How to Replace Broken LCD Screen on Galaxy S3!

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So, I had the most unfortunate things happen to me on the first week that I got the Galaxy S3, I dropped my Galaxy S3 straight down onto uneven concrete from my pocket face-down, which is the worst way to drop a smartphone, and I didn’t even have a case on.

Fortunately, you can buy a Galaxy S3 Screen Digitizer to replace the broken LCD. So I decided this could be an opportunity to make a Blue/White hybrid Galaxy S3 and ordered a Blue Galaxy S3 Screen digitizer for my Galaxy S3.

This is my first time replacing a broken LCD on a smartphone but after doing it I am glad to say it’s pretty easy to do so long as you take precautions.

Step 1. First, you will obviously need an LCD Screen Digitizer, which comes with everything you need to get the phone working again.

You can get Blue Galaxy S3 Digitizer here.
You can get White Galaxy S3 Digitizer here.

Step 2. Take the battery, SIM card, and microSD card out.  Then using a #00 screwdriver, take all the visible screws out from the back.

Step 3. Once the screws are out, you should be able to easily pull the frame out.

Step 4. The top frame should also pop out, try pushing towards the top gently until it pops out.

Step 5. Undue any connectors from the main board and unscrew the black screw which holds the motherboard to your phone.

Step 6. There’s also antenna wire you can pop off.

Step 7. After that, the motherboard should pop out easily.

Step 8. Once the motherboard is out, put it in a safe place where your dog won’t bite it.  Then it’s time to take the glass out.  You can use a heat gun to heat the screen (or I used a hair dryer) and slowly work your way to take the gorilla glass out.

Step 9. Don’t worry too much about breakage at this point since your screen is broken already, just pull it out.

Step 10. Once the gorilla glass is out you will next need to take the LCD digitizer out.  Use your heat gun again to heat and slowly pull it out.

Step 11. Once the LCD digitizer is out, make it clean by pulling out any sticky stuff.  You should be all ready to put the new screen digitizer on.  Do a dry fit test before.

Step 12. Pull the adhesive from the new screen digitizer and slowly put it on.  There’s one connector that goes through one of the holes so make sure you get that through.  Now, DO NOT ATTACH FULLY YET, MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE HOME BUTTON BACK ON BEFORE ATTACHING! (This is something I realized during my experience.)

Step 13. Once screen is attached, you should be pretty much all ready to go.

Step 14. Put the motherboard back in, attach all the connectors.

Step 15. Before you go any further, you can insert the battery and power your Galaxy S3 and check to see everything is working.

Step 16. Once you’ve verified everything is working, assemble everything back on and you should have a working phone.


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77 Responses

  1. Vinny says:

    Man, you’re ruff as hell. Thank God you are not a surgeon. When you broke out the hair dryer and blew all your screws all over the place I was in the process of enjoying a very ice cold beverage, (jack and coke) and I spit it all over my laptop. I could not help myself I was laughing my butt off. I would never have the sand to get into it like you just did. I give you credit, you saved yourself a few bucks and learned the ins and outs of the SGS3. Your videos are the bomb.
    Thanks Zedo,

  2. Johnny Eng says:

    So lousy? S3… HTC one X will never break like this. even in concrete..

  3. Kayron says:

    Ouch – now I’m going to be paranoid about dropping my phone!!
    Thanks for the great video. Your website is awesome.

  4. Emmanuel says:

    The palm capture is not working on my phone and I want to return it for a new one before the 14 days is up. Do you know when you can have the un-root the the Galaxy S3-T999 up?

  5. Jay says:

    $259 for a new screen you need to fit yourself!!!!!! thats why I have insurance hahaha great vid tho, good on ya for havin the nads to do it.

    • John Boer says:

      The digitizer part is only 16-25$ on ebay. You are referring to both LCD and Digitizer.

      • ihandyrepair says:

        yes digitizer part is only $16-25 on ebay
        but if you buy that, it is useless
        the LCD and digitizer are glued together
        i tried to separate the LCD and digitizer on a broken screen
        it is imposible to do it, you either crack the LCD or scratch it

        • Laurel says:

          My screen cracked but is still responsive to touch. Does than mean I only need the LCD? Or do I need to buy the LCD and digitizer both to fix it?

