How to Root AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747!

For those of you who want to root your AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747, here’s a step-by-step guide plus video tutorial (using SGH-I747).  Anyone with even slight knowledge of computer should be able to do this easily.  This guide is noob-proof and my suggestion is to follow the video and the guide one step at a time.


Step 1. Hold Down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 10 seconds.

Step 2. When your phone resets (screen goes off), let go of the Power button but keep holding down the other buttons.

Step 3. When you see a warning screen like below, hit Volume Up button.

Step 4. Once in Download mode, connect microUSB cable from your AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 to your computer.

Step 5. Download and unzip, you should fine 4 files and everything you need to root your AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747.


Step 6. Double-click on the file “odin3 v1.85.exe” to start the ODIN program.  You should see a yellow-highlighted box with a number.  If you don’t, download and install Samsung Kies, then unplug/plug your phone back in; you should see it now.

Step 7. PLEASE DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE but click on “PDA” then choose the file “CWM-Recovery.tar” and hit “Start”.  That’s it!

Step 8. You should get a “PASS!” and your phone will reboot.

Step 9. Once rebooted, copy the file “” to anywhere on your phone.

Step 10. Hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power button together for about 10 seconds.

Step 11. Once your phone resets (screen goes off), let go of the Power button but keep holding down others.

Step 12. Once in ClockworkMod Recovery (also known as CWM Recovery), choose “install zip from sdcard”.

Step 13. Next choose “choose zip from sdcard” or “choose zip from internal sdcard”, depending on where you copied the file over to earlier.

Step 14. Choose the file “”.

Step 15. Choose “yes”.

Step 16. You should see something like below:

Step 17. Reboot your phone and your AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 is now fully rooted and with SuperSU app, which is the Superuser app.


Q: Does this root method erase my settings and apps?
A: No, it doesn’t touch a thing, very safe to do.

Q: I ended up in Kernel panic mode, what do I do?
A: Relax, that’s same as ODIN download mode, simply run Heimdall again and flash the files again, it will work.

Q: I don’t get ClockworkMod Recovery like you do, just get Android with belly open.
A: If you’ve updated to newer software update, the stock OS will over-write ClockworkMod Recovery on reboot.  To fix this, make sure “auto-reboot” is checked off in ODIN, then take the battery out when it’s done flashing in ODIN.  Then enter ClockworkMod Recovery right away.

More questions?  Please leave in the comment section below for help from author and other users.

More on this Root Method

This root method simply installs ClockworkMod Recovery to the recovery partition and installs Superuser zip file, very safe to do.  With Galaxy S2, recovery partition was part of the kernel and was a bit dangerous but with Galaxy S3, Samsung has made recovery parition separate from the kernel, making it much safer just like how Galaxy Nexus works.

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148 Responses

  1. Leo says:

    WHAT???? people complain after rooting the wifi don’t work, but this video is the same as the other one, just different phone. i have a ATT galaxy s3 and i root it about 2 hrs ago & my wifi is work fine.

  2. Anselm Mak says:

    Perfect! Thanks for the detailed instructions. Everything went smoothly.

  3. alex says:

    does this trigger the flash counter???

  4. Todd says:

    Awesome website! You made rooting my Note and s3 a breeze! Quick question, I just rooted my AT&T galaxy s3 per your instructions and worked like a charm. However when I tried to use any wifi tether app off of the marketplace, no such luck. Any advice?

  5. Kembric says:

    i have a sprint s3 and when i pick on the phone, i get (E:signature verification failed). when i bought the phone on june 3 the phone made me do an updata. do you think the updata has anything to do with the signature verification failed?

    • Max says:

      If you’ve updated to newer software update, the stock OS will over-write ClockworkMod Recovery on reboot. To fix this, make sure “auto-reboot” is checked off in ODIN, then take the battery out when it’s done flashing in ODIN. Then enter ClockworkMod Recovery right away.

  6. submachine0 says:

    so about 2-3 days in and i haven’t seen any issues on stock ROM, if anyone’s worried or anything. there’s info on how to unroot too, plus with that counter-reset thing there’s really absolutely nothing to lose.

