WanamLite Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300! [Best Stock-Like ROM]

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If you want to be on the latest Samsung official Jelly Bean ROM with the newer features like Multi-window and some more, check out the WanamLite Jelly Bean ROM for your international Galaxy S3 GT-i9300. XDA user Wanam is probably one of the best ROM developers and this ROM represents some of his best work. You will get full stock features plus many enhancements like 15 toggles, tweaked kernels for better performance/battery life, and a ton more.

Check it out and let me know what you think over other Jelly Bean ROMs out right now, I think you will like it.


Download WanamLite ROM

Credits – XDA

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56 Responses

  1. MadMaks says:

    hi Max! Does this ROM have the sphere camera included and if no do you we have a way to install it! TY

    • alex says:

      hello everyone.this is most defently the best rom out there for me personaly.why?? well for one the multi window feature is awesome and 2 i can also install sphere cam wich is ofcourse also cool not perfect thoug for inside pics outside is recomended.i tryed to overcklockmy phone many times in the past but i see no need to do so on this beast phone (international version) and it messes up proccesor crashes and so on so overckloking is not for me.wannam lite is also smooth no lags no problems been running it for 2 weeks.
      great job max keep it up

  2. mocha5hake says:

    I am on Siyah kernel, if I add a second ROM for dual boot is there anyway to access the apps from ROM 1 in ROM 2? Or do I just have to download and install the same apps onto ROM 2?

    • tonardo says:

      Am on siyah too, what i do is that i use a backup app(go backup or ultimate backup)to back up my app to the sd card,..booting to the 2nd rom i download and install the same backup app and restore my apps,contacts,msgs, to the 2nd rom…..

  3. Nikola says:

    hello max i have install this rom in my GS3 and muti-window side bar it dosnot have all programs same as your video???? only some is there a way to add more to this bar or somthing wronge with rom???

  4. Predaarshan V.Chandran says:

    Hi Max! I m a beginner……….i have rooted my phone but i do not know how to install this Rom into my SGS3…..Can you like give me a guide or something? By the way, does the ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ deletes all the data including contacts and images from my SD card? Does this ROM requires to perform that step?

    • Ibarath says:

      I’m in the same boat. I can’t seem to get it to install. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love your site! Keep up the awesome work!

    • Prache says:

      Cannot say for all, all my apps did get deleted but Istill have my contacts (probably becaused I synced them with google same for all my images)
      Sd data of games and downloads are still there too.

  5. ashrith says:

    hey max…is this rom deodexed….??

  6. Preeti says:

    I’m running Alliance ROM at the moment. I love it because of the Jelly Bean features but it is rather laggy and I’m used to snappier ROMS. Would you say this is better given that they both have the same features?

    • Johnny says:

      I was wondering that myself, but since no one answered. I decided to install the rom and I can say this rom runs smoother/faster than the Alliance rom.
      This rom also has the same gallery, multi-window stuff as the Alliance rom and it even has the CRT animation lock screen, which I like…

      • Rick says:

        I tried the Alliance ROM myself & I agree with Johnny, this ROM is better by a mile! Love this ROM & all the functions work. I tried the ‘recording a call’ function, great!

  7. Jamil says:

    Hi max, two questions:
    1) does it have all the galaxy s3 features?
    2) does it come preloaded with photo sphere?

    What happened to your videos? Dude they used to have so much info and you would show all the rom updates, this one does not just showed the window thing and talked about your bricked phone (which i am sorry to hear) come on bro, keep making the vids like you used to. See i wanted to install this cux my phone is completely stock…but since the vid was so shady i dont knoe if i will get everything plus more.

  8. Jamil says:

    I am unable to download the rom, i get 50% and then fail is there nowhere else to download (faster server wud be nice) i have my galaxy s 3 rooted and ready for flashing!

  9. Prache says:

    I just installed this rom, but I can’t take screenshots swiping the screen way, is there any other way to take screenshots??

  10. Jamil says:

    This rom is epic

  11. Rodney says:

    There is a problem with this rom can u plz fix this max there is a problem wif the GPS and screen shots I ave noticed

  12. Azraelh says:

    Hi folks, just a heads up: I tried this rom on my Internation GT-i9300, works well except for a tiny bity problem with the calls (sarcasm). When you make a call, you don´t hear any sounds and the person you talk to is not able to hear you either. Tried other apps and the mic works fine.

  13. mike says:

    this rom is pretty fast compare with the old one, this is the first custom rom i ever tried.

    however, i have encounter two problems so far,

    1. email app doesnt work, it shows a message at the beginning when my s3 first boot up, said “unfortunately, email had stopped. “, and whenever i try open the email app, it shows the same message again.

    2. Caller ID doesnt show names from my contact. it will only show the number calling in, but not the name from my contact.

    anyone else has these problem?

    • Prache says:

      Try flashing it again? I dont seem to have this problem.

      Or try this: close all apps.
      Clear ram.
      Pull out battery (while phone’s on).
      Press thevpower button for like 30 seconds(this gets rid of the excess energy stored in phone).
      Put battery back in.

      This SHOULD fix you problem.. It fixed my auto rotation bug.

  14. Jamil says:

    Using it for two days not nd i must say
    This rom is rock solid, big upps to Wanam
    Is smooth and stable, not a single FC
    Everything works
    Got the camera from xda, big upps to xda, photo sphere is magic

    I have but one minor issure
    There is a setting call notification panel and i see the tiggles and cannot set or edit them
    And the major issue is with the keyboard, what the hell happenedto the perfect one from 4.1.1 i mean it had the perfect dictinary loaded not this geasture crap, why not both?? I mean a choice wud be nice i love predictive text and lve it morr when the allow me to add my own words to it makes me type faster.