          • Martin says:

            of course its possible to unglue it … just buy a digitizer of ebay which come with the tools you need .. its not so difficult to unglue them, you simply have to be very carefull and use a hair dryer on low all around the screen, and slowly take it off without using too much force … theres tons of youtube tutorial on how to do it

    • kaaki says:

      Thats the problem with all you people that what insurance, it ain’t worth anything , maybe you should read the fine print on your insurance contract…. there is always a minimum $100 co pay and you will be lucky if you can get a new phone as a replacement most always it will be a refurb. So much for insurance!
      Most of you smart people do not understand that!

      • tonya says:

        Insurance is a scam just like that extended warranty at Walmart. Walmart fails to tell you to copy your receipt with the extra warranty on it cause, no receipt no warranty. If you are organized enough to know where your receipt is a year later then 8 of 10 times its so faded you can’t prove its a warranty. Insurance I had and they still wanted $150 to fix my s3 so why do I pay for the insurance when I have a friend who will do it for $50 pluse all the parts needed.. Rip off that’s what is up. They dont tell you that till you need them.

  6. Jason says:

    I understand if you want to fix a broken screen and as he suggested, this gives you an option to have a hybrid (blue/white). If you don’t have a broken screen but you want to have two different colors, including colors that are not out, check out ebay. There are some metal back covers overseas that fit in a myriad of colors. I think it’s a quick way to change the look in a variety of ways. You will need a little patience to receive it from overseas.

  7. Luca says:

    can someone help me plz..i’ve some scratch on the front case of my Galaxy s3 ,not on the glass but in the plastic frame, Can you tell me if it’s possible to change only the frame and where can i find it??
    Thx in advance

    • Max says:

      You can try ebay i think.

    • Jason says:

      I am not sure what that part is called. You could try calling Samsung to see if it’s something that they can fix; if so, then see if they’ll tell you the name of the part that you’d be looking for (on ebay, etc). I would expect to spend a bit to get it replaced/fixed. A cheaper option obviously would be to buy a case to cover it (but I’m like you; I hate dings and scratches). I can deal with scratches on the battery cover since I can easily replace it; I guess that’s why I try to use cases as much as possible. I haven’t bought my GS3 yet, but I have a case in hand and another one ordered. Good luck.

  8. dave says:

    Hi Max. Very informative web site have spent most of the last month on here keep up the good work, one quick question. I watched your video on changing the LCD screen, i have cracked my glass lens touch and LCD work fine, i have ordered a new lens any tips on replacing it without breaking my screen.Any help would be very much appreciated cheers

    • ihandyrepair says:

      if i were you, i return the new glass
      it is impossible to separate the glass and digitizer
      they have glue in between, you will end up cracking or scratching the digitizer

  9. Steve C says:

    I broke the glass (yes gorilla glass breaks) on my Sprint version Galaxy S3. People are recommending buying the LCD/Digitizer assembly with the frame since it’s an easier swap. My question is the Frame from a i9300 same as mine (SPH-710)? Thanks.

    • Max says:

      yup it’s exactly the same!

      • Izzya says:

        hi max, I have a samsung s3 with a cracked screen it’s with Rogers in Canada which is SGH-T999. I recently bought the screen and digitizer from ebay for an amazing price of $130 only to find out but the repair shop they are not compatible (mine is GSM and ebay item is CDMA). is this really a problem or does the repair shop wrong?

    • Daniel says:


      i have one for sale(digitizer assembly w/frame).its from a Tmobile me at

  10. Cecilia says:

    So the corner of my screen cracked since I too, dropped it on concrete. Everything works fine and the display is fine, it’s just that there’s a giant crack in the corner of my phone. Would I be able to just buy the outer screen or would I have to buy a digitizer also?

    • Max says:

      You do need the whole digitizer replaced for the GS3. That’s the way sammy made it.

      • Teresa says:

        So I have the Samsung galaxy s3, first are there different models? And if so how can I find out which one it is? So I have the same problem, the glass is cracked the LCD is fine. So I bought the outer glass part on ebay and now I here that I need a digitizer. When you say digitizer are you refering to the LCD part or what? And what do I search on ebay specifically?
        Please help!

  11. Jock says:

    I want to make sure I’ve read this correctly. Even though ONLY the glass is broken on my i9300 I have to replace the whole thing for $300? You can’t ONLY replace the glass?

