Sotmax ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Android 4.2.2]

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For this week’s Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 ROM of the week, check out Sotmax ROM!

Based on the latest leaked Android 4.2.2 TouchWiz firmware, Sotmax ROM brings you the best of leaked firmware plus many goodies you cannot live without.

Sotmax ROM comes with an AROMA graphical installer that allows you to customize several things including your S4 weather widget, which can be set to 100% transparent and great for making your wallpaper stand out over the widget. Also, you will find many S4 apps including S Health, S Translator, S Voice, S4 video player and some more.

Other optional features in AROMA installer include Fast Dormancy, Xperia Z launcher, HD Voice MOD, call button in contacts, call recording, multi-window sidebar options, and YouTube with download option.

I’ve been flashing many S4-like ROMs but if you are looking for the “one” that will give you the most S4 apps with stability and Android 4.2.2, try Sotmax ROM this week(end) as I think you will love it.


Download Sotmax ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks on XDA if you like it thx!

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41 Responses

  1. Charles says:

    is this leaked firmware or ROM ?

  2. Loz says:

    Looks good im gonna download and try out this rom. As long as it keeps my S3 working in my infuse doc ill keep it on my S3. They Jelly bean 4.2.2 im running is stable but has a lot of tuff that doesn’t so this is worth a go.

  3. Charles says:

    Uwhy my build number is sotmax Ultimate Stock V20 B4 GT-I9300-XXUFME3
    and urs is V21
    mine also dont have smart scroll and smart pause only have smart stay and smart rotaion

  4. ash says:

    Is there any gapps file for this rom?

  5. dinal says:

    I cant find the root file in the unziped folder!! please help! 🙁

  6. mike says:

    Is the download link not working?

  7. MrxSIN says:

    check the ROM here. This if official XDA Thread for Sotmax

  8. abhi says:

    “GS4romHL v2.5 NOWIPE”
    plz can u review this rom

  9. ash says:

    OK I’ve downloaded it used it for a day its an okay ROM… There seams to be a problem… Everytime I set a widget on one of my slides it disappears after unlocking the phone… The clock widget has got a problem of appearing slowly when I swipe to the home slide … Any fixes?? Much appreciated.

  10. David says:

    Hi guys,
    Downloaded this ROM (love it!) and also installed gapps 4.2.2.
    Gmail works great….but Messenger is not showing the text messages at all.
    Can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance.

  11. maikol says:

    It doesn’t show on the choices menu….S-Health…. :/ how come?????

  12. Sajeel says:

    hi everyone, rom doesnt show smart scroll, S health and neither its themed like S4 (home screen / lock screen)…..hey max please help us to get fully dipped in S4 features…..

    overall rom is stable,,,,thumbs up to the devs…

    • ash says:

      Sotmax has got the latest version on the xda website. Its the v21 (this ones v20). Ive updated to that one and got to say its soo much more stable!
      And the smart scroll feature is on the v.21 but I couldnt get it to work…hmm..
      if you flash the v.21 and manage to get smart scroll working let me know (y)

      • Nikola says:

        how to update to v.21??????

        • ash says:

          If you flashed v20 then go to sotmax app in your app folder … in the app you’l see a list, of which one is:’ sotmax on xda (i9300)’ press that.
          You should be directed to the xda forum where you should find a download link for v21.

          or alternatively just google: sotmax rom xda i9300
          and you should get to same page where all the sotmax versions are…and well, just download v21. (Double check the rom is for gt i9300 before downloading)

      • Sajeel says:

        thanks ash for your support….flashed v21 which includes S health and smart scroll options,….but they are not working for me as well………..

  13. Rohit Gomes says:

    This rom gives many options through Aroma installer. At first i liked the rom but after a day of use i found out that its very much buggy. It Lags too. I prefer Pardus HD in place of this.

  14. Loz says:

    I’ve gone from v20 to v21 and all I’ve gained is S health that doesn’t work and if smart scroll is there well I can’t find it. It’s slow… it’s buggy… it’s taken nearly 4 hours to restore all my data to what I think is working as it was before. I’ll keep it for now as it no better than any other rom. But if it doesn’t work in my infuse dock its going. Ps I should have stuck to the jelly bean 4.2.2 leaked rooted. Its by far the best so far.

  15. Azlan says:

    there is a way to remove the boot logo??? Some buddy plz help me I have been use rom toolbox but fail..boot changer fail also, root tools also fail…

  16. Dan says:

    Is latest siyah kernel incompatible with this rom.