  7. kaden sun says:

    Hi, I am stucked at the step 7. It stopped at recovery.img and wont’ go any further. please help.

  8. daniel says:

    lol nvm unplug your device and plug it back in

  9. Russ says:

    Hi Max, great video!! I can tell that my phone is rooted because I can now run Titanium Backup…but the superuser icon, #, can’t be seen anywhere. Is that a problem, and if so how would I go about making it appear?? Thanks for your time, and please keep up the outstanding work!!

  10. Russ says:

    Got it…the icon is a pic of Andy with a pirate eyepatch!! “Superuser”. Thanks for the quick reply Max, the SGS3 is my first foray into the Android world, and I’ve already put the fruit company so far in my rear view mirror that I can’t even see them.

  11. sendalot says:

    Hey Max,

    I was able to root my at&t galaxy s3 but I had to return it and I got a new one and on the new one there was an update that at&t pushed and now I can’t root it. Did someone else experience this?

  12. Russ says:

    Hey Max, I’m guessing that this is not your “regular” job. Your knowledge and quick responses go above and beyond…is there a way to “donate” to you for your efforts??

    • Max says:

      This is my regular job/online business, I run the world’s biggest free Android support center, call it AndroidSquad if you want. No, I don’t accept donations but if you can convert your iWhore friends to Android that’s all I ask! 😉

  13. Bhaskar says:

    Does this method work with the updated firmware viz. UCALG1?
    I was wondering if this method trips the flash counter.

    • Max says:

      Yes it does trip the counter but please see update root method here:

  14. anthony says:

    Can I get the galaxy s3 AT&T to work with t-mobile 4g

  15. jawonder says:

    Worked like a charm, thanks much .

  16. swapnil patel says:

    thnxxx very much …i done perfectly my samsung galaxy s2 root phone ….thank you ….

  17. swapnil patel says:

    but after in laptop my windows does not open USB MASS STORAGE …what can i do ….for USB MASS STORAGE…

  18. Celio says:

    hi there,

    I tried to root an i747, but it hangs on odin recovery flash, no matter if I use att or canada package.

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:12)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

    and keep in that till I remove cable. phone data:

    android 4.04
    i747uclem (build imm776d.1747ucalem


  19. Martin says:

    Hey Max I updated my AT&T s3 and I did the unchecking of the auto reboot and removed the battery and the usb cable and I went into cwm. I was able to get my phone rooted. But without my s3 connected to a laptop or pc or do the whole odin v1.85, I am not able to get back into cwm by holding the volume up, home button, and the power button. Please help Max

  20. Karan says:

    My CWM says :

    Reboot System now
    Apply update from ext storage
    wipe data / fact. reset
    wipe cache
    apply update from cache

    It didn’t say anything about applying update from sd card. Could you please help.

  21. james says:

    i got stuch in the odin program at “recovery.img” it just stops all progress and sits there i tried to give it time to finish but even after 30 minutes nothing changed so i just closed program and restarted phone and it still works fine but i want to root it still

    whats the work around for that?

  22. Cambodia says:

    AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 What wrong atfer rooting restart phone it show only logo “SAMSUNG” after that close it can’t login to phone window how i can do I didn’t backup my phone, please halpe!!!…………. 🙁

  23. JOHN says:

    I have huge problem help ASAP
    I rooted my galaxy s3 i747 successfully and intall EZ unlock.
    while I was having dinner with friends, my battery ran out. now the phone is not working at all.

    • JOHN says:

      WHEN I CONNECT IT TO COMPUTER IT MAKE REJECTING SOUND FOR USB. MY USB CABLES WORKS FIND. I TRIED WITH OTHER GALAXY S3 PHONE. my battery is found sim card is find sd card is find, except the phone.

      • JOHN says:


        • Max says:

          EZ Unlock is ONLY for Verizon Galaxy S3, that might be why. You can try unrooting that could fix.