    This seems to be a scam by the phone makers. I already paid $700 for the phone and dropped it once from less than waist high. I’ve had an LG Dare and Motorola Razr that I’ve basically played frisbee with on a regular basis and there are only minor scratches on the plastic corners.

    • Max says:

      Use a case next time, I know, I learned it the hard way too.

      • Ian says:

        Having a case doesn’t necessarily make a difference. I dropped my S3 with gel cover from a height of about 40cm. It landed on one corner (on a flat surface) and I now have a cracked screen. My old HTC Desire was thrown, dropped, sat on, trodden on … and besides a few scratches on the body, it survived the lot.

        This is the 3rd product from Samsung I’ve ended up really regretting buying over the past year. No more!!! Samsung are on my Do Not Purchase list from now on.

  12. Jai says:

    hi, i got my s3 one month back… its pebble blue color.. i want to change the front to white.. is there any option for that and how much it would cost?

    • Jason says:

      Max may have an option for you; however, if you are willing to change the back instead of the front, the cheapest and easiest way is to get a new battery cover. Else, you can get a skin to put on it. Check out this site:

    • Max says:

      I think u might be better off changing the back cover not sure if they sell it yet?

  13. izzya says:

    Hi max or anyone. Could you please answer this question I posted above. In urgent need of help please.
    I have a samsung s3 with a cracked screen it’s with Rogers in Canada which is SGH-T999. I recently bought the screen and digitizer from ebay for an amazing price of $130 only to find out but the repair shop they are not compatible (mine is GSM and ebay item is CDMA). is this really a problem or does the repair shop wrong?

    • Max says:

      I don’t think so, they should be compatible, there’s no difference in the digitizer as CDMA/GSM radios are on the back not the digitizer side. Maybe you should try another repair shop?

  14. hakan says:

    Hi Max,

    I like your Rom very much.

    Thank you very much for all work. I like to ask you is that possible to remove stock email apps with yellow color an it install Nexus Jelly bean email apps. I really hate stock email.

    Please let me know.

    Best regards,


  15. saif says:

    so i broke my digitizer on my galaxy s3 but the screen still works perfect do i still have to replace the lcd ?

  16. Rash says:


    You mention that a cracked glass cannot be replaced separate to the rest of the screen ?

    Quite clearly in the pictures above, step 8 and 9, the gorilla glass can be separated from the digitiser and screen. It can also be purchased separately. Why cant it then be replaced ?

    • Max says:

      They are literally glued together at top and bottom pretty badly, I think you may be able to pull it out but it may end up lookin’ real ugly. You can try it but from what I hear, it’s not possible to do a clean replacement.

  17. Jeffrey says:

    Will this work on the SCH-1535 Verizon Model?

  18. Guy says:

    I have the AT&T version and on eBay they have LCD and digitizer for the sprint version. Would you know if they are compatible with each other?

      • Dirceu says:

        Is it really compatible ? S3 i9300 (international market) x i747 (AT&T) x L710(Sprint) ? All these digitizer are the same? they fit each other?
        Looks like there are some small differences between i900 and L710 version, take a look on it at:

        Has anyone had success replacing the original digitizer for another model?


  19. Guy says:

    One more thing some of them have the complete housing so it’s easier to swap screens are there any parts that are different on each version??

  20. Medamullet says:

    I just replaced the GLASS ONLY on my wife’s s3. Super easy. I did not take the phone apart.

    1. removed battery
    2. had her hold teh heat guy over phone while I picked with a exacto the bits of broken glass until I could get under the glass.
    3. started to ply up glass while she continued to heat phone.
    4. cleaned digitizer
    5. Installed new glass.

    It did take a while considering I was very careful with her phone. Now I have done it once it wouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

    Nice video I couldn’t have done it with out you 🙂

  21. Rash says:

    Hi Medamullet,

    Can you confirm the phone still works as you heated while the processor was still in the unit ?

  22. dchung05 says:


    just replaced my screen while looking at your instructions. i recommend taking the glass apart over a trash can because there can be a lot of little bits that fly around. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, IT WAS SUPPPPPER EASY. THANKS!


  23. johnny says:

    Hi folks,

    so same accident happened to me – I dropped my SGS3 on the concrete, the glass is cracked. BUT the display works seamlessly as well as the touch screen. Only the glass is cracked. I found something like this on the ebay for arount 25USD. Will this work??


