Galaxy S3 Root FAQ

This is an FAQ that will be updated often, please leave your questions in the comments section!

If you don’t know what rooting means, please watch this video first:

Don’t know what is a custom ROM? See What is An Android Custom ROM.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT FLASH i9300 ROMs on U.S. or Canadian Galaxy S3 variants or VICE VERSA! Please read the title of post, they will specify the model number of your Galaxy S3!
Note: Galaxy S3 on this site refers to GT-i9300 International models if not specified, which is the original Galaxy S3.

General Tutorials

Root Guide for GT-i9300

Root Guide for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999

Root Guide for AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747

Root Guide for Sprint SPH-L710

Root Guide for Verizon SCH-I535

Got a Korean S3?  We don’t support Korean S3 models but you can check here.

How to get OTA updates after rooting?

We recommend you install rooted stock ROMs instead (so you don’t have to re-root) but if you want to take OTA, you can re-install stock recovery.

428 Responses

  1. Philip Salm says:

    I have watched several videos and yours by far is the easiest method. I have a rooted Samsung Charge by using Odin and I am awaiting my SIII order to come in (US-Verizon). On one youtube video, it showed having to download SDK and ADB, then use those tools after Odin. I didn’t see any of those steps on here, and I didn’t have those extra steps with my Samsung Charge (current phone). I justed used Odin and rooted away. Can you shed any light on that cause I will be rooting the phone on my new computer and I am definitely not an expert with ADB or SDK, but Odin is very user friendly. So any insight will help if I need to use those tools or commands.

    Thank you in advance,
    Phil S.

    • Max says:

      You don’t need SDK or ADB for this root method. Most Samsung devices have ODIN, Samsung’s own flashing software so you can just use that.

    • stephen says:

      hi max…i’m malaysian ,i root my galaxy s3 GT-I9300 by myself,1st time also…after root everything is great ,but after i sew new Android 4.1.2 Thunderbolt Jelly Bean ROM Arrives for Galaxy S3 I9300 so i install it..after install everything is done and cool ,just difficult to use to setting , i try to install the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXELK4 Firmware,so i download Android 4.1.2 I9300XXELK4 ROM root to my s3 ,i use odin n pda i click that 4.1.2 I9300XXELK4 unzip file to tar.md5 and start root is pass and s3 gonna reboot mine s3 is gonna stuck on samsung logo…why ? and how to soft this problem…please help me max…thanks…

  2. PhaseL says:

    So, any info on whether this root method will work for the US CDMA (Sprint) version of the S3?

    Also, can could explain TriangleAway and why there is a necessity for it?

    Getting my phone on the 21st and have you bookmarked in anticipation.

  3. Chris says:

    Does the root method form this website can be apply to australia version galaxy S3? Thank you!

  4. Brian says:

    Will this method invalidate the warranty on my phone, or is this method full reversible? thanks for a simple solution by the way

  5. Erick Avila says:

    Hello, do you think that there will be a way on making the s3 T-Mobile compatible? Kind of like with the Samsung galaxy note. If so, will it be done in the international version or at&t? Thank you very much.

  6. Hafiz Husen says:

    hi, im kinda new to this “rooting world”.. got my S3 yesterday and thanks to u.. managed to root my phone. i rooted my phone, backed it up and installed omega rom. but what is kernel? i try to overclock my s3 but max speed is still at 1400mhz similar to stock speed. im using osx and your tutorial on kernal for s3 is for windows odin.

    and any other recommendation what should i do next after i rooted my phone (overclock, personalize settings, games etc).. kinda noob here coz this is my 1st time rooted my phone coz its very difficult to root via osx


  7. Dale Hubbard says:

    This site is a breath of fresh air. The XDA forum is just too much of a jungle. I just subscribed to your newsletter, and will be making this site my first port of call for tips. I’d also be interested to hear of any tips/enhancements/tricks about what you can do after rooting. Thanks!

  8. zenny says:

    i would like to know how to remove triangle away-flash counter for S3 and Notes, any guides would be appreciated. thank you.

  9. Justin says:

    Any chance you could make a video/walk through of returnig a phone to stock? All steps needed to remove the custom rom, root, custom kernel, etc. This would make a few of my friends and co-workers feel more comfortable rooting and rom’ing their phones. Also, maybe make a “Warning!” page, and list all things not to do or things to verify before you root/rom, so you don’t brick your phone because you didn’t know your phone doesn’t charge in debugging/download mode…


  10. matt says:

    i rooted my s3, its all good and installed a custom ROM, the OMEGA one and i want to restore my phone and get rid of the custom rom, how do i do that?
    I made a backup before i put the custom rom on. i went to back up and restored it but the rom is still there?
    How do i get it off. thanks

  11. Obender says:

    This doesn’t work with Sprint’s s3 unfortunately 🙁

  12. OBender says:

    Is there any way/method to root the Spring US S3 at this point?

  13. TJ says:

    No DONT TRY with US models yet atleast especially with sprint you WILL brick your phone. Learn from my mistake, if you are stuck in download like me, you can wait until the sprint/us firmware for roots come out and try to ODIN flash but best bet try to get a replacement.

  14. Eoin says:

    I get an error saying MD5 mismatch!
    when trying to restore my backed up rom, which is touchwhiz ux.
    Is there any way I can get back to this backup point?

  15. Mohammed says:

    hi Max how r u
    am a van of urs from dubai in UAE. I always used ur motheds in rooting of every samsung galaxy i have like tablet 10.1 galaxy not . galaxy s2 and my latest galaxy s3 . I also try some roomes of urs like omega. the broplem is that omega has video hub program and its noy working with me saying that it is not alloweded or not working in my country. So could u help me with any method that helps me in that. Thanks Max

  16. Ali says:


    I live in the UK and i have rooted m S3 with your method. Everything went smoothly but i have 2 issues i was hoping you could help with

    1) I cant uninstall any of the bloatware using titanium backup, android mate etc.When using titanium backup it reboots and then says cant mount system/app…….

    2) The phone has developed a lag i,e on the intial touch screen where you get ripples the ripples seem to lag and also when you hit any of the keys there is a definite lag

    Any help or guidance would be appreciated


    • Max says:

      Not sure why that’s happening but you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

      Lag is probably coming from one of your apps you installed, it’s not root related as this root method doesn’t touch anything else but recovery partition and give you root. Check some of your apps, try uninstalling all of them reinstall one by one until you find the problem.

    • anj says:

      do a factory reset…

      • Ali says:

        Hi Max

        Quick update you were correct it was the free task killer that was causing the lag because it kept killing the touchwiz in the cached system

        Anj really do a factory reset??…… about braking a anthill with a big fat hammer……..I appreciate all advice on forums like this but doing something so extreme such a as a factory reset after rooting etc is not really a option. Do you reinstall windows when you a a slight software issue??


  17. sean says:

    I has a tmobile sgh-t999 is there any custom roms out there yet ?

    • Max says:

      Yes will have a bunch this week, check back. I suggest waiting a week before installing any new ROMs as ROM development just began, it’s always better to wait about a week since many early bugs/kinks will be worked out in the first week.

  18. baz says:

    I was just wondering. I want to root my galaxy s3 but i want to know what you lose when you do so? Like DRM (digital rights management) or any certain functions of the phone? I know with the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc you lose your DRM and some of the functionality of the phone.

    Please help.

  19. Willie says:

    Hi, I’m a little frustrated by the galaxy s3 tmobileversion because I made the root and appears in set cpu running at 1026mhz max

    • DaveDavid Jacques says:

      i am having the same problem with my phone. I even sent it back to Samsung for repairs and they gave me new one with same cpu limit.

  20. DEEPAK says:

    i want to dual boot roms on my s3 to dual boot??

  21. anj says:

    this is a new rom i found out named criskelo…why don’t you review it…looking forward…

  22. Marc Camacho says:

    Hello….I was wondering weather you know or not if the galaxy s3 has been waterproofed. I was told that it might be but can’t find anything that says it is…

    • Emcognito says:

      Not waterproof. Dropped mine in a pool accidentally. I had it in a case and it was only in the water for a few seconds and there was water in the battery casing. Was able to use the rubbing alcohol/rice bag method and it’s fine now.

  23. JP says:

    Hey Max I got my T-mobile GS3 and one of those cruzer lite cases. I put it on there and it is super tight like really snug I don’t know if it suppose to be that way or not but when I took it off my battery door came with it. Any suggestions I think if it got stretched some it might work. But your the expert thanks.

  24. abdulwahab says:

    i used an “omega rom” and my kernel was abyss , it was the worst rom i used , the ram of the mobile always less , and sometimes i feel the mobile is lag , also i used “romaur rom ” and my kernel it was siyah .. battery life was fantastic and its smooth and fast , but also the mobile it’s sometimes been “lag” i must switch it off then on once or twice a day ;/ , now im using “starblack rom” with siyah kernel ,, hmmm fast , smooth and better then the others i tried but i feel the ram is less than “romaur rom” but at all its good ive been use this rom 2 days , the question is … what is the best and recommended rom ? and the another question is how can i set my voltage with the setcpu ? it depends about what ?? im new user for rooted mobiles 🙂

  25. John Teabo says:

    Hey man do any of the roms enable wifi tethering yet? I want to do it off my regular data and I installed the shostock rom on my s2 and it worked perfectly!! Thanks to one of your videos!!! Now i want wifi tethering on my s3!! Any help would be awesome!!!

  26. JP says:

    Hey Max I had a question my phone is getting hot at the bottom not where the batter is I think its where the processor is. I was just wondering if this is normal?

  27. Michael says:

    Hi there, I used your method for both MAC and then PC to root my GSIII. EVERYTHING works fine BUT the LED Notification. Would you have any idea how to fix it? It’s still on official ROM.

  28. Rob says:

    How do you Tether on a GS 3?


  29. Emmanuel says:

    Do you know how soon you will have the un-root tutorial for the Samsung galaxy s3 T-Mobile?

  30. Jesse says:

    I have an ATT S3 i747, I have rooted the phone and made an attempt to install Omega V7.0 now my phone won’t even power on at all, please HELP !!!! Nothing works, but when I plug it into the computer without the battery the front red light turns on but computer does not see the device.

  31. Emmanuel says:

    I was able to restore my backup to the one that I made right after I rooted. I wanted to make certain it worked (after 4 days since root), so I restored the first back-up; worked without issure. My problem is, when I tried to restore again to the latest back-up (the one I made before I restored to the first back-up), it does not work. I keeps getting a: “md5 mismatch” error message (even though the md5 file is there). I have important files in the latest update that I need, can you help me out please?

