How to Replace Broken LCD Screen on Galaxy S3!

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So, I had the most unfortunate things happen to me on the first week that I got the Galaxy S3, I dropped my Galaxy S3 straight down onto uneven concrete from my pocket face-down, which is the worst way to drop a smartphone, and I didn’t even have a case on.

Fortunately, you can buy a Galaxy S3 Screen Digitizer to replace the broken LCD. So I decided this could be an opportunity to make a Blue/White hybrid Galaxy S3 and ordered a Blue Galaxy S3 Screen digitizer for my Galaxy S3.

This is my first time replacing a broken LCD on a smartphone but after doing it I am glad to say it’s pretty easy to do so long as you take precautions.

Step 1. First, you will obviously need an LCD Screen Digitizer, which comes with everything you need to get the phone working again.

You can get Blue Galaxy S3 Digitizer here.
You can get White Galaxy S3 Digitizer here.

Step 2. Take the battery, SIM card, and microSD card out.  Then using a #00 screwdriver, take all the visible screws out from the back.

Step 3. Once the screws are out, you should be able to easily pull the frame out.

Step 4. The top frame should also pop out, try pushing towards the top gently until it pops out.

Step 5. Undue any connectors from the main board and unscrew the black screw which holds the motherboard to your phone.

Step 6. There’s also antenna wire you can pop off.

Step 7. After that, the motherboard should pop out easily.

Step 8. Once the motherboard is out, put it in a safe place where your dog won’t bite it.  Then it’s time to take the glass out.  You can use a heat gun to heat the screen (or I used a hair dryer) and slowly work your way to take the gorilla glass out.

Step 9. Don’t worry too much about breakage at this point since your screen is broken already, just pull it out.

Step 10. Once the gorilla glass is out you will next need to take the LCD digitizer out.  Use your heat gun again to heat and slowly pull it out.

Step 11. Once the LCD digitizer is out, make it clean by pulling out any sticky stuff.  You should be all ready to put the new screen digitizer on.  Do a dry fit test before.

Step 12. Pull the adhesive from the new screen digitizer and slowly put it on.  There’s one connector that goes through one of the holes so make sure you get that through.  Now, DO NOT ATTACH FULLY YET, MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE HOME BUTTON BACK ON BEFORE ATTACHING! (This is something I realized during my experience.)

Step 13. Once screen is attached, you should be pretty much all ready to go.

Step 14. Put the motherboard back in, attach all the connectors.

Step 15. Before you go any further, you can insert the battery and power your Galaxy S3 and check to see everything is working.

Step 16. Once you’ve verified everything is working, assemble everything back on and you should have a working phone.


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