          • JOHN says:

            I Tried unroot, but before I even start everything I can’t even turn it on nor go into factory resetting mode

            • Christian Klager says:

              I had that very same problem, but solved it right away thanks to my high research skills. I found that the Hindu in one video, tells you how to root, but NEVER states that there is a side MOD for at&t. So it fucked up my phone.THEN, I found this website, and magic worked.
              NOW, my problem IS, that when I try to install the SU from openrecovery, it keeps failing to mount sdcard (Invalid Argument)
              Any pointers?
              And dude, you should try instaling KIES on your pc, it’s probably just missing the required drivers to communicate with ODIN, that’s it.

  24. Mark Radwin says:

    Have you uploaded the tutorial for the ATT Samsung Galaxy S3 on a Mac??
    If so, please comment back with the link to the tutorial!

  25. Michael Bahu says:

    I have a rooted s3 with att. What’s a good hotspots bypass? I have the kyan boot from.

  26. ghazale says:

    I got unlocked at&t galaxy s3, this will work on that too? Wont it lock it again?

  27. Steve S says:

    I have the same problem as the other gentleman when rooting my phone…when i get to the cwm i.e. I get the android with the belly open. Auto reboot was already checked in odin and I tried pulling the battery but I still get the same menu that looks nothing like the one displaying in your video. any other advice? thanks in advance.

    • Max says:

      try updated root method here:

  28. StevenHB says:

    I’m having trouble downloading The download site’s page keeps saying “nginx error! The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.” Is there anywhere else that I can get the file?

  29. Rick says:

    Hey guys. This may be a stupid question, but will I be able to unroot and flash back to stock without voiding my warranty? I saw someone say something about tripping a flash counter or something and was curious about that too. Thanks for the continued support

  30. Rick says:

    Reply to this one please so answers will go to my email.

  31. Mike says:

    Love the instructions thanks for the help with the video. I tried this first on my own and bricked one. I returned it to the store and got a free replacement. They couldn’t get it to boot at all.

  32. Gabe says:

    I never got the paste option after i copied the zip file, now what should i do?

    using windows 7

    can i do this on a mac?

  33. Gabe says:

    Thanks Max,

    Copying is not the problem I just dont get the paste option. could it be becasue I did it with win zip to open the tar file?

  34. ricky says:

    I had several problems. After rooting, my AT&T service was in and out. Couldn’t check voicemail, didn’t get messages, couldn’t connect to phone calls, then it would connect again for a bit and then go out again. Anyone else have these issues?

    • Sean Asten says:

      I have the same issue. New sim didn’t do anything, nor did AT&T’s customer service lmao…If anyone has a solution it would be very very appreciated.

    • Max says:

      That’s not root related it seems like, rooting doesn’t actually affect any signals, voicemails, etc…etc… You might just have a defective phone, take it back to your AT&T store and get a new phone.

  35. Mark says:

    When I unzip the ROM with WinRAR I don’t get the four options listed I get:
    I know this is a stupid question but I don’t know why I’m not getting the same selection as in the tutorial.

  36. jason says:

    could send me the root files? I cannot find it through the internet.

    thank you so much !

  37. Randy says:

    odin3 stuck on setup connection. Is it ok for me to end process and retry?

  38. Hunter says:

    I have a At&t SGS3 and I am trying to root it, I have tried rooting it four times and it’s just not working. I try to flash the CWM file in Odin but it doesn’t do anything. I still have the standard recovery. Any help?

    • Max says:

      try the newer root method:

  39. Vasyl says:

    i have att version of sg3 but i really want to run it on tmobile (simple mobile) 4g speeds is it possible ??? can you help Max?

  40. craig says:

    where do i download CWM-Recovery.tar?

  41. Mike says:

    Thanks a lot !!! Work with Samsung Galaxy S3 locked with Telus (Canada)/

  42. derek says:

    I tried this and it wouldn’t boot into recovery. Now my internet is shit, and I can’t flash anything else with ODIN. I’ve been flashing my Captivate and S2 for almost 2 years. What the hell happened?

  43. michelle says:

    im stuck on step12. dont have the option of “ClockworkMod Recovery” please help

  44. rocky says:

    hi im on the copy paste step and it wont let me paste it..

