Romow Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S3 i9300!

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Looking for the best leaked Jelly Bean ROM for your Galaxy S3 GT-i9300?

Well, I was going to keep updating my 420 ROM but since leaks are being leaked like every 2 days now, I’ve decided to wait for official Jelly Bean ROM to be out before doing that.

In the meanwhile, there’s a great Jelly Bean ROM I can recommend you, the Romow Jelly Bean ROM, which comes with the latest DLI1 Jelly Bean leak.

The ROM itself is pretty simple, it’s been de-bloated, optimized, and with some features added like Bravia Engine.

If you want to run the latest Jelly Bean leak, give this ROM a try and let me know what you think!


Download Romow Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S3 i9300 (DO NOT INSTALL UNLESS YOU HAVE I9300!)
Credits – XDA

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36 Responses

  1. michael says:

    Does it have hx camera mod?

  2. daniel nicol says:

    Whats the Bravia Engine?

  3. Kuiper says:


    Will i be able to Install the Official Jelly Bean Update after i use this Leaked version of jelly bean?

    • Sid says:

      Big deal…i was told so by some other people and also Max that once a backup is made…official updates are no trouble if we roll back to it and connect…My bad luck. :(((( i rolled back n it wont update thru wifi and now on connecting with kies it tells your device does not support upgrading via kies. :(((( damn these custom roms…have lost the ability to get anything official so far. 🙁

  4. carlos says:

    I was soo sorprised that I finally found the perfect rom lol. Problem: Can make phone call, and when someone calls me they can hear me. other than that, its a perfect rom.

  5. carlos says:

    sorry, ( they can’t hear me)

  6. Chen says:

    Great job. I love it. But there seems to be no Chinese language in the system so that everything in Chinese cannot be displayed. How can I install Chinese language package and let the phone recognise the Characters?

  7. PiNkY says:

    hey whats the name of the black case u have for ur phone ????

    • Max says:

      This one:

  8. Andreas says:

    is it suitable with app@SD to moving apk to external SD ? Thanks

  9. Aliasgar Murtaza says:

    S-beam doesn’t work!!
    And copy paste crashes app! Please help!

  10. Ali says:

    Are we talking Android 4.1?
    I currently have the Galaxy S3 4.0.4. If I root it will I have trouble upgrading to 4.1 or will I need to do something different when upgrading?

  11. gobbi says:

    I watched pretty much every video about that you made about galaxy s3, congratulations, very good job!
    So, i just got my galaxy s3 i9600, and i don’t know what rom should I use, i watched the videos but they don’t say much about personalization…
    i want a mod that makes possible a lot of personalization, and that does not make me lose things on the camera or cool that the original “rom” has…
    I am going to install the BlackStar ROM, do you think that this is the best for me?
    thank you!
    oh, and this is the first android of my life, just to let you know if i made any stuppid comment or mistake….

    one more time, really liked your job, and i clicked in some ads, hope that it helps you =D


  12. Andreas says:

    Hi Max,….the ROM well running, in my S3 the Sim Tool Kit could not show.

    Thanks in advance

  13. David Cave says:

    Hi Max…This is a great rom…Tried it and it works great! Using it as daily driver now!

  14. Ahmed El Sherbiny says:

    Where do i download it from ? sorry i cant find the download link :S

  15. mrNice says:

    Nice ROM but mobile data doesn’t seem to be working. Internet works when on WiFi but not on mobile data.

  16. jee says:

    is it normal for my s3 to display
    Android is upgrading
    Upgrading calendar database.
    for like 15 mins?

  17. jee says:

    where is S voice ? :S

  18. Guus says:

    I’ve installed the Rom and everything seems to be working good. Just making phone calls, I can hear the caller. But there unable to hear me.. Are there any settings i need to change for this? I’m on Telus Canada.


  19. Siecho says:

    Google Location services don’t seem to be working…

    The option is turned ON but Google apps (including Google Now) insist it’s turned off and won’t work correctly.

    Apart from that all works fine.

  20. Siecho says:

    After further testing it seems MrNice is correct… Mobile Data isn’t working, 🙁

  21. Siecho says:

    Do you know sometimes when you struggle to work out why something is wrong… then you have a sudden blinding realisation that you’re being an idiot?

    Mobile data wasn’t working because APN settings weren’t correct!!

    Go to:
    Settings/More/Mobile Networks/Access Point Names/

    Press menu button and enter the APN settings for your carrier (google for them)

    Once entered, select the APN you’ve just set up, and voila – mobile data is working!!

  22. MrNice says:

    Prefer the foxhound rom!

  23. Mahir says:

    Used the Romow V8 on the i9300 for about a day now.. Great rom only issue I found was the slow motion feature on the camera.. Also another issue was the camera shortcuts going back to the normal ones even after changing them.. Thanks, Hope this helps…

  24. Tarik says:

    Hey got a bit of an issue, got the ROMOW Rom on my GT-I9300, working perfectly BUT for some reason when I call someone or they call me I can’t hear them and vice versa. Help please!

  25. FreeBrainTrauma says:

    did you made a rom for s3 too like the one yiu made for note 10 ? I installed it on my note and I like it.

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