  32. Lachlan says:

    I’m wanting to sign up for your emailing list but I can’t find a link. Would you mind posting a link or just add me to it, whatever’s easiest.

  33. Melgar says:

    Can you please specify/point out which model is the same as my Telus SGH i747m

  34. Melgar says:

    Hey Max thanks for getting back to me so promptly, my phone is now rooted and backed up, big up dude.
    Also can i flash Roms from the At&t i747 to my Telus i747m.Thanks

  35. Paul Hurd says:

    Would like to see a root process for the Verizon S III. They locked the bootloader…huh?
    Thanks for your time and effort,

    Paul H

  36. Jesse says:

    I was trying to us root Odin mobile and flashed something and know my phone goes into recovery mode and then says that could not load normal Odin mode. What do I do to fix it?

  37. Jesse says:

    Could not do normal boot
    Odin mode

    Product name 
    Custom binary download yes 1
    Current binary : custom
    System status :custom
    Qualcomm secureboot: enable 

    This is the exact message. Also has the droid and say downloading don’t turn off.

  38. Jim says:

    Will this work for Verizon phones or will there be a different process due to the locked bootloader? If different process any timeline on when this will be available?

    Thanks for the great site,


  39. Robert says:

    I just rooted my att galaxy s3….will i still be able to do over-the-air software updates on my phone while rooted, or will i have to unroot my phone to update it through att?

    Thank you

    • Max says:

      There’s usually OTA updates you can installed with root in CWM. No need to do OTA updates.

      • Jody says:

        Hi, I did do an OTA update using Kies while rooted. The root functionality is no longer operational, but the SuperUser icon is still there in app drawer. Is it ok to re-root eventhough the icon still exists? Or what is the best way to proceed…Thanks!

  40. Paul H says:

    Looks like you did a wonderful job rooting the Verizon model. I haven’t tried it yet … however I had two questions;
    first, already have copies of ROM Manager from when I had my Thunderbolt. I had the latest version of it plus backup of three roms. Will there be any issues when I reinstall, and if so what should I do? Second, can I now install any rom for the S III or just roms delegated to the Verizon persuasion.
    Thanks for all the GREAT WORK
    Paul H

    • Max says:

      You cannot really restore ROMs you backed up in Thunderbolt if that’s what you are asking. However you might be able to use the advanced menu in CWM to recover some of the stuff. But I don’t recommend that route anyways, I recommend using Titanium Backup app.

  41. ron says:

    thanks for the video.helped me root my us cellular phone with no problems.

  42. Lionel says:

    Hello and help…
    I recently updated my Galaxy S3 which was previously rooted. It now still has super user icon but no longer works, and says “binary can’t install” what shall I do?

    It’s a little annoying

  43. Baz says:

    Would be nice if someone could answer this is I asked this over 2 weeks ago.

    I was just wondering. I want to root my galaxy s3 but i want to know what you lose when you do so? Like DRM (digital rights management) or any certain functions of the phone? I know with the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc you lose your DRM and some of the functionality of the phone.

    Please help.

  44. Lionel says:


    How do I add you on google +

    Much easier to keep up to date

  45. jim says:

    I have tried several times to make the clockworkmod stick.. I did the remove battery and that did work but only once,, one the phone re-bootsI it goes back to stock recovery .. Is there any suggestions or options that may get clockworkmod to stick.. thanks for any help


    • Max says:

      There’s a way to make it stick, you can install custom ROMs or delete 2 files but my brain isn’t functioning today, I totally forgot, I will post it as soon as it hits me again though!

  46. jim says:

    Thanks Max.. I have the Sprint version of the S3.. I have downloaded 2 Roms and was wondering if you have seen either one or which one would you recommend.. 1- CriskeloTeamRom_V5.1 or 2 – SGSIII_Turkbey_XXBLFB_V3. Thanks


  47. Erwin says:

    Is this work with Windows 7?

  48. Joel says:

    Is it possible to unlock google navigation on my s3 ? It is unavailable in my country.

    • Max says:

      You might be able to unlock it by using a proxy. I might have a tutorial later down the road.

      • Joel says:

        That would be awesome Max ! I rooted my phone after seeing how easy u did it and was hoping I could unlock google nav. Unfortunately not many videos are up on how to do that. Hope to hear from u soon ! S3 user from Singapore

  49. Pete says:

    This might seem like a blockhead’s comment, but I really do need to know WHERE you find rooted apps. Are they just on the android stores or do I have to download third-party apps to install them?

  50. vahnroy says:


    I have a samsung galaxy s3 SGH-T999 for tmobile. After hitting start to flash the clockwork recovery i got ERROR failed to initialise protocol. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

  51. marc says:

    thanks Max!!!
    tried to root galaxy s3 (SPH-L710) previously and did not work-followed instuctions then video by xda.
    thanks to your instructions i now understand why it did not work (odin rebooted and flash did not take due to samsung update).
    this is my 1st smart phone and thanks to your knowledge and detailed video it is now rooted 🙂
    thank you

  52. David says:


    I unlocked my AT&T Galaxy S 3, when i root my device will i loos my unlock? Or will i have to re-input the code again? Also, when i root will i loose all my data and applications?
    Thanks and thanks for having this nice website.

  53. aficio says:

    how to unroot with a mac att galaxy s3

  54. DaveDavid Jacques says:

    I would like to overclock my GalaxyS3 because cpu speed limit set to only 1026Mhz. I unlocked phone but not sure what to do next, i tried many overclocking apps but speed still stuck at 1026Mhz. Canyou provide instructions and software recommendations for my i747?


  55. winaford says:

    Was just wondering if u were going to put a tutorial for unrooting all versions. The verizon model specifically for me.

  56. Danyell says:

    I’ve gotten far with this “rooting” process; however, I think the “Recovery .tar” is not the correct one. My icon isn’t similar to the one you show in your video. You file says “ALZip tar file”, mines just says “TAR file”. How do i get the right one?

  57. Mel Baltul says:

    Great site!!!

    Few simple “beginner” questions:
    1. If I root the SIII (AT&T) does it enable me to use it abroad with other carriers (I have multiple SIM cards)?
    2. Can Google Wallet be used?
    3. What are the PRO/CONS of replacing the ROM?

    Thanks in advance,


  58. juki says: new..i like the s3 features and also any rom can intro? 🙂

  59. Harald says:

    Updates and encryption ?

    I’ve read somewhere else that the device will be unrooted on updates over the air but not with Odin mobile. Is that true ?

    How does rooting and full device encryption work together ? Is it OK ? Any gotchas ?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  60. Shawn says:


    I’ve rooted my Sprint SPH-L710 but I’m currently on stock rom, I am receiving a notifiaction for system update..I wanted to know if it is ok for me to update if not how do i stop the notification.

  61. ferdz says:

    best site for galaxy s3 users in my opinion. thanks man!

  62. fardeen says:

    I rooted my galaxy s3 international version and now samsung have released a software update but i can only download it and cannot install it.

  63. erik says:

    i would like to know if you can help me in this one. i have the galaxy s3 from verizon. and i want to know how can i do to use my galaxy s3 via bluetooth as a network connection. so i can use my macbook and connect to the internet via bluetooth to my galaxy s3 and get internet. my old cell motorola droid pro works just fine . but with the galaxy s3 i already tried and i can send pictures and files but not connect to the network. there is a way to do it. please help me.

    thank you

  64. Rain can says:

    could you do a video on what we would need to do to get the google wallet working for verizon

  65. Zac says:

    Hey i just installed a custom os on my samsung galaxy s3 and i was wondering would that effect the networks it can pick up?? would it prevent it from being able to pickup the vodafone h+ network?? i live in australia?

    • Max says:

      No, it will work fine on any worldwide H+ network, just make sure you flash the correct ROM for your i9300, do not flash U.S. ROMs otherwise YOU WILL BRICK and I will not be responsible for you not reading the title first.

  66. CKW says:

    I have followed your rooting method. But now samsung says there’s a firmware update for my S3. Tried updating the firmware but was unsuccessful”. Is there a way to update the firmware without unrooting as I do not want to reinstall all the apps again. Thanks.

  67. Bill & Ted says:

    Does rooting the Sprint S3 reset the counter? If it does reset, is that a big deal? How can it be avoided?

    Please help a noob. Thanks in advance!

  68. fardeen says:

    PLEASE HELP EMERGENCY I THINK I BRICKED MY PHONE. just is stuck on home screen. used another rom then tried to restore it to stock but the froze. HELP PLEASE

  69. sami says:

    hi bro
    it’s so great what you are doing dude. Thanks very much. I have a question in my mind and I hope u help me to know the answer of it. Can GS3 international version run CDMA SIM? or run CDMA by doing some thing? Is SGS3 (international version ) have different software than the Verzion or Sprint (CDMA model)? have you heard any thing regarding enabling the CDMA radio in the international GSM version??? Thanks in advance for your help

  70. Rikki Minnis says:

    How do I root my Samsung galaxy s 3 from us cellular

  71. L says:

    Hi, I am new to S3 rooting, I need to install a program which required the S3 to be rooted, my question is after I root the S3, do I need to backup ROM and install a custom ROM ? What is ROM by the way..

  72. LouT says:

    I have a T-Mobile T999 Galaxy S3. I rooted the phone and flashed an international ROM (OMEGA 12) and the phone won’t boot up.

    After I had it rooted, I then flashed the ROM. It finished the installation. When it went to restart, the phone won’t turn on. When I plug it into the computer, the computer does recognize something (the phone) by making a thumbing sound. I’ve tried the different combinations of Volume UP/DOWN + Power+ Home, but nothing seems to work. I have tried removing the battery and USB. The phone does show the LED light (plug in USB and then battery) but the LED then turns off in about 1 minute.

    Someone suggested that I go get it jTagged, but no one around here really has the RIFF to offer such service.

    What are my options? I bought the phone off of Craigslist, brand new. I can’t get the guy who sold me the phone to help with exchanging the phone at a T-Mobile store, so I am literally stuck with a “bricked” phone.

    Please help. THANKS.

  73. Mustafa says:

    Hey, I just got the i9300 s3. the tmobile internet speed sucks on it. Is there anyway to fix it with a custom rom or you think by rolling out the jelly bean update, t-mobile base bands might work with this phone?