    Anyone has the apk/zip file for me to install and rid myself of this geasture rubbish???

    • Rick says:

      I’m very happy with this ROM & to be honest, I tried every function people experienced problems with but it works fine for me.
      Do you have a link directly to XDA for the Sphere Camera?


  15. John Dutu says:

    Hey there. When i click on Download WanamLite ROM, 2 links appear. Which one should i choose? I clicked on the second one which is bigger, but it will not begging to download. Any thoughts?

  16. riki says:

    installed the rom now I cant hear or talk to anyone on calls


    Is it only me or the location services simply won´t work? I cant work with google now or even google maps because the system has some location services issues.

    Does anyone has a solution for this headache?


  18. Prache says:

    Everything seems to work fine for me too. If anyone has a problem, please try what I told mike to do. Its a simple position and usually gets rid of small bugs like the one I had.

  19. Palmystery says:

    fine to me too
    awesome rom

  20. Saj says:

    dear max, can i flash this rom on XXDLJ1 firmware, also please confirm which link to download, mirror 1/2?


  21. Saj says:

    Hi max, can i flash this rom on XXDLJ1 firmware, also please confirm which link to download, mirror 1/2?


  22. MFC says:

    I am newbie, recently I moved from iPhone to SGS3-1747M Canada and I rooted my device using procedure from http://galaxys3root.com (fault proof…thanks)

    Now I am making myself ready to install customize ROM, but what I read until now say that I have first install CWMand ROM Manager do not support SGS3-1747 version, is there a guide to install manually CWM?

  23. Martin Gustafsson says:

    How do you use any app in multiwindow? I see the editbutton but i cant add more apps. Help me please

    • Prache says:

      It happened for me too. But then I opened app drawer and selected edit there, The list was made there and then. Its now seen all the time for me.

  24. Martin Gustafsson says:

    How do you add more then the stock Googleapps to the multi Window? Do you need something more installed to make that work?

    • riki says:

      I could do that before I flashd my ph it fixed the no sound in caller bug but now i cant add my own apps to the side bar anymore

      • Riki says:

        all sorted I had been trying it from nova launcher drag and drop in side bar dosnt work just went back to touch wiz drag and dropped them in set it up how i like the back to nova launcher ,seems to be all fine now haven’t come across anymore bugs

  25. Dexpold says:

    .its prtty good…jst wnted to knw that if i install this ROM will my phone get locked?? my phone is frm other carrier…its from UK carrier: three….plz buddy help

  26. Wayne says:

    Hi there , I have just installed this rom , I am in the UK and also on 3 network , mate this ROM is brilliant, I wanted to stay close to stock but with a few extras, works perfect.

  27. Josh says:

    Hello Max,
    Did I miss your coverage for the i9300 Android 4.1.2 JZO54K?
    I am looking for stability, how would you compare this to WanamLite in stability and features?

  28. Prache says:

    It got updated to 5.2! Please update download links 😀

    • Rick says:

      The download links for the latest is: WanamLite XXELL5 V5.2
      I’m testing it as of today. Go ahead and try:
      http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1705866 .
      Max, I hope it is okay that I gave the link.


  29. Josh says:

    . . . from above, also the 4.1.2 JZO54K has the Note 2 multi-tasking you love as well as some other recent Samsung Apps!

  30. laszlo says:

    is it a multilanguage rom??

    • Prache says:

      I did see more than one language option while I was updating it to 5.2. Sadly I dont remember the languages listed, can anyone list the languages? There were atleast 5 languages.

  31. Prache says:

    After 5.2 update and pairing it with siyah kernel this rom is an absolute delight. Most stable tw rom. Alliance may have a bit more customization but as stability- Wanam is your rom. Also 23 toggles! (5.2 adds multiwindow, smart stay, s beam, power saving, driving mode and more)

  32. Mike says:

    I intalled this rom last week and since then I’m having a strange issue with wifi. It connects to my wifi but after sometime I’m not able to open any website (or use the internet). It just says “no internet connection”. The same thing happens if I connect to my friends wifi. Only after I forget the wifi, reboot and then connect to the wifi again it starts working. But after sometime it stops again. But connecting to the same wifi from my laptop works fine, so I no the internet connection is working. Anyone else having this problem? any fix for this issue?

  33. Frank says:

    Best Galaxy S3 custom rom hands on. I tried both foxhound and Resurrection and i can say that this rom tops both in stability and performance. So far, no issues while i had different issues with Resurrection and Foxhound.

  34. Alnon says:

    Hi Max and Everyone!

    Is it just me or someone after installing this ROM, my phone charges VEEEEERY slow? before i install this it charges normally, now its like 1 hr- 1% or something or maybe im exagerating. But srsly someone help! 🙂

  35. yaser says:

    can i flash this rom to my s3 if am using 4.0.4

  36. sebastian says:

    for install this rom i have to flash it or do it by odin?

  37. Anthony says:

    Can I use this ROM on my Sprint Sph-L710 Galaxy S3?

  38. Brad says:

    Does this (or any) rom support multi-window and let you change the ppi settings of the screen? I love the multi-window, but everything on the S3 looks too big to me, would like to reduce the ppi to fit more on the screen a little smaller…

  39. Craigy says:

    After trying out many roms, Jellybam , MS team HD, Criskelo, Liquid Jelly bean , i got disheartened with bugs and issues, these things shouldn’t really be so commonplace, then I tried this , it’s really nice and bug free with no issues whatsoever so far, and if you follow the given link from a previous poster : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1705866
    there you will find version 6 running Android 4.2.1 , it’s sweet, looks very standard and is very standard, but this isn’t a bad thing, one thing i ovrlooked is features like, smart stay , s-beam , and even MHL for plugging into an external monitor was non functional on certain Roms but not on this baby!

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