nova launcher but no way to get widgest on lockscreen. Thanks so much for help.

  32. Devon says:

    Does this work for the LTE version i9305?

  33. abdullah says:

    Max where you get the white home button or sticker i am have an s3 and its button accidently got scratch plz help

  34. ali says:

    what is the best modem to choose…i chose one b4 that made the battery last for 2 days..but forgot if it was 3.1.3 or 3.1.4…and btw foxhound romd deleted my ext SD now i cant use it

  35. conscis says:

    Hi! I recently installed this rom and got one issue. I recreated the problem by enable/disable the torch toggle in the statusbar toggle menu twice. What happens is that the torch stop working and also the camera.
    Some hardware communication issue in this rom?
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Sanjeewa says:

    I cant sign in to SamsungApps. What is the country code for this ROM, It shows PPC as the store country. how can i disable the country lock????

  37. Frank says:

    I used to be a big fan of this ROM since Galaxy S2. However, i no longer use it. Every release has some issues. The contacts interface is out dated.

    WanamLite is the best I have ever tried for Galaxy s3. Stable, fast and basically not issues.

  38. David Theodore says:

    [My personal oppinion]:

    This rom sucks in too many ways. Its a major bloat. The install instructions work only like half the time. It’s like a box in which just all kinds of stuff is thrown in. It’s got a lot but no idea behind it. It’s fun to test all these different options, settings and configs, but just not meant for real usage. For people who are looking for a lean rom THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT.

    @zedomax: I like your videos and respect you a lot und very often trust your judgement 100% but to all the people watching these rom presentations: don’t blindly think this is the best rom or so. If you have already found something that works for you don’t try to throw it over board just cause it’s written here it’s apparently the best rom around. NEVER CHANGE A RUNNING SYSTEM, you’ll just end up breaking it (have expirienced this so many times)

    What I’ve learned from this is: these videos are really good for entering the “rom biz”, rooting, unlocking and so on just that you don’t end up bricking your device, but once your comfortable with rooting/flashing just always judge roms yourself and then comment them for others.

    Sorry for beeing so harch at the beginning, i was just really upset cause I hoppes this is gonna be the rom of all roms and was disappointed to badly.

    Once again thanks to max and all the devs who work so hard on this stuff we enjoy soo much.


  39. Alec Wheeler says:

    Will this work for my Verizon S3?? (SCH-I535)


  40. Haris says:

    Hey guys,

    I found this a great rom. Its working for me without any real issues at the moment.

    I am very new to this rooting and installing custom rom business. I live in Australia and my GS3 was bought off Vodafone here. I needed some help from anyone who knew what a “kernel” was and how it would affect this rom. I installed this rom straight after i had omega rom running. But do I need to install the “siyah” kernel separately? in the ROM controls menu here, I dont have the weather option or any way to undervolt the cpu as max shows it in the video. How do I go about getting my weather on this rom.

    Thanks again for any help!

  41. Spinning S3 says:

    Hi Max,

    I install this rom into my s3 last nite and it went fine, can do whatever shit it usually does. When I woke up this morning, it can’t be turn on anymore although it is charging from the time I went to bed.
    This is what I did for the pass 24 hours:
    Device: gt-i9300, previous rom wanam lite downloaded from this website.
    1. Use Super Backup to backup my SMS, contacts, and call log
    2. Use titanium pro to back up all user app+data and backup Email 4.0
    3. Save RR JB 3.1.4 to my extsd 8gb
    4. Went in cwm make full backup
    5. Cwm wipe dalvik cache, battery, and reset factory
    6. Install RR JB 3.1.4 from extsd
    7. Successful. Done all settings. Restore all user apps. All went smooth.
    8. Restore Email 4.0. Got forced close, but I just fuck it. Reboot device, got forced close email again.
    9. Play game, watch YouTube, facebooking, while charging the device.
    10. Went to sleep with device charging.
    11. Woke up this morning, device with green led on, unplug it, green led light when off, phone can’t turn on.
    12. Tried to press here and there but nothing happens.
    13. Grabbed my hair, bang my head on the wall, and shouted “fuuuuccccckkkkkkkk”.
    14. Typing this post.

    Any kind soul out there, please lead my s3 to the path of light….. Thanks in advance.

  42. Spinning S3 says:

    Ah damn…. The battery is working fine, I think it’s time to send it to Samsung.

  43. Mark says:

    LOVE THIS ROM! Came from foxhound, so much smoother and reliable, only issues are camera with flash, and lockscreen options but will wait for the next update! If you find your current rom a little leggy at times and don’t want touchwiz interface this is the rom for you!