  74. chrisram88 says:

    hi will this method work with latest ota installed from tmobile??? i have been stock ever since !

  75. Panda says:

    Another Q

    My phone wont let me install apps on the market. What should I do?

  76. Marcos says:

    Hi Max,

    I was introduce to your website by the guy that I bought my s3 from Amazon last week.
    I am from Brasil and I am looking for some update to have my s3 working in Portuguese BR (PTBR) language.
    My phone is a S3 TMobile (SGH-T999) and I received an update from TMobile today for version 4.0.4.
    What I have to do?
    I saw a lot your your youtube videos and webpages, but I did not find anything about that.
    thanks for your help and congratulations for you job.

  77. Mike W. says:

    Hi Max:

    I new to this rooting process. Got the Sam G3 from Verizon 1535 and it doesn’t work with my bluetooth device in car. Saw a couple apps that enhance bluetooth, but to load those apps I need to have my phone “rooted”. That is how I got here.

    I only have Mac, no PC. I saw the instruction to root on Mac, but saw a lot of “issues” in the comments section, but these are from June/July…wondering if the process has had the kinks worked out and if it is good to go now?

    Also…can’t seem to find the folders for download…can you assist here.

    Thanks for the help and I agree….no iPhones!


  78. Mike W. says:

    Have run through the instructions for rooting on Samsung 1535, using Mac (after finding the zip folder..) but keep getting heimdall crash error…even after adding those 3 files in terminal mode. what else can I do?

  79. Mike W. says:

    Ok…one last thing before I call this a long and disappointing episode – needless to say this didn’t work. Kept getting the process initilization error went I tried to load the recovery image (my phone would not reset to download mode upon pressing the home, volume down and power keys like yours did in the video) so I could never get it set up to take the file. Always failed and I did open the terminal and load those three scripts referenced in the instructions. What else could I be doing differently here?

    Any idea when Jelly Bean is coming out?

  80. Jared says:

    Hey Max I successfully rooted my Galaxy s3 tonight thanks to your method. I have only one problem maybe you could help me! After I rooted the phone I tried to download a new rom on it and everything was going fine until my phone shut off completely! I can’t turn it back on, I tried putting it back into download mode and recovery mode and no luck. What can I do to try and get it to turn back on any ideas?????

  81. Beth says:

    Question: I am thinking about rooting my phone just so that I can delete TW Launcher. I think TW Launcher is causing a screen flicker problem on my phone, where every time I click on a notification from the notification drop down (e-mail, text, music player etc..) It causes the TW Launcher Dandilion pic to quickly flash on my screen (like .5 sec) It is so annoying!! So I was thinking, if I just delete TW Launcher completely from my phone, that may fix the issue? I am currently using Go Launcher, so I don’t really need TW Launcher right?

    Would I be able to just root my phone, delete the launcher, and then unroot it and still have the launcher gone? Or once you unroot it does the TW launcher and other stock apps reinstall?

    Anyone know the answer to this one?

  82. Chris says:

    Question: I have an ATT Galaxy S3, when listening to music in the car via Play Music I hear an interference noise. The noise sounds similar to the old 2g signal near speakers. When moving the phone slightly the noise goes away. This keeps happening intermittently and gets anoying when driving long distances with music. I can’t seem to figure out a solution to stop this noise, an ideas? Anyone else having this issue?

  83. Tim says:

    I’m having a hard time finding any info on how flash my U.S. Cellular S3 back to stock. There are some updates they are trying to push out that will not run since rooting. How to I get back to stock? Running the updates in root reboots the phone starts and update, then gives me the md5 and broken android icon. from there I just reboot back into the root and all seems fine.

  84. Mitch says:

    I’m trying to root my new Verizon Galaxy S3 but can’t get it to go into download mode. I’m holding down all three buttons as described, but nothing happens. Any thoughts?

  85. Greg says:

    Hay Zedomax, I currently have a gs2 T989. My contract is up in Dec 2013. I want to buy a gs3 and i also want to switch to ATT as a carrier after my contract is ended. If I purchase an unlocked ATT sg3(t747) and installed my Tmobile SIM card, would it work on the Tmobile network untill i can switch carriers?
    Another Question. Would the International Version gs3(i9300)unlocked work the same way. ie would i get Tmob 4G speeds and ATT 4Glte speeds when i switch carriers? I understand the i9300 is only 3G overseas. Are the speeds set by the carrier or the device?
    Would love to have the Quadcore version, But not if it can’t get 4G or 4Glte.
    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for all your work and info. You made me the Flashaholic i am today.

  86. garry says:

    Hi max
    i have question
    i m using s3 i9300 on criskelo rom
    my headset lost, so i bought apple iphone headset
    why its not working on s3. only middle button works, no volume up and dowm
    then i try many head set i cannt find a better one
    can u help me how i can make it work
    many thx man in advance

  87. garry says:

    Hi max
    i have question
    i m using s3 i9300 on criskelo rom
    my headset lost, so i bought apple iphone headset
    why its not working on s3. only middle button works, no volume up and dowm
    then i try many head set i cannt find a better one
    can u help me how i can make it work
    many thx man in advance

  88. kiya says:

    I have a us art galaxy s3 and every time that i go into recovery mode i have the stock recovery and i have to keep flashing CWM recovery. ANY HELP PLEASE!

  89. Ben says:

    Hi. I’m trying to root my new phone and am getting very frustrated. I tried it on my Mac, didn’t work. I’m now trying it on a PC, and the motherf******* Superuser folder refuses to copy onto the phone, despite it being plugged in as a portable media device with all drivers up to date. What do I do?

  90. Ben B says:

    Hi, I’m getting very frustrated with this. I tried rooting on my Mac, nothing but errors. I’m now trying this on a PC, and it won’t even let me paste the Superuser folder into the phone. It’s shown under Computer as a portable media player, and all drivers are installed and up to date. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. Thanks

  91. Albert says:

    Just want to say it was very easy and did my phone in less than 10 minutes. That was because I was watching the Rangers playing.

    Thanks Max,

  92. patrick says:

    do you have the root tutorial for the shv-e210l… please really need help

  93. mark says:

    Hi Max ,
    I live in UK , I can get Internet on H+ but my S3 wont work on 3g or E it just sits their.
    This is the same with a few roms ive tried i have checked APN settings and even got a replacement sim from o2
    Any ideas ???

  94. mark says:

    Hi Max, thanks for the reply. No i mean you can see it drop to 3G and E sometimes but when you try to use the internet it just sits on the page

  95. Rodrigo Andrade says:

    I just got my samsung galaxy S3, I am trying to install a room on my phone that is already rooted, but isn’t working, is giving me istallation aborted…what can I do?

  96. Nikola says:

    hello everyone
    i have i747 AT&T why i cant install firmwear i9300 ???? what will happen ??? the phone is the same only ram is 2gb and what so ???? anyone can help i want to have firmwear i9300 softwear
    please help

  97. PRAVEEN says:


    Any one please help me to update Galaxy S3 I9300 to Jelly Beans..! I am in UAE. Which is the ROM sutable for UAE network/region..?


  98. casey hawkins says:

    If I root my sgslll is there a way to increase my signal strength because I keep losing my data connection

  99. christian android weed lover says:

    Hello MAx! I have a tmo galaxy s3 with paranoid android rom jelly bean rom and i was thinking about installing a new kernel to overclock it how do I do this? Do i have to choose one compatible with my rom or android version? How do i install it? Any kernel recommendations???????

  100. Kevin says:

    Hi Max,

    I’m going to buy the Verizon US version of the S3. I hear you mention GT-I9300 vs I9300, and US version vs. international versions. Can you pleas shed some light between the differences? How will I be able to tell if I have a GT-I9300 or I9300?

    I’ve never heard of root a phone before, let alone rooting a phone myself. Can you provide a link(s) to what I will need to root my new Verizon S3?

    Thanks for your help


  101. Dane says:

    Does it matter if the galaxys3rootatt is in a WinRar file or does it have to be in a .zip file??

  102. Brandon says:

    I don’t know what insurance you have, but AT&T’s insurance doesn’t give you a new phone for free.

    • Max says:

      True, but if you mess up, usually deductible ($100) is better than a total loss ($500-600). And most of the time, carriers will replace bricked phones under warranty anyways. They usually treat the customers with insurance nicer than those who don’t. I’ve had insurance, brought 2 bricked phones to Sprint, replaced free no questions asked, they just check for water/hardware damage.

  103. James Robinson says:

    I have tried installing 3 diffrent roms on my galxy s3 I747 and when it boots up and says tap android to begin , it says sorry setup wizard has stoped. What can I do?

  104. Jethrin MacDonald says:

    I rooted my wifes sprint s3 last night fowling your video works great but, hot do I get it stop asking me to install ota update???? I understand that if I install the ota update I will lose my root… I am also running your rom…

  105. Josh says:

    Hey I Love how your international galaxy s3 looks! Can you do a video of how to change the home button color? Since I tried looking it up but I don’t see anyone that shows how to do it

  106. Brandon says:

    The file won’t copy to phone?

  107. Kenneth says:

    Hey all,
    Have a few questions. I am a “noob” with the whole rooting thing. I have been watching videos and I like the customization that can come along with installing a custom ROM. But mainly the reason that I would like to root my phone is to make rhapsody my default player. Will I be able to do this or is this going to be a waist of my time?

    • Max says:

      You should be able to do that yes. Root, then remove default player using Titanium Backup app and install your desired player app.

  108. Andy says:

    hey max, is there any roots for the new uk LTE 4G version of the samsung galaxy s3 aka I9305?

  109. Sid says:

    after trying to download, (galaxy s3 root us-canada ) for the Verizon SCH 1535,
    Safari can not open, is the reply, useing a mac.

  110. Ozzie says:

    Hi Max, I have a at&t S3, rooted thanks to your tutorials, with the wifi tether. Just today, I had an update from AT&T, I noticed a new install, VPN Client, and that I am no longer rooted nor can I use the android tether. I tried rerooting as I did before, but no success. Is there a new root method or a way to uninstall the VPN Client? Thanks.

  111. cadenn says:

    Hey there,

    So I was an idiot and flashed a rom not intended for my phone (I flashed AOKP for my I747M) and now it’s bricked. I searched around and found that there’s a usb jig that might be able to save my phone and put it back into download mode. I was wondering if you could help me confirm if this is correct or not. Thanks!