    I get the boot logo in treacle issue then it freezes.

    Would be nice to know

  17. ash says:

    People if u update do not update to v22 or v21 or v20 which is available in the link above… very buggy… I tried v22 of sotmax yday and it heated my phone to the brink of what I thought would be destruction. Then sotmax released v23 and so far everythings going great

    Where to find v23 ?…..just google sotmax i9300 xda rom and ul find the xda thread where he drops all the latest updates to this rom.

  18. Loz says:

    I think a little calm is required. … I first used V20 with only one issue… and that was the multi window didnt work. Ive since moved to version 21 and now 22 no over heating on any of these roms my SGS3 is fine a bit crap on battery life but no heating up…I think people are installing roms and other apps and then things go bad… the rom gets blamed. The roms working sweet with my apps. And Def no overheating….


  19. Charlie says:

    I’ve tried the v23 (latest release) and – to be perfectly honest – it wasn’t worth flash my phone with this ROM. None of the so waited S4 resources (like the legendary “smart scroll” or the “S4 camera” (??)) are there – which could be good; after all, it’s better to wipe out resources that are not “matured” yet and don’t work than keep them only to say “my ROM has the ‘smart scroll’ feature but it is disabled due to future implementations!”. So, if one wants to flash only to bear a weak Android 4.2.2-based phone and feels himself/herself at the top, good luck! I went back to the “PureLook HD ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Galaxy S4/Xperia Theme]” (one of the best ROM’s ever put available here) until a really good 4.2.2 version become available.

  20. ash says:

    Ive tried out the v23 rom for a couple of days now, and so far im annoyed with two things..
    1st problem is when I play a video half way through it starts lagging. Seams to be a bug there.
    Has anyone else noticed this?
    2nd problem is the locks screen slides (where you can put widgets on) isnt there anymore. Just one slide with the time on it. I really likes the option of puttig my calender n task list widgets on the lockscreeen slides. 🙁
    Battery life is awesome after downloading easy battery saver, i got a solid 24 hours out of moderate use. Try it out youself it works.
    If sotmax fixes these problems il stick to his roms. But if not il be moving to pure look hd aswell. I hear that roms pretty stable.

    and btw yes the over heating issue with my battery has been resolved since I updated to v23. So alls good on that front.

  21. abdallah says:

    plzzzz guys help meeee … i root my dvice “S3-GT-i9300 & then i download ” Sotmax_Ultimate_Stock_V20B4_XXUFME3_HD_AR_5 ” from the site here & I place zip file in my sd card & i go into recovery mode by (hold volume up, home button and press power) & i Wipe data factory & i Wipe cache partition & i install zip from external memory & then nothing happening … the device just make like download or loading for something & then nothing happen . he return me to recovery mode & when i make restart device i found nothing happen … just i found my old rom & all my data is deleted

  22. Loz says:

    Abdallah for some reason some i9300 don’t like the sd card thats fitted to it. Put the rom on the intetnal card on the root as you have wiped already just do dalvick cashe then install. That should work.

    • abdallah says:

      thanx Loz for your answer …. but i want to know how to fine the rom on internal memory ?

      because i just can find selection or choice to install from SD card …. but i don’t find any selection or choice to find internal memory
      & how to do dalvick cache … i don’t find any selection or choice to do dalvick cache … i just find reboot system & apply update from ADB & apply update from external storage & Wipe data factory & Wipe cache partition & apply update from cache

      so how to do install from internal memory & how to do dalvick cache ????

      P.S : i make root to my device

  23. Loz says:

    Abdulla did you first root your phone? Because it sounds like you haven’t !. If you haven’t then you will have to flash your phone with odin then once you have done that you will have to root your phone. You should then see the root or SD card external memory

    • abdallah says:

      thanx Loz & I found a solution & I solved the problem

      really thanx u a lot …. very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  24. eliran says:

    whay i dont have a s health and smart scroll option?

  25. Waleed says:

    hey.i installed great.Max there is no S health and S4 video Player.Any idea from where i can install it.??

  26. onkabonka says:

    it works great except on this rom only if i put down my phone a lil too rough it restarts but apart from that it’s a great rom

  27. pendee says:

    Thailand menu? and support? ?
    Thank you

  28. Ronald says:

    This rom changed my IMEI to 004999010640000, and now I can’t connect to my provider anymore! I’ve been searching for hours now for a solution. I’ve downloaded the original firmware, with no luck..,

    Do you know how to solve this problem??

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