  44. willP says:

    After installing the rom, it get’s to the boot animation and stays there!! Very annoying :/

  45. Yazan says:

    First, i keep on having the error every time im getting a phone call and when i press ok it rejects it,
    i also have the same error when i end an active call.
    Second, The Led only works with incoming calls, it doesn’t work for other notification, i never installed any 3rd party LED applications.
    Please Reply, Specially to my first problem as it is very annoying!

    • yazan says:

      Now my phone wont take calls at all, the caller gets a busy tone or out of reach while my phone ison standby ๐Ÿ™

  46. David Theodore says:

    Can someone tell me how to make flashable tar files from cwm.img files ? (On windows) and maybe not with the toolkit ?

  47. David Theodore says:

    Highly recommend people to try Omega Series Roms, espiacially if your’re looking for a ROM for daily use. (ATM v37)

  48. ian carl says:

    Hi max,
    Thank you for all the efforts.
    I just noticed that every rom jb 4.2.1 that I flashed in my s3 i9300 the:
    1: camera app crashes when taking pictures *with flash*
    2. Tiny planet crashes when saving, so you won’t see it in gallery because it crashes before saving.
    3. Usb driver not recognized, even with installing the kies and trouble shooting the driver. I tried it to connect it to my 2pc and 1mac that was working/connecting before flashing it to 4.2.1 still no luck
    4. My 64gb sandisk memory card is not recognized, I need to reformat it before I can use it. Good thing I backup all my files both my external and internal sd. Too bad I haven’t tried to insert my old 8gb Kingston if it’s working.
    I’m now using criskelo 16 with kitchen 14.3, I don’t like the criskelorom_v20 because whenever I wake up my screen with my home button, it closes the app. The kitchen 14.3 is not working for this rom, do you have any advice max to fix this wakeup thing with home button? Thank you

  49. N says:

    Can I have the Lockscreen from Resurrection without the installing the rom?

  50. I9300 user says:

    Installed rom last night via cm mod. Phone is now stuck in a boot loop, when I reboot into the recovery mode after 2 seconds it just resets back into the boot loop!. Not sure why this as happened as I have installed many roms.

  51. John says:

    How do you add widgets to lock screen ?

  52. han says:

    My top LED light is always on and orange/yellow, how do I turn it off?

  53. vidu says:

    a few problems like bluetooth doesn’t work to good and no sphere cam and you can’t flash any kernels and if you do it won’t start and when you make a new user the phone doesnt work it says “android process has stopped ” and can’t find how to add to the lock screen slide thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. aagii says:

    Hi guys, it is awesome except not working sim applications.
    How can I find and or use simtool application and multi window…

  55. Huron says:

    Thanks for the help installing this ROM….my first experience.
    Everything seems to work fine except that i can access internet only via wifi…there is no connectivity via my carrier.
    What did i do wrong?..How can i fix?

  56. SpeedfreakA4 says:

    Hi. Thanks to the developer for an awesome ROM! Im loving it!. Just one question…I cant seem to find the font style changer. I normally used to go to Settings, display, Font style. The only option i have now is the Font size option.
    Thanks in advance

  57. Gaz says:

    Hi all ๐Ÿ™‚

    Loving the rom apart from one thing… phone doesnt “wake up” when a text message is received, at work i have to keep my phone on silent and im missing alot of messages because only the led comes on, before rooting my phone would wake up when a text received ๐Ÿ™

    Anyway around this?


  58. Cloud says:

    I can’t use custom ringtone (mp3 from sdcard)? There is no custom ringtone option in setting>sound>ringtone

  59. Anjaneya says:

    Do we any solution for battery?
    Whether it is cm10.1 or resurrection, battery drains in 12-14hrs. Whereas stock roms like Ultima v9.0 gives 20-24hrs battery. I watched 2 movies, played temple run, attending calls, downloading files over WIFI and capturing snapshots.

    Is their anyway that we can flash stock kernel to cm10.1 or any aokp rom? Siyah kernel ain’t so bad but still I found stock kernel is way much better than stock cm kernel.

  60. spiros says:

    Great looking rom..!!My only problem is that my lockscreen and camera look nothing like the one in the video..I mean,no lockscreen menu and no circle camera option..what have i done wrong??thanx in advance!

  61. cruz arcia says:

    what rom wont make๏ปฟ me lose 4g???

  62. fauzi says:

    why after installation this rom my imei is wrong?

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