    • Max says:

      If your phone’s screen doesn’t turn on at all you need JTAG repair. You might be able to get a new phone under warranty also which I would try first.

  112. Brandon says:

    I rooted my SGS3 today and followed all your videos from how to root, CWM, making a back up and flashing a new ROM and it all worked very well! I only have one problem now though, I cannot Boot into recovery for some reason and sometimes the phone does an endless loop of restarting before it kicks back on and reboots. I want to go into recovery to clear the caches because I have none of my apps or the play store. I am currently running CM10 M2. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  113. Omar says:

    Hi Max
    I have a galaxy s which I rooted and had ginger bread I flashed the cm9 rom then I lost all my contacts when I tried to flash my backup of ginger bread I was stuck on the samsung galaxy s logo I went to recovery mode and nothing would work is their where a lot of errors where I tried everything and nothing would work pleas I can you help me.

  114. Winson says:

    Hey Max,

    I enjoy your vids about all this…but one thing u gotta help me with is that out of so many roms, which is the latest roms which chinese language in it…im using the international one, from S’pore..but after i rooted it…i no longer can read chinese characters… 🙁 Sad huh…..could anybody help me with it 😀 Great thanks bro!

  115. rahul says:

    is there any htc rom with htc sense 4.0 for galaxy s3 i747? please reply. i also have htc vivid and i loved its interface.

  116. Mike Klein says:

    I have succesfully installed the cwm recovery from both mac and win 7 onto the GS3. However, when I go to root none of the SU zip files will install! I’ve tried a bunch of different versions all from various places on the web including yours. All I get is this error:

    Failed to verify whole file signature

  117. Tyler says:

    I’ve got the sph-l710 and I’m getting tired of sprints service. Is there anyway I could swap it over to vzw?

  118. Bonnie says:

    Some sites sell unlock code for the S3…e.g.
    Do I still need that, if I were to follow your steps for rooting? Do they achieve the same result?

  119. Randy says:

    Hi Max,

    I have the Verizon variant of the S3 and rooted it easily. I want to load a rom. Can I download a rom to the internal memory (sd card) and install from internal memory? If you do a wipe does it effect the internal memory (sd card) in any situation? or do I need to always copy rom to external sd card and install?

  120. johnny says:

    I tried pushing all three buttons to start the rooting process, but it won’t work on my galaxy s3 SCH-1535 Model. Am i doing something wrong? Does the batter have to be above 50% to activate this? HELP PLEASE

  121. Aszi says:

    I have a Galaxy s3 GT-I9300 with Android4.0.4, thinking of rooting. Do i have to update to new OS before i use your method?
    If not, will i later be able to upgrade to new OS after rooting?

  122. Riley says:

    Hey max wondering if you can help me
    i have rooted my gt-I9300T using your steps,all ok except one thing
    When i try boot into CWM recovery, it only boots into stock recovery

    i have tried the “un check aout reboot then remove battery” method, but when i boot it into CWM after rooting it goes back to stock recovery?
    please help 🙁

  123. Eyad says:

    Hey i just wanted to ask about something umm.. i have successfully rooted my phone that was quite easy but the thing i am stuck at is after i dowload a custom ROM on my PC moving it to the sd card is tricky.should i move everything they download should i download something extra to the custom ROM
    i am rly new to this, so i appreciate the help

  124. Jonathan Carter says:

    hi max, i don’t know if there is a more direct way to contact you, so im trying this.
    I’m having some trouble with my sd card. i just flashed the Resurrection Remix v3.1.2. rom onto my i9300, and all was working fine, until i inserted my sd card. at first my phone gave me an error message saying “damaged sd card, try reformating?” and so i did. it unmounted and then nothing. i went into setting than storage options, then clicked mount usb storage(or something) under SD Card, then i got the same error message “damaged sd card, try reformating?” and so i did it again. and every time the same thing happened. when it wouldnt work on my phone, i plugged it in to my pc, and it said it needed to be reformated, so i did, and it worked fine, i could access it, store files on it etc., but when i inserted it back into my i9300, it gave me the error message again. this is a really big problem, since i store a lot of data on my sd card (its 64gb if that helps). i don’t know if my phone’s screwed up or my sd card, or my sd card just doesnt work with jelly bean(which i hope is its not) and im pretty woried

    Ps: i was originally running criskello rom v5.4.1. ICS for a long time, then switched to AOKP JB Milestone 1 yesterday, and thats when the problems with the sd card started, the same as with RRv3.1.2., then i switched to RR v3.1.2 hoping that the problem would go away, but it didnt

    im really desperate and kinda freaking out, so any help would be much appreciated.
    and thanks in advance,

  125. Victor B says:

    Hey Max,

    I just rooted my Samsung s3 on AT&T off of my Mac, and everything was working fine until I installed the serenity 1.2 ROM, and now, my album application won’t open, and I have random phone rests, not to mention that my battery drains at 3x normal speed! I was wondering if you could give me any advice, I wanted to return to stock but I do not know how to on a Mac, and can I install a ROM over the one I am using now? Also do you know what would be the best ROM right now for an AT&T Galaxy s3?

  126. Darryl says:

    I have an SCH-i939 (china telecom S3) running 4.0.4, I’d like to upgrade it to JB. Is there a rom compatible with the SCH-i939?

  127. Bigboy says:

    do u know how to flash gs3 to boost moblie

  128. David says:

    Hey man love the videos. In my opinion the best on youtube concerning Android rooting/mods. I’m running aSprint GS3 with CM10 M2 and current google apps. Do you know a way to get my voicemail back so as to not have to use google voice? I’m thinking about trying out Jellybomb this weekend. Does this have a VM fix/patch?

    Thanks in advance bro. love the videos!!

  129. Steve says:

    Hi. I have a rooted L710 galaxy s3 phone for Sprint and I am running the jellyblazed rom and I am trying to run the wifi tether for root users app and tried all the differnet setting and for some reason the signal is not broadcasting to the other computers around. Please can you tell me how I can get wifi tether running as this is one of the main reasons why I wnated to root my phone in the first place.
    Thanks Max.

  130. stephen says:

    hi ,
    i’m malaysian and my galaxy s3
    andriod version is:4.1.1
    baseband version is:I9300DXDLI5
    karnel version is:3.0.31-288630
    i’m new and never root my phone…i know the risk..can i root my s3? how ?so can you help me ?thanks…

    • Mark says:

      Buy one click root if you are new to rooting. This programme is faultless, i have used it a lot and it does the job. Its nice to pay every now and then and One click root is well worth it. Then if you want to change your rom use cwm, or twrp. My back up pro is way better than titanium back up, as it is a lot simpler. Its all pretty easy when you get going and a lot of fun. The stock rom is crap for battery life, most custom roms tend to do a lot better when it comes to battery life. Hyperlight in my opinion is one of the best. Good luck.

  131. Rico says:

    Hi Max,

    I’m new to rooting, reason behind is to install and test apps that need root access basically.

    Can I *just* root my SG3 and still receive OTA updates? JB hasn’t been rolled out here yet so still want to receive it as an OTA update, but not sure if just rooting my phone will affect that?

    • Mark says:

      No updates for you if you root your phone. Forget all the root apps go with custom roms as they do a lot more and have a lot of those root apps attached. The updates are a waste of time when you start using custom roms as most are way better than the stock rom even with updates.

  132. Juan says:

    Hello i have been browsing throughout your website and i can not find any topics for rooting the new MetroPCS Samsung Galax s3 sch-r530? What rooting guide can i use to safely root my device? Thank you very much GREAT WEBSITE!!

  133. Rishabh Vyas says:

    I have a rooted GS3 running official Jelly Bean from Samsung. Everything is Stock. I used Setcpu and set the maximum clock speed to 800Mhz. But even after doing to, when i check the time spent in each clock speed using Cpu Spy, it still clocks to 1.4 Ghz even though the max was 800 Mhz. What might be the problem??

  134. Larry Davis says:

    Is it possible to disable the volume rocker keys on the side of the S3? I seem to always hit those by accident and turn my ringer off.

  135. Victor B says:

    Hey Max,

    So i just went to a class today to learn about androids, my instructor said he knew you, his name’s MJ, he does his own classes, repairs, and help. His business is android hawaii, and so i learned much more today so hopefully im not a Noob anymore 🙂
    So i installed Serenity and that was not working well, so i moved to Blackjelly, i was liking it at first but then realized it was running on 3G, not 4G/LTE, so i decided to try out the CM10 STABLE, i was really enjoying that one the most, but that one as well only ran on H+, 3G. So i am mostly just trying to find a ROM that is like the CM10 or Blackjelly, but will run 4G/LTE. Also I heard that the HellFire ROM was good, but i could not get it to past the boot, it would get stuck in the fire ring animation.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much Max!

  136. Randall says:

    I have been trying to find odin for mac and could not find any. Could you point me in the right direction?
    Thank you

  137. James Robinson says:

    I have a galaxy s 3 I747. I can root my phone no problem but, Every time I go to install a rom (I have tried several and I did factory reset) says install aborted. What am I doing wrong?

  138. Rick Antonucci says:

    I backed up all of the content on my phone to my SD card using My Backup. Then I rooted my AT&T GS3 using the instructions that you provided here, backed up the stock ROM using CWM and then tried to install LiquidSmooth Jelly Bean. ClockworkMod Recovery said that it installed but when I went to start my phone, it got stuck on the LiquidSmooth part of the boot screen with the animation cycling over and over. When I tried to restore the stock ROM it said md5 mismatch and the only way I could get my computer to recognize the phone or get it to boot was to reset the phone to factory settings. Now it works (kind of) in LiquidSmooth but there is no Google Play store and the browser will not work so that I cannot connect to the internet at all. How do you recommend that I get my phone back to full functionality and then possibly try a different ROM?

    • Mark says:

      I had a similar problem and used odin to restore everything back to normal. You have to go the samsung site and download your regions stock rom. Then place into odin and use odin to flash the sock rom. I have done this a lot due to fuck ups, its pretty easy. look up odin and follow the instructions and all will be well.

  139. David Sargent says:

    I have an at&t I747 rooted. I would like to upgrade to JB Samsung download can it be rooted? The instructions say not to be rooted to update.