  24. thetruth says:

    Guys I will do you all a favor. There seems to be problems with the galaxy s3.if you call Samsung and complain about the screen breaking then they will replace free of charge first time. Call their customer service.

    • James says:

      Hey thetruth,

      Are you serious? What country are you from? Seems that Samsung is doing the same as what Apple did here in Australia with iPhone 4 users that constantly complained about their screen cracking?? Must be.
      Anyway any further details that can assist me with this would be greatly appreciated. Did you complain saying you wanted a refund on your device…is that what made them jump at “free replacement” offering that you speak of?

      Thanks in advanced!

  25. teresad says:

    Hey everyone! I am so excited I replaced the glass on my S3 and it looks brand new!!! It can be done!

  26. teresad says:

    I actually didnt record it, but I did it as it was described earlier on this blog. and I didnt watch a video because I couldnt find it. It took about 20-30 minutes very easy, if I could do it anyone could. However as someone earlier posted on cleaning the LCD before putting the new glass on, I used rubbing alcohol with a tissue. But be careful the edges are sticky so try not to let it spread to the LCD during the process.
    Good luck, let me know if this helps!!!

  27. Randy says:

    I work as a Sr Helpdesk Analyst and replaced the glass on a Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-i747) for one of our end users. Not the lcd screen. The phone lcd worked fine but the glass was cracked in the lower right hand corner. Phone was prepared with clear box tape with three inches of tape hanging over top and bottom of phone. The tape was set closest to the side of the glass as I could get it. Taking it apart was easy. The glass took about 30 plus min under a hair dryer. That is not 30 min constant. Just in and out of hair dryer on a stand with plastic pic, credit card, and some patience. The back side of the glass has a sticky gel layer of which I have yet to identify by name. I cleaned the lcd off with a microfiber cloth and blow off spray. I replaced all the black double sided tape with some 3M double sided tape. It looks great but I wanted the gel layer between the glass and the lcd. Because that layer is not there, if the end user presses the screen too hard, the glass will stick to the lcd for a couple seconds. Yes, you should not be pressing the screen that hard but still. So you could replace the glass for $20 or replace the lcd w\glass for $200. I will find that gel and if anyone knows what it is, please post. I imagine more phones in the future and will post video via YouTube.

  28. jalby17 says:

    i replace the glass on my galaxy 3 and now my touch screen will not work every thing looks great but now it does not work any ideas

  29. Randy says:

    Another end user brought a Samsung Galaxy S3 with broken glass in. Gel layer between glass is more than likely an OCA (optically clear adheasive) like what 3M offers also has them.

    I will post a video on youtube soon.

  30. ihandyrepair says:

    Hi Max
    i like you vidoes regarding the rooting for all galaxy (S2 S3 and note)
    i know it was your first time replacing the screen.
    i have done with S2 i9100 Note N7000 and S3 i747
    i recommend to buy the LCD digitizer with frame and buttons with ribbon
    it is much easier and you save lots of time, price difference is like $15-20
    also you dont have to worry about having broken button
    remember once you glued the new screen on, it wont come off!
    also you forgot to test the NEW screen if it is working!
    what if the new part was defective? then you will have to do everything again
    but worst part is that you cant return the defective part because you glued it on!

  31. jb says:

    can i replace my samsung galaxy s3 verizon motherboard with a AT&T one?

  32. Levell says:

    Theresad, Please email me @

  33. alessio says:

    Do you guys know if I order the LCD at alibaba from some chinese manufactury sellers for around 100/150 bucks it could work?

  34. Anthony says:

    Can you plz help fix my 2 broken screen galaxy s3 I’ve tried to do it myself seem to not be wrkn. I’ve watched the video over and over plz help

  35. bon says:

    Thanks for the instruction. I tried to replace the screen glass only since there was still image (not black) on my phone before I open it. So I tried to take the broken glass out. However, beside taking the glass pieces out, I also see a big piece of “plastic” between the broken glass and the “mirror” (in your screen sot #10). What it is? Did I take out the LCD (plastic) out beside the glass? can you still just put a new glass on the top of the mirror enough? thanks.

  1. November 7, 2013

    […] How to Replace Broken Screen on S3! […]

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