  45. rocky says:

    nevermind didnt work cause i was trying to copy it straight from downloads, gotta put it on desktop first.

  46. joel says:

    im on the recovery mode but the only options its giving me its….
    reboot system now
    apply update from external storage
    wipe date/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cache
    and thats it…
    i had done this root once about 2 months but i restored my phone back to original becuse i though i had to send it back to att but i didnt and i would like to know if u can help me

    • Joliano says:

      Same here , anyone can help , I know Max super busy.. Thx

    • Joliano says:

      Hey Joel,

      I just tried this .. first be sure the USB Debugging is checked.
      try to root again but this time when u done flash CWM-Recovery.tar in step 7, unchecked auto Reboot and take out the battery and then keep going wz the steps u will see Install there.

  47. Joliano says:

    Max, I did root my I747 before form 5 months ago and I try to reset my phone now as factory data reset.
    And when i try to install Rom manager saying something about my room not rooted , so I try to root again but i cant fined the install part in ClockworkMod Recovery, and I skip this step. ( still my phone status saying Modified)

    I know i did’t keep up wz the new tools all that time, and I screw up. How can I start clean again , and what the best thing i can do now

  48. Venkat says:

    Thanks for the instructions. I had trouble putting the Phone in CWM mode. But later figured it out. If the phone has updated software from AT&T then the CWM mode will not work. The solution is to reflash CWM-Recovery.tar using odin with auto reboot unchecked. Then take the battery out and try entering the CWM mode again. Its volume up instead of down for the CWM mode. I was using volume down (My mistake).

  49. Gotnitro says:

    Does this work on Android 4.1.1 on ATT?

  50. Adrian says:

    I rooted it all works like it should but for some reason it says no sim card.

  51. Lonnie says:

    Ok, so I just updated my AT&T GS3 and lost my root. How can I reroot my phone?

  52. Álvaro Sena says:

    Does this work on Android 4.1.1 on ATT???

  53. Viktor says:

    Hi when do you think the root for the s3 at&t running on jellybean will come out?

  54. K E says:

    Better instructions for clockwork mod mode…

  55. Lava says:

    I’m getting an error when trying to flash Odin

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:10)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    the ID:COM is 0:[COM10]

  56. cody says:

    i flashed odin once i got a pass and then stock recovery… question is can i flash odin again and go through the process again using the updated process cause i know it works i used it before and will it mess anything up if i go through odin again? thanks in advance

  57. Ben says:

    Great Tutorial! I’m not the most computer savvy person and it was no problem! Only thing, the FAQ about “android belly open/doesnt go into Clockwork mod” it happened to me but the part about “uncheck auto-reboot in ODIN” wasnt clear. I only understood that the uncheck box is located in the ODIN program. Call me dumb but it just wasnt very clear. Also in the written version of this tutorial they forget to mention the part about disconnecting phone from the computer before running the Clockwork mod, only in video is this mentioned and its IMPORTANT to disconnect phone before running it cuz if you dont the process wont work. Besides my two little “bitch complaints” lol everything was great, reccomend for everyone with the AT&T Galxy S3! Thanks to the person responsible for the ROOT and thanks for the person responsible for the tutorial!

  58. Mir says:

    not able to reboot my device in recovery mode!! please help. got through step 9 but at step 10 when I hold down the 3 buttons to go in recovery its taking me to 3e recovery and im not able to flash the superuser zip from there. please help?

  59. cody says:

    Use the updated method I had the same issue once before also remember to pull the battery because the stock recovery overrides cwm, follow it step by step, the updated works very well good luck

  60. W Lee says:

    I just rooted my att s3 with us cellular/canada root file instead of atts3 root file.
    how do I unroot and root the correct file. please help.

    • Cody says: <=== unroot follow instructions to the word read it twice just to be sure <=== root again follow the instructions to the word i am still a noob in essence but i have rooted multiple phone and flashed a bunch of roms but what always helped me was read read read the more you can learn and understand the easier things are and because android is open source its really easy to learn it good luck

  61. Isaac Peiró says:

    Good night.