  140. abhinav says:

    hey i wanted to know which rom i should use for intertional s3, wat i want is high speed and performance and features of 4.2 jelly bean

    • Mark says:

      Hyperlight is awesome you can overclock it to a stable 1600, i forget which kernal it uses but it is highly customisable. You have to flash gapps as well.

  141. chris morris says:

    ODIN doesnt seem to want to find my phone i installed drivers kies and unplugged replugged any idea why it wont find my galaxy s 3 ?


  142. tim says:

    hey max,
    I’m pretty sure i just bricked my sprint GS3.i installed the king kang rom after having cm10.i did everything right but i think i downloaded the wrong version.i thought i had the right one but its the only thing i can think of.please help me.

  143. Dan says:

    I’m new to android and am going to root my Galaxy S3 US AT&T model and was wondering if it was better to root using a PC or Mac. I have access to both and wanted to make this as painless as possible. My PC would be a laptop if that make any difference. The Mac is an iMac. Also, my Android version is 4.1.1.

  144. NIZAM says:

    how to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 to the Android 4.1.2 on rooted phones??? hope you a vid on that….and yes will wait for a 4.1.2 custom rom too!! tc…

  145. Justin says:

    I tried installing a new rom onto the galaxy s3 i74 from at&t and I followed your turtorial exactly and when I went to let it rebot it just stays on the samsung load window? I need help please

    • Mark says:

      put it back into recovery, you know you hold the power button etc and reinstall your original stock rom back up from the restore option in cwmr.

  146. Lance says:

    I can not boot in to Clockwork Mod Recovery, i followed this vid Step by Step and could not boot into clockworkmod recovery

    Heres the vid:

  147. James Lee says:

    This site is full of bullshit information…everything seems to only work for the site owner minus the international folks. ANy Mac users, beware that these methods only work in the videos. On several occassions i’ve tried these methods and I’m constantly referenced back to another video that leads to a dud process. The site owner only answers troubleshooting questions that he actually has answers for and leaves everyone else in the dark if they’re having trouble.

    Please don’t use this site and tell the site owner to go fuck himself for wasting our time. “GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!”

    • Kevin says:

      you’re a child

    • Mike says:

      I followed this website video and it works for me. I have Samsung S3 Tmobile in the USA. May be it’s your computer. Have you tried to root your phone on another computer? I am using Windows 7 with the latest Windows Update.

    • Mike says:

      I followed this website video and it works for me. I have Samsung S3 T-mobile in the USA. May be it’s your computer. Have you tried to root your phone on another computer? I am using Windows 7 with the latest Windows Update.

      How can One F#?k himself I wonder? Care to post a video on that?

  148. Larry Davis says:

    Commenting on the post by James Lee. How mature you are. Does your crude language make you feel better? It sure makes you look like an uneducated, incapable fool.

    Everything I have been told to do on this site WORKS. And I live in the U.S. You have to be smarter than the equipment. Maybe you shouldn’t have a SMART phone! There are even warnings posted that if you don’t know what you’re doing, DON’T ATTEMPT IT.

    I’m wondering, do you kiss your mom with that mouth? We don’t need your kind on this site, so go annoy other people.

    Happy New Year.

  149. naser says:

    los of useful info
    many thanks for the website

  150. elcubiche says:

    hi, i have metropcs sgs3 and i want to root it, actualy i want to do anything i can to get more control of my phone, you include metropcs in one of your tutorials but reading the comments seems like some persons are having trouble.The model # is sch-r530m, I am new in rooting, help me please,seems like you are the only one in the internet that can do it.Thanks

  151. Capt Rick Sky says:

    An Open Letter to James Lee

    I am not very knowledgeable about ANY of this …. I did, however, check a lot of other sites ….
    This information presented here is mirrored on other sites …. to my uneducated movie book
    magazine mind the material presented here is pretty much laid out in “BABY STEP” format.
    Just right for me.

    PS: I am looking for a “Root” for Sprint Jelly Bean 4.1.1 for the s3 on a Mac.
    I do not believe it is out yet. So maybe I will have to borrow a windows box.

  152. Mikey says:

    Hi James

    I’m trying to root my S3 i9300 using the steps in your video tutorial.

    I get near the end where I have to copy the CWM zip. to my S3 but I have a problem though. My S3 only shows up using Android File Transfer when it is in MTP mode. When I switch it to PTP mode Android File Transfer closes. When I reopen it it says there’s no device connected.

    I go in to the Clockwork Mode Recovery and my screen is different to yours. It’s the Android logo lying on the floor with a red triangle above him.

    I have no SD card in my phone either.

    Can you help me out please?

    Thanks very much!

  153. KristerB says:

    I watched one of your youtube vids where you told me i could come here to ask questions.. so !

    Can the S3 be permanently bricked, or is it safe ?
    Are there any files left behind after unroot, delete cache and factory reset ?

    And here is an issue i had :
    I wanted more volume on my SG3 I9300.
    Somehow managed to overclock (not intended) to 1800ghz. Got worried.
    Returned to stock wiping all traces including flash counter.
    Rooted again, making sure i keept stock kernel.
    Tried overwriting system/etc/default_gain.conf with a new enhanced file.
    Could not get access even with permissions given in SU.

    I’d very much appreciate some help !

  154. Mike says:

    I have a Rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 with OS 4.1.1. I can’t get Wifi Tether app to work anymore. By saying that, what I mean is I installed this free app from the Play Store and set everything up as you mentioned in your tutorial video. I turned on the Start Tethering function of the app but I can not see the Tethering Signal from another computer or my Samsung tablet.

    If I install the Foxfi or PdaNet app from the Play Store and turn on the tether, my computer and my Samsung tablet can see this Tether signal but once I start using it, the internet browser forward me to the T-mobile website asking me to pay for the Tethering. How do I get around this issue.

    Big Thanks,

  155. Glen says:

    Hey Max, have you heard/tried if the US/Canadian file will work on a SGH-i747m Rogers phone?


  156. Matt says:

    Hi Max,
    Was just wondering what do you lose when you flash a custom ROM. For example do you lose s voice ?
    I have a samsung galaxy s3 i9300

  157. daniel says:

    I rooted my tmobile s3 and was prompted by tmobile that there was a software update. When I tried to install the update, the message on the phone was that it failed. Any ideas as to whether I can get that update or should I unroot my phone?

    Thanks for the help.

  158. Chuck says:

    Why can’t I get to a download page that doesn’t require me to download advertised programs?

  159. DG says:

    Do you think free tethering will be possible on the Samsung Galaxy S3 from T-mobile? I looked all over your page but only saw it for sprint. I didn’t see anything for T-mobile directly. I just updated my phone to the newest version they pushed out the other day (SGH-T999 v 4.1.1, Band T999UVDLJA, Kernel 3.0.31-370274, Build JRO03L.T999UVDLJA). If so, what’s the link? I haven’t rooted my phone yet b/c I don’t want to do that unless the free tethering is possible. Thanks!

  160. Hector says:

    i installed the new synergy rom on my gs3(encrypted) sprint and when i start up my phone it goes to landscape mode and just freezes PLEASE HELP

  161. Danny says:

    Hi. My s3 doesnt work at all. I was installing syatem update and my phone turned off. Now it wont get past the welcome screen. Do u have any tips? Thank you for your time.

  162. Grant Richey says:

    I am waiting on my s3 at the moment, and trying to wade through rooting options and roms. I am pretty sure im going to use resurrection remix (initially at least) mostly because i really like it on my s2; however, i would like a different theme. I’m looking for a highly customizable theme that is interactive and not tacky. What launcher would best cater to this? Where should I go to find themes? Am I going to have to create something piece by piece myself?
    As much detail as possible would be appreciated. I am a reasonably novice root user, and would like this process to be a little…. smoother… than when I trial-and-errored my s2.
    Also, when I restore my apps and data through titanium pro, is it going to restore my old system settings to my new phone, or just the app data? I don’t particularly want to have to restore everything individually, but i also don’t want to have to filter through all the unwanted clutter.
    I appreciate your assistance and your patience,

  163. Jorge says:

    I just hard bricked my phone, i backed everything
    up prior to working on it. i have an S3
    SGH-T999 and accidently installed a ROM
    for GTI9300, and now it does not turn on or respond
    to any key combinations, when i connect it to my computer
    it cant install drivers and on device manager says
    what can i do to get it up
    and working again?


  164. elliot says:

    hi max i have a big problem with m s3 i9300 it stuck on boot screen and when i try to get in to recovery just gets stuck and when try to flash stock room with odin it says no pit found can u help me plezz

  165. Ahmad says:

    hi i have a question is there any difference between GT-19300 and GT-i9300? because i just rooted my GT-19300 with GT-i9300 method !!! is it bad ? but my Galaxy is working fine ?!!

  166. peter says:

    Hi Max,

    I have a samsung galaxy 3s GT i9300 from china (unicom version) . Love the phone the way it is but it does not come with play store.

    Someone told me that the only way i can get it on the phone is to root it and use goomanager to install via gapps.

    To be honest this is greek to me. If I use your method to root the phone but have no intention of changing the rom etc will i still be able to install the play store and get updates later on ?

    thanks for any help.

  167. Luis Carbajal says:

    can you flash any custom kernels on any galaxy s3, or those it have to be specific? and if so which would be the best to save battery on a sprint version?

  168. cassie putnam says:

    I was wondering how you download the jelly bean rom for Verizon SCH-I535? Is it in a list after you download ROM manager or is a custom ROM and therefore I have to learn how to install custom ROMS. I’m gonna attempt to root my phone but I need to know what to do after backing up my phone. And another thing is when do I download ClockworkMod and do I have to install flash player on the jelly Bean ROM or before to get it to work properly? Please get back to me asap I’m dying to root my phone.

  169. Sam says:

    I am trying to root my Galaxy S3 running android os 4.1.2.
    I am using a mac and I watched your video and tried to flash
    clockwordmod recovery multiple times. Everything installs and
    the phone reboots but they I try to put the phone to start the
    clockworkmod recovery by pressing the “volume up” + “home” + “power”
    buttons, it keeps on starting the android recovery instead.

    any tips?

  170. taylor says:

    The soup ROM for Samsung galaxy s3 1747 I noticed it tales longer to send text messages any way to fix it did I root my phone ro

  171. Larry Davis says:

    I am thinking of taking my S3 from TMobile to either Walmart Family Plan or Straight Talk. Straight talk says I can use 4G if my phone is capable. However, Walmart Family Plan says they only offer 3G. If they are using TMobile’s system, how can they limit it? Can 4G be used with Walmart’s plan? Thanks. Keep up the great work! PS..LOVE Liquidsmooth 4.2.2!

