S4 Revolution ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300!

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For this week’s Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 ROM of the week, check out S4 Revolution ROM.

Based on Android 4.2.2 leak, S4 Revolution brings you touch of Galaxy S4 to your S3 by bringing cool stuff like Galaxy S4 launcher, keyboard, icons, and a slew of S4 apps like S-Health, S-Voice, S-Travel, S-Translator, voice recorder, Story Album, AccuWeather widget, Optical Reader, Trip Advisor, S Memo, and some more.

S-Health works well but you will need a bluetooth pedometer to make its pedometer feature work.  Also you will get two cameras, Android 4.2 PhotoSphere and S3 camera along with two Gallery apps.  You will also find S4 Multi-window which you can use Multi-Window Manager App to enable for all apps.

Other notable features include call recording, extended power menu, and long-press menu button to kill apps.

Overall, S4 Revolution is a solid, light-weight ROM that’s focuses on giving you great performance, battery life, and lots of S4 apps.

If you are looking to turn your S3 into an S4, definitely try out S4 Revolution ROM this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download S4 Revolution ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 [DO NOT FLASH ON OTHER S3!!!]

To install, reboot into recovery, make a backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM then reboot.

Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (if you want Android 4.3 Photosphere camera, but may force close so make a backup of your Gallery app using Titanium Backup app before installing!  )

Also see Hovering Controls App to add S4-like gesture controls.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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27 Responses

  1. David says:

    I need your help Max… I installed this rom and my phone now says emergency calls only…when I try to make calls a message says “Not registered on network”. I full wiped and wiped cache and still the same. I tried other roms and now it’s doing the same way…..what do I need to do?

    • Tácito Valadares says:

      Amigo , sinto-lhe dizer que seu aparelho perdeu o imei..
      Portanto você terá que usar o ODIN ou o Kies pra piscar uma ( ROM original ) em seu aparelho.
      Feito isso , você terá que fazer um BACKUP do seu imei para que depois você poder atualiza-lo.
      Sendo assim , depois de feito o upgrade e o mesmo der somente chamada de emergência , você
      pode voltar o imei original e com isso o aparelho voltará a funcionar.

    • Eranga says:

      I also used this rom and face the same prob.Its b’coz..the rom change the phone IMEI..Software imei and the phone imei different..So get the phone imei to original phone imei..

  2. Rod says:

    im getting the same problem grrrrrrrrr need help

  3. Amish Papneja says:

    David and Rob
    you must have instled XX… modem into your phone which was prompted during rom installation
    now you have to flash your country’s correct modem\baseband\RIL(all are same) to ur fone
    and everything will be f9 DONT PANIC

    it worked for me

  4. Amish Papneja says:

    i installed this rom yesterday
    it is very stable and smooth NO LAGS at all till now
    the ram usage is between 650-700 which is fine

    last week’s rom was FANATASY HD rom which was very laggy coz it uses 780mb of ram

    the features like ink effect,transparent Accuweather widget are missing which were there on last rom

    Touchwiz launcher stops working when we try to apply wallpaper for your lackscreen
    but we can do so with in the gallery

    IN ALL thish is a far better rom than fantasy,sotmax,illusion…etc

    USE it to get FUll s4 FEAL


  5. Rod says:

    thankx Amish Papneja but im from australia perth and ive got gt-i9300t where would i find modems

    • social suicide says:

      you can find stock roms all over these types of sites as well as going directly to the samsung site. Rom hut i believe stores a ton of stock roms

    • Amish Papneja says:

      check for your country and google it for a download link
      just flash it with odin or CWM.
      it ll be f9

  6. Warby says:

    Emergency calls only for me, disappointing as rom is really nice.

  7. saint says:

    same issue… no network….
    I am from India.
    Carrier: Airtel

  8. vishal says:

    my phone is without network.
    no network, no imei, serial no. is 0000000000
    i am unable to make calls….
    plz help me someone

    airtel, india
    without any efs backup

    • Amish Papneja says:

      may get help from this page

      i am currently using ddemg2 ASIA modem
      nd using !dea ndia

  9. Rod says:

    My Phone is stuffed now i went back to stock version and re rooted it and i can call ppl but can not send msg for some reason i rooted it back to omega rom which i had in place before s4 revolution. I think this rom is great but when installing it do not install the modem which stuffed my phone up and others grrrrr any help would be great plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    can not send msg can receive msg tryed to look at *#*#info#*#* and it does not come up at all

  10. shawn says:

    For all those with network issues flash a modem later than xxemg4. Its because samsung shifted to a new efs version and prievious modems arent compatable. No sweat.

  11. Patrick says:

    Rom keep frezess and reboot

  12. Ellusionist says:

    I recommend you guys to update this rom to v5. by the Update app.. v5 is way faster than this one

  13. social suicide says:

    one of the best roms i have flashed. Battery life is excellent and the whole experience is very stable. No lag, no issues. This is a rom that should not be missed.

  14. Joseph says:

    I try to update the rom to the latest 5.0. The update me app freezes when at 99%. Any answers?

  15. Eranga says:

    Thank you V,Much..Its great,,But I cant update it and stop..at 99%..

  16. derrish says:

    * Galaxy S3 I9300 *
    Tried dual booting using ‘googy’..
    Primary – CM 10.2 nightly and
    Secondary – S4 revolution.. But the thing is its S4 revolution is taking way too long to boot.. It boots up very slow. Even the boot animations and initial setups are slow… tried all the usual ttechnique(like wiping cache, dalvik) but still not working…
    Pls help.

  17. Eduwardo says:

    Please provide mirrors..
    Download fails everytime…

  18. ashar ahmad says:

    Plzzzzz help me my imei number was changed after intalling this rom plzzzzz sir
    send me message to me my id is asharahmad81@gmail.com

  19. Darrin Johnson says:

    installed the 4,3 update on my sprint Galaxy 3 the can’t re-root gives me a security not is there a link to a video for this,,, thank you

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