    Im totaly new at this phone’s programing subject. I need to unlock my AT&T’s SGH-I747 so it can work for all operators and to do so i need an 8 digit code. I know that the code im needing is made from phone´s IMEI number, the question is: How can i do that?!

    This is my phone´s IMEI number, if you need it for the explanation: 353091052143387 / 05

    Thanks a lot.

  62. joe hen says:

    max i rooted my phone supersu is on there but busy box says my phone is not rooted and so does root checker

    • Max says:

      Try running another rooted app like Titanium Backup and check permissions of SuperSU app to see if you denied any requests.

      • joehen says:

        I got it. Thanks max ur the best. Another question. Im not running a custom rom as of now but is there away of running the stock rom for the i747 without all the apps from at&t .if i go into playstore and uninstall them it tells me to update and they r still there

  63. Isaac Peiró says:

    Max, hello.

    Can you help me please? I wrote on March 11, 2013 at 8:08 pm. Thanks

  64. joehen says:

    Also how come when i choose apply zip from sd card it doesn’t give me the option to chose from internal sd card

  65. joehen says:

    Can anyone tell me y my internal sd card is not showing up

  66. joehen says:

    Max .its my ext sd card that is not showing ip on cwm.if i got into settings and then storage it shows up.but not in cwm. In cwm if i click apply zip from sd it shows everything saved on my device. What do i do to fix it??

  67. joehen says:

    Ok max i fixed the problems i was having in cwm.but when i reboot my phone. a message kn the bottom says unable to download at this time try again later.sorry for being a pain but u have any ideas????

  68. james says:

    wont enter clockwork max i tried your solution with no succeess

  69. drewnin says:

    Did anyone else notice if your model number has been changed?
    I have the I747 from AT&T now my phone is coming up I710 for Sprint.

    no wonder when I was having problems with this rom, and I tried going back to stock, it wouldn’t work.
    I finally got this rom working for my phone on at&t but it took some ktweeks and settings tweeking to make it stable.

    does this mean any further rom changes I need to download sprint roms now?

  70. Aakash Dhawan says:

    Hey, I doing every thing according to your instructions, but as i have new firmware, I took the battery out when the ODIN flashed but it doesn’t start to the stage like yours, rather it goes back to its orignal green android state where it asks me to do volume down for normal reboot.

    Please help

    • hasan says:

      me 2 .. i cant go to cwm directly after i but the buttery back in .. it keeps says :
      E:signature verification failed
      pls any method ?

  71. Alex says:

    Hi Max! This method works for the SGH-i747m… it’s an LTE version. Got it with Telcel from Mexico. Thanks!

  72. Brennan says:

    i cant find the download place

  73. Komal says:

    I love u Sir so much…. I was so much worried. I thought my phone will not work but you sir, You are great it work for me for SGH-i747M.. Sir now i just want my android version change form 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 so please help me with your videos

  74. andrew says:

    Thank you so much for the simple instructions, i dont really know what to do once i rooted my phone.

  75. victor says:

    hi max .im trying to root my I747 but i can’t after i connect my phone to the computer .show me this error .msm8960. i fix that but i connected my phone again but i can’t find the anywhere .i installed the winrar program .and the one that appears on your page 7-zip .please tell me what i have to install or what im doing wrong. i really want to root my phone. thank you

  76. joel carrillo says:

    tengo el galaxy s3 lte de telcel
    lo tenia rooteado pero actualize a android 4.3 y dejo de ser root lo aplique nuevamente pero no funcio

  77. rob richards says:

    will these work id im on android 4.3

  78. Michael says:

    I’ve done everything, but when I get to the holding the up volume button, home, and power button I don’t see the ZIP file. I’ve tried restoring it to factory and restarting from the beginning and nothing. I’ve even tried taking out the battery during the rebooting part and nothing. I’ve jailbroken lots of iphones and honestly the way its going I like iPhones better.