  172. joe says:

    I inavertently deleted some videos and pictures from my samsung galaxy s3 sgh i747 and want to recover those files. I’ve sownloaded Steller Phoeix Photo Recovery to my PC and SGS3 Easy UMS to my S3 but cannot get the PC to see my S3 and a drive so as to recover the files as SGS3 Easy UMS cannot get “root privalges…”. What the best solution or better course of action to recover these files? Also what does ROM stand for? Im plder and i thought it stood for read only memory, just curoius. Thanks

  173. Isaac Del Bosque says:

    How do you root galaxy s3 Verizon with 4.1.1

  174. mj says:

    I’ve samsung galaxy s3 i747 at&t , I’ve unlock ed it, bt still I’m having peoblem with making wifi hot spot nd usb tethering… plz help…

  175. Mohammad Mustafa says:

    Hello Max hope your good I love your website its amazing & your tutorials your tutorials help alot you helped me root my galaxy s3 so I have a question I would like to ask you if you have a way to root acer b1 tablet running android jelly bean 4.1.2 or is it the same method with galaxy s3 please let me kno thanks much appreciated.

  176. michael beckmann says:

    sorry to curse, but this is by far the most damn informative site ive seen, people are helpful and dont mind a newbie learning., such as i. thanks

  177. david says:

    Hey Mac have a couple? I had jb. 4.1.1 on my sprint s3 up until yesterday morning my phone asked for update to 4.1.2 I had my phone rooted as well up until yesterday. Morning. My? Is I lost my root some how and I’m trying to figure out how to get it back I’ve tried doing my research on this and can’t seem to figure it out I’ve even went as far as trying to hook it up to my computer and running Odin but Odin won’t register that my phone is hooked up to even try redoing my root all my root programs are not opening either what can I do to fix my issues please help me fix this I will donate for ur help and will be grateful for ur help with this please email me back please

  178. robert garcia says:

    Hi dude. I was wondering if you could link me to anything on how to root a s3 model r350m with metro pcs. Thanks a lot.

  179. luis says:

    hello my sprint galaxy s3’m brick and can not find the right way to revive it by mistake you install a rom’m international and brick, it could repair this damage?
    I’m sorry my translation of mex

  180. Hey Max, I love the quality of your videos. What kind of camera are you using to film your videos?

  181. Lewis says:

    Hi just a quick question. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sasktel carrier (Canadian) model number SGH-I747M and i just followed this video and successfully rooted my phone but i cannot get to the CWM recovery to back up my phone. I have deleted the two files in the /system/ and im still rebooting onto the stock android. So im wondering is how do i boot onto CWM Recovery and if its okay if i went through this video again (Did all the same steps) even though i have a rooted phone just so i can use CWM recovery to back up and flash a custom ROM without bricking my phone. Biggest question is if i were to Install SuperRoot and use odin to get to CWM recovery could it potentially brick my phone?
    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

  182. Raylan Braga says:

    como instalar sistema na replica do samsung s3, ñ tem drivers para comunicação de dados, tou tentando + ñ consigo pow mim ajudem ae, q o sistema dele é muito ruim.

  183. Mackey says:

    Can i root my sgs3 and keep all of my contacts and text and other information

  184. Johnnn"A" says:

    Can you switch carriers by simply changing the Rom ? Like as, I have a T-moble GS3 and want to go to At&t. Can I just change the rom and not have to unlock it?

  185. antonio says:

    Maxx I’m having trouble with my s3 my battery dies real fast and it takes forever to fully charged back up even after overnight charging . This started happening after a recent rom change

  186. Zacahry says:

    I rooted my gs3 4.1.2 on sprint. the root seemed to work great – here is the catch, my phone was encrypted and now my phone encryption password is not the same? What are my options at this point. Please help panic is setting in 🙁

  187. Tim says:

    hey max, would love to run cm 10 roms on my sprint L710 but 2 things are broken… locks up and screen goes blank when i use flash, and wifi tether is broken as well…….are there any fixs for this or do i just have a lemon? lol

  188. mark says:

    I have used 2 methods of rooting, the 1st was the odin +cf root, the 2nd was using a paid for version of oneclick. So both methods worked and my s3 was rooted with no hassles. But i get this same message “INSUFFICIENT STORAGE” and i cannot update any apps etc. Yes i have checked my sd card etc and i have heaps of room to update apps etc but i cant cause i keep getting the same message “INSUFFICIENT STORAGE”. Please help me, i have tried to partition the sd card and that didn’t help.

    • mark says:

      it seems i can update/download any file over 1mb…….any file in k/b’s does not work as that is when i get the “insufficient storage” message.

  189. Richard says:

    Installed the newest version if the Synergy Rom today. Everything works except for the mobile data. Suggestions?

  190. Richard says:

    I’m having a problem with the newest Synergy Rom. Everything works except for the mobile data. Suggestions?

  191. abrahamb says:

    Hi! I have a Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 rooted and I followed all your posts. Very nice! Now I received, as a present, a Galaxy S3 International. My question is: After I’ll root the S3, Can I transfer my micro SD with all my data from the galaxy S2 to the S3 directly?. I am using the Turkbey Rom V4. And what happens to my S2 Sim, can I install directly to my new S3 or I need to make some adjustments to this Sim? Thank you in advance!

  192. lavaboy says:

    hey i have samsung galaxy s3 international version made in vietnam
    how can i change android version 4.2.1 how can i change the android to 4.1 jelly bean????
    plz any one help me

    • mark says:

      i’m guessing you can go to the samsung site and download it from there….they have a list. i used odin to put the new stock firmware on my 19300t international. Have you tried kies????

  193. yogitim says:

    Hello Max, first of all thanks for all your coaching, truly Awesome! Unfortunately I’ve looked through all the comments in this page so far and haven’t found any relating to the S3 SCH-R350C from Cricket. I have a Mac OS X. I followed all the suggestions for rooting with a Mac: I downloaded, but when I connect my phone it says “could not connect to device”, I tried the 3 button thing and cannot go to “download mode” and have also looked at many different websites for rooting my phone and am unsuccessful. Now I know that you haven’t answered in a while maybe your really busy with the S4 or it’s now illegal for you to give advice, in any way I still hope to hear from you ar anyone else on what I can possibly do. Thank you

  194. brian says:

    i have a t mobile GS3 and ran the root in MAC and it said it rooted. i checked with root check and it says no.
    i have jellybean any ideas how to root jelly bean from a MAC

  195. sky says:

    Are you planning to post Avatar ROM , and when?
    Cuz that one looks awesome like it’s nickname tells itself as Chameleon ROM that you can change theme and icons and the whole design of the control and system.
    Thx always

  196. bre says:

    when i try to connect my phone to my laptop using usb, i get a “usb unrecognized” message. it will not connect any suggestions on this?

  197. Jeff Yeom says:

    Hello Max,
    I just updated my tmobile s3 to the OTA 4.1.2 update. Will you be making a video for those users who have updated. I’ve rooted this device before, however it was when i didn’t update it (4.1.1). On a previous video you said to “check off auto-root”. Is there a difference or is it the same by just installing the clockworkmod recov. zip and we’re set. I tried another rooting method and super user was never installed during the root. Please help. I’m not that big of a noob haha

  198. ddog6601 says:

    I keep geting bothered to do a system update on my rooted Sprint SPH-L710. Is there a way to stop this from reminding me everyday ?

  199. travsi says:

    is there any way to unbrick an samsung s3 l710. only thing that the phone does a red lights up and QHSUSB_DLOAD comes up on my pc
    please help

  200. Gustavo Pino says:

    Hi there! If I flash a new room can I recover my apps, mail accounts configuration, etc, using a restore made from a back up made with samsung kies?

    • Social Suicide says:

      I have never tried keys but i use “my back-up pro” which works very well, you are best off reinstalling your original back up with all of your apps etc and going to the store and buy MBP. Then use this app to back up everything then flash to your hearts content. Then when you have a new rom you have to go back to the store re-download MBP install it and the use this app to get all of your stuff back. I have no idea about mail a/c configurations, with a new rom you just reconnect to your a/c and everything should work as it did before.

  201. chad says:

    this may sound dumb, but how do i install gapps? where do i get it, how do i install it? this is the only thing that is keeping me from romming it up!

    • Social Suicide says:

      go to and download gapps i think you need the one ending in 212

      • Social Suicide says:

        as an addit it will appear as a zip file in recovery mode. so after you have flashed a new rom don’t go to reboot, go back to install file from d card and find the gapps zip and then install that file then reboot.

  202. Hervé Zarka says:

    merci pour l’article.

  203. tashi says:

    Hi max, thanks buddy for ur videos and posts.. i am happy to inform u i did rooted my t mobile s3 and installed axis rom. I just love it. But i just wanted to know if i can ever update to 4.2.2 from samsung official on the air updates later in the dates? And what is best between infamous and the axis rom?

  204. mark says:

    Hello Mark, thanks for your guide/reference in here.

    question: I’ve already rooted my S3 device (Rogers canadian network) and my issue in here is that i always have error when i’m trying to download apps from google playstore, error is Insufficient storage available.

    i do have external sd card for 60 Gig, i still have 53.43 Gig available
    internal storage available is 5.84 Gig
    i only have 661 MB RAM available

    please advise what to do on this problem

    thanking you in advance

  205. social suicide says:

    I had the exact same problem. I found that the problem goes away when you flash a custom rom, ,however it can reappear even if you have a custom rom
    I have found no permanent fix.

  206. Romar says:

    Hello Max, thanks for your guide/reference in here.

    question: I’ve already rooted my S3 device (Rogers canadian network) and my issue in here is that i always have error when i’m trying to download apps from google playstore, error is Insufficient storage available.

    i do have external sd card for 60 Gig, i still have 53.43 Gig available
    internal storage available is 5.84 Gig
    i only have 661 MB RAM available

    please advise what to do on this problem

    thanking you in advance

    • social suicide says:

      Good luck with that. I have been trying to get a solution to this for a long time. I have partitioned my SD card and done a lot of mucking about all with no success. The only way I got around this issue was to flash custom roms. Then I would still get this message appearing on about 2 roms out of 10.

      • Social Suicide says:

        I HAVE WORKED OUT THE STORAGE ISSUE!!!!. Ok install rom tool box pro, go to configure apps to sd, its set on auto as a default, thats all there is too it!, occasionally when you reboot the settings change to sd which is not what you want as they seem to be flipped ( sd is internal) so when you get an error message come up for internal storage go to rom tool box pro etc and change the setting to either internal or auto and the problem is fixed every time.

  207. sher says:

    hey bro i need to root my samsung galaxy s3 sprint sph-l710 which tutorial should i use last time i tried it soft bricked, just fixed it

  208. It’s remarkable to pay a visit this website and reading the views of all mates on the topic of this post, while I am also zealous of getting familiarity.

  209. Mark says:

    Hello Max

    how are you? thanks for all your detailed instructions.

    anyway, a little help here:

    i did install the Synergy ROM (Synergy-S3_21Mar13_0453_r420_s) to my S3 I747M (Canadian phone) – it went successfully; but the problem is – my camera won’t work. What did i do wrong? Is there any solution to this problem? FYI, i’m using ATTGS3CWM6.0.1.2 this as my recovery.

    please advise and thanking you in advance.


  210. Chip Milligan says:

    My mobile service is Cricket and I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (SCH-R530C) phone. I would like to remove some of the apps that I do use, such as Google Music, Google Books. To do this, it is my understanding that I need to “root” the phone. Is it possible to find instructions for my specific model phone/mobile carrier? Thanks for any help.

  211. Zach says:

    Hello, I recently rooted my Galaxy S3 which is Sprints version SPH-L710.
    After it was Rooted everything was great, until I couldn’t use my internet and when I made calls, I could hear my self like I was on speaker but I wasn’t.
    Is there anyway I can fix this?
    I wiped everything and tried again, nothing worked.
    Thanks for any help if replied.

  212. Phat says:

    I didn’t see the “install zip from SD card” when I had held down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power button on my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3. I didn’t see back up and restore too. This is my second time of rooting.

    Here are some pictures of my problems

    Last time I unrooted my phone in this website

    Please help

    • Max says:

      reinstall cwm using odin, pull battery when u see PASS!, put battery back in, then do the buttons to get into cwm. what u see noe is just stock recovery.

      • Phat says:

        I’m done. How to check if my android is rooted or not? thank you Max

        • Phat says:

          After I had rooted my android, I did a back up of my data. So if I restore my back up, will i get back my the latest data that I backed up?

          If my android isn’t root can i use the cwm using odin to back up my data?

  213. Antonio says:

    my friend has a boost mobile GS3 had It rooted. he wanted it unrooted and asked me to do it however when I went through the unrooting process I accidently used the stock rom for sprint now it wont flash back to boost how can I fix this problem

  214. Geoff says:

    I’ve rooted phones before but am having problems this one. When I click on the Tar file in the PDA box the box becomes ticked but the area where the file name usually appears remains blank, and if I try to start the process it fails. Any ideas?

  215. Brian says:

    Do you have any roms that will work on the boost mobile galaxy s3?

  216. dennis n says:

    Hello man,

    I love your work but i have a question..
    a couple of months ago i bought a galaxy s3 international version (gt-i9300).
    All things on the phone where working fine but the camera won’t work at all.
    I’ve tried many things like: New camera firmware download, Custom Rom (like cyanogen), search all kinds of forums but i couldnt get a good answer anywhere…
    so i tried to pull up my camera firmware updater with some code i found on youtube but when i do that i get an fail message..
    i tried the frondcamera ass wel but i only get white screen with a couple of stripes in it..
    it seems to me you’re like the smartest guy i can find on the web so i tought maybe you can help me…
    i can also sent some screenshots.

    hope to hear something back!
    Greetz Dennis

    (p.s. i’m from the Netherlands so my english is not so good haha)

  217. dennis n says:


    I love your work but i have a question..
    a couple of months ago i bought a galaxy s3 international version (gt-i9300).
    All things on the phone where working fine but the camera won’t work at all.
    I’ve tried many things like: New camera firmware download, Custom Rom (like cyanogen), search all kinds of forums but i couldnt get a good answer anywhere…
    so i tried to pull up my camera firmware updater with some code i found on youtube but when i do that i get an fail message..
    i tried the frondcamera ass wel but i only get white screen with a couple of stripes in it..
    it seems to me you’re like the smartest guy i can find on the web so i tought maybe you can help me…
    i can also sent some screenshots.

    hope to hear something back!
    Greetz Dennis

    (p.s. i’m from the Netherlands so my english is not so good haha)

  218. jordan says:

    hey max! well i watched your video to root the verizon galaxy s3 worked great installing but im having a problem with it telling me every 5 seconds that a (app) has stopped. any tips because it wont even let me into app store now

    thanks jordan

  219. Me says:

    Hey Max,
    Can I use a US cellular Glaxy S3 on T mobile??
    If so, how can I do it??

  220. Ham says:

    i have a sprint gs3 i want to delete my internal memory i got like 11 gb used and iwant to factory reset pretty much but i dont want it to be unrooted is there any thing i can without messing up my phone i wanna wipe it n start fresh on a new rom

  221. Steven says:

    I have a question. Why is it that when I install a new custom ROM I sometimes am not able to obtain root access even though I can still go into Clockwork Mod recovery and flash a new ROM. Is it as simple as flashing super user in recovery? Where can I find a suitable file? Any help will be appreciated!

  222. Nicholas B says:

    So I have rooted my phone many times, but I unrooted my phone one particular time and it seems I have done something wrong. When I click on my superSU a message comes up stating…..Thgere is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. this is a problem!! my device status shows that it is modified. I am not sure at this point if I am completely rooted or if I am rooted at all. Even when i go into triangle away app it says superuser access is needed but could not be acquired. are you rooted and did you give permission.

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  225. jesus says:

    need help rooted my S3 and installed people rom 3.17 and phone freezes when screen rotates

  226. alex says:

    hi help me please , in the top it said that I can not root my S3 sgh-747m it is canadian version

  227. john says:

    I have the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S3. Its model number is Sch-968. Its running 4.1.2. And it uses Verizon towers. My question is…can I use the root and bootloader unlock method for the Verizon Galaxy S3 on my Straight Talk Galaxy S3 without bricking it? Any help and knowledge from anyone is welcomed and very appreciated. Thanx…

  228. Christian says:

    Every time I boot up my phone it goes straight to download mode and this is what it shows:
    Could not do normal boot.
    CUSTOM BINARY DOWNLOAD: Yes (13 counts)
    Warranty Bit:1
    And I try to flash stock rom with odin and it fails all the time. Can you please help me.

  229. Dave says:

    I am pretty green at this stuff, so please bear with me.

    I have Rogers SGH i747 that I rooted through your instructions last year. Now there is a new OTA update that has come out that I cannot get. I tried resetting back to unrooted with no luck, so I re-rooted the phone. I religiously backed up the phone using ROM Manager. Now, I updated the CWM Recovery to (from 5.5.x.x) and it no longer has the option to backup or recover my phone. Any suggestions how I can revert to the previous recovery so that I can use my backups?


  230. Matematyka sprawdziany do pobrania gimnazjum

  231. Dakota says:

    Maybe someone can help me. My s3 sprint doesn’t connect to the computer anymore.I’m familiar with rooting and doing roms. I installed the 4.1 rom for sprint and wifi didn’t work so I went back to the nandroid back up I did but now I lost root I can’t connect my computer. I have all drivers installed om my computer and I’ve tried multiple cords and 2 different computers. And nothing works all it does is charges. Really irritates me. Now I have no root and reset my phone to stock anf still no connection . 🙁 can anyone help???

    • David crowell says:

      Hey bud I have this problem from time to time try putting ur phone in to download mode and see if it will connect that way the way I see if it connects is I use Odin if I see the box light up blue I know it connected then reboot that works for me if u could let me know if it works for u if not I have something else you can try

  232. tony says:

    I lost my root when I let att update my phone to 4.3 I want to undo this and regain root. Your fail proof noob info looks good, But it was published before 4.3 was sent out. Will I have a problem if I attempt to undo the 4.3 upgrade and root per your instructions?


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  234. tony says:

    I don’t really have my own website; I posted the galaxy3 website as this was my source of info. I guess maybe I should leave that blank?
    So, I will repeat my original post here:

    I lost my root when I let att update my phone to 4.3 I want to undo this and regain root. Your fail proof noob info looks good, But it was published before 4.3 was sent out. Will I have a problem if I attempt to undo the 4.3 upgrade and root per your instructions?

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  237. Ben says:


    Phone goes into image with phone – triangle – desktop with texts ” Firmware upgrade encountered….” when you turn on. Unit will go into download mode.

    S3 is running OTA 4.3 and i was trying to downgrade to 4.1.1 to unlock network.


  238. Kyle says:

    How about the metro pcs sch-r530m? is it possible? when i called them to get unlocked they told me it wasnt locked

  239. kaygee says: having problems installing miui on my gti9300.when i try to install the rom in recovery i always receive an error: format () expects 5 args, got 4
    E: Error in /data/media/”(the name of the rom).zip”
    (status 7)
    i have tried some solutions to the status 7 error that require me to alter the updater-script file but it still wont work.
    i thought maybe it was a problem with a specific download and redownloaded the files and other versions but it stil wont work.thanks for your help in advance
    model number: gti9300
    android version 4.1.2
    baseband version:i9300XXDLID

  240. ahmad says:

    hi Max, i install resurrection rom on my gt-i9300 and flashing lean kernel which is not for gt-19300. Now i am unable to get any mobile network on my gt-i9300. how do i go about changing the kernel like it was before. I have tried flashing my back up rom and even flash a different rom, however it still won’t work

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  244. John C. says:

    Max – great site, bro. I am on the Sprint S3 with the OTA Kit Kat update (ND8). Which ROMs on your site am I able to flash and use as a new DD? Thanks!

  245. Allwyn Chris says:

    Does the clockwork recovery get installed automatically after rooting… Or v have to flash it separately

  246. bmichelle says:

    heyyy!!! Okay so I have my gs3 1535 on 4.1.2 and ive been searching for days and days to try and find a way to root with out a computer and ive found absolutely nothing untill I stumbeled across this lovely site and thought id ask…
    Is there a way for me to root this phone without a computer or am I just out of luck? Thank you 🙂

  247. Godemiché says:

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  249. chrismai says:

    Is there any way to have screenmirroring on my rooted S3?I have tried lot of roms but it does work.It doesn’t work even with custom rom (if rooted).Right now i have the Archidroid Rom 4.4.3 (very good and fast rom) but i can’t do screen mirroring, so if any other rom suport it, i will change it.