  79. priya says:

    I own a samsung sgh i747. After running the Odin.exe file, after reboot, i am not able to copy the superuser zip file to my phone memory. I get a message saying that I cannot create the item. Neither i m able to copy images from my pc to the camera folder in my phone. Please help. I have tried to search online, but no luck yet.

  80. Scully says:

    i have just spent 2 days tryn to root my gs3 I747 ugh been a pain in the fricken you know what BUT!! i did it for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE omg youtube sucks if your tryn to do dis basically i wasnt gonna let them beat me i scowerd the whole web seeking my treasure not joking by the way i have the i747 version which i had to downgrade to version 4.1.1 first that was the first kick in the teeth it was in version 4.1.2 so found this it was a zip file i747_att_i747ucdlk3 which i did nothing to my phone first i didn’t wanna turn it into a paper weight so i found out i needed the baseband version to match simple huh well youtube the idiots on there dont tell you this idk why like its a BIG!! shhhh secret bunch of show offs down loaded that file it took awhile like 6 hours lmao yah i coulda went with faster but they wanted money so i got the odin 3.07 and sacked that hard to crack gs3 and i got it to 4.1.1 well i seen your video and watched it like 3 times before i did anything just to make sure i comprehended it and soaked all in i did everything you said right down to the grease prints on my gs3 and lo and BEHOLD IT IS DONE!!! thank you so much for this simple video it was easy it sure was better and more enlighting then the other fools i’ve sat here and watched for the last 2 days hope to see more from you guys but scully here has got to GOOOOOoooooooo i have a raid to attend to in world of warcraft ugh 2 days of no wow and im kinda crankey thank you again you guys are awesome

  81. je says:

    I did this on my att s3 running 4.1.2. I copied to SD card since the first time it did not find the .zip. When it got the zip and installed it .. IT FORMATTED my /data and others!! I backed up but EVERYTHING IS LOST unless my backup was 100% complete. Why was this different from your video?

  82. limitnsqueakerz says:

    will this work for android 4.3?

  83. Kaotica says:

    I fallowed all the steps and it appeared to work all the steps completed but my phone still wont load I get a samsung logo but nothing but a blank screen or a battery logo comes up.

  84. Bivek Man Singh says:

    Worked perfectly…just followed all instruction…rooted my samsung sgh-i747

  85. vikas says:

    I am trying to root my Samsung S3 (on AT&T) using this tutorial (tried the one at and as well). But after copying the SuperSU zip to the phone, once I restart by holding down the Volume Up + Home Button + Power, the “Samsung” logo appears twice – once with just Samsung, with the “Recovery mode” at the top left corner (in blue), and once with the “SAMSUNG Galaxy S III”. At this point, I let go of the power button, but it errors out saying “No command”.

    Then I tried to remove battery and re-run ODIN, I was able to get to the CWM recovery page to select “install zip from sdcard”, but it gives an error at the bottom – “Error mounting /sdcard/”. I do not use any external SD Card. Please help.

  86. newmantiha says:

    Hello all,

    can my Galaxy S at&t sgh-I747 can be modified to I9500 or I9505
    please need your help to do so

  87. vkey says:

    (y) good video —
    just one question I had if you can plz kindly response – when I do download the recovery.tar file it saves as img file on my comp – plz help me out here .. why is it im using windows 7 besides that all the steps are easy to understand .

    🙂 thankyou ( plz do respond )

  88. Mike says:

    Will this procedure / technique ( How to Root AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747! Posted on July 3, 2012 by Max ) work on A Galaxy S3, SGH-1747M running Android V. 4.2.2. on the Rogers Network ???

  1. October 6, 2012

    […] to this rooting thing. never done it before. im trying to do the root like shown on this page : How to Root AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747! | Galaxy S3 Root it seems simple enough. i got all the way to the point that you have to open the .zip file. STEP […]

  2. December 6, 2012

    […] times This link should work for you How to Root AT&T Galaxy S3 SGH-I747! | Galaxy S3 Root Galaxy S3 I9300 Rooted Running Stock Sammy JB 4.1.1 Asus TF 101 16 Gig B60 W/Dock Macbook […]

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