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  251. jeff says:

    I recently purchased a Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S3(mdl# S968C, 4.1.2 android). I started doing this when I read a way to root the phone and make an SD mem card look like internal memory, was going to go the 64gig route. I did get SuperSU onto my phone, but on sure of the next moves and everyone is talking about different S3’s than mine. So, kind of stuck. And this is my first smartphone(really) and I have had it for less than two weeks. Please advise, it was being able to get a $30 SD card and be able to make the phone recognize it as internal instead of external which drew my attention. Just new to this

  252. Matthew says:

    When rooting my phone I understand the fact that my warranty will be void, but by flashing stock via odin will this then validate my warranty?

    • Matthew says:

      When rooting my phone I understand the fact that my warranty will be void, but by flashing stock via odin will this then validate my warranty?

  253. anal says:

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    I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s
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  255. Ayoub says:

    Hi Max Lee, i have a samsung galaxy S3 verizon, when i was on 4.3 i had french language i think it was enabled with language enabler, and since i upgrade it to 4.4.2 with kies i lost it and i could not enable it.
    1) so is there any solution to enable french on 4.4.2 kitkat , i can’t downgrade it to 4.3 because the bootloader is looked ?
    2) what is the best custom rom you advise to me for my device and that have french language, i’m on 4.4.2 kitkat stock.
    thank you

  256. Arooj says:

    Hey, I don’t know if this has been asked before and you find it annoying to answer but I needed some clarification. Is this root method also for galaxy s3 neo? (I know you mentioned all s3’s in your video)

  257. Marlenne Calvillo says:

    Hello, I’ve been trying to update my software & every time I check it says “Your device has been modified. Software update are not available.” Keep in mind that my phone is rooted and the model number for it is SGH-t999. Also, the android version for my phone is still at 4.1.2 (JellyBean) . Is there anything I can do?

  258. Dan says:

    Hi Max,

    Great site!

    I’m having some problems with my s3 (i9305). Something has happened to the IMEI number and I want to reset it. You mentioned in your rooting video that you fixed it by reinstalling the firmware, could you give us a more in-depth guide for how to do this?

    Thanks for any help!

  259. Mohit says:

    I have backed up my rooted S3 ROM using CWM. But the backup file is not being displayed in ClockworkMod/backup directory in phone internal storage . but when i go to the recovery window the backup file is visible there. could you tell me the solution to save the backup file to PC ?

  260. Steven says:

    Hi, uhmm. I was wondering, after i rooted my device, do i have to update them from time to time? and also, how do i find the correct version of a ROM for my rooted device?

  261. Max Douglas says:

    Hey sorry to bother you but I downloaded the newest version of the LiquidSmooth ROM with the working camera and it worked perfectly for the first couple of days and now when I pull it up it crashes and reboots my phone. Just wondering if you could help me please. Thanks!

  262. Pat rick says:

    If you would please find the time to answer this problem in some way i will be well pleased 😉 have taken two downloads now and i get the same answer
    it may be a silly question but this is the output

    Partition “recovery” does not exist in the specified PIT.
    Action: print-pit
    Arguments: [–file ] [–verbosem ] [–no-reboot] [–stdout-errors]
    [–delay ] [–usb-log-level ]
    Description: Prints the contents of a PIT file in a human readable format. If a filename is not provided then Heimdall retrieves the PIT file from the
    connected device.
    user@147R47:~/Downloads/GalaxyS3RootLinux (1)$ heimdall print-pit –verbose
    Heimdall v1.4.0
    Initialising connection…
    Detecting device…
    ERROR: Failed to detect compatible download-mode device.
    user@147R47:~/Downloads/GalaxyS3RootLinux (1)$ heimdall print-pit –verbose
    Heimdall v1.4.
    Initialising connection…
    Detecting device…
    libusbx: error [_get_usbfs_fd] libusbx couldn’t open USB device /dev/bus/usb/003/006: Permission denied
    libusbx: error [_get_usbfs_fd] libusbx requires write access to USB device nodes.
    ERROR: Failed to access device. libusb error: -3
    user@147R47:~/Downloads/GalaxyS3RootLinux (1)$

  263. Maxime de Montbron says:


    I’m trying to root my Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 phone.

    I followed the basic instructions, but when I download the zip file, inside I only have a .img file called recovery.img instead of a .exe and a .ini like on the pictures.

    What am I supposed to do with the .img file?

  264. emzo says:

    Hi ! cant odex the rom via the..odex me.. apk..says: No Root access Found !.Even cant move apps to system ../system/apps- RW permission but not installed to system partion. thanks !

  265. Mellisa says:

    Consequently, estimations performed at different establishments
    show that such standard deviations are essentially reachable under apparently inconceivable natural conditions, when due consideration is
    given to the estimation process. Unlike any other process it is
    devoid of pain to a great extent. It is said to feel solid and firmly packed in the hand pre-smoke.

  266. Gokul VT says:

    Your instructions helped me to install Lollipop 5.1 on my friend’s Samsung Galaxy S3 2 days back. I rooted s3 using Kingo Root and flashed it using TWRP. However, I didn’t take a backup of the stock rom. Now my friend is facing some issues with CyanogenMod 12 Lollipop which is installed in it. He is getting error messages that “Unfortunately process has stopped” and his Internet/Mms settings got changes and he is unable to access internet using the phone (Mobile Network). I tried to root it again using King O root and cannot do it because of Lollipop as it supports upto Jellybean only. Can you help me to solve the problem..? I would prefer downgrading it to custom Kitkat or Stock Jellybean. This was my first attempt doing this. Please help. A fast response is very much appreciated. Thank you.

  267. Mosur Mohan says:

    I was real excited about the CM12.1 ROM, Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop), from this page: Installed it last night – looked awesome, great job guys! Everything seemed to go real smooth, except…

    This morning, I noticed that it was only connecting to the internet via WiFi, no mobile network. Tracked it down to the fact that the “Access Point Names” list was empty. I made several attempts to add a new APN manually, following instructions for the AT&T LTE APN settings from the ATT web site; but it simply refused to save the newly entered APN. Result: everything works except for mobile networking. Is there a fix for this somewhere that I haven’t discovered in my searches?

    Things I tried, all with no success:
    + Rebooted into safe mode and re-tried adding APN; no dice
    + Checked EFS – doesn’t seem to be the issue, the phone does know its IMEI
    + Called ATT customer support, and they had me save all my photos and stuff and did a factory reset… still no dice

    My phone info:
    + AT&T Galaxy S3, i747
    + Current Android version (before the attempted/failed upgrade): 4.4.4
    + Current Kernel version (before upgrade): 3.4.94-cyanogenmod-g5ee5909 (task650@task650-Alienware)


  268. ojay says:

    Please help. I bought a rooted galaxy s3 At&t us version, I can’t get 3g network only 2g. Am from Nigeria I have tried many networks with similar problems, sometimes I cant make calls, send sms or browse

  269. braeden says:

    hey i have sgh i747m 4.4.2 i need to unlock for sim is there a free way?

  270. botoy says:

    i already do step by step in root my samsung s3 mini root, but i got stuck on step 6 in this link
    i didnt see a yellow-highlighted box with a random COM number. what should i do after that. please guide me till finish this root.

  271. Sam says:

    guys, i am unable to install CM 12.1 on My S3. it shows a warning that no file is detected. what should I do..?

  272. David Robinson says:

    First of all, thanks for the effort you put into this. I purchased an S3, rooted and installed Clean Bean with only your website and videos. After about a month of working perfectly, the 4.3 JB update has been pushy and I disabled the app that was trying to install that and it didn’t like it. So through a series of reboots I changed it back, and the update notices are back with it. What should I do to keep 4.3 JB update notices from returning? I like the phone the way it is with your custom rom. mod

    • David Robinson says:

      On a completely unrelated subject, without getting gmail notification icons or sound I clear dalvik cache, it updated before my lock screen and I got 3 r2d2 whistles back. I’m totally geeked about that. Apparently a lot of people stopped getting the notifications, even though everything was set properly.

  273. vebrii says:

    what you can write command linux in this comment

  274. Dreptus says:

    I’ve got this kind of problem and I’ve no idea how to resolve it.
    I did everything like instructions says and in the end I see this information:
    PIT file download successful.

    Local and device PIT files don’t match and repartition wasn’t specified!
    ERROR: Flash aborted!
    Ending session…
    Rebooting device…
    Releasing device interface…

    Anybody can help me with this problem?

  275. Bartek says:

    Hi Max – your website is really great.
    I’d like to upgrade my phone Samsung S3 Mini GT-I8190 with Android System: 4.1.2 to CyanogenMod 12.1 but I’ve no idea how to do it. Could you please give me some links and an instructions how to do it (step by step)?
    I’ll be very greatfull for this. Thx in advance.

  276. shinse says:

    i wondering if CWM S3 Mini from here could do to my GT-I8190, i just need any recommended review from someone here

  277. Daniel Obed says:

    Sorry one last bit of info, Im on L710VPUCNJ3. I have a NJ2 Sprint Stock Firmware that I downloaded in tar format for odin if my original backup does not work. If I need to use the NJ2 will that completely override the root also or would either the NJ2 or my backup contain the stock recovery?

  278. Ken says:

    I have a SCH-R530x from ntelos. What recovery file will work with this?

  279. Hey my name is John. I rooted my Gs3 I had no problem for almost 1 year thrn I updated to 6.0. And it was fine u til I tried to install Google SDK file and for some reason not it in thr boot screen I do t know what to do to fix it please help

  280. John says:

    Hey my name is John. I rooted my Gs3 I had no problem for almost 1 year thrn I updated to 6.0. And it was fine u til I tried to install Google SDK file and for some reason not it in thr boot screen I do t know what to do to fix it please help

  281. Badar e alam says:

    how can i root my phone samsung galaxy s3 neo I9300I………….ANDRIOD VERSION 4.3………….ANSWER ME FAST……..PLEASE……

  282. hamed says:

    i had followed your youtube video, everything work fine in odin.
    but after my phone restarted i checked it is not rooted,
    I cant open recovery mode(cwm or stock) by pressing volume up+ power+ home, all it does is shows up samsung logo and stuck there forever, I need to force restart my phone